Lofi hip hop mix - Beats to Relax/Study to [2018]

  • Published on Mar 19, 2018
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    [00:00:00] idealism - last time
    [00:02:50] Philanthrope X Kupla - Cycles
    [00:05:25] bloopr - mondayloop [no friends, no worries]
    [00:06:50] leavv - within
    [00:09:30] leavv & misc.inc - Pictures (unreleased)
    [00:11:35] fortnight - 2000
    [00:13:03] Soho - At Peace
    [00:14:58] blnkspc_ - Sticky
    [00:18:30] j'san - in time (unreleased)
    [00:20:43] Dweeb -'72 Audi Coupe
    [00:21:45] sumwun - men cry
    [00:23:37] ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ - over it
    [00:25:33] saiko - untitled (unreleased)
    [00:26:48] Saito & Lester, Nowhere - Glare (w/ otesla)
    [00:29:00] Philanthrope - Leavin'
    [00:31:08] hm SURF - Flunked This Semester
    [00:32:44] leavv - park walk
    [00:34:12] Kaizen 92´- lost n´ found
    [00:36:20] fortnight - 5AM
    [00:37:55] fortnight - the keys
    [00:39:41] Aeson - a l l u r e
    [00:42:15] Yaken & Nymano - Untitled (Unreleased)
    [00:44:26] Fortnight - Balcony settings
    [00:46:05] prima - Jin
    [00:47:25] Aeson - dreamin'
    [00:49:10] Leavv - Tomorrow (Chillhop Spring 2018)
    [00:51:52] asbeluxt - calming tea
    [00:53:07] BLVK. - affection (unreleased)
    [00:54:44] hm surf - Take Care
    [00:56:47] Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are (Chillhop Spring 2018)
    [00:58:47] Omaure - Honeypot
    [01:00:58] Joe Corfield - Wildflower (Chillhop Spring 2018)
    [01:03:18] ihaveaface - rainy/forest
    [01:05:13] hm surf - didn't get a switch for christmas
    [01:06:35] Orca Vibes - Intuition
    [01:08:20] Kaizen 92 - Magenta
    [01:09:45] Juan RIOS - Otoño
    [01:13:19] j'san - the voice inside my head (beat)
    [01:15:22] Peter Bark - L'aldilà
    [01:16:30] Philanthrope - Dromeda
    [01:18:41] charlie toØ human - moonlight love
    [01:21:58] saiko - bruh
    [01:23:45] chief - i am nobody
    [01:25:14] charlie toØ human - Autumn Daze
    [01:27:45] philanthrope - Blue w∕ drwn.
    [01:29:38] Aeson - smile
    [01:33:33] Omaure - Bunte Hunde (beat)
    [01:36:15] COMODO - 303
    [01:37:33] hm surf - 6am
    [01:39:17] mt. fujitive - trees
    [01:41:30] chief - tired
    [01:42:50] dweeb & too ugly - how you think (beat)
    [01:45:10] Clouds x HM Surf - Cloudsurfing
    [01:46:48] saiko - offtherecord
    [01:49:39] knowmadic - empty
    [01:52:13] sensi sye - no sleep
    [01:54:12] chief - stay
    [01:55:58] oatmello - inside (w/chief)
    [01:57:50] hm surf - corolla cruising (unreleased)
    🎶 Support the beatmakers
    soundcloud.com/idealismus (idealism)
    soundcloud.com/philanthrope1 (Philanthrope)
    soundcloud.com/kuplasound (Kupla)
    soundcloud.com/bloopr420 (b l o o p r)
    soundcloud.com/leavv (leavv.)
    soundcloud.com/miscinc (misc.inc)
    soundcloud.com/fortnight1 (fortnight)
    soundcloud.com/soundsbysoho (soho)
    soundcloud.com/b-side-production (B-side)
    soundcloud.com/tesk (TESK)
    soundcloud.com/iamjsan (j'san)
    soundcloud.com/beet_farmer (Dweeb)
    soundcloud.com/smwun (sumwun)
    soundcloud.com/countbazzy-2 (ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ)
    soundcloud.com/saikotropic (saiko)
    soundcloud.com/bscsaito (Saito)
    soundcloud.com/arturofratini (Lester, Nowhere)
    soundcloud.com/tesla77 (OTESLA)
    soundcloud.com/hmsurf (hm SURF)
    soundcloud.com/bess-one (Kaizen 92´)
    soundcloud.com/a-e-s-t-r-o (Aeson)
    soundcloud.com/nymano (nymano)
    soundcloud.com/primabeats (prima)
    soundcloud.com/asbeluxt (asbeluxt)
    soundcloud.com/yungmai (BLVK.)
    soundcloud.com/psalm-trees (Psalm//Trees)
    soundcloud.com/omaure-1 (Omaure)
    soundcloud.com/joe-corfield-1 (Joe Corfield)
    soundcloud.com/ihaveaface (ihaveaface)
    soundcloud.com/orcavibes (Orca Vibes)
    soundcloud.com/juan-rios-beats (Juan RIOS)
    soundcloud.com/peterbark (PETER BARK)
    soundcloud.com/charlietoohuman (charlie toØ human)
    soundcloud.com/chieffrombmb (chief.)
    soundcloud.com/drwn_dot (drwn.)
    soundcloud.com/willgregory (COMODO)
    soundcloud.com/mt_fujitive (mt. fujitive)
    soundcloud.com/toouglyboi (too ugly)
    soundcloud.com/knowmadicbeats (knowmadic)
    soundcloud.com/sensisye (Sensi Sye)
    soundcloud.com/oatmello (oatmello)
    🎨 Artwork by Juan Pablo Machado
    → facebook.com/machadoillustrator/
    → machado.portfoliobox.io/
    → jpmachado.art
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  • Eli Timmerman
    Eli Timmerman 29 minutes ago

