Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme


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  • Telodor567
    Telodor567  7 months ago +1903

    Since many people were asking where I got the artwork from, I got it from Nibellion's twitter. Here you go:

  • Jesse Angemi
    Jesse Angemi 8 hours ago

    Brawl has a better theme tbh

  • Mariosion
    Mariosion 11 hours ago

    It’s a sin that this isn’t in the final game at all

  • TheQuickT
    TheQuickT 15 hours ago

    Ya know, I still really like this one. What a shame its no where to be found in the actual game.

  • Maripet Abad
    Maripet Abad 15 hours ago

    Where's my junpforce montage with this song

  • POPS {}
    POPS {} Day ago +2

    I want Shaggy in the roster

  • Smasher Josh
    Smasher Josh Day ago

    This should be in the game itself, hopefully as DLC this time

  • Manuel Nuñez
    Manuel Nuñez 2 days ago

    I want to play this game so bad 😪 I need it in my life now

  • Bash
    Bash 2 days ago

    I'm so mad this isn't in the game.

    • Alma Flores
      Alma Flores 2 days ago

      It actually is but am not going to spoil when.

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    Smash Bros. IV: SUPER SMASH BROS. 4 (Wii U/3DS) 2014 - 2017
    Smash Bros. V: SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE (Nintendo Switch) 2018 -

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  • Raúl Garza
    Raúl Garza 3 days ago

    It sucks that this was never in the intro

  • Cezlock
    Cezlock 4 days ago

    i'm going to be completely honest here, i don't really like this theme. i think my issue is that after listening to the same song over and over again actually gives me a headache and certain things in music just strike that one nerve extra hard and it's unpleasant. one example is hotel california, where it instantly hits the nerve and also gives me a bad taste in my mouth. i also had this issue with ssb4's theme. also, i feel that there's something missing but i can't really figure out what it is. it just seems empty to me. i think one of the reasons why i like other themes like brawl and melee is that those themes make me excited and eager to play the game more where it also diverts from that theme into other songs aside from it that makes me appreciate it. now that i think about it, ultimate used this theme way too much, the intro, the menu screen, world of light, almost everything. hearing all the different variations of this song didn't make me excited, it just kept hammering in this 'hype' that i didn't feel, it just grew annoying after a while.

    • Skeletal Charmander
      Skeletal Charmander 17 hours ago

      Cezlock how dare you taint this comment section with such an opinion!

  • Julian Kroon
    Julian Kroon 4 days ago

    It should be kirby theme’s mixed

  • Skeeter_Yeeter64
    Skeeter_Yeeter64 4 days ago

    and this all started with Mario tripping Yoshi..

  • Trey Henry
    Trey Henry 4 days ago

    Does anyone know the notes of the background instrument from 0:39-0:44

  • LeTacodile Supreme
    LeTacodile Supreme 5 days ago +6

    Who else remembers basically every detail of the fighter reveal trailer at E3 when listening to this?

  • TuMamaEsHombre Canal Cerrado

    Like: Super Smash Bros Brawl Theme.
    Comment: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Theme.
    Dislike: Super Smash Bros 64 Theme.

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue 3 days ago

      You can't tell that I disliked, so I'm telling ya I did.

  • Leo dog
    Leo dog 6 days ago

    I want to pick this game up on e shop just for this main theme

    PEPILLO EL PILLO 6 days ago

    love the game and the song but still prefer the super smash brawl theme

  • AstrologyMaster Juegos, Curiosidades, Comedia Y Mas

    why this theme no are in the game?

  • Cesar Zamudio
    Cesar Zamudio 6 days ago

    why wasn't this the main menu theme for the game smh

  • Discount at the dollar store

    It’s funny to imagine that Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon, Ness, Pikachu, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Yoshi and Link was considered a big video game character mashup
    I mean it lead us to this so I can appreciate it

  • Johnny Garibay
    Johnny Garibay 7 days ago

    I want this version Battle

  • I Cant Walk
    I Cant Walk 7 days ago

    Nothing will be better than brawl intro

  • killer bee
    killer bee 8 days ago

    i prefer siko bama

  • Sarah Cristaldi
    Sarah Cristaldi 8 days ago

    Once I unlock my true fighting partner Ridley then the fun will truly begin!!!

