Lofi hip hop mix - Beats to Relax/Study to [2018]

  • Published on Mar 19, 2018
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    [00:00:00] idealism - last time
    [00:02:50] Philanthrope X Kupla - Cycles
    [00:05:25] bloopr - mondayloop [no friends, no worries]
    [00:06:50] leavv - within
    [00:09:30] leavv & misc.inc - Pictures (unreleased)
    [00:11:35] fortnight - 2000
    [00:13:03] Soho - At Peace
    [00:14:58] blnkspc_ - Sticky
    [00:18:30] j'san - in time (unreleased)
    [00:20:43] Dweeb -'72 Audi Coupe
    [00:21:45] sumwun - men cry
    [00:23:37] ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ - over it
    [00:25:33] saiko - untitled (unreleased)
    [00:26:48] Saito & Lester, Nowhere - Glare (w/ otesla)
    [00:29:00] Philanthrope - Leavin'
    [00:31:08] hm SURF - Flunked This Semester
    [00:32:44] leavv - park walk
    [00:34:12] Kaizen 92´- lost n´ found
    [00:36:20] fortnight - 5AM
    [00:37:55] fortnight - the keys
    [00:39:41] Aeson - a l l u r e
    [00:42:15] Yaken & Nymano - Untitled (Unreleased)
    [00:44:26] Fortnight - Balcony settings
    [00:46:05] prima - Jin
    [00:47:25] Aeson - dreamin'
    [00:49:10] Leavv - Tomorrow (Chillhop Spring 2018)
    [00:51:52] asbeluxt - calming tea
    [00:53:07] BLVK. - affection (unreleased)
    [00:54:44] hm surf - Take Care
    [00:56:47] Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are (Chillhop Spring 2018)
    [00:58:47] Omaure - Honeypot
    [01:00:58] Joe Corfield - Wildflower (Chillhop Spring 2018)
    [01:03:18] ihaveaface - rainy/forest
    [01:05:13] hm surf - didn't get a switch for christmas
    [01:06:35] Orca Vibes - Intuition
    [01:08:20] Kaizen 92 - Magenta
    [01:09:45] Juan RIOS - Otoño
    [01:13:19] j'san - the voice inside my head (beat)
    [01:15:22] Peter Bark - L'aldilà
    [01:16:30] Philanthrope - Dromeda
    [01:18:41] charlie toØ human - moonlight love
    [01:21:58] saiko - bruh
    [01:23:45] chief - i am nobody
    [01:25:14] charlie toØ human - Autumn Daze
    [01:27:45] philanthrope - Blue w∕ drwn.
    [01:29:38] Aeson - smile
    [01:33:33] Omaure - Bunte Hunde (beat)
    [01:36:15] COMODO - 303
    [01:37:33] hm surf - 6am
    [01:39:17] mt. fujitive - trees
    [01:41:30] chief - tired
    [01:42:50] dweeb & too ugly - how you think (beat)
    [01:45:10] Clouds x HM Surf - Cloudsurfing
    [01:46:48] saiko - offtherecord
    [01:49:39] knowmadic - empty
    [01:52:13] sensi sye - no sleep
    [01:54:12] chief - stay
    [01:55:58] oatmello - inside (w/chief)
    [01:57:50] hm surf - corolla cruising (unreleased)
    🎶 Support the beatmakers
    soundcloud.com/idealismus (idealism)
    soundcloud.com/philanthrope1 (Philanthrope)
    soundcloud.com/kuplasound (Kupla)
    soundcloud.com/bloopr420 (b l o o p r)
    soundcloud.com/leavv (leavv.)
    soundcloud.com/miscinc (misc.inc)
    soundcloud.com/fortnight1 (fortnight)
    soundcloud.com/soundsbysoho (soho)
    soundcloud.com/b-side-production (B-side)
    soundcloud.com/tesk (TESK)
    soundcloud.com/iamjsan (j'san)
    soundcloud.com/beet_farmer (Dweeb)
    soundcloud.com/smwun (sumwun)
    soundcloud.com/countbazzy-2 (ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ)
    soundcloud.com/saikotropic (saiko)
    soundcloud.com/bscsaito (Saito)
    soundcloud.com/arturofratini (Lester, Nowhere)
    soundcloud.com/tesla77 (OTESLA)
    soundcloud.com/hmsurf (hm SURF)
    soundcloud.com/bess-one (Kaizen 92´)
    soundcloud.com/a-e-s-t-r-o (Aeson)
    soundcloud.com/nymano (nymano)
    soundcloud.com/primabeats (prima)
    soundcloud.com/asbeluxt (asbeluxt)
    soundcloud.com/yungmai (BLVK.)
    soundcloud.com/psalm-trees (Psalm//Trees)
    soundcloud.com/omaure-1 (Omaure)
    soundcloud.com/joe-corfield-1 (Joe Corfield)
    soundcloud.com/ihaveaface (ihaveaface)
    soundcloud.com/orcavibes (Orca Vibes)
    soundcloud.com/juan-rios-beats (Juan RIOS)
    soundcloud.com/peterbark (PETER BARK)
    soundcloud.com/charlietoohuman (charlie toØ human)
    soundcloud.com/chieffrombmb (chief.)
    soundcloud.com/drwn_dot (drwn.)
    soundcloud.com/willgregory (COMODO)
    soundcloud.com/mt_fujitive (mt. fujitive)
    soundcloud.com/toouglyboi (too ugly)
    soundcloud.com/knowmadicbeats (knowmadic)
    soundcloud.com/sensisye (Sensi Sye)
    soundcloud.com/oatmello (oatmello)
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    → jpmachado.art
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  • Night_Owl
    Night_Owl 24 minutes ago