    That girl wastes a lot of paper

  • Jack Slipher
    Jack Slipher 5 hours ago

    Fellas is space racism okay
    (Being racist against aliens)

  • Eagle Track
    Eagle Track 7 hours ago


  • Eagle Track
    Eagle Track 7 hours ago

    39:00 best!

  • Whats That
    Whats That 17 hours ago

    Chatterbate anyone ? Add my account cactilove

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    Nia McClendon 17 hours ago


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    JagFPV 18 hours ago


  • Philip D Joshi
    Philip D Joshi 18 hours ago

    And it's gonna start now!

  • mim
    mim 23 hours ago +1

    its exam season, good luck bbs youll do great! mine are this wednesday and thursday, ill reply with how i did after i took them!

  • stan loona or die
    stan loona or die 23 hours ago +1

    this girl should have a hundred PHDs

  • Devin Murrell
    Devin Murrell Day ago

    Im out of school but i love doing work to these beats and coming up with chill raps. Big ups from Atl. Thanks for the blessings. I hope all are well and find a way through the pain. The exams and know you are all kings and queens. One love.

  • 김민주
    김민주 Day ago


  • Eva V.
    Eva V. Day ago

    why do i keep coming back to this

    VULTUR3 GAMING Day ago

    who ever made this thank you so u much I got a a+ In maths and an a in science and English because of your music thank you so much

  • Pinku Style TV
    Pinku Style TV Day ago

    @7:06 for all my MMA heads out there!!

  • Soos
    Soos Day ago +1

    good luck on finals guys

  • flora s
    flora s Day ago


  • Abbysaldutch
    Abbysaldutch Day ago +2

    I need to pass this last exam for my Master's Degree. Otherwise I need to do another course in September ffs...

  • 한앙팡
    한앙팡 2 days ago

    the songs are reasons why i dont suicide thanks ❤️🥺

  • Emma Church
    Emma Church 2 days ago +1

    Is no one gonna talk about how amazing the art style is? 😍😜

  • GoldScythe 7
    GoldScythe 7 2 days ago

    I think the cat is dead.

