Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • The main theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    Composition Supervisor: Hideki Sakamoto
    Composition: noisycroak Co., Ltd.
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  • Telodor567
    Telodor567  11 months ago +2219

    Since many people were asking where I got the artwork from, I got it from Nibellion's twitter. Here you go:

  • Alpaslan Karakoç
    Alpaslan Karakoç 14 hours ago +1

    Firstgame trailer

  • zhan condell
    zhan condell 17 hours ago

    Ummm excuse me wtf where is luigi?

  • King K Rool Fan
    King K Rool Fan 22 hours ago

    How has it been a full year already?! It feels like it was only yesterday when we found out everyone was here!

  • Koolaid 245
    Koolaid 245 Day ago


  • James 5373
    James 5373 Day ago

    Me and the bois playing hoi4

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya Day ago +1

    CHOSE YOUR FIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AllyZ CoolZ
    AllyZ CoolZ 2 days ago

    Me lov it

  • Sans Female
    Sans Female 2 days ago

    Banjo is hire!!!

  • Gabe the Doge
    Gabe the Doge 2 days ago

    About a year ago the hype train went into full motion during E3 2018. Even now, the hype train continues on.

  • Nandezf Komaeda
    Nandezf Komaeda 2 days ago

    Happy to see that they include it in the game on final stage

  • Tấn Đạt Nguyễn

    crtical strike

  • Chimi Aytin Tshering

    Ridley looks like rodan from Godzilla king of the monsters.

  • Jeremy Grandison
    Jeremy Grandison 3 days ago

    When you start a year at grams school meeting new friends

  • Martin Matos
    Martin Matos 3 days ago +5

    Gods: Smash ultimate
    Legends: God of war
    Men: Call of duty
    Boys: fortnite,Minecraft

    • Martin Matos
      Martin Matos 2 days ago

      @Demopan I know, I meant to say that I don't like minecraft or fortnite

    • Demopan
      Demopan 2 days ago

      Martin Matos
      Never said I liked fortnite...

    • Martin Matos
      Martin Matos 2 days ago

      @Demopan I understand why you like minecraft,but imo I just don't like the game. Also I don't like fortnite ethier.

    • Demopan
      Demopan 2 days ago

      Martin Matos
      Says the one that’s probably like 8. Trust me, it’s not overrated because it’s probably one of the best designed games in a deacade. I mean it’s popular and it may have gotten a nostalgia boost now by us teens, but that doesn’t make it a bad game by any means.

    • Martin Matos
      Martin Matos 3 days ago

      @Huy Minh Truong minecraft is pretty overrated

  • Lord Vader, Ultimate
    Lord Vader, Ultimate 3 days ago +1

    Where my man Mr game and watch??? 🤷‍♂️
    Edit: I mean where is he on the opening page.😕

  • Carlos Ricciardi
    Carlos Ricciardi 4 days ago

    The best smash main theme EVER

  • Dr. Complex
    Dr. Complex 4 days ago

    I was singing my parody (being a sad version of this song but in the same upbeat tune) in class today.

  • Desghidorah The great
    Desghidorah The great 4 days ago +1

    When the day of the final Smash ultimate direct comes, I want a video showing off all the characters including DLC fighters to show that everyone is truly here and ending with sakurai saying goodbye. Pls let this happen!

  • Søul Central
    Søul Central 4 days ago

    A whole year!

  • Craig's Corner
    Craig's Corner 4 days ago +1

    Can't believe it's been a year since the gang's all here.

  • Juan M.
    Juan M. 4 days ago +1

    1 year ago today...

  • Tavyn May
    Tavyn May 5 days ago +1

    Honestly the version with lyrics felt like an afterthought

  • Wii shop Channel01
    Wii shop Channel01 5 days ago +9

    banjo & kazooie And The Hero has joined the battle!!!!!!!!!

    • Zyshonne Williams
      Zyshonne Williams 18 hours ago +1

      Can't wait to play as the Hero in a couple of weeks and also banjo a couple months after

  • Pxllation
    Pxllation 5 days ago +10

    Banjo-Kazooie and The Hero(s) from Dragon Quest Join the battle!

  • Fox McCloud
    Fox McCloud 5 days ago +5

    It’s been exactly a year since we first heard this amazing theme!

    • FuYo
      FuYo 4 days ago


  • Ghoat
    Ghoat 5 days ago +2

    Damn. 1 year ago

  • CoasterBound
    CoasterBound 5 days ago +11

    The Greatest Crossover to ever exist

  • 8BitWar _
    8BitWar _ 5 days ago +43

    whos here after the 2019 e3 direct banjo and the hero are here boiiiiiiii

  • Fellipe Goularte
    Fellipe Goularte 5 days ago +6


  • Bottle Of Bleach
    Bottle Of Bleach 6 days ago +4

    Who's here after E3 2019?

