Lamar Odom opens up about addictions, divorce and baby son's death: Part 1

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • In an exclusive interview with ABC News' Juju Chang, the former basketball player discussed growing up in Queens, becoming a father and his success in the NBA despite addictions to drugs and sex.
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  • Global citizen አበሻዊ

    It’s that correctional center lady so rude the way asking him questions not right to manipulate because his not the right mind set sad to watch this .

    OMEGA COW 20 hours ago

    Who else thought that it was Chloe and his son

  • Magalea Chiesa
    Magalea Chiesa Day ago +1

    Interviewers are supposed to get the full story, so yes she was harsh but all the questions she’s asking are pre-approved by his manager so she was just doing her job.

  • Anna Phongsavanh

    I swear it’s the owner of the brothel who pretends to be his friend who drugged him

  • Anna Phongsavanh
    Anna Phongsavanh Day ago +1

    Someone tried to kill him. Lamar seems like a genuine guy but I hate how he cheated on khloe

  • Relentless Renee

    Get rid of the interviewer..🧐🤨🤔

  • W. J.
    W. J. 2 days ago

    Okay is this an interview or a meeting with his probation officer? 🙄 I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked him to take a drug test. Her body language is real hostile & her questions are really out of line. I can’t stand people who ask disrespectful questions with a passive aggressive smile. She’s more focused on him doing drugs more than he is.

  • Dani Dlight
    Dani Dlight 2 days ago

    This woman is such a bitch.

    RICH TV LIVE 2 days ago

    Where u been Lamar

  • iliana ramos
    iliana ramos 4 days ago

    Horrible reporter ! It was cringe question after cringe question after cringe question. It’s not a conversation I feel like she’s attacking him.

  • Cesar Gomringer
    Cesar Gomringer 4 days ago

    Are this interviewer profesional or she’s trying to make him pist or create some drama for a intense interview chill Chinese woman wtf this interviewers suckssssss like dayene sayer she really sucks she gets amazed of everything like an old old conservative lady wtf

  • Sa'lands Stuart
    Sa'lands Stuart 4 days ago

    Damn it seemed like the interviewer is more interrogating him then interviewing him bitch

  • Sa'lands Stuart
    Sa'lands Stuart 4 days ago

    He went downhill when he started dating Khloe Kardashian the curse of Kardashian's smh

  • Meh M
    Meh M 4 days ago

    She was so condescending! For no reason! Her tone, her expression, her questions, she sometimes even looked disgusted. Do not let her interview again!

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 5 days ago

    I love how both Scott and Lamar are now doing good and have grown as people.

  • Yanet Soriano
    Yanet Soriano 5 days ago

    I feel for the guy hes a person's But it's pure Selfishness! My father did a lot of the same things. He wasn't a pro basketball player but he was a successful business man that chose drugs and Infidelity over his family. He lost his company's his family and eventually went to jail. Money and a big city can chew you up and spit you out if your not ready for it!
    It's sad!

  • DKStudios
    DKStudios 5 days ago

    Troydan: Baking soda, I got BAKING SODA!

  • Rhonda Jackson
    Rhonda Jackson 5 days ago

    I agree with all she is being rude but dang why Lamar got to be so sexy and stuff!

  • Ween Fain
    Ween Fain 5 days ago

    She has some nerve.. Absolutely the worst interviewer I’ve ever seen.. lawd.. idk how he didn’t tell her to 🖕🏻 off and walk out

  • Mia Octavia
    Mia Octavia 5 days ago

    He is blessed. God has a plan for him.

  • Maria Mccray
    Maria Mccray 6 days ago

    Right that part!!

  • Doctron Four
    Doctron Four 6 days ago

    Brah what’s up with the tone of her questions? Did you smokies up before you got here? Are you high now? How do I know you’re telling the truth? Arms crossed, pursed lips. GTFOH

  • Marta Fisiha
    Marta Fisiha 7 days ago

    His is cute and honest ..... you deserve for nature of forgiveness:: and star new life

  • Nutrishop El Segundo/Thousand Oaks

    Zero empathy from the interviewer. She needs to be coached.