  • mbah dukun
    mbah dukun 2 days ago +1

    Ruang guru has left the chat

  • Zaritsa Pizza
    Zaritsa Pizza 2 days ago

    I'm not even studying, I'm just lying in bed thinking about life...

  • Beyonder
    Beyonder 2 days ago

    so many pretentious, self-righteous and stuffy wannabe-academics in these lo-fi channels. i used to think us metal heads were the more elitist music fans, but you motherfuckers ARE IN COLLEGE TAKING TESTS. So important. lol. motherfuckers, ya'll ain't testing anything but deadlines, IF THAT. you're not doing chemistry homework, you're not some eccentric special diamond-in-the-rough. you're most likely an indebted, obese american such as myself, just without the self-awareness to recognize your own fucking up situation. LOL College. k..... have fun in 13th grade, paying someone to tell you shit instead of actually learning or doing for yourself. ha ha ha ah ah ah a

  • Thomas
    Thomas 3 days ago +1

    What have she been writting for 2 hours ?!

  • Simplistic
    Simplistic 3 days ago

    I only have 1 exam left yayyyyyyyyyyy

  • TJ
    TJ 3 days ago +21

    Everyone like this to let a math teacher by the name Ms. O see that we appreciate her for the dedication she puts in her work... And also for showing us this channel... She plays this during class study sessions... She's so nice to have.

  • Rainix Kaitou
    Rainix Kaitou 3 days ago

    *looks at the animation* Huh. She's left handed.

  • _슈나연
    _슈나연 3 days ago +1


  • Freddy Husbands
    Freddy Husbands 3 days ago +2

    Use this as a "currently coding" button...

  • Jyoti N
    Jyoti N 4 days ago


  • ArvelDreth
    ArvelDreth 4 days ago

    What's this gif from?

  • John Choong
    John Choong 4 days ago +5

    With this awesome study music,I was able to study for about 50 mins

  • Ramzy Chouikha
    Ramzy Chouikha 4 days ago

    First song?

  • Uasobusted Lâm
    Uasobusted Lâm 4 days ago

    he stopped the live stream

  • Ayla Chatz
    Ayla Chatz 4 days ago +4

    i play music at my homeschool, and this has truly created such a nice energy for everyone to work in. Thank you for singlehandedly getting 5 of us through IGCSE

  • Maria laura Villalba castro

    Me encanta

  • Godders
    Godders 4 days ago +2

    The girl and city are from an anime called KiKi's delivery service - the cat isn't ginger in the anime so don't know about that but the city is called Koriko and is based of Stockholm (not Barcelona) ;)

    • Godders
      Godders 4 days ago

      If you were wondering and came to the comments for answers

  • Gechen W
    Gechen W 4 days ago

    does she live in italy?

  • Win Tutorials
    Win Tutorials 5 days ago


    !! D I S T R A C T E D !!

    G O B A C K T O S T U D Y

    Y O U C A N D O I T

  • FunnyBong _42
    FunnyBong _42 5 days ago +1

    So finally stopped the livestream?

    CHEF BEK 5 days ago

    its so boring :(

  • Johan .C
    Johan .C 5 days ago +1

    Very helpful except for the one song that rotates sides on headphones. Threw me off my concentration a bit but I was fine otherwise.

    • Abbysaldutch
      Abbysaldutch 21 hour ago

      @Johan .C Niceee

    • Johan .C
      Johan .C 22 hours ago +1

      @Abbysaldutch 7.5

    • Abbysaldutch
      Abbysaldutch Day ago

      Thank you for the feedback.On a 10 point scale. What number would you give?

  • Coster Etienne
    Coster Etienne 5 days ago +1

    What happend to the Study Girl?

  • نَِّسَرٌك يِّأّبِلَأّدِيِّ Libya

    Million 😍😍 ميلييييييون روسيس

  • Nirox 99
    Nirox 99 5 days ago +42

    Hey you! Stop scrolling through the comments and keep learning for the exam!
    Thank me with a like :)

    • somic
      somic 5 days ago +1

      You know some people are just listening to this while RELAXING? like it said in the title

  • Eduardo Ilario
    Eduardo Ilario 6 days ago

    Exelente para estudar
    Cadê os BR aqui kk

  • Sidney Brazil
    Sidney Brazil 6 days ago +2

    Boa tarde tarde linda e maravilhosa música linda estou no Guarujá SP Brazil um abraço para todos eu amo as pessoas

    • Sidney Brazil
      Sidney Brazil 4 days ago

      @Lala Telefone bom dia dia lindo e maravilhoso Oi Lala meu nome é Cidão tudo bem com você .vc já veio aqui no Brasil me responda

    • Lala Telefone
      Lala Telefone 4 days ago

      um abraço de Angola para vc :)

  • Dirk Berkers
    Dirk Berkers 6 days ago

    I'm gonna sit next to this girl with my exams.

  • Ecupcake369
    Ecupcake369 6 days ago

    I swear this girl has got me through so many difficult assignments, like omg

  • Ozzy Castillo
    Ozzy Castillo 6 days ago

    5:35 is also good as well

  • Ozzy Castillo
    Ozzy Castillo 6 days ago

    2:50 my favorite part of this entire thing

  • AlphaCookie
    AlphaCookie 6 days ago +2


  • Kenneth Schuler
    Kenneth Schuler 6 days ago


  • Justin Duman
    Justin Duman 6 days ago +1


  • Avallach
    Avallach 6 days ago +10

    Damn when the second track started, my book turned into sick rap lyrics

    02:50 My book like:

    "Huh... Against the background of these convictions,
    Nietzsche became interested
    in the question of the origin.. yeah" ♪♪♪

  • faking jazz together

    Thanks for the music

  • Joanna Stein
    Joanna Stein 7 days ago

    For all of you that stopped studying to read the comments like me, stop.

  • Awesome The great amazing

    There should be an anime of this girl’s life

  • KimTam
    KimTam 7 days ago


  • しふぉん。
    しふぉん。 7 days ago +1


  • 鼻毛のアン
    鼻毛のアン 7 days ago

    like Ghibli

  • Waffle O.
    Waffle O. 7 days ago +3


  • Xd brb
    Xd brb 7 days ago +2

    I want to live here

  • 내자힘
    내자힘 8 days ago +1

    In Korea, there are a lot of aggressive expressions such as, "If you post a music video like this, stop reading comments and study." But here, there are so many sweet words that you can do well.❤️

    • 내자힘
      내자힘 8 days ago +1

      Prince Jeng nice comment

    • Prince Jeng
      Prince Jeng 8 days ago +2

      In my opinion its a good thing. Focusing on your studies will pay of in the future. But yes sometimes you just got to take a break from hard work.

  • Dez
    Dez 8 days ago +1

    Isn't this the best music to contemplate life to?

  • Pablo Saavedra
    Pablo Saavedra 8 days ago +4

    All students deserve a study space -a shelter- like this, with that amazing view, a cat, plants, books, a laptop and low-fi music.

    • Brando il Bardo 61
      Brando il Bardo 61 8 days ago

      Questa é una sovrastruttura fascista impostaci dal consumismo sfrenato e dal cinema hollywoodiano da anni

  • My Name
    My Name 8 days ago +2

    I like how people keeps saying about studying but this be the best thing to sleep to

  • Margherita Marchiori

    Passerotto non andare via ed é subito lacrime sul video

    For english people: look for the song "Passerotto non andare via"

  • Mikmito Yey
    Mikmito Yey 9 days ago +2

    Loli hip hop

  • ovoxo
    ovoxo 9 days ago

    This music helped me to get thru exams not only to concentrate but also mentally lol thank you

  • Ασθενής -19-
    Ασθενής -19- 9 days ago +83

    Me: Ok so im gonna study now!

    Also me 2 hours later: Yooo that last freestyle was lit!

    • Abbysaldutch
      Abbysaldutch Day ago

      Can you share the freestyle? Asking for a friend... ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Amin
    Amin 9 days ago +1

    1:25:14 This one is *Awesome*

  • Dương Phương Thúy

    Omg , i love it 😍

  • Little CinnamonRoll
    Little CinnamonRoll 9 days ago +6

    It drives me crazy when people don't finish writing on the whole page.
    They always do one paragraph and turn the page AAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • Valeria Peraza
    Valeria Peraza 9 days ago

    my teacher just put these hip hop songs to relax

  • Guy Shnek
    Guy Shnek 10 days ago +1

    Me: Ok let's hear a song
    My brain: how about the first two beats of this video?
    Me: *not again*

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 10 days ago

    She does not want to go to the TOILET?

  • игого
    игого 10 days ago +2

    тутуту тутутуту тутутуту тутутут тутутут

  • Crpyticize
    Crpyticize 10 days ago

    Anyone thinking the cat is that one Minecraft youtuber ibxtoycat

  • the drams
    the drams 10 days ago

    Cool i like your draw😺😺😺

  • Paula Cabrera
    Paula Cabrera 10 days ago

    The first song, god

  • AceVibes
    AceVibes 11 days ago +3

    listen to my neewest deephouse remix, youll like it! Love adbeats!

  • Fernanda Távora
    Fernanda Távora 11 days ago

    she is letft-handed :)

  • Park yeri
    Park yeri 11 days ago

    For those who are complaining from wasting time on reading comments instead of listening to the music and doing their homework so u can download this video and stream it as an off line video ( u should turn off the data ) then u wouldn't find any comments section that could distrub you concentration while enjoying this masterpiece and doing ur homework 💚
    Ps: sorry for my bad English I'm trying my best to make it clear and improve it 💜

  • エロ神だクリスという名の

    I hated high school, I’m graduating tomorrow. I’m crying, I’m going to miss school, even tho I hated school
    Who can relate?

  • SheaRozay
    SheaRozay 11 days ago +1

    I listened to this mix on repeat while working on my thesis the last 3 months! Finally finished. Thanks for the relaxation : )

  • Aldrin Laviña
    Aldrin Laviña 11 days ago

    Good luck ! All of us!

  • sebsx360x pro
    sebsx360x pro 11 days ago


  • Tigerman1138
    Tigerman1138 11 days ago

    Casablanca!!!! OMG! 45:26

  • Au-dela
    Au-dela 11 days ago

    How did you do that ! I really need help with making my videos

    RAINBOW UNICORN 11 days ago +1

    Thank u music for helping me get through it. Also from distracting me from surfing USclip instead of doing it.

    RAINBOW UNICORN 11 days ago +4

    What did the mom say to her daughter listening to this?

    *Read more*

  • j e t g a l i c o c c u s y

    RMT SEPTEMBER 2019!!!!

  • 보뷸리
    보뷸리 12 days ago

    Thanks from Korea

  • tito47 Fortnite
    tito47 Fortnite 12 days ago

    ​​🔥🔴🔥MI PROXIMO SUSCRIPTOR SE LLEVA EL PASE DE BATALLA🔥❤️🔥=======================================================================🔥🔴🔥MI PROXIMO SUSCRIPTOR SE LLEVA EL PASE DE BATALLA🔥❤️🔥

  • Oria
    Oria 12 days ago

    1:13:07 sounds like a mosquito and i nearly went all ninja on my room

  • ccp edits
    ccp edits 12 days ago +1

    Does it help you to study? Please reply

  • hehexd
    hehexd 12 days ago

    Can someone guess the city? It looks like 🇨🇭 to me

  • Ethan Sochetra THAM-PICH
    Ethan Sochetra THAM-PICH 12 days ago +17

    No one:

    ''sHe'S WAsTiNg sO MuCh pApeR!''

    • VeganBackpacking -
      VeganBackpacking - 8 days ago +2

      Nowadays we call them eco-activists. Before and especially during the big wars we called them 'normal people with a common sense for thrift/being sparingly' :-) We are just too spoiled these days so we can afford to be wasteful (which in turn is in most cases also eco-unfriendly).