    • mgm boy
      mgm boy 6 days ago +2

      im here for my boy banjo

  • HadoukenDude
    HadoukenDude 6 days ago +2

    1:42 **Everyone is HERE!**
    The internet explodes!

  • GumballViking
    GumballViking 6 days ago +17

    Every time Nintendo wins E3 everyone has to listen to the SSBU E3 theme. It's a traditional ritual now. All opposed will end up like Waluigi.

  • Tarixr123
    Tarixr123 6 days ago +7

    Rejoice my Smash family, BANJO-KAZOOIE IS FINALLY IN!!!

      SONIA MONTOYA 5 days ago +3


  • CanIPlayzz Gaming
    CanIPlayzz Gaming 6 days ago


  • Legend0205 Lolz
    Legend0205 Lolz 6 days ago +1


  • Legend0205 Lolz
    Legend0205 Lolz 6 days ago


  • Why does Google have to ask for my last name ._.

    Better than the game itself.

    • GumballViking
      GumballViking 3 days ago

      Sorry your experience wasn't like ours.

  • Wild Greninja
    Wild Greninja 7 days ago +2

    My favorite smash theme along side brawl

  • FluffyNugget
    FluffyNugget 7 days ago +6


  • Mr Mashy
    Mr Mashy 7 days ago +1

    they thought they could hide it from us, but they copied this,

    space soccer

  • Karina Trielli
    Karina Trielli 7 days ago

    R.I.P Waluigi

  • Choleric Charmander
    Choleric Charmander 7 days ago +24

    Nintendo: How epic should we make the theme?
    Sakurai: Yes.

  • Pill wost
    Pill wost 8 days ago +1


    • GumballViking
      GumballViking 3 days ago

      Saitama isn't a video game character, so no. You haven;t heard of the while Goku controversy, have you?

  • Fuma Haru
    Fuma Haru 8 days ago +1

    Everyone: *ThIs IsN't In ThE gAmE*
    Me: Battlefield.

  • Sapphire
    Sapphire 9 days ago +6

    *Infinity War and Endgame... eat your heart out.*

  • Percy Productions
    Percy Productions 10 days ago +1

    Peoples it’s almost a year of me humming this

  • Broseph 202
    Broseph 202 12 days ago +1

    One year later this game was announced and there’s still more to come join the battle

  • InAnotherCastle The OTHER other account

    The entire trailer in a nutshell:
    "Man, I wish [insert dead character here] came back. I really miss him/her."
    Sakurai: Consider it done.

    SAM RONTO 14 days ago +1

    The best hyptrain I’ve ever rode

  • Samuel Angulo
    Samuel Angulo 14 days ago


  • Op14
    Op14 14 days ago

    I wish we could listen to this in final destination

  • Op14
    Op14 14 days ago

    1:42 Is my favorite part

  • kamui w
    kamui w 14 days ago +4

    i want to freaking see all the 455 people who disliked this

  • DarkTrap !
    DarkTrap ! 15 days ago

    Anyone else just listening to this while scrolling through the comments?

  • Nitro
    Nitro 15 days ago +2

    Someday, I'm gonna come back after 8 years of this game existing, and cry.

  • Melissa Anderson
    Melissa Anderson 15 days ago

    My favorite character is k rool

  • EmeraldFuzion
    EmeraldFuzion 15 days ago +19

    Master Hand: I am inevitable.
    Kirby: Poyo.

  • Michael Ayesu
    Michael Ayesu 16 days ago

    This song gives me huge Zelda vibes

  • Cole Saumier
    Cole Saumier 16 days ago

    super smash bros ultimate is my ultimate favorite game its even my icon

  • russian empire
    russian empire 16 days ago

    audia famen illunus

    Only Legends will know

    • Jeremiah Plays All
      Jeremiah Plays All 14 days ago

      Audi famam
      Solus in hostes ruit
      et patriam servavit.
      Audi famam
      Cucurrit quaeque
      tetigit destruens
      Audi famam illius
      Audi famam illius
      Spes omnibus
      mihi quoque
      Terror omnibus
      mihi quoque
      Iuxta me
      Ille iuxta me.
      Socii sunt mihi
      qui olim viri fortes
      rivalesque erant
      Saeve certando pugnandoque
      splendor crescit

  • Xenothran Hero
    Xenothran Hero 16 days ago +1

    Girls’ Locker Room:
    Oh moi gawd, Jenny, did ya see that cyute outfit Hannah was wearin’?
    Boys’ Locker Room:

  • Fred 006
    Fred 006 17 days ago

    This was Iwata's final request to Sakurai :(

  • Beautiful - Colours
    Beautiful - Colours 18 days ago +6

    This sounds like a cinema movie OST

  • Jaxon Carnahan
    Jaxon Carnahan 18 days ago

    luigi is not on that art

  • Dexterous Fox
    Dexterous Fox 18 days ago

    Out of every crossover in existence Smash Bros is the best one and will be with future games

  • Kio builders
    Kio builders 19 days ago

    If they add DLC bosses who do you want? I would love Ultra Necrozma as a boss in world of light.