  • Tramaine Harryson
    Tramaine Harryson 8 days ago

    This fucking bitch juju.. Ulgh!

  • Cindy Noland
    Cindy Noland 9 days ago

    Something about Lamar still wants to lie about the Vegas incident. That and his use of marijuana show that he has more work to do or he will crash again. I fully support him, but his denial is astronomical. He must fully face his losses. And yes, the interviewer acted like he was a bad person. He's never been that.

  • Alzentia Rispel
    Alzentia Rispel 9 days ago

    I think she chose the wrong occupation!! She is cop mode!

  • ERLINE GRAY Team Vertex WFG

    The interviewer is rude as fuck

  • stella butler
    stella butler 10 days ago

    This freaking girl doesn't deserves Lamar's time

  • Rossini Demelo
    Rossini Demelo 10 days ago

    The lady interviewing him sounds more like a judge tf. This ain’t no lie detector test, it’s an interview.

  • Olivia Austen
    Olivia Austen 10 days ago

    Sex addiction is not a classified addiction. It’s an adjunct to drug addiction. Drugs make inhibitions disappear. You have no problem cheating on your partner because you’re already lying and deceiving. Kudos to the guy for getting through it, but I’m sick of hearing about sex addiction.

  • Lina B
    Lina B 12 days ago

    Dumb ass bitch

  • Emily Aldo
    Emily Aldo 12 days ago

    Could've been the best player of his generation.... pigs ass

  • Vin Judah
    Vin Judah 13 days ago

    It's crazy how these entertainers family die and all of a sudden... they're famous and hanging with Hollywood fools.

  • Jenny_B 4-real
    Jenny_B 4-real 14 days ago

    I feel like a lot of people were praying for him. I believe you are a miracle Lamar. Stay straight & be good for yourself & others.

  • Irma Suggs
    Irma Suggs 15 days ago

    She rude because she believes he is lying. He is promoting a book. He claims to have had all those strokes and heart aches while in a coma yet shows no signs of having strokes. He is surely a miracle, my sarcasm. They showed where the brothel was where it allegedly happened, great advertisement for brothel. On top of that he called Khloe a queen.

  • Showmedaclout!
    Showmedaclout! 15 days ago


  • Alex Tovar
    Alex Tovar 15 days ago +1

    This BITCH !

  • Kristi-Lynn
    Kristi-Lynn 16 days ago

    This lady made me feel so uncomfortable watching this interview. Then I read the comments, and everyone has said exactly what I was thinking.

  • The Dippa Knows
    The Dippa Knows 17 days ago

    What a fucking clown!

  • Mark Ziegler
    Mark Ziegler 17 days ago

    And also, you were a great basketball player.

  • Mark Ziegler
    Mark Ziegler 17 days ago

    She’s a bitch. You don’t owe her anything Lamar. People fuck up. It’s part of it. Don’t let nobody judge you.

  • Elhadji Mamadou Ba
    Elhadji Mamadou Ba 17 days ago

    Why should the interviewer respect him? After ruining his own life with cocain,he still smokes weed. He deserves no respect. I used to be sad for him when he was in trouble .This guy is really dumb.

  • Jordan Walsh
    Jordan Walsh 18 days ago

    this lady is so ignorant

  • Bee Mo
    Bee Mo 18 days ago

    Bit late but I'm glad she is almost emotionless while interviewing. It's professional. If she was all sensitive it would be distracting for him and myself. There is enough emotion in the story itself. She's asking the questions that we all came here to hear and Lamar is man enough to handle these questions, her tone and delivery. All the best Lamar. 💛💙

  • B Ali
    B Ali 18 days ago

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  • fade otara
    fade otara 19 days ago

    Fuk that asian bitch

    OTISIN GREENER 20 days ago


  • Maureen Mwathe
    Maureen Mwathe 21 day ago +1

    Respectful, sweet and classy. Love you Lamar , May God continue keeping you safe.

