Benedict Cumberbatch's Tom Holland impression is PERFECT.

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • Benedict Cumberbatch talks to BBC Radio 1's film critic Ali Plumb about acting with a rebellious cloak/cape/cloak as Doctor Strange, and how he stops Spider-Man's Tom Holland from giving away any spoilers ahead of their starring role in Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. (Doesn't contain any actual spoilers, we're not monsters).
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  • Don't mind me here
    Don't mind me here 2 days ago +2

    "I'm Peter by the way"
    "Doctor Strange"
    "Oh your using your made up names - then I am Spiderman"

  • Kawaii
    Kawaii 5 days ago

    I’m wheezing at the mispronunciations of Benedict’s name LOOLL

  • Aelin
    Aelin 9 days ago +1

    Chaperoning a sewer lmaooo that's a disgusting analogy, Ben 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • *Pastel Doggu*
    *Pastel Doggu* 9 days ago +5

    Oh my god, its everyone's favorite actor!
    Benedryl timothy Coartle cucumberpatch

  • Frank Liu
    Frank Liu 9 days ago +1

    Interviewer: your cape
    Benedict Cumberbatch: CLOAK
    Drax: BLANKET OF DEATH!!!!!

  • Xiaoqing Lu
    Xiaoqing Lu 10 days ago

    It's not a cloak, it's a sentient blankie and you know it.

  • riceonmyneck ASMR
    riceonmyneck ASMR 10 days ago

    cant decide if beneficial computerglitch can get it or not

  • represent .com/crankthatfrank

    EggsBenedict Cucumberbatch
    That impression was
    oN pOiNt

  • ᴘᴇᴛᴇʀ ᴘᴀʀᴋᴇʀ Spider-Man

    i going to slap you

  • PossiblyExisting
    PossiblyExisting 12 days ago +1

    Boonidact combing latch knows it is a c L O A K

  • M
    M 12 days ago +2

    I love his voice lol

  • Swiftie _
    Swiftie _ 12 days ago

    Umm I wish it had captions tho...

  • Ryan Savage
    Ryan Savage 12 days ago

    Pretty good... Now say penguin.

  • Adam Dawson
    Adam Dawson 12 days ago +4

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    What you came for
    Is at 2:42

  • sahla hanifa
    sahla hanifa 12 days ago

    Headcanon that so much people call it a cape and Ben needs to correct them all the time that when he's interviewed while in a bad mood the interviewer says "hel-" and he just unconsciously screeches "it'S A CLOAK A FUCKING C L O A K" followed by him apologizing a billion times

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 13 days ago +1

    Bennerdickle Cucumbatch

  • mikiboiis
    mikiboiis 13 days ago

    Benedoot cumbertits is pretty funny

  • lucidly dreaming
    lucidly dreaming 15 days ago

    c l o a c k

  • Taijah Robinson
    Taijah Robinson 16 days ago

    Benadryl cabbage patch just ruined this mans entire life

  • Lorin Elijah Broadbent

    Good interview, HARDLY a perfect impression of Tom Holland. He still had an English accent.

    • Lorin Elijah Broadbent
      Lorin Elijah Broadbent Day ago

      @Dani Yes but Tom Holland to fans is Spiderman, and that's how we identify him.

    • Dani
      Dani 9 days ago +1

      Tom Holland is British

  • drenatomja
    drenatomja 18 days ago


  • ella taylor
    ella taylor 18 days ago

    benderbitch cumbersnitch is my favourite actor

  • Somos Templo
    Somos Templo 18 days ago

    I just love him

  • Zhang Tao
    Zhang Tao 19 days ago +12

    Interviewer: Cape

    Benedict: *ITS A CLOAK*

  • B Rye
    B Rye 19 days ago

    Click bate

  • ALatelySwiftly
    ALatelySwiftly 19 days ago

    I thought he said COKE

  • elvira elvira
    elvira elvira 19 days ago +1

    bendyourdick cuminhersnatch

  • taylor mitchell
    taylor mitchell 20 days ago +2

    cLOaK! IT’s a ClOak!

