Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme


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  • Telodor567
    Telodor567  2 months ago +993

    Since many people were asking where I got the artwork from, I got it from Nibellion's twitter. Here you go:

    • Link the Hero of Hyrule
      Link the Hero of Hyrule 18 hours ago +1

      +Arnaud 1404 shush you

    • Caramel Beurresalé
      Caramel Beurresalé 4 days ago

      I love this theme!!!!!!

    • Nico Flores
      Nico Flores 6 days ago +1

      +lol lol you are just delusional if you really think it's a port you uncultured hack. This is shaping up to be the best smash ever. Good thing we won't have people like you playing it to kill our spirits

    • Falconi GVA
      Falconi GVA 14 days ago

      Im ready for Smash!! ALL SMASH!!!!

    • Autumn O
      Autumn O 18 days ago

      Telodor567 c

  • Porygon777
    Porygon777 27 minutes ago

    Listening to this made half of my summer great!

  • Alex Frostwalker
    Alex Frostwalker 3 hours ago

    Where's Luigi in this pic?

  • CrazyField
    CrazyField 5 hours ago +1

    My new ringtone lol

  • Roby Faget
    Roby Faget 6 hours ago +1

    Nice music

  • the one and only Clorox bleach


  • Cool Black Witch
    Cool Black Witch 14 hours ago +1

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate > Infinity Wars > Injustice 2 > Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

  • Nilver 23
    Nilver 23 15 hours ago

    December 7th, 12 am 1:42

  • DIA The Toaster 123
    DIA The Toaster 123 18 hours ago

    0:43 when Waluigi becomes a character

  • K.0
    K.0 22 hours ago +1

    1:43 when you open you're Christmas gift and see the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game.

  • Garfielf
    Garfielf 23 hours ago +1

    Its crazy to think this entire fight between franchises and companies was all due to Mario tripping Yoshi.

  • Héctor Perales Cuesta

    Satoru Iwata
    A great person. Rest in Peace.

  • Tanner Wolstein
    Tanner Wolstein Day ago

    How do I double like a video?

  • Kevin Medina Carbonó

    I would love to listen at the end of this opening in the game a scream like in SSB Melee:

  • Mas Sen
    Mas Sen Day ago

    Can't wait for Gordon freeman and sans for the next smash bros.

  • Trash Boat
    Trash Boat Day ago

    With or without waluigi, this is gonna probably be the best smash game ever.

  • al meknassi
    al meknassi Day ago +1

    BEST GAME OF THE 2010s

  • warlp
    warlp Day ago

    Brawl's theme is better

  • -55 SSB
    -55 SSB Day ago +1

    Koji Kondo is speechless

  • G-blaze 1
    G-blaze 1 Day ago +1


  • Luigi Tube
    Luigi Tube Day ago

    Everyone still loved brawls theme, right?

  • Star Burst
    Star Burst Day ago

    How come Nintendo only put Sonic in Smash and not Tails, Shadow or Knux? NINTENDO YOU KNOW BETTER

  • TheCajdaMc
    TheCajdaMc Day ago

    Whats the tu tu ti tu sounding songs name? It´s 1:34 xD

  • Onmi 07
    Onmi 07 Day ago +1

    2,000,000 is a lot

  • Eggster
    Eggster 2 days ago +3


  • Isam Gemeda
    Isam Gemeda 2 days ago

    I love the uniqueness of all of the themes of the games. But melee menu 2 is my favorite. Like if you agree

  • Otaku- Kun
    Otaku- Kun 2 days ago +5

    Tournament Of Power With Game Characters.

