Are Battle Balloons Really Worth The Money?


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  • Leah Fox
    Leah Fox 2 days ago

    This was really just a compilation of Grant being bullied and abused by his friends.

  • RaG3_Ne0n
    RaG3_Ne0n 5 days ago

    Happy 🎂birthday

  • lisa greig
    lisa greig 9 days ago

    Pink packs punch

  • Creeper
    Creeper 10 days ago

    In my country, they are actually pretty cheap.

  • Laily Parvin
    Laily Parvin 13 days ago

    Grant:Whoever makes a video about this makes a million views(Made 12 million views)

  • Mega Knight
    Mega Knight 14 days ago

    there is 0.50 ballons

  • Jacob Nichols
    Jacob Nichols 18 days ago

    You have to put them under the water as they fill up so they don’t have as much downward force from gravity and they’ll fill up more. Just pull them out when they get like softball size.

  • Donnie Burke
    Donnie Burke 20 days ago

    Do vat19

  • Lanette Richards
    Lanette Richards 22 days ago

    hi i am your biggest fan

  • clara Parson
    clara Parson 23 days ago

    you need to hold them before they drop so then the plastic is thinner and they break very well. at least in my experience that has worked

  • Arm Collector
    Arm Collector 25 days ago

    love those slingshots, u can sell them and they are cool looking!!

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia 25 days ago +1

    Lol they kept popping them on you

  • Chinmay Marathe
    Chinmay Marathe 29 days ago

    5:57 fail!

  • Cubemaster
    Cubemaster Month ago


  • Gypsy Marriott
    Gypsy Marriott Month ago

    These are at busso for $3 sooo happy

  • AnimationMaker 2187

    its whats inside

  • John Prekezes
    John Prekezes Month ago


  • Nikunj Patel
    Nikunj Patel Month ago

    Yea i brought them for my birthday party and the hurt soooo bad

  • Crazy rcs
    Crazy rcs Month ago

    5:57 hahaha

  • Marijan Kranjcevic
    Marijan Kranjcevic Month ago

    That second pack i had

  • Garras Porgratix
    Garras Porgratix Month ago

    No, its not worth it. Unless you go for the nut shot. No children were injured (unfortunately)

  • Sayem Rahman
    Sayem Rahman Month ago

    Squirt guns...

  • EV. GEN
    EV. GEN Month ago



    How about a how truck of balloons?

  • Kopa Fan101
    Kopa Fan101 2 months ago

    U do mean buncho balloons right?

  • Zac Douglas
    Zac Douglas 2 months ago

    Me and my cousins played with these once, we found the best way was to sneak up behind someone and squeeze it really hard... until we started filling up buckets... I couldn't get dry for a week...

  • Herdcore
    Herdcore 2 months ago

    They maybe don't pop because the pressure leaks through the opening instead of breaking the rubber

  • OwenFinch
    OwenFinch 2 months ago

    This guy is american right

  • jungshook
    jungshook 2 months ago

    looks like a nice clean park

  • Diana Krebs
    Diana Krebs 2 months ago

    What happens when you put a ballon in a vacuo chamber (with air, water or both) ?

  • mint cee
    mint cee 2 months ago

    I miss the old host

  • AustinGamer
    AustinGamer 2 months ago

    Russian spies use those

  • Olivia crazy gaming
    Olivia crazy gaming 2 months ago

    Can you make Cotton candy with sherbet

  • LandonSheep19 FelineAwesome19

    i never thought they'll use "never be alone" for a song

  • Lucas & Lily Toys
    Lucas & Lily Toys 3 months ago

    I don't really like this movie.

  • Russell DoFrane
    Russell DoFrane 3 months ago

    When I grew up we didn't have such a contraption. We'd spend an hour filling up a hundred balloons and they'd be spent in five minutes! We still had fun though! Thanks for the vid!

  • Ben Dugas
    Ben Dugas 3 months ago

    5:36 that plane tho

  • Still A Gamer
    Still A Gamer 3 months ago

    Are these your kids?

  • Oliver Coulson
    Oliver Coulson 3 months ago


  • Nishad 2017
    Nishad 2017 3 months ago

    these kind of vids r only fun 4 two kinds of people:mindless 5 yr olds and the filmakers

  • Brody Headings
    Brody Headings 3 months ago

    Almost 10mil!

  • Adel Tooma
    Adel Tooma 3 months ago

    The balloons work

  • awsome bunny
    awsome bunny 3 months ago

    I watch what’s inside shondoras and the king of random

  • Sayan Biswas
    Sayan Biswas 3 months ago +1

    I also subscribed What's Inside

  • Tøp P!atd Mcr
    Tøp P!atd Mcr 3 months ago

    i live in england and they're like £3 for a pack of three of the bunch a ballon things

  • Karis Choi
    Karis Choi 3 months ago

    Soooo close to 10 mill

  • Matt Martineau
    Matt Martineau 3 months ago

    Bwahahah, that's a fun vid

  • Al Spahi
    Al Spahi 3 months ago

    I usually let them sit in the water and kind of let them get bigger than what we saw on the video and they end up popping really easy

  • Marinder
    Marinder 4 months ago

    Wut is this

  • The27Fire Lords
    The27Fire Lords 4 months ago

    That could have broke the bucket and it will all explode cause it got fatter and fatter

  • G Bomb
    G Bomb 4 months ago

    love the music!!