  • Ross Leonen
    Ross Leonen 20 days ago

    Bendadick Cumhercouch

  • Stop reading my comment
    Stop reading my comment 20 days ago +1

    This is disappointing

  • GabsWeasley
    GabsWeasley 20 days ago +7

    What you came for is not very impressive, but it's at 2:40

  • Katherine Light
    Katherine Light 20 days ago +9

    Can we all appreciate how the interviewer did the iconic left boob grab that Chris Evans does at 2:26 ?

  • Sofia Isabelle
    Sofia Isabelle 20 days ago +1

    Clickbait :(

  • Bitch Lasagna
    Bitch Lasagna 20 days ago +3

    *P E N G W I N G*

  • Nicholas Gerry
    Nicholas Gerry 20 days ago +3

    Why does Cumbertatch looks like default high elf in Elder Scrolls Skyrim?

  • Awee Animals
    Awee Animals 21 day ago


  • Triple- M
    Triple- M 21 day ago +1

    I like Benadryl Cucumber. He’s my favorite actor... well, third favorite

  • Alexia Ysabelle Penaflorida

    CLOAK, NOT A CAPE....NONONO ITS A CLOAK!!!! Woah settle down sherlock. Hey stephen your twin is freaking out.

  • NineTailedFoxArtist
    NineTailedFoxArtist 21 day ago +2

    I love this part XD

  • Gala
    Gala 21 day ago +3


  • Karan Sharma
    Karan Sharma 21 day ago

    2:26 fake laugh

  • Aryan
    Aryan 22 days ago

    2:40 thank me later

  • D D
    D D 22 days ago

    So, when the fuck is the impression? I mean if you're gonna have the title as something on top of a video which is mostly about other things, at least drop a time stamp as to where the impression is.

  • Areeb Ur Rehman Khan
    Areeb Ur Rehman Khan 22 days ago

    He should really try taking part in acting cause that Tom Holland impression was ON POINT!!!

  • PrettyTiaF
    PrettyTiaF 22 days ago

    The interviwer is 10x cuter than the actor. Cumberbatch looks so handsome as Doctor Strange. Without the "hippie beard" he just looks....strange....

  • EternalDensity
    EternalDensity 22 days ago +4

    The real reason Tom missed the Endgame premiere ;)

  • Kaeoh Samuel
    Kaeoh Samuel 22 days ago +6

    With facial hair he looks 45
    without, he looks 44

  • Eloise Gow
    Eloise Gow 22 days ago

    He starts impersonating Tom at 2:41

    DAMIEN MILLS 23 days ago +2

    I'm confused. I thought cloaks included a hood. Doctor Strange's garment does not have a hood it's a cape with a tall collar.

  • Shimar
    Shimar 23 days ago

    2:41 😂

  • Daynelly Herrera
    Daynelly Herrera 23 days ago +7

    I love Benadryl bandersnatch

  • Worldwide Famous
    Worldwide Famous 23 days ago +6

    It’s not a cloak

    It’s obviously a shower curtain

  • moonvelvet
    moonvelvet 23 days ago +6

    the sherlock background music :,)

  • chesna trez
    chesna trez 24 days ago


  • Ciera Matchen
    Ciera Matchen 25 days ago

    Benedict you will always be number-batch 1 ok I'll stop...

  • Ross Dimond
    Ross Dimond 25 days ago +3

    Dumbledore Crumpersnatch

  • Patrick Queen
    Patrick Queen 25 days ago

    Watching this again because he is so charming 🤣🤣💜💛

  • Trà My Vương
    Trà My Vương 25 days ago

    Okay Imma be honest, I missed about 80% of the interview because I could not make out what Benedict was saying, so any suggestions as to how I can bring myself to be familiar with his accent guys? Very much appreciated. (Or we could just say my English is bad 😭😂).
    P/s: I've watched the entire Sherlock series, with subtitles on ofc.

  • Derry 2512
    Derry 2512 25 days ago


  • palmomki
    palmomki 25 days ago +2

    So is anybody going to talk about the fact that the impression far very far from "perfect"?

  • KhOrganization
    KhOrganization 26 days ago

    Bendthisdick circumcision

  • Golden
    Golden 26 days ago +2


  • Hannah Ulrich
    Hannah Ulrich 26 days ago +32

    "It's like chaperoning a sewer"

  • Bianca Pacciani
    Bianca Pacciani 27 days ago +3

    Good old beneficial cumbersnatch

  • Alyssa and Lauren’s Daