People Guess Who's a Sex Worker from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Sep 19, 2017
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    People Guess Who's a Sex Worker from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut
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Comments • 12 630

  • Brandon Breyer
    Brandon Breyer 4 hours ago

    I recognized Arya Fae Immediately

  • Angela Green
    Angela Green 18 hours ago

    How to be a sex worker? 🤓

  • Angel Turturro
    Angel Turturro 22 hours ago

    Definitely saw the second guy in a video before ngl

  • •chiiru chuu•
    •chiiru chuu• 3 days ago

    i fucking Knew It how did i get all this right

  • Rob Landers
    Rob Landers 4 days ago

    What the blonde girls @

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown 5 days ago

    Blonde girl is Arya Fae

  • ItsCrucial
    ItsCrucial 6 days ago +2

    Blonde girls name is Arya Fae... Don't ask how I know, it's for research

  • Kalentine
    Kalentine 7 days ago

    I don't know what this says about me but I open a banana at the bottom and eat it that way

    SUPRA 8 days ago

    I feel bad for the gender studies guy, good luck with that useless ass degree

  • Maryn Kyle
    Maryn Kyle 8 days ago

    I love when they went in for a group hug. The older woman smacked the "Garden Guy"'s ass XD

  • Welsh Superiority
    Welsh Superiority 8 days ago

    Guy second from left, recognised him straight away. Been in many movies with my favourite actresses.

  • Sruti C ranjith
    Sruti C ranjith 9 days ago

    Grandma is hawt

  • Thopp14
    Thopp14 9 days ago

    *camel toe*

  • Mellow Panda
    Mellow Panda 10 days ago

    She just called you stupid hahaha

  • Sad boy Wie
    Sad boy Wie 15 days ago

    Am I the only one that notice the guy in pink shorts kept looking down at the female guessers, creepy kinda

  • Ace Spa
    Ace Spa 17 days ago +2

    HA! Seen that curly haired guy on the internet ;p his "member" is bent ;p

  • Luca Ortolani
    Luca Ortolani 17 days ago

    Oh wow I want to date Tomas so much

  • Tua32196
    Tua32196 18 days ago

    9:30 who is sheeee

  • Loïc _
    Loïc _ 18 days ago

    The guy with the curls did ring a bell...

  • The Dankova
    The Dankova 19 days ago

    Where was Ricardo Milos?

  • Saucee Walkerrr
    Saucee Walkerrr 20 days ago

    Duranged is the funniest dude

  • Phoebe El
    Phoebe El 20 days ago +3

    That dude doesn't just do straight porn, he does incest porn hahaha but I guess that was tmi for a first meeting haha

  • Surrells Media
    Surrells Media 21 day ago

    they slangin

  • Goflex
    Goflex 21 day ago


  • Hamsa Mohamed
    Hamsa Mohamed 21 day ago

    Garden man construction I knew he does porn

    TROLL TROLL 21 day ago +1

    I have watched that guy with curly hair on youjizz

  • KC B
    KC B 22 days ago

    I like Arya Faye here. She's so real unlike when I watch her faking it on cam.

  • min spoongi
    min spoongi 22 days ago

    the subtitles spoiled everything lmaooo

  • Savannah Burns
    Savannah Burns 23 days ago

    Kayla ( Think that's how it's spelled) was hot

  • Speedy Totem
    Speedy Totem 25 days ago

    4:08 destruction 100

  • this is a name
    this is a name 25 days ago

    I saw the one in the pink shorts on a porn sight..

  • Chemical Editz
    Chemical Editz 25 days ago

    Me: turns on captions
    Captions: *titles 58 year old woman as escort*

  • constipated in sin city
    constipated in sin city 27 days ago +1

    Chick with the glasses. Is Cecily Strong from SNL!

  • Begeta Sama
    Begeta Sama 27 days ago

    Yo what is the blonde girl's name?

  • Cat Belle
    Cat Belle 28 days ago

    The 58 year old lady is so cool

  • Miuke
    Miuke Month ago

    that madison girl needs to leave.

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    Whats the white girl pornstars name

  • Sophia’s Edits
    Sophia’s Edits Month ago

    1:55 😂😂 “she just called you stupid!!”😂😂

  • 03091993
    03091993 Month ago +4

    first dude was too obvious he deadass looks like one of those plumber guys in het porn

  • Gail Hyrka
    Gail Hyrka Month ago

    the lady in the blue dress looked like janelle from teen moms mom lol

  • Whitney Wilson
    Whitney Wilson Month ago

    They should put everyone in white t-shirts and pants and have people guess who's clothes matches to which person

  • Gavin Burnes
    Gavin Burnes Month ago

    Karl is be looking like millie vanillie

  • poo why not
    poo why not Month ago

    who is the blonde girl

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia Month ago

    The bitch that got her ass slapped at in the beginning is so fucking fine, and so is the Asian woman in red dress.

  • Roseanne Fares
    Roseanne Fares Month ago

    I guess these are all actors and playing roles I've seen them in other episodes the dominatrix woman was in truth or drink and she had an ex who was a woman

  • TheXpender
    TheXpender Month ago

    Pornhub spoiled some of the answers for me

  • ʀᴀɪɴ ᴛʜɪɴɢs

    I aint the only one with the name rain finally!

  • Carbon One
    Carbon One Month ago

    the blond girl, i knew she was into some heavy stuff, just the look she gave everybody and her energy… she looks like a funny and cute girl but on the inside she has got fantasies hell yeah… i can read those girls pretty easy just by their facial expressions. exactly my type of girl

  • Dora Clement
    Dora Clement Month ago

    Escorts do not have sex with the customer. That’s a lie. She is not an escort she is just a whore. An escort is a real and legal job and sex is illegal for an actual escort

  • Dora Clement
    Dora Clement Month ago +1

    I knew the old lady, the blond and the large black woman were sex workers. They just had that feeling. I can’t tell with guys tho

  • Dora Clement
    Dora Clement Month ago

    I totally felt the sex worker vibe from the old lady

  • Morelia Gaytan
    Morelia Gaytan Month ago

    The girl in the red dress was getting checked out by the pornstar in pink shorts 😭😂

  • TheIdiotChallenge
    TheIdiotChallenge Month ago

    used to think Ilah was very attractive but the more I see her the less I find her attractive. her personality and attitude is just blah. She a little conceited and full of her self but tries to come off as some innocent sweet girl and always presents her underhanded comments with a smile which also comes off a bit condescending.

  • Yhur Hurt
    Yhur Hurt Month ago

    I recognized Robby Echo before I recognized Arya Fae. Is that a bad thing?

  • A Lol
    A Lol Month ago +1

    The guy with the anal beads looking hair is soooo funny

    BERZERKER745 Month ago

    Early in the vidoe I was like "holy shit is that Arya Fae?" I need to get out more lol

  • Egg Salad
    Egg Salad Month ago +3

    "What did you major in?"
    "Gender women and sexuality studies"
    So basically just a complete waste of $50,000?

  • - CupCake -
    - CupCake - Month ago +1

    What is Kayla's @??

  • Sam S
    Sam S Month ago

    The captions spoil the answers. Geez.

  • Richard Gilman
    Richard Gilman Month ago

    That girl with the red dress is really pretty

  • Ginmhilleadh
    Ginmhilleadh Month ago +1

    The lady in the white what an absolute bitch "I would hope not" smh shut up

  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K Month ago

    "Why the fuck would you do that?"

  • Richard Michael
    Richard Michael Month ago

    The guy with construction boots dressed purposefully to throw everyone else off him. and also the guy with lipstick
    This is hard coz most people consider sex as this secret thing so no matter how one dresses it is pretty hard to guess

  • skorp in the cut like a shank

    sad to say I knew the surfer looking guy is a pornstar cause I watch porn too much...

  • Santa
    Santa Month ago

    10:51 My man in pink shorts got a boner

  • Hadley Lane
    Hadley Lane Month ago

    7:57 Robby Echo
    9:25 Arya Fae

  • TheOneWithComments
    TheOneWithComments Month ago

    Porn uses such stereotypical "types" so it was pretty obvious that the two white, blonde/blondish people were gonna be pornstars. I was surprised about the escort though I really thought at most she'd be a phone sex worker.

  • Edit Tőke
    Edit Tőke Month ago

    It is very sad.. how people can find funny which is a shame. Our world became a disgusting place to live... no moral values anymore...

  • Utkarsh Satish
    Utkarsh Satish Month ago +6

    Lol the subtitles gave the answer

  • AKchippoAK
    AKchippoAK Month ago +1

    3:41 she damn cute who is she !?

  • Jason W
    Jason W Month ago

    "How much money do you make on a day to day basis" -> "Depends on the month"
    deep throats a banana, defiantly not shy about it either
    She twerks
    HOW COULD YOU NOT SAY YES TO THIS CHICK!!!!!! I've never been so sure in my life about anything lol.

  • pudding cat
    pudding cat Month ago

    got 1 wrong o3o

  • Loren Kerslake
    Loren Kerslake Month ago

    I felt like I kinda recognized the pink shorts dude from somewhere.

  • Colt Sheffield
    Colt Sheffield Month ago

    I have seen the second guy in several videos

  • hydrobbx
    hydrobbx Month ago

    9:50 "it's a lot of *fucking hard* work"

  • JxshingtonYT
    JxshingtonYT Month ago +1

    6:36 Hold up...

    The kid’s 20??
    I thought she was......
    Like if u thought so too

  • Sandra Potter
    Sandra Potter Month ago

    Robby echo I watch him all the time

  • *name* *generic last name*

    Who's the person with the lipstick who majored in gender, woman, and sexuality studies? I'd love to follow his sm

  • Shanaya Aristide
    Shanaya Aristide Month ago

    Sooo who’s the white pornstar with the curly hair ????cuzzzzzzzzz

  • toothless nightfury

    I guessed the blonde girl right, a regular girl can't do that with the Banana, she was my only right guess lol.

  • refmo
    refmo Month ago +1

    Bro what's the name of that blonde girl 😂

  • Shoshana Harris
    Shoshana Harris Month ago

    The Asian girl with the red floral dress is really pretty!

  • Sleep on the bed not on the hyung line thanks


  • sdruba90
    sdruba90 Month ago

    arya fae

  • A
    A Month ago +1

    Omg this hair 😍 ( 0:22 )

  • Juna Hoxha
    Juna Hoxha Month ago

    1:54 "She just called you stupid"😂😂😂

  • hill Hill
    hill Hill Month ago +2

    @9:10 is he trying to be her pimp? Lol

  • J H
    J H Month ago +1

    The girl in the white shirt was like tryna be nice but she was still super judgey

    ALEX NJ Month ago

    " Sex worker" a new method for us to hide behind words and not to tell the truth. We hide the garbage beneath the carpet. In this way people are cheated to believe that things are less bad that they are in reality.

  • The.#1 T
    The.#1 T Month ago

    6:45, A twenty year old daughter? She looks 23.

  • Samantha Cruz
    Samantha Cruz Month ago

    Everyone here has sad and disappointed parents just knowing their beloved babies are sex workers lol

  • Legacy
    Legacy Month ago +11

    Okay so who's the guy with curly hair name's?? Scientific purpose.

  • N
    N Month ago +1

    The captions made them obvious 😂😂

  • obviously ella
    obviously ella Month ago

    the first guy reminds me of chandler don’t @ me

  • Alehector R
    Alehector R Month ago

    I hate that I know who the male pornstar is

  • Jn Jn
    Jn Jn Month ago

    Oh boy, I reaaaly need to see some videos of that blonde girl. Anybody knows her name? Cutest girl eveer!

  • Dillan Not Dylan
    Dillan Not Dylan Month ago

    I'm tryna find that girl with the blonde hair

  • Kaylee James
    Kaylee James Month ago

    "a lot of people wanna look at your armpits"
    "why the fuck would you do that"

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle Month ago +4

    I like that Maddison girl.

  • xMioriax
    xMioriax Month ago +1


    • Akaneki
      Akaneki Month ago

      xMioriax I’m guessing you porn instead of bts hip thrusts 😂

    • shalin chada
      shalin chada Month ago