  • marshmello marshmello
    marshmello marshmello 4 months ago

    I know buyer then this

  • A sAvAge bOi
    A sAvAge bOi 4 months ago

    I can make balloons by hand fast enough, no thank you buncho balloons

  • wheel of gaming
    wheel of gaming 4 months ago

    we found ours for $1

  • Kristin Owens
    Kristin Owens 4 months ago

    How much to make them yourself?

    IMA EDIT THAT OUT 4 months ago

    He got Walmart balloons

  • Máximo Livi
    Máximo Livi 4 months ago

    You don’t know how much I would LOVE to do an experiment with you

  • WayneWrz
    WayneWrz 4 months ago

    I bought packs of them today for 7.99. So they should be almost worth it.

  • DSA.Tricky
    DSA.Tricky 4 months ago +1

    Nice ;)

  • Mia Wellisch
    Mia Wellisch 4 months ago

    You need to put them on the bottom of the container

  • Jakub Krasuwski
    Jakub Krasuwski 4 months ago

    im a big whats inside fan

  • DudeManGuy
    DudeManGuy 4 months ago

    ur name should be king of pvc

  • Family Pyhänniska
    Family Pyhänniska 4 months ago

    I tested some with my friendos and when we were cleaning up, and inside the balloons were disgusting goo, and I barfed after some went up my mouth

  • jaeden [jrx]
    jaeden [jrx] 4 months ago

    leave them in the sun for a day and then they will pop

  • Eric Alexander-Brock
    Eric Alexander-Brock 4 months ago


  • William Worthington
    William Worthington 4 months ago

    300k till diamond play button

  • Daniel Ortega fire trucks

    I watch what's inside

  • 777 tocoolforvool
    777 tocoolforvool 4 months ago

    Fat rat never be alone the song in the backround

  • Farheen Kazmi
    Farheen Kazmi 4 months ago

    zse: Zee TV 42 48

  • Chance Mccambridge
    Chance Mccambridge 4 months ago

    Anyone have a sudden urge to bite a water balloon

  • Ben Mikey
    Ben Mikey 4 months ago

    Can you make a DIY version of the battle balloons or another way to fill water balloons faster?

  • Wolfy Nock
    Wolfy Nock 4 months ago

    Try putting a ninja ball filled with oose inside of a vac chamber

  • SY playz
    SY playz 4 months ago

    I'm super sure someone just asked what the song was played in the start of the vid

  • Syrenity Ho
    Syrenity Ho 4 months ago

    I use them all the time and at the Costco where I live they have a pack of 12 for only 10bucks

  • Game Guardian
    Game Guardian 5 months ago

    In uk there £7

  • piggy Salad
    piggy Salad 5 months ago

    Ha haha HAHA i got 5 for 2$

  • Madrain 53
    Madrain 53 5 months ago

    I said that will hurt that’s me

  • Brendan Sullivan
    Brendan Sullivan 5 months ago

    They never pop for me when I chuck them at my parents

  • Dji drone user
    Dji drone user 5 months ago

    I got 1100 of those ballons for $2 here in canada

  • Danny The Bey blade nerd


  • Meme God
    Meme God 5 months ago

    You're supposed to leave them in the container till they pop off not hold it over the container

  • Cher Eady
    Cher Eady 5 months ago

    You’re supposed to squeeze it on people

  • Speed Spookz
    Speed Spookz 5 months ago +1

    I like pink too

  • احلى قيمر
    احلى قيمر 5 months ago

    انا مروان

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 5 months ago

    I never liked water balloon fight’s cause those stinking things hurt, and then people get all aggressive and it’s just annoying

  • David Argueta
    David Argueta 5 months ago

    Theres a bigger pack thats cheaper

  • Donavin DeCora
    Donavin DeCora 5 months ago

    You're suppose to put them in water so that they fill up

  • Nebula Dragon
    Nebula Dragon 5 months ago

    I bought these and this is 100% correct

  • williams joshua
    williams joshua 5 months ago


  • Variety of Everything
    Variety of Everything 5 months ago +1

    What fun

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat 5 months ago +1

    What's inside a water ballon?WATER, WHO EXPECTED?

  • Tray X Marrie
    Tray X Marrie 5 months ago


  • Stickey Bones
    Stickey Bones 5 months ago


  • Ceko Family
    Ceko Family 5 months ago

    They don't break on a rubber duck. Check out our rubber duck attack with the balloons.

  • Domisticatfan
    Domisticatfan 5 months ago

    I use these all the time and them being hard makes it more of a challenge as if it doesn’t pop on the person it pops on the ground so you have to either nail someone from far away or melee with them

  • BearBearWannaWin
    BearBearWannaWin 5 months ago


  • Jenny Manhattan
    Jenny Manhattan 5 months ago

    I sell these wholesale in packs of 111 balloons (3 bundles of 37) for only $4 a pack.

  • Nolacross70
    Nolacross70 5 months ago

    I yank the hose and they work

  • the short boi
    the short boi 5 months ago

    My brother threw one at me and got me in the mouth