Benedict Cumberbatch's Tom Holland impression is PERFECT.

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • Benedict Cumberbatch talks to BBC Radio 1's film critic Ali Plumb about acting with a rebellious cloak/cape/cloak as Doctor Strange, and how he stops Spider-Man's Tom Holland from giving away any spoilers ahead of their starring role in Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. (Doesn't contain any actual spoilers, we're not monsters).
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  • Ra Amalia
    Ra Amalia 3 hours ago

    Everyone : Listening to ASMR
    Me : Listening to Ben voice

  • claire louise
    claire louise 2 days ago +2

    Interviewer: cape
    Benadryl Cucumber: I’m bout to ruin this whole man’s career

  • 花Illmarë
    花Illmarë 3 days ago +7

    I read the title as ‘Tom Holland is the perfect husband,’ and I just 😶

  • Yur Gurl
    Yur Gurl 3 days ago

    It's Bibledude Comingback

  • V e n t u r d o s u s

    *Benebatch Cumberdict*

  • Roxie Rennel
    Roxie Rennel 4 days ago +1

    “He gets cranky when he doesnt have his sugar” OMG YES TOM IS LITERALLY THEIR CHILD

  • Bryan Cho
    Bryan Cho 5 days ago

    Spoiler-man. Spoiler-man.

  • Nayeem Ali
    Nayeem Ali 8 days ago


  • Seongmin Ahn
    Seongmin Ahn 9 days ago +2

    the host is just great

  • Chesca Tejada
    Chesca Tejada 9 days ago +26

    if you guys want to make benedict's name harder
    you should try his full name
    Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch😂

  • Abhishek Thakur
    Abhishek Thakur 9 days ago +3

    Not all heroes wear capes

    Some wear cloaks

  • Jaime The One
    Jaime The One 10 days ago

    Spoiler-man, Spoiler-man!

  • KurapikaISa BOY
    KurapikaISa BOY 20 days ago +2

    a year ago, a would've clicked this video for benedict cumberbatch, but now, i have discovered the treasure that is tom, and thanks to infinity war, i could watch the two of them simultaneously and I just love the mcu cast so much

  • Rich Mond
    Rich Mond 24 days ago

    Radio 1 sucks.

  • Cukito4
    Cukito4 27 days ago

    So, was Cloak gone at the end of Infinity War? Also, there was NOTHING perfect about that impression.

  • Bryan
    Bryan Month ago +1

    1:28 so weird how that part is not the part u see in the movie its like slightly different

  • Clare Rybicki
    Clare Rybicki Month ago

    When your working with cape.
    Cloak. 😆

  • Julia Giles
    Julia Giles Month ago

    cLoAk iT's a cLoAk

  • LJ Madrigal Music
    LJ Madrigal Music Month ago

    I love the bass boost in this interview. My ears are being tickled. 😂

  • Sofia Covello
    Sofia Covello Month ago

    Okay so Edna said “no capes!”, but what about a cloak with a mind of it’s own?

  • rilsen
    rilsen 2 months ago

    2:39 Tom Holland impression

  • Danelle Malchus
    Danelle Malchus 2 months ago

    This channel us ALL click bait.

  • ethan mcfadden
    ethan mcfadden 2 months ago


  • SuperRobertoClemente
    SuperRobertoClemente 2 months ago

    Where do they find these insecure tossers to interview these poor actors?

  • yesinspanish xo
    yesinspanish xo 2 months ago

    *C L O A K*

  • Udeme Ebong
    Udeme Ebong 2 months ago

    Lol. I love this guy.🤣

  • Sophia Strange
    Sophia Strange 2 months ago

    It's a CLOAK!

