Would Trump Accept Foreign Dirt on Political Opponents? YES | The Daily Show

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • In a jaw-dropping interview, Donald Trump expresses a laissez-faire attitude toward accepting foreign intel on his political opponents, earning him widespread rebuke and warranting a stranger danger PSA from Roy Wood Jr.
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Comments • 3 105

  • Sarangi Song
    Sarangi Song 15 hours ago

    trump is addicted to tanning.

  • Mach9330
    Mach9330 2 days ago

    When Trevor was doing his joke about Norway and talking about fjords, i thought he was referencing penises for some reason.

  • Nana Asiedu
    Nana Asiedu 4 days ago

    Trump is "Gangster"!!! Let him be!!!

  • Mike Elder
    Mike Elder 9 days ago

    Christopher Steele, who was paid by the Clinton Campaign for dirt on Donald Trump is a foreigner. Right?

  • Maher Al Khatib of the United Arab States

    Trump spelled it Whales 🐋 instead of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 5:30

  • raisedTwIsTeD
    raisedTwIsTeD 10 days ago

    Snitches get stitches

  • Ebby C
    Ebby C 11 days ago +1

    could a Norwegian please confirm in the comments if that accent was real? 😂

  • DG
    DG 13 days ago

    No collusion right? Proof to all the stupid republicans who defended him.

  • Ray H
    Ray H 13 days ago

    I dont think Trump wants to be re-elected. I honestly don't think he thought he would win when he ran. So now he's just pushing the envelope.

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 14 days ago

    Wait a minute, Tickets to the Daily Show is free?

  • George Scoates
    George Scoates 14 days ago

    Triggered Trevor the pussy cuck liberal queer

  • Mynor Gonzalez
    Mynor Gonzalez 15 days ago


  • Sinister Sins
    Sinister Sins 17 days ago

    785 dislikes? Confirmed trump supporters 😅😂

    BRUCE BROWN 17 days ago

    WE (THE PEOPLE) WILL INTERFERE TO AMERICA'S ELECTIONS TO MAKE HIM LOOSE ! Thanks Trevor, you're my master of english humor. Soon we will get in touch with you guys ! Thank you so much for your daily show!

  • Tyler Hallblade
    Tyler Hallblade 20 days ago

    It's not a crime to listen and that's what Trump said... Funny how they twist everything.

  • Wizard Tim
    Wizard Tim 20 days ago

    Trump: "I'd take information on my opponent, that's not wrong!"
    Democrats: "Europe gave us a dossier containing dirt about you, Mr. Trump"
    Trump: "THAT'S ILLEGAL!!!"
    Exactly how stupid do you have to be to continue supporting this trash?

  • James Salim
    James Salim 20 days ago

    As much as i don't like trump.. During this case he is right.. Life doesn't work that way.. Everyone would do the same as he do.. At least he's not hypocrite..

  • Kiki Paul
    Kiki Paul 20 days ago


  • drgnslyer45
    drgnslyer45 21 day ago +1

    His Grandfather made the family rich from Gold-Mining in Alaska. Then he got his Russian friends to Elect him. He lost the Popular Vote. What more do you need Congress?!

    Please IMPEACH this Pathetic excuse for a Human Being.

  • Dianne Forbes
    Dianne Forbes 21 day ago

    Impeach him on that

  • reda chiban
    reda chiban 22 days ago

    shity game of throne ending!! love u buddy

  • J W
    J W 23 days ago

    You one racist Niger fuck you

  • dougj dempsey
    dougj dempsey 28 days ago

    Trying to explain to someone who got 413 million at least from daddy and more laundered money from putin that nothing is free in this world is gonna be hard

  • Felix Lara
    Felix Lara 29 days ago

    One dumb fuck asshole, Trump a 5yr old brain!!

  • Asad Ahmad
    Asad Ahmad Month ago


  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain Month ago +1

    Yes, he did it before he will do it again.

  • J Audrey
    J Audrey Month ago

    Everybody takes dirts on their opponents, duh

  • Tague Relyea
    Tague Relyea Month ago

    I know our country is such shit we let you come here and take a shit on it on national tv every night , just get up there and say Fck America over and over from now on it’s pretty much what your doin anyway

  • Debra Robinson
    Debra Robinson Month ago

    Well, Trump is a foreign agent. He is in love with Putin and Kim.