  • Farhan Suyitno
    Farhan Suyitno 2 days ago

    I found this good lyrics for the SSBU Theme from Fanfiction.Net ( by a user named Red5T65. It needed two whole repetitions to finish the song, though. But here it is.
    Everyone is here, get ready to fight!
    The time battle is right now, everyone's pumped, here we go!
    Battling all of our mighty foes,
    With all of our special powers,
    All of us saving those who can't fight on their own,
    From the evils of our worlds!
    Rising up against villains abound,
    Keeping our universe safe,
    Everyone is pitching in right about now,
    Powering all of us up!
    But, though we all fight, we don't always win,
    But still, we will, always rise, again!
    We're the best, above all of the rest,
    Saving all our friends from harm,
    And although, we can never rest,
    We never care at all!
    Because we all fight,
    For the greater good of us all,
    And still, we will,
    Defend all those who need our help!
    Alright, here it comes,
    Bring it in, everyone!
    Woah~ (It's time to go (Yeah, it's time to go))
    Let's list off, everyone's here!
    Get ready to go! (Get ready to go!)
    Mario, best known hero of the universe!
    Luigi, his brother, who no one can call worse!
    Donkey Kong, savior of the jungles across DK Island!
    Link, the one with the Spirit of the Hero, oh!
    Fox and Falco will forever take to the stars!
    Samus's bounties will always be hers,
    Pikachu will rain thunder from the skies!
    Yoshi will let those eggs fly! (Fly!)
    Are you, ready,
    It's time, here we go!
    Peach, that eternal damsel in distress,
    Zelda, who has the blood of the Goddess,
    Bowser, mighty king of the Koopa clans,
    Ganondorf, ruler of the Gerudo sands!
    Marth and Lucina, wielders of the Falchion!
    Roy, the one who keeps the Binding Blade!
    Ness and Lucas, the mighty psychic kids!
    Mewtwo, the first true cloned Pokemon!
    Mr. Game & Watch is here as well!
    There are more, so keep the list going on, on, and on!
    We're keeping it going, there's too many to count!
    All these heroes are convening right now!
    Daisy, the princess of Sarasa,
    Is fighting with Peach…
    Dark Samus, that corrupted Phazon creation,
    Is also here to end us!
    Get ready, yeah there's more on the way!
    Everyone is all here!
    All those times, that they've fought together before,
    Pale in comparison!
    The Ice Climbers, Nana and Popo,
    Captain Falcon, champion of F-Zero,
    Sheik, that disguised, version of Zelda, is here too!
    Pichu, tiny electric mouse!
    Jigglypuff, the balloon Pokemon!
    And the other two versions of Link!
    One young, one looking like he's from a cartoon!
    Red, the best Pokemon Trainer!
    Wolf, the leader of Andross's team!
    Lucario, the Aura Pokemon! (Pokemon!)
    Yeah there's more to come!
    Did you think we were done?
    Woah~ (It's time to go (Yeah, it's time to go!))
    Solid Snake, the stealthiest man on the planet!
    Sonic, who's the fastest thing alive!
    They're both here, miraculously thanks to the gods! (Miraculously thanks to the gods!)
    Pit and Dark Pit, the angels who can't fly!
    Palutena, mighty goddess of light!
    Villager, the mayor of Animal Crossing!
    Isabelle, his faithful secretary!
    Pac-Man, the original hero!
    Mega Man, the super fighting robot!
    Robin, the one who is the Avatar!
    Corrin, mighty dragon royalty, changer of fates!
    Oh yeah, let's go!
    We're almost through, woah!
    Duck Hunt, that crazy mutt and its feathered friend!
    Shulk, wielder of the mighty Monado!
    The Inklings, squid people who splat others with paint!
    Cloud Strife, the SOLDIER who stopped JENOVA!
    Rosalina, protector of the cosmos!
    Ryu, street fighter turned absolute legend!
    Bayonetta, the Umbra witch, slayer of angels!
    The Belmonts, best vampire slayers on the planet!
    Ridley, leader of Space Pirates, the scourge of the galaxy!
    All of them are here to stay, fighting for you and me!

  • Harry Lynch
    Harry Lynch 2 days ago

    It’s not brawl

  • Adaly Debest
    Adaly Debest 2 days ago +1

    2 million views babyyy!!

  • Georges Ayoub
    Georges Ayoub 2 days ago +2

    2 million views and the game is not even out yet

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 2 days ago +1

    I'm not crying....

  • David pro89
    David pro89 2 days ago +2


  • YuX
    YuX 2 days ago +3

    I have just reserved this game, so excited!

  • PhYro
    PhYro 2 days ago +3

    This could be a good anime song

  • Boruto Dog
    Boruto Dog 2 days ago +6

    Wolf tho
    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    He finally bacc

  • egg
    egg 3 days ago +8

    Nintendo: So, which of the previous characters should we include in this Smash?
    Sakurai: Yes.

  • Gabe Nwagbala
    Gabe Nwagbala 3 days ago +2


  • Epoch-V
    Epoch-V 3 days ago +4

    the Nintendo anthem

  • Santino Merlino
    Santino Merlino 3 days ago


    Waluigi: ...