  • Emty Sloth God
    Emty Sloth God 2 months ago

    There wasn’t even an impression

  • Prabhat Singh
    Prabhat Singh 2 months ago +1

    Cloak engaged

  • Soviet raccoon
    Soviet raccoon 2 months ago


  • Daddy Paddy
    Daddy Paddy 2 months ago

    I LLLLLlove bbbbbenedict cucumberatch me :-)

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 2 months ago

    What a shit interviewer

  • nicetomeetmew
    nicetomeetmew 2 months ago

    It is a cloak tho

  • xi neop
    xi neop 2 months ago


  • Spide Y
    Spide Y 2 months ago

    Benrabic cucumbersnatch and Tom are so funny

  • Mom Cat22
    Mom Cat22 2 months ago

    Oh. Em. Gee. Is there ANYthing absolutely mundane that doesn't sound sexy for Cumberbatch having said it? ...2:54 for instance...

  • honestly same
    honestly same 2 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah
    He looks like dr strange haha

  • To Ha
    To Ha 2 months ago

    What the hell that Tom voice vocbdjx why was that so good

  • Archimedes Channel
    Archimedes Channel 2 months ago

    The first few seconds of this video and I'm already interested

    ONE SULU 2 months ago

    I came for the Tom Holland impression

  • Prabin kumar Thapa
    Prabin kumar Thapa 2 months ago

    Benedict is an ice cream ...

  • First Name
    First Name 2 months ago

    I love the MCU and I love Bennedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange but he is way too good of an actor for superhero movies hahaha

  • Angie Babasa
    Angie Babasa 2 months ago

    if youre the youngest youre
    the most roasted

  • WaveWarrior
    WaveWarrior 2 months ago

    Bend my dick cumbersnatch

  • Cody Kempen
    Cody Kempen 2 months ago

    Benedict was very adamant that it’s a cloak and not a cape lol

  • Vermithrx
    Vermithrx 2 months ago

    The clickbait meter is at 100%. Who watches these videos. They're saying nothing, it's all useless information no one on this planet needs.

  • Faustino Zabala
    Faustino Zabala 2 months ago

    NOPE, Tom holland accent, tone and voice are totally different

  • Pronkman666
    Pronkman666 2 months ago

    No its not

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis 2 months ago

    That impression sucked

  • Newt Scamander
    Newt Scamander 2 months ago

    So essentially....
    This is a British guy who plays an American impersonating another British guy who plays an American.

  • James Boyle
    James Boyle 2 months ago

    Stupid questions from the interviewer

  • Tiny Metal Tube
    Tiny Metal Tube 2 months ago

    Thanos demands your silence.

  • Michael Ingber
    Michael Ingber 2 months ago

    Talk about being strange........😳😳

    SHAWN BISCUIT 2 months ago

    Benadryl Pumpkinpatch

  • Micheal Magu
    Micheal Magu 2 months ago

    Its amazing how many people dont know the diffrence between a cloak and a cape hell mine has a hood they still call it a cape

  • van senn
    van senn 2 months ago +1

    Haha, I didn't fell for clickbait, I skipped to the end and immediately found the part

  • Vasco Granhao
    Vasco Granhao 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who finds the interviewer blatantly fake laughs extremely annoying?

  • Impulse 2152
    Impulse 2152 2 months ago +5

    Bonkydoodle Crumpythump's Tom Holland impression is PERFECT.

  • Spirο
    Spirο 2 months ago


  • HUSTLER1346
    HUSTLER1346 2 months ago

    Pizza time

  • liveDream Rec
    liveDream Rec 2 months ago

    Fuck I lost THE GAME !!! Whyyy!!!!!!

  • Paul Agne
    Paul Agne 2 months ago


  • Watch Or Not Horror
    Watch Or Not Horror 2 months ago

    Well that was crap

  • Scott K
    Scott K 2 months ago +4

    Impression is at 2:42. It's not very good.

  • Audrey and Remington
    Audrey and Remington 2 months ago

    Why am I watching USclip instead of doing my homework?

  • Adam Cox
    Adam Cox 2 months ago

    It must irritating trying to conduct an interview while Benedict is making nonsense interviewing random person.

  • dancheyne
    dancheyne 2 months ago

    I think I might hate Cumberbatch.

    • sa rry
      sa rry 9 days ago

      Fuck off then

  • E P
    E P 2 months ago

    This interviewer is adorbs and needs to do all interviews from now on!!!! That’s all carry on.

  • Peter Figueroa
    Peter Figueroa 2 months ago

    There is no impression. Waste of time.

  • Freddy Machado
    Freddy Machado 2 months ago

    impression at 2:42

  • Sebastian Rose
    Sebastian Rose 2 months ago

    he literally says one thing like tom holland. not what i wanted. DISLIKE

  • Aydab
    Aydab 2 months ago

    "he gets cranky when he doesn't have his sugar" lmao

  • Thats BombTV
    Thats BombTV 2 months ago

    It was far from perfect in the whole video could have been like 15 seconds long oh, I do love both actors though just a misleading title for the video

  • thedestroyer470
    thedestroyer470 2 months ago

    There was no Tom Holland impression performed by Mr. Cumberbatch. This was stupid and waste of my time

  • The Opinionator
    The Opinionator 2 months ago

    The fake laughs fro the interviewer is disturbing

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi 2 months ago

    Tom Holland reminds us all of that friend who speaks before he thinks. :)

  • Cpt. Sourcebird
    Cpt. Sourcebird 2 months ago

    Damn, he should have impersonated on how Tom spoils the movies.

  • krom molly
    krom molly 2 months ago

    Benedict eggs cucumber patch

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 months ago

    Bender Bending Cobblepot. He's quite the Englishman.

  • Erik w
    Erik w 2 months ago

    Cloaks have hoods...

  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller 2 months ago

    Benedict is my favorite actor man! He’s cool af

  • Amz Hansen
    Amz Hansen 2 months ago

    Dr. Strange...

  • Hafizha Sarah
    Hafizha Sarah 2 months ago

    Hmm! Why my baby Benedict so dangerously cute? That's why I want to eat him!

  • fuma seven
    fuma seven 2 months ago

    Why do I dislike this dude So much? Am I envious or something?? Everyone seems to love him and I just can't swallow him

  • Nathaniel Shinn
    Nathaniel Shinn 2 months ago

    It was ok

    ADAM STEELE 2 months ago

    Funny thing is, that's the way it's supposed to be pronounced. We are just so used to being wrong that it's the norm.

  • Joe Manwarren
    Joe Manwarren 2 months ago

    That Bonerdick Combyersnatch seems like a nice guy...

  • Sith Lord
    Sith Lord 2 months ago

    That was a horrible impression

  • Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay 2 months ago

    he looks so swaggy hahahah

  • Soundboard
    Soundboard 2 months ago

    Ughhhhh beg your pardon impression? Vid was about cloaks and secrets

  • The James channel
    The James channel 2 months ago

    2:40-your welcome

  • shi shi
    shi shi 2 months ago

    I love Bumblebee Cabbagepatch's voice quality !

  • Haunted by Kpop
    Haunted by Kpop 2 months ago

    Aaahh!! Now I get it, Harry Potter had a Cape of invisibility.

  • Colin Terry
    Colin Terry 2 months ago

    I p

  • sub 2 me or you'll get bad luck


  • One Conn
    One Conn 2 months ago

    Every time I hear “One” my mind immediately went “don’t pick up the phone”

  • xilliaz
    xilliaz 2 months ago

    I thought cloaks have hoods and capes don't? so isn't it really a cape?

  • Aaron Birtig
    Aaron Birtig 2 months ago

    Really.. that was it.. uhhhh no..

  • Sophia Carl
    Sophia Carl 2 months ago

    the way he said the word improvising at around 0:55 has me shook

  • okay
    okay 2 months ago +1

    2 British dudes, not talking like British dudes in their movies.