    Just one more page ....

  • avreet jagdev
    avreet jagdev 51 minute ago +1

    This is dope, feels like I got a study partner lol

  • Kelly Sellers
    Kelly Sellers Hour ago

    I hope you find something that makes you smile every day.

  • Joseph Trapolino
    Joseph Trapolino 3 hours ago


  • shadow vape
    shadow vape 5 hours ago

    Ur music is amazing you must strive to keep going not for others alone but also for yourself

  • CalebRushy
    CalebRushy 9 hours ago

    Every time I listen to this it clears my mind of depressing thoughts and thoughts of others and what they have to think or say about whoever but in reality there the dumb cunts that should experience what I do. I’ve had many sleepless nights having thoughts on suicide, I’m 13 I shouldn’t feel any sort of oppression against my name nor my reputation but I know if I end I’ll never see my family again, who no matter what will support ne

  • いかすし
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  • tpyxa art
    tpyxa art 13 hours ago

    Welcome to my channel

  • Verónica Errasti
    Verónica Errasti 13 hours ago

    esta es la que mas linda es la musica

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 17 hours ago

    Why she had so many homeworks !?

  • 王雨晨
    王雨晨 17 hours ago

    from bilibili

  • Alícia Vilela
    Alícia Vilela 19 hours ago

    i hate being trans lol

  • Shaun Rose
    Shaun Rose 23 hours ago

    ya'll high, aren't ya?...

  • 사람
    사람 Day ago


  • sans the skeleton

    don't forget area 51!! that's what the cats looking at!!!!!(a ufo)

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    I love the cowboy bebop scenes in this

  • Wakaz
    Wakaz Day ago +1

    Wait.... The Live Stream is finally over? Wow....

  • m oi
    m oi Day ago


  • Puppy 1970
    Puppy 1970 Day ago +2

    Guy1: I had 1 hour of homework!
    Guy2: Well I had 5!
    Guy1: What was that, punk?
    This girl: AMATHEUS!

  • PaIN & GaME
    PaIN & GaME Day ago

    The comments here are great XD
    Greetings from Germany ^^

  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller Day ago

    Still not finished with my homework

  • boxxanon
    boxxanon Day ago

    why so many downvotes lol wtf

    CION XYZ 2 days ago

    Damn she write so fast....

    Bacause of this BEATS♥️♥️👌

  • elijahisme
    elijahisme 2 days ago

    Hey guys, I am sorry to advertise, but I made my own lofi mix and wanted some feedback or just anyone to listen! Thanks :)

  • Ritisha Dobhal Raturi
    Ritisha Dobhal Raturi 2 days ago +4

    Roses are red.
    Voilets are blue .
    I am watching comments .
    And you are to.

