Shane Van Boening vs Charlie Bryant - 9 Ball - 2019 Derby City Classic

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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  • Jerrin M
    Jerrin M 26 days ago +1

    Nice intro

  • Mustardeer M
    Mustardeer M Month ago +1

    Best I’ve seen him play on a 9 footer.

  • Eddie Otworth
    Eddie Otworth Month ago +3

    That Charlie guy is wayyyyyy out of his league.

    • robert cooper
      robert cooper Month ago +1

      Lol you must not know about about pool

  • Mr Pool Player
    Mr Pool Player Month ago

    Charlie Bryant is a real Hill Billy,, Breaking has to be FUN, not profitable...

  • Joshua Randolph
    Joshua Randolph Month ago +4

    Man... the years have been rough on old Charlie. He looks like hell!

  • Cory Siler
    Cory Siler Month ago +1

    SVB just refusing to use a bridge this whole match. haha!

  • Manuel Hernandez
    Manuel Hernandez Month ago +1

    Love the commentator Lmaooo " thank you very much " had me dying

  • Scotty Bear
    Scotty Bear Month ago

    he's over the line?

  • Hulk -Joe
    Hulk -Joe Month ago +1

    Shane to good

  • J.louis Robinson
    J.louis Robinson Month ago

    what kind of cuestick does Shane use?

    • Tom Nekuda
      Tom Nekuda Month ago

      In this match he could use a broom stick......

    • Cory Siler
      Cory Siler Month ago

      #NotaRevo is still alive

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV  Month ago +1

      Cuetec. He is sponsored by them.

  • DJ DuceMixtapes
    DJ DuceMixtapes Month ago +1

    Vintage SVB!

  • Quantum Fixits
    Quantum Fixits Month ago +3

    Classic SVB...!

  • z1pper
    z1pper Month ago +7

    Free wheelin shane might be the scariest thing you'll ever see on a pool table.

  • Kevin Bransky
    Kevin Bransky Month ago

    The commentary is so terrible, you need to mute this guys' mic immediately!!! Get a new commentator! He talks like a dingleberry, and sounds like nails on a chalk board!!! I had to mute the video because I couldn't listen to that fucker any more. Anyone else agree??

    • hoody hoo
      hoody hoo Month ago

      There is hate coursing through your veins

  • robert meadows
    robert meadows Month ago +7

    It's like a nightmare, isn't it?

    • Steve
      Steve Month ago

      +William Dawkins a month ago

    • William Dawkins
      William Dawkins Month ago

      Whens the last time you watched that movie?

  • alfred vara
    alfred vara Month ago

    In the top 5 best players watch the cue movement

  • Deep Pockets
    Deep Pockets Month ago


  • Dominick Maone
    Dominick Maone Month ago +9

    @ 25:00. I would have racked if I was Shane. That to me means I give up this game.

    • Marios Komninakis
      Marios Komninakis Month ago

      +William Dawkins the thing is that the other guy shouldn't have let him play the balls after that move. Imagine what would have happen if SVB had missed the 8... Wouldn't he be embarrassed to stand up and play another shot since he had given up the game?? I hope he wouldn't though even if Shane missed...

    • William Dawkins
      William Dawkins Month ago +1

      +RailbirdsTV Or maybe he just spanked him for being a baby, idk lol

    • William Dawkins
      William Dawkins Month ago +4

      Out of respect, he plays it out knowing his opponent had the runout and just acted out of frustration. Considering it was SVB, he didn't do it to show off but rather let his opponent off the hook for giving the game up. If I did what SVB did it would've been a douchebag move but SVB doing it is a sign of respect I think. "you had me, but let me earn it since you gave it away"

    • RailbirdsTV
      RailbirdsTV  Month ago +1

      Agreed. I would have taken that as a concession of game.

  • Mahdee
    Mahdee Month ago +6

    Holy crap! I havent seen current day shane play in so long i almost forgot how good he really is lol. What a beast

    • Mahdee
      Mahdee Month ago

      dominiking32 lol no i just find myself watching a lot of shanes older matches or last years or something. But i dont find many videos of current day(year) shane playing.

    • dominiking32
      dominiking32 Month ago

      Mahdee did you just get out of prison?

    • Neil Michaud
      Neil Michaud Month ago +1

      yeah he really is a legend. such a smart player