  • Lipstick Chateau Wine Color

    She's displaying weed in such a negative light that it's as bad as shooting coke or heroin. What a fucking idiot. Fire her!

  • Antonia Faheerty
    Antonia Faheerty 21 day ago +1

    Those Kardashians though..say what you want..they stick with their peeps..they didn't have to rally around him, and with Scott..above and beyond. Even Caitlyn until she went all bitchy..even Bruce was hard work. I have a deep hope Lamar is healthy and has done a complete 360 and reconnects with khloe, but if that happens I hope khloe keeps off KUWTK..and they both go off the grid and be happy. He's her lobster. 💗 that guy has been trough so much heartache.

  • child of The Most High Yah

    Disrespectful bitch.
    Gave a thumbs down cuz the lady is a rude bitch!

  • Gilbert Vela
    Gilbert Vela 22 days ago

    Chang want that D 😭🤣💯

  • Zuko Nofemele
    Zuko Nofemele 22 days ago +1

    The interviewer is a junkie

  • Sammy Sweetheart
    Sammy Sweetheart 22 days ago +1

    Did she really just judge this man for smoking weed when we was ALMOST dead off coke. She needs to back off

  • Koketso Mokwena
    Koketso Mokwena 22 days ago +2

    I don't like this interviewer at all🙄Rude and judgmental

  • The Ambra Life
    The Ambra Life 23 days ago +1

    Juju mad cold in this interview 😒 BUT kudos for all the work to get to this point Lamar. You did the work!

  • Jeremiah Hurley
    Jeremiah Hurley 23 days ago

    This woman is unprofessional .

  • MaAt Ra
    MaAt Ra 23 days ago +1

    Them kardashian bitches put black magic on lamar!

  • Shrimp Zoo
    Shrimp Zoo 23 days ago

    Link part 2 on description abc, amateurs

  • Shrimp Zoo
    Shrimp Zoo 23 days ago

    It’s sad their marriage ended

  • Joel Isawesome
    Joel Isawesome 23 days ago

    Interrogating him wtf😂🤣

  • Judy O
    Judy O 23 days ago +2

    Props to Lamar for keeping it cool, I'd have definitely pointed out her demeanor by the time she asks the 4th question. Zero professionalism

  • Shelby Granger
    Shelby Granger 23 days ago

    Bs..dude wanted to kill himself and it wasnt his time to go in God's eyes. Same as matt hughes i feel goinf thru something terrible like with a woman or career you know its over with..u feel theres nothing else..and u hurt that woman so bad and let everyone u try it..and sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Doing it by drugs is risky not a high chance..matt hughes tried it by train..and i bet he wishes he woulds tried it by hanging..somethijf more of a higher chance. We all have demons we have the choice to choose life or death. We all deal wirh our problems dif ways..ohh and im sure all the lame ass kardashians had sex with more guys then this so dude with women..thots

  • Sophia Lashley
    Sophia Lashley 23 days ago

    I dont like that lady is she the fucking police.

  • Michael McCloud
    Michael McCloud 24 days ago


  • Glory
    Glory 24 days ago

    So annoyed by interviewers attitude.

    MR. NOODLEKNOCKA 24 days ago

    This DUMB bitch asked him WHY he got his DEAD SON tattooed on him😵🤬this bitch should be BANNED from interviewing people, bitch is IGNORANT!

  • Supreme&Aset Media
    Supreme&Aset Media 24 days ago

    He married into an evil family!

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 24 days ago

    Really bitch how we dont know if ur ass isnt high lady omg she is something else....