    FEDERICO LAFFI 20 days ago +26

    Girls locker room: I hate PE, it's too hard!
    Boys locker room:

  • Micah Davidson
    Micah Davidson 21 day ago +5

    2:39 is the best. That musical harmony in the background makes my skin crawl.

  • eu nao sou eu
    eu nao sou eu 22 days ago


  • Golden Game master
    Golden Game master 22 days ago

    存在の伝説を衝突させて、これまで語られてきた最高の物語を織り込みましょう。 この戦いは天と地を同じように揺すります。 これはゴールデンゲームマスターの伝説です。
    Ya'll gotta translate my messages LOL. trust me it'll be worth it.

  • Golden Game master
    Golden Game master 22 days ago


  • CreeperBoy Gaming
    CreeperBoy Gaming 23 days ago +2

    I want the Super smash bros Ultimate opening Intro to have all the 6 DLC CHARACTERS when they come out who else?

  • Ryan Link
    Ryan Link 23 days ago

    Better Brawl...

  • Cesar O. S.
    Cesar O. S. 23 days ago

    2:19 Am I the only one that really loves this part?

  • yay Chems
    yay Chems 24 days ago

    My favorite music of smash bros
    are for wii u, wii and switch

  • Aram’s Reality
    Aram’s Reality 25 days ago

    I heard this as background music on a newsreport lol

  • AdamCrossing
    AdamCrossing 25 days ago +4

    its sad that this song is not in a final game
    EDIT: oh wait

  • Bryan Enfinger
    Bryan Enfinger 26 days ago +1

    "How did you make the soundtrack so goshdarn beautiful?"
    Sakurai: Yes

  • ainsley toledo
    ainsley toledo 27 days ago

    And then this rendition of the theme never appears again

  • TheSevAct
    TheSevAct 27 days ago +2


    • Daniel328
      Daniel328 12 days ago

      Pull your attention to 2:10 then to 2:20 the hype begins

  • Freezie
    Freezie 27 days ago

    (Pelones Vibes)

  • andrystein03
    andrystein03 28 days ago

    the sr pelo one is better 😂😂😂

  • Snoasty
    Snoasty 28 days ago

    When your main isn’t on the cover art of the game.

  • Melissa Larocque
    Melissa Larocque 29 days ago

    Where’s Falco?

  • Golden Freddy
    Golden Freddy Month ago

    The theme of the video game multiverse

  • Oliver Day
    Oliver Day Month ago

    this is whats in my head whean I made my smash roster

  • FortniteContentAndStuff Season8

    Oh shoot this came out before X died 😭

  • Kim Lay
    Kim Lay Month ago

    Dude Piranha Plant Kirby is Cute

  • Gamer Luna
    Gamer Luna Month ago

    This didn’t get put into the game nor intro:
    *Dissapointment Rate rises to 20%*
    Waluigi is an assist trophy:
    *Suicide Rate rises to 70%*
    Incenaroar is the last fighter announced
    *Disappointment Rate increases to 80%*

    • GumballViking
      GumballViking 3 days ago

      Banjo and The Hero are announced


    • marvin Tanaka
      marvin Tanaka 9 days ago

      Joker and stage bulider announced
      Dissapointment rate drops to 1%

  • Slothers
    Slothers Month ago +6

    Fuck you lifelight why did you replace this masterpiece

    this comment was made by: OG theme gang

    • Gabe Scharf
      Gabe Scharf 26 days ago

      the battlefield theme is pretty close actually.

    • Andrew Savage
      Andrew Savage 26 days ago

      Honestly the Smash Ultimate game into once the game loads up is the fattest piece of dog shit I've ever witnessed. For smash 4, I would often wait through the full into just because it sounded amazing. Now, we got some shitty lyrics about God knows what slapped on the game. If I saw that bitch walking down the street I would pop a few rounds in her shitty vocal cords for uttering those disgusting lyrics. Disappointment 100.

    • Makuhita Samurai
      Makuhita Samurai Month ago

      Same with beta battlefield and E3 Menu theme

  • smashball ultimate
    smashball ultimate Month ago

    Super smash MELEE!!!

  • DKX
    DKX Month ago +4

    I like this theme more then the new one

  • Mytty Dohun
    Mytty Dohun Month ago +3

    Funny how this song is actually nowhere in the game. Yes, the melody is used ingame, but this EXACT song isn’t in the original game.

  • Phuong Huynh
    Phuong Huynh Month ago

    This song is sooo cool👍👍

  • Xristos Stamatopoulos


  • Tushige
    Tushige Month ago

    This game is great and all, but....


  • CrashBandit 450
    CrashBandit 450 Month ago +4

    “I am inevitable.”
    “And I… am Masahiro Sakurai.”

  • Max. exe
    Max. exe Month ago

    Check out my version of the main theme here!

  • Crissy Creme
    Crissy Creme Month ago

    2:19 Time to break dance