  • Xvic limeX
    Xvic limeX 3 days ago


  • Rwrbit
    Rwrbit 3 days ago +5

    2 MIL BOIZ

  • Deidre bittern
    Deidre bittern 3 days ago +1

    Task:find something better than this

    • JMPhase
      JMPhase 2 days ago

      I still think the Brawl theme and maybe even Melee's theme is better

    • Deidre bittern
      Deidre bittern 3 days ago +1


  • yoshi ogre
    yoshi ogre 3 days ago +2

    2 million view

  • Link
    Link 3 days ago +2

    Nothing could be better with anything ever nintendo (except for nintendo online)

  • Paul Pavlus
    Paul Pavlus 3 days ago

    It's a cold and it's a broken Waluigi.

  • Dr. Awkward
    Dr. Awkward 3 days ago +1

    I'm excited for PlayStation all-stars 2!!!!!

    says no one ever

  • 96wtfomg
    96wtfomg 3 days ago

    I'll stick to melee, but the song is dope

    • AtlasMoon
      AtlasMoon 3 days ago +2

      it'd be a crime not to try this game out though :o ;)

  • Wolf Guy
    Wolf Guy 3 days ago

    Just 2 more months...

    • G10
      G10 3 days ago +1

      Less! We're currently at 1.8 months. It seems small but I check my calendar for every day that passes

  • Dylie Dylie 289
    Dylie Dylie 289 3 days ago


    • Lucario7280
      Lucario7280 3 days ago

      It's kinda like Melee, not as fast paced but shows to have some elements from it.

  • GameCubeBoy2002
    GameCubeBoy2002 3 days ago

    Like if you think Brawl's theme is still the best

  • enhancedpv enhancedpv
    enhancedpv enhancedpv 3 days ago +3

    2 million...

  • Filma Sam
    Filma Sam 3 days ago +2

    1:42 to the end is the best part

  • cakeking
    cakeking 3 days ago +1

    anyone with headphones did it only really come out on the right

  • Cosmic Queen
    Cosmic Queen 4 days ago +2

    God when the choir starts for that very last part. Nothing but shivers.

    • Naiko
      Naiko Day ago

      that's when you know this game is going serious lol

  • Jeyd
    Jeyd 4 days ago +2

    I get goosebumps when I listen to this song

  • First Last
    First Last 4 days ago

    Wario: Hey Waluigi, will you _now_ be a fighter?
    Waluigi: Heh heh, *_no._* *becomes an assist trophy*
    This is so sad, Alexa, play _SSBB theme_

  • First Last
    First Last 4 days ago

    Me: Captain Toad isn't :(...... hopefully he will be.

    • Marth
      Marth 4 hours ago

      but he cant even jump..

  • Negromancer •.
    Negromancer •. 4 days ago +3

    2:54 That harp at the end gives me chills.

  • The Southern Gamer
    The Southern Gamer 4 days ago +2

    When me and my friends get this game, before we even start playing, we’re gonna take a moment and enjoy the music first

  • DapperBones
    DapperBones 4 days ago

    Sorry, you’ll have to speak up
    I can’t hear you over how N O T T O O B I G I A M

  • Zazzy Z-man
    Zazzy Z-man 4 days ago +1

    So much better than smash fours theme

  • XFIRE324
    XFIRE324 4 days ago

    This is certainly it chief :)

    IRON_RYNO 4 days ago +2


  • Monica Tucker
    Monica Tucker 4 days ago

    There's just one thing...

    Why no wah?

  • SB Squad
    SB Squad 4 days ago

    If youre reading this... I'll beat ALMOST anyone in smash bros

    • SB Squad
      SB Squad 2 days ago

      +Kellan Marshall ok

    • Kellan Marshall
      Kellan Marshall 2 days ago

      Just send a message to this comment feed or DM me when you get one and then we can add each other. I Look forward to it man!

    • SB Squad
      SB Squad 3 days ago

      +Kellan Marshall that will be awesome I had one. I have a Wii U

    • Kellan Marshall
      Kellan Marshall 3 days ago

      SB Squad yo pal, I’ll send you my switch friend code when I get back home and we can play the day the game comes out. How’s that sound? Up for the challenge?

  • Hedgehog Gamer
    Hedgehog Gamer 4 days ago +1

    If in the game a cinematic of presentation appears in the start with this music and in the end with the 3 announcers voices saying:SUUPEEER SMAAAASH BROOTHERS ULTIMAAAAAAATE!. I wanna cry :'D
    Sorry if i write some words bad

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming 4 days ago +3

    at 2x speed, it sounds like something other than a nintendo song.

