NBA 2K League 1on1: Authentic African puts it all on the line everyday for something bigger

  • Published on May 25, 2018
  • Mehyar Ahmed-Hassan is one of the best centers in the NBA 2K League's early stages His personal success, however, isn't what separates him from most of his peers. It's what he does with that success that is remarkable.
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  • Lumumba LIFE
    Lumumba LIFE 7 months ago

    that is awesome.

  • Mokujin
    Mokujin 7 months ago +3

    When you have half a million subscribers but 2k league videos get 4K views 😂😂😂
    What a joke Ronnie...

  • Louie
    Louie 7 months ago +2

    wow this game dead af

  • RetroChriistian 00
    RetroChriistian 00 7 months ago


  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 7 months ago +1

    lol interesting gamertag , this game is so dead now, bring on nba2k19 and nbalive19, but glad to see him wanting to give back to his country

  • Kd Goat
    Kd Goat 7 months ago

    Holy shit this is cringe asf

  • Rakeem
    Rakeem 7 months ago +4

    Ronnie1K here

  • Brennan White
    Brennan White 7 months ago +10

    500 views after 3 hours lmaoo this game so dead

  • Michael
    Michael 7 months ago +1

    This shit lame af

  • Tanisha Holland
    Tanisha Holland 7 months ago


  • Revenge Caam
    Revenge Caam 7 months ago


  • Shame_Got_Game
    Shame_Got_Game 7 months ago +4

    The name has me dying bruh.

  • ADAJ3
    ADAJ3 7 months ago

    Amin Alhassan's son

  • LikeMikeSIKE
    LikeMikeSIKE 7 months ago +10

    Lol I guess all other players are "inauthentic" africans 🤣

  • Sav Saint
    Sav Saint 7 months ago +2


  • cx squad
    cx squad 7 months ago +1

    2k being a esport is ruining the game almost as much as the god awful amount of mtx you shove in our faces. myplayer has gotten so fucking bad that going back to the old 2k 9 way of playing myplayer by creating a user created player in a myleague is better

  • J McCoy
    J McCoy 7 months ago +2

    Second. Im was here before 100 views.

  • AyoTheFinesser
    AyoTheFinesser 7 months ago +20

    For wakanda

  • AyoTheFinesser
    AyoTheFinesser 7 months ago +1