  • Aida Beyene
    Aida Beyene 25 days ago


  • Muriel Johnson
    Muriel Johnson 25 days ago

    I’m just glad he is off that white girl cause that shit ain’t no joke,if he smoke weed then fine atleast there is actual benefits from marijuana but I just hope he don’t ever go down that road again

  • Sara Maese
    Sara Maese 25 days ago

    I though it was me but yall he see her being a dickhead right?

  • V8 MUZIK
    V8 MUZIK 25 days ago +1

    This broad needs to be put in the same position as Lamar then see if those questions she’s asking so insensitively still apply. Addiction ain’t something to be fucked with its a disease that people take so lightly and underestimate it at a high level. When they see how much it can control them you’d be scared. This man is telling the truth he’s not on coke anymore and you can see by no sniffling or runny nose. He’s also be telling truth that someone did slip him some shit most likely in that brothel for personal gains or attempted to assassinate. A theory thats
    Not far fetch.

  • Pedro Pablo
    Pedro Pablo 25 days ago +1

    Fuck this lady, she needs to be fired

  • Rene Sanchez
    Rene Sanchez 25 days ago +1

    She's a bitch but she's coming at him like family. Saying things you don't want to hear..

  • ivoryvignettes
    ivoryvignettes 25 days ago +1

    When he said Khloe has the same eyes like his mom I cringed. He has deep issues he projected onto her and everyone else. Good he looks better, but seriously he needed therapy, not women.

  • ClevelandTX FontaineTX

    Damn dummy

  • N R
    N R 25 days ago

    Shit one word questions with one word answers. .. the Narrative is exploitive.

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson 25 days ago


  • bruna  kida
    bruna kida 25 days ago

    Bad interviewer she is had

  • bloke dirtyMike_andTHEBOYZ

    I am disgusted by this interviewer fire her right now

  • Mob boyz
    Mob boyz 26 days ago

    This bitch disrespectful this nigga been through so much

  • carrie j
    carrie j 26 days ago +1

    His honesty is heart melting.. I really do like this man. He has been through it for sure huh. I'd love to see him n Klo together again, they genuinely loved one another.. Best wishes Lamar ✌

  • Michael Crennan
    Michael Crennan 26 days ago +1

    Rude and unprofessional that is known as “Juju Chang”. She’s annoying and rude, enemy of the people.

  • Bobra Anderson
    Bobra Anderson 26 days ago


  • Douglas Stejskal
    Douglas Stejskal 26 days ago

    He married a Kardashian? Are you kidding? You just aligned yourself with Satan. What could go wrong?

  • Fresh Xan
    Fresh Xan 26 days ago

    How rude interviewer

  • Darnell Williams Jr
    Darnell Williams Jr 27 days ago

    that wat he needs yah dont no shit bout addiction

  • John Doe
    John Doe 27 days ago

    what a condescending cunt this interviewer is...

  • meralis acevedo
    meralis acevedo 27 days ago

    This definitely should have been at the red table!!!!

  • KevOn DaBuss
    KevOn DaBuss 27 days ago

    Weed is not a drug, Advil and Tylenol are drugs aka man made

  • KevOn DaBuss
    KevOn DaBuss 27 days ago

    She being disrespectful asking if he right now that’s a dumbass ? To ask bc obviously he’s not

  • CassieAfricanQueen
    CassieAfricanQueen 27 days ago

    Lamar sending you positive vibes 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    BXTUBE7 27 days ago

    Thumbs up for Lamar...Thumbs down for interviewer

  • Tone Moaea
    Tone Moaea 27 days ago

    He still in denial.

  • dirty hippy
    dirty hippy 27 days ago

    Any life ruined by the Kardashians dont feel sorry for him, he knew what he was getting into

  • Edna Victor
    Edna Victor 27 days ago

    Why he is sitting on such a small chair? 😱

  • Anikia Williams
    Anikia Williams 28 days ago +1

    Omg I love love love him

  • Lauren James
    Lauren James 28 days ago

    why did the coma happen? what happened that made all of this happen to him? was it just cocaine?