  • Jack Gioia
    Jack Gioia 4 days ago

    vault boy virdi and big boss for smash

  • MarioLover EG
    MarioLover EG 5 days ago +1


  • ZioPane
    ZioPane 5 days ago +1

    Nintendo: Sakurai, who are you going to put in the new Super Smash Bros?
    Sakurai: *_EVERYONE_*
    Nintendo: Ok, there is just a problem.
    We don't know how to do the PewDiePie moveset.

  • I get mad easily so I suck

    I remember this theme from playing critical strike.

  • Fatty Mcgee
    Fatty Mcgee 5 days ago

    I need sheet music. Brb

  • Pablo A. Colchado P.
    Pablo A. Colchado P. 5 days ago +3

    This is by far the best main theme a Smash game have ever got!!

  • LuckyRabbit258
    LuckyRabbit258 5 days ago +1

    Why do I see this being played at a pep rally?

  • ElTRiC
    ElTRiC 5 days ago

    didy kong: i like the banana

  • Rockskinzombie
    Rockskinzombie 5 days ago





  • Bendy Studios
    Bendy Studios 5 days ago +1

    *I am so ready to watch Isabelle destroy Ridley*

    • Rebel Page
      Rebel Page 4 days ago +1

      +Bendy Studios And I am so ready to destroy Isabelle as Ridley!

  • Cauacan
    Cauacan 5 days ago +1

    Gusty Garden Galaxy is the best Nintendo game theme?

    Sadly it’s time to smash it from its throne

  • Mscott 2704
    Mscott 2704 6 days ago +5

    I hope he’s proud of this achievement...

  • Nash Awesome
    Nash Awesome 6 days ago

    Would a Smash Bros Card Game be redundant?

  • Yvthan Rosémary
    Yvthan Rosémary 6 days ago +1


  • Leo Mendoza
    Leo Mendoza 6 days ago +1

    Where's Mr game and watch?

  • PixelMario1105
    PixelMario1105 6 days ago +6

    Goosebumps everywhere.

  • E K
    E K 6 days ago +1


  • Edward Starr
    Edward Starr 6 days ago +1

    233 dislikes who would dislike this game's music man :(

  • 김태선
    김태선 6 days ago +1

    Imagine this song playing out at ending of the STORY MODE

  • Red McLaren 3
    Red McLaren 3 6 days ago

    Daisy is mine so this is a warning for Luigi hands off my girl and I will kill if you touch her in the wrong way ya little b**€% ! IDGAS ya little a*$h*le

  • José Manuel de la Cruz Flores

    Que bonita Música

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 6 days ago +3

    Sony: We won! We had Just Cause 4, Spyro Reignited, and so much more! We obviously won 2018!
    Microsoft: Idiot, we had Halo Infinite and... A lot of other games.
    Nintendo: They... They do know a few of those games aren't even coming out this year, right?
    SEGA: Nope, they're even saying that Jump Force is going to be the best crossover ever!
    Nintendo: Hold this.
    SEGA: Why are you giving me a beer?

  • The JuanJo
    The JuanJo 6 days ago +5

    One word : *EPIC*

  • Mr. Jeffinizor
    Mr. Jeffinizor 6 days ago +2

    actually, someone should apply for nintendo then secretly add waluigi as a playable character

  • Icy Motto
    Icy Motto 6 days ago +2

    When that chorus hits at 2:19 just makes this even better. Its like lord Sakurai's own angels!

  • random w e i r d o
    random w e i r d o 6 days ago

    switch comes out: ew I dont want that its probably a waste of money
    sees that a new ssb is coming out: mOM GET ME A SWITCH NOW PLEASE

  • Made Pandora
    Made Pandora 6 days ago +1

    Unfortunately I'll be getting this game on Christmas not when it releases but I'll see you on the battlefield

  • C.I.A.
    C.I.A. 6 days ago +2

    And I thought brawl had the best theme

  • YouTube 4ever
    YouTube 4ever 6 days ago +1

    I can hardly wait for this game to come out!
    This theme just sounds so majestic and powerful,painting the picture in your head that these characters are working together against some evil we don't know about yet and the newcomers just drop in, "Thor from Infinity War" style,and just start kicking ass!
    I'm still hoping for Layton and Descole to be in the game. Then my life would finally be complete.

  • MCF
    MCF 7 days ago +3

    this makes me have sex

  • Molly dolly
    Molly dolly 7 days ago +2

    This game has added so much to the point I said to myself the other day,''I remember when this was first revealed."

  • AgentMeeM
    AgentMeeM 7 days ago +2

    I'd be lying if I said this wasn't the most impressive and ultimate (name checks out) of the whole series