  • soham das
    soham das Month ago +1

    Not American but I don't think bipartisan system works... I mean only two choices?

  • Ian Peric
    Ian Peric Month ago

    So they give you information and expect something back.... But corporates who make campaign donations don't!?

  • TheWin200000
    TheWin200000 Month ago +1

    Why does it matter where you get "dirt" from? If there is a damaging truth about a political figure, should we care about where we get it from? Are we to believe that Donald Trump is the first president to ever get political dirt from a foreign country?

  • Ian Cole
    Ian Cole Month ago

    Y’all mind if I C O L L U D E

  • Walter Hudson
    Walter Hudson Month ago

    Traitor treasonous trump has boldly dog whistled to foreign governments to interfere in our elections once again!

  • Walter Hudson
    Walter Hudson Month ago

    What is Speaker Nancy Pelosi waiting for as far impeaching traitor treasonous criminal trumppence? 😒 😒!

  • MrAchsas
    MrAchsas Month ago

    american laws are so fking stupid like how is trump not in jail

    COLLEGE DUDE Month ago

    where do you get tickets to the daily show

  • Pavel D1
    Pavel D1 Month ago

    This is so sad!

  • Thomas Mikkelsen
    Thomas Mikkelsen Month ago

    I feel awkward everytime Trump says something positive about Norway. Please talk shit about us like you do with most other countries

  • Richard A. Jaqua
    Richard A. Jaqua Month ago


  • AWAKENing Questions

    Trump has been caught but FBI can not arrest TRUMP because his a sitting PRESIDENT......thats why TRUMP is flirting with being president after 8 years lol

  • Charly Tigress
    Charly Tigress Month ago

    Zimbabwe really

  • Jasminder Singh Jesse

    Yes , I believe he has seen some people who he sees on a daily basis go missing , some swimming in the Hudson because his ego is always trying to put him in prison not anybody else , his ego is simply bigger the life itself .

  • Jasminder Singh Jesse

    If it’s ok for him to lie and cheat then I guess it’s ok for the department in charge of the elections to lie and cheat as well , two can play .

  • patrick gotora
    patrick gotora Month ago +1

    Trevor we see you missing the neighbors are we

  • Forrest  Addy
    Forrest Addy Month ago

    Has anyone noticed how often Trump poses like Mussolini? Head up? Chin out? Defiant aggogance?
    It would be fun to intercut Trump's gloating before chanting crowd with old Musolini clips on a fascist balcony

  • thedavecorp
    thedavecorp Month ago +1

    Does anyone else see the subtle genius in Trump's strategy?

  • ricaard
    ricaard Month ago

    I love how the scene changes are in urine yellow!

  • james R.
    james R. Month ago

    Criminals don't generally call the FBI do they? When you're committing bank fraud, tax fraud, wire fraud, and when you're defrauding workers and contractors, you probably wouldn't call the FBI, so no surprise here.

    AGENT X SECURITY Month ago +1


  • Fit Jeremy
    Fit Jeremy Month ago +1

    Trevor your hot and cold you twist things a bit and take them out on context

  • Justice For All
    Justice For All Month ago

    Of course he'll cheat again. Just like he did the first time. That's the only way he can win. There's simply not enough low IQ, racist, white trash to vote him in fair and square.

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett
    Shawn&Inna Barrett Month ago

    VV hat is D RT

  • Highland804
    Highland804 Month ago

    "I think I'd do both" - wrong answer.

  • Greyareas27
    Greyareas27 Month ago +2

    Norway is Trumps idea of heaven. Non-white people are rarely seen or heard from.
    You can have him, Norway... _PLEASE!!!_

    • Greyareas27
      Greyareas27 Month ago

      @Shennen Sahir I lived in NYC back in the early 70's when Trump learned housing discrimination from his racist daddy Fred. I can imagine how many people named Torres he discriminated against in his properties. When P.R. was devastated by Hurricane Maria, I'm sure someone had to remind him that those people were American citizens.

    • Shennen Sahir
      Shennen Sahir Month ago

      Greyareas27, I mean, I’m Puerto Rican, but that means I’m an American citizen. And you are 100% correct about my name. It would be different if my last name was an American one instead of “Torres” not that I am ashamed of it but you know what I mean.

    • Greyareas27
      Greyareas27 Month ago +1

      @Shennen Sahir With a President like this, I understand your reluctance to admit you're an American. Although looking at your name, the President doesn't see you as an American. So there's that. Don't feel bad, it's the same with me.
      ...My complexion needs correction.

    • Shennen Sahir
      Shennen Sahir Month ago +1

      Greyareas27 I almost died laughing😂😂😂I already have to deal with him and I’m not American... I mean I’m kind of American...who I’m I kidding I’m an American citizen... *whispers* but not really American...

    • Greyareas27
      Greyareas27 Month ago +1

      @Shennen Sahir Ever heard the expression, "misery loves company"? We just want to share him with the rest of the world.

  • Tyler Hensley
    Tyler Hensley Month ago

    Who wants to bet that trump will have to be physically removed from the white house? He will never believe he didn't win.

  • Tyler Hensley
    Tyler Hensley Month ago

    And if Hillary got dirt on trump through the Russians it would have been either the end of Hillary or the dirt would have been "fake news".

  • Ismat Abdul Nasir Rashid Kaakar

    I agree with Trump on this one. He is just being transparent.

  • SandraJulieJo
    SandraJulieJo Month ago +1

    Its so strange that Trump loves Norway seeing as we're a socialist democracy and most of us would much rather go with Bernie Sanders.

  • K MV
    K MV Month ago

    I love this gorgeous man! Brilliant!

  • gonebytrain
    gonebytrain Month ago +3

    Was listening to this in the background. Heard Norway... I had the exact same reaction xD
    Norwegian btw!

  • activision
    activision Month ago

    Didn’t Hillary Clinton accept opposition intel from a British ex spy gathered from Russian sources?

  • Dulcedecorumest
    Dulcedecorumest Month ago

    Trevor, you didn't have to do your cousins North of the Limpopo that way! 😂😂

  • Amol Sonawane
    Amol Sonawane Month ago

    Prince of Whales OMFG🙄🤣

  • Mai Avramovitz
    Mai Avramovitz Month ago

    I would literally marry Trevor if he asked me, like seriously.

  • Rey Chan
    Rey Chan Month ago

    Talking about collusion to other country(or region), u American knows the best

  • Isabel Caballero
    Isabel Caballero Month ago

    There's a *_horse_* _LOOSE_ in a *hospital*

  • Abdallah Azzam
    Abdallah Azzam Month ago

    We're totally doomed if he gets reelected

  • Raul Flores
    Raul Flores Month ago

    Its funny because Noah criticizes Trump for saying what the Democrats actually did. Anyone remember the Steele dossier. God forbid Noah bring up Clinton's emails.

  • CJ
    CJ Month ago

    Hello, Vlad? Yah, I said what you told me to...I know? Yup, sucked them in again...I'm still number one in the news!

  • CJ
    CJ Month ago

    Hello, FBI? I just heard someone planning treason.

  • Clint Eranovic
    Clint Eranovic Month ago

    Wrong questions.Talking about 'Russia' makes it sound bland and unspecific. It's the Russian intelligence services. They are the people who would be getting the information and giving it to Trump. The question he should have been asked is does he think that the Russian intelligence services should be able to influence who becomes the US president? Is he happy for Russian intelligence to hack computers and phones of US citizens and Russian spies to gather intelligence on US citizens in order to influence who becomes the US President? Is he happy for Russian intelligence to interfere with the operation of the democratic process in America? Is he telling Russia that they can spy on US citizens and US institutions? To bribe or blackmail people to get information? To bug and place surveilance on US citizens in the US? That's how they get their information. They are the kinds of questions he should have been asked.

  • kensaiix
    kensaiix Month ago

    tsssss AHHHHHhhhhh

  • pranav garud
    pranav garud Month ago

    doesn't the Norweigian accent sound Irish?

  • Lloyd P Gulston
    Lloyd P Gulston Month ago

    The Prince of Whales...hahahahaha This shite cannot even spell.

  • Dragon Da Man
    Dragon Da Man Month ago

    I would do the same just saying
    I’m a trump supporter

  • Matt Beyer
    Matt Beyer Month ago

    After he said he would want to hear it . he said if it was bad he would call the fbi. Stop doimg this stupid cutting of videos

  • Ricky Bowen
    Ricky Bowen Month ago

    Well fuckface he said he would...and by the way, it's already been done by liberals and it's on tape dumbass so shut your stupid fucking mouth.

  • Brian Maguire
    Brian Maguire Month ago

    Don the Con honestly speaking!!!

  • KendrixTermina
    KendrixTermina Month ago

    TBH I worry for the wellbeing of the Sexy Spy

  • J DS
    J DS Month ago +1

    Well of course trump did and would again. america was NEVER going to interfere with or prosecute trump. muellers act was just that an act!!! They are all the same.

  • Jonathan Jarquin
    Jonathan Jarquin Month ago

    does Trevor not know there was no collusion. Seriously what a moron!!!!

  • Lenore Lewis-Foreman
    Lenore Lewis-Foreman Month ago +2

    This to me says he really is Guilty of Conclusion he just hasn't been caught. Or has he???

  • Blackberry4life
    Blackberry4life Month ago

    He would and he has taken foreign dirt!
    This man has seen it all because he's done it all!

  • thegigisupsee
    thegigisupsee Month ago

    Are you telling me that Donald Trump would knowingly commit a felony? Sure, I believe you.

  • Robert Hartford
    Robert Hartford Month ago

    Would Trump do what Clinton did?

  • Aiik Aiik
    Aiik Aiik Month ago

    Hi Trevor, your mama raised you well. I love you man and your sense of humour. But please lead the way, let go easy on the Trump Centricity in Western media. Let us talk about some other important issues. I believe there are more important issues other than Donald Trump.

  • Duck Speaker
    Duck Speaker Month ago +1

    You're helping Trump get re-elected
    I appreciate it, thanks for keeping my taxes low

  • Uncle Roy
    Uncle Roy Month ago

    Some more puke cnn

  • Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh
    Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh Month ago


  • gary gjl
    gary gjl Month ago +2

    great work every single day Trevor.. love from Canada

  • bert wesler
    bert wesler Month ago

    Noah, get your tongue out of Don Lemons asshole long enough to breathe. Your brain is dying for want of O2.

    • gary gjl
      gary gjl Month ago +1

      figures the banal rebel republican populist filthy mind... a sad example of america

  • Edward Wright
    Edward Wright Month ago

    Dossier paid for by the Clinton team was provided by a foreigner.

    • gary gjl
      gary gjl Month ago

      and it was paid for not offered for FREE you clown

  • Virtual Pro Wrestling Matches

    Yeah, tickets to this shitwad "show" are free, because nobody would pay to see this libtard babble his hacky bullshit.

  • Blessed Vaughn Kamutande

    did trevor just choose zimbabwe as a good example of shithole country

  • Mod Smith
    Mod Smith Month ago

    realistically speaking, if anyone campaigning against trump in 2020 was to receive info that gets trump arrested, i bet you 100 mil they'd take it in a heartbeat without #calling the FBI. In as much as i hate trump, he was right in this one

    OLBICHL Month ago

    Maybe trump knows something about harry that we all don't... he could be aquaman for all I know!

    • homla
      homla Month ago

      @OLBICHL Gurl I'm happy to be of assistance!

      OLBICHL Month ago

      @homla yeah, that's the right one, the prince of wales... thanks man!

    • homla
      homla Month ago

      Don't you mean Prince Charles?

  • Millionaireinsight4life

    .... and congress STILL can't decide if Donald Trump should be impeached?!! Where is #ashtonkutcher i know y'all got cameras around here somewhere!!!😡

  • BharatD Sharma
    BharatD Sharma Month ago

    If only average American could say they won't follow law n order. Think about the consequences

  • Bij Grace
    Bij Grace Month ago

    Omg tickets to the daily show is free?!?!?!?! gorl send me to muerica right now