  • Diário da clara
    Diário da clara 2 days ago +2

    Brasil ??

  • Corrupt
    Corrupt 2 days ago +2

    that cat has been looking at something outside of that window for almost 2 years now and we'll never know what it is

  • lila
    lila 2 days ago

    I don't love you anymore. Goodbye.

  • lila
    lila 2 days ago

    I wish I could write essays as fast as her damn

  • SweetPea
    SweetPea 2 days ago

    My cat's ears are twitching to the beat

  • Igor Kralnova
    Igor Kralnova 2 days ago +5

    You can achieve your goals.
    You can pass that exam.
    You can get that job you're dreaming of.
    You can be happy.
    Your life can be great. Go skiing. Or maybe surfing? Just going on a walk can cheer you up. Maybe you'll see a funny looking cat.
    If you have the patience to read this, then who knows what you can do in the *future.*
    You can do it. You *can* do it. Trust me.
    Have a simply amazing day.

  • 이예나
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    FORTEBAITE YT-BR 3 days ago +1


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  • MasterPhatRyan
    MasterPhatRyan 3 days ago +5

    To anyone reading this while studying for a test, I hope you do well!

  • Xenic
    Xenic 3 days ago


  • Anwar Malik
    Anwar Malik 3 days ago

    Who are these *5.1K* people :/

  • Alice Clarence
    Alice Clarence 3 days ago

    nice animation.

  • Asha Raffic
    Asha Raffic 3 days ago +1

    im here because i have to submit a 20 page book design by this friday and i've been given four days to complete it....i'm not okay

  • Parsa Akbari
    Parsa Akbari 4 days ago +23

    this gurl has a pretty kick-ass room not gonna lie

  • Richard Beckley
    Richard Beckley 4 days ago

    Idk how but these help me focus so much and make me think through tough stuff sessions. Thank you

  • StAn Ayeteez
    StAn Ayeteez 4 days ago +2

    *Legend has it that this girl is still studying*

    • lila
      lila 2 days ago

      Legend has it this comment is copied

  • Frost Gaming YT
    Frost Gaming YT 4 days ago

    When is this cat going to stop wagging its tale

  • Rest 123
    Rest 123 4 days ago

    Low key reminds me of James Blake instrumentals

  • mslovelygirl
    mslovelygirl 4 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💚💚💚💚💙💙💚💚💚💕💕💕💕💕💕relaxing 😌 2019 nice mix n beat 👍🏽

  • Memecraft
    Memecraft 4 days ago

    Let's give this girl a name
    I want to call her someway when I listen this music

  • Sylvic
    Sylvic 4 days ago

    I like that girl
    Idk why

  • Queenie Vuong
    Queenie Vuong 4 days ago +2

    Congrats you got a like.... FROM ME 😗😗😗
    AND 300.000 LIKES ! CONGRATS!

  • Jose Cobarrubias
    Jose Cobarrubias 4 days ago +13

    Who else is doing their homework

  • Nathan Valencia
    Nathan Valencia 5 days ago


  • Gloria the wierd person

    This girl is a VERY dedicated writer

  • NolanDolan
    NolanDolan 5 days ago +8

    I dont know who that girl is

    But i get her

  • sasharbinx
    sasharbinx 6 days ago

    this is what I listened to in my final week of college before graduating last year; got me through the thick of it. thx for posting this. still enjoying it almost a year later.

  • Jessica Laine
    Jessica Laine 6 days ago +3

    She literally writes like six rows of text and flips the page.


  • hello. hi.
    hello. hi. 6 days ago +6

    normal people: study to lofi

  • クカルブ - ちゃん
    クカルブ - ちゃん 6 days ago +55

    I just noticed now that she is left-handed

  • Eva xoxo
    Eva xoxo 6 days ago

    xxx loveyou

  • Sisimoonable
    Sisimoonable 6 days ago

    The city in the background really looks like Oporto.

  • ZeyD
    ZeyD 6 days ago +3

    Ok, so this is cool and all but... his girl wastes so many blank spaces while writing...