  • Yankarlo Chavez
    Yankarlo Chavez 8 days ago

    Its hard to believe that this game just came out 2 months ago and its still getting bigger and bigger (thats what she said). The community is about the same, the roster is getting more and more characters cause of DLC, spirit events. Hell they might even add a boss rush mode due too some characters only being able to fight certain bosses in classic mode. Unless you are in world of light. Cause if you have the character unlocked then you can fight the bosses with the available characters. But the closest thing too boss rush is the final battle in spirits mode. Who knows sakurai does what he wants

  • Keely Copperthite
    Keely Copperthite 8 days ago

    I LOVE Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch

  • KingCraft Aiden
    KingCraft Aiden 8 days ago +1


  • Sam H.
    Sam H. 8 days ago

    This game is balanced

    As all things should be

  • Carl Grimes
    Carl Grimes 8 days ago

    anu ma que chido

  • Manic
    Manic 8 days ago

    This is the true version, lifelight is a copycat.

  • Seby 10
    Seby 10 8 days ago

    I only searched "ultimate theme" and this came up. *ultimate being much more recognisable than fortnite confiimed (yay)*

  • Rommel Salta
    Rommel Salta 8 days ago


  • lil pump shotgun
    lil pump shotgun 8 days ago

    why they get rid of lucas

  • MumChum
    MumChum 9 days ago


  • The1true K
    The1true K 9 days ago

    So beautiful that even people that are deaf can hear it and cry :)

  • Brandon Rios
    Brandon Rios 9 days ago

    Is this version even in the game? Cause, if it’s not, that’s garbage. Why waste such an amazing arrangement of this song. It even has a choir.

    • Brandon Rios
      Brandon Rios 9 days ago

      Raemonn Ramos I wasn’t there unfortunately.

    • Raemonn Ramos
      Raemonn Ramos 9 days ago +1

      Brandon Rios I know man. Probably because they wanted to do something new. It’s also upsets me that the E3 Demo (Well, if you were there) Battlefield and Main Menu themes aren’t there either.

    • Brandon Rios
      Brandon Rios 9 days ago

      Raemonn Ramos I like Lifelight tho. I’m just saying why can’t both be in the game?

    • Raemonn Ramos
      Raemonn Ramos 9 days ago +3

      It’s unfortunately not. This was first song in the ost that we ever hear, this got remixed multiple times, and this got replaced with Freaking Lifelight.

  • Mega-Drive64
    Mega-Drive64 9 days ago

    I like this better than Lifelight because Lifelight sounds like a USclip cover.

  • Atrojr
    Atrojr 9 days ago

    Where is Waluigi????

  • Asher Israel
    Asher Israel 10 days ago

    2 speed

  • King Koop
    King Koop 10 days ago


  • Axel Ramirez
    Axel Ramirez 10 days ago


  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 10 days ago

    I would prefer this song to be on the menu music

  • Chowvie Gaming CM
    Chowvie Gaming CM 10 days ago

    Strange how (I DONT KNOW YET COS I HAVENT GOTTEN THE GAME YET) this music wasnt in the game at all!!!😂😂

  • froggy dude
    froggy dude 11 days ago


  • Joshua Washington
    Joshua Washington 11 days ago +1

    As Shulk would say, "I'm really feeling it!"

  • Burgy
    Burgy 11 days ago

    2:19 HYPE

  • Dana Cano
    Dana Cano 11 days ago

    I was looking for a version without the lyrics. Thanks.

  • BatofDestiny
    BatofDestiny 11 days ago

    1:40 That moment when everyone screamed in unison

  • Sprikz
    Sprikz 12 days ago +1

    Still waiting for Asian Jake Paul...

  • Yamil Mora
    Yamil Mora 12 days ago +1

    *The perfect song doesn't exi...*

  • Retroman 1234
    Retroman 1234 13 days ago

    When you're the fastest one in gym class.

  • Rainbow Murilo Gamer
    Rainbow Murilo Gamer 14 days ago

    Where's Mr Game & Watch?

  • BPA Gaming
    BPA Gaming 14 days ago

    This was the day 2018 changed

  • Ahannamus Prime
    Ahannamus Prime 14 days ago +1

    This should’ve been the opening theme.

  • Jaydon Babington
    Jaydon Babington 14 days ago

    Never go here 3:05

  • Jaydon Babington
    Jaydon Babington 14 days ago


  • Ty Plays Smash Bros
    Ty Plays Smash Bros 14 days ago +1


  • Dem Wafflez
    Dem Wafflez 15 days ago +3

    Why is this not in the game...

  • craken 18
    craken 18 15 days ago

    Why isn't goombas in smash ultimate when a PIRRANAH PLANT IS?????¿¿¿¿¿¿

  • Sonic
    Sonic 15 days ago

    i -hate- love this

  • Hurry Before it's deleted

    The perfect song doesn’t exi-

  • Andreas Makusev
    Andreas Makusev 15 days ago +1

    I made a *Chinese Piano Version* of this masterpiece! ;D

    JOE JOSEPH 15 days ago +4

    2:19 My favorite

  • Steve Pensando
    Steve Pensando 16 days ago


    *C O L O R S W E A V E I N T O A S P I R E O F F L A M E*

  • Murphy Idowu
    Murphy Idowu 16 days ago

    That look awesome

    HAYDEN LABAUVE 16 days ago +1

    Rip toon link, pretty sure he’s the smallest dood

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank 16 days ago

    Fake ring a ding is the real

  • Jay Ferz
    Jay Ferz 16 days ago

    this is the battlefield theme for smash ulti

    • Super Fry
      Super Fry 11 days ago

      The battlefield theme is different. I don’t think this one even made it in the game.

  • Marcus Rizzuto
    Marcus Rizzuto 16 days ago +2

    Not bad without lyrics, however with is a complete shit show. I just get so fucking pumped when I hear high pitched Asian’s scream dying light. Nah brawls theme is what really gets my dick hard.... nuff said

  • MrRocky
    MrRocky 17 days ago +4

    1:43 *SNAAAAKE!*
    *E V E R Y O N E ? !*

    • Ansatsuken420
      Ansatsuken420 16 days ago

      Don't forget that he also broke one of the parts on his shelf in half.

  • Wizzro
    Wizzro 17 days ago +1


  • Sailor Cats
    Sailor Cats 17 days ago

    Everyone one is here!!

    And piranha plant is here too!

    NIN SEBAS 17 days ago +1

    Lifelight es el tema principal, esto es de Battlefield

  • Samson
    Samson 17 days ago

    2:19 me when there is
    A pro-d day on Friday

  • MumChum
    MumChum 17 days ago

    This sends chills down my spine...

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 18 days ago +3

    I prefer this over Lifelight tbh

  • impossibleimposter1
    impossibleimposter1 18 days ago

    this isn’t brawl’s theme, what gives?

  • Jose Ignacio-Juarez
    Jose Ignacio-Juarez 18 days ago +4

    This song got remixed so many times, it didn't even make it to the final game. I really wished this theme was in the game

  • SilverRainbow100
    SilverRainbow100 18 days ago +1

    As much as I like Lifelight, it's a shame that this theme is nowhere to be found in the game.

  • IgnUp21
    IgnUp21 18 days ago +1

    Al final esta canción se fue a la mierda y solo sirvió para la E3

  • TheY3suz 9780
    TheY3suz 9780 18 days ago

    Where is little mac? :"v

  • Arias Alas
    Arias Alas 18 days ago

    Colours weave into a spiral of flame~

  • K-POP Lovers
    K-POP Lovers 19 days ago

    Super smash bros ultimate Is The Best

  • This Skrub
    This Skrub 19 days ago

    Watch world of light trailer

  • Gamerboy8472
    Gamerboy8472 19 days ago


  • DepWek
    DepWek 20 days ago

    I'm still trying to figure out how to play this on a 12 hole ocarina

  • iMYX
    iMYX 20 days ago

    The jukebox collections pretty top tiet.

  • Sal Vulcano
    Sal Vulcano 20 days ago +7

    it all started with mario tripping yoshi

  • RunLego
    RunLego 20 days ago +2

    0:39 best part

  • Graziano Striker
    Graziano Striker 20 days ago

    best music in all the world

  • U-Knighted
    U-Knighted 20 days ago +4

    This > lifelight imo

    MSPMM 21 day ago

    I know abuse, but smash ultimate has the most abuse to all of the characters. *DAM.*
    I also thought about blixter and sadcub(bosses in just shapes and beats) and jevil (deltarune)...what if they were in smash ultimate?

  • Crashing Bailey
    Crashing Bailey 21 day ago +4

    This version of the song wasn’t in the final game did anyone notice that!

    • Crashing Bailey
      Crashing Bailey 21 day ago

      Raemonn Ramos agreed it should of been in the intro to

    • Raemonn Ramos
      Raemonn Ramos 21 day ago +2

      We all know. And removing this was a big mistake. So good and better than Lifelight.

  • marvin Tanaka
    marvin Tanaka 22 days ago +3

    Meele's theme:pretty good
    Brawls theme:not bad
    Smash 4 theme:catchy

  • partyben 123
    partyben 123 22 days ago


  • danielxplay 22
    danielxplay 22 22 days ago +6

    My dad spent 2 hours looking for the game on every videogame store in town until he found it
    the day was dec 7
    edit:he took away my ipad that same day beacuse of bad grades :(
    and ever sience i couldnt recover it i still got bad grades :-;

    • Oxygen Thief
      Oxygen Thief 3 days ago

      Kuddos to your dad for taking away your ipad (something made by apple) liike holy shit you must have a good dad if he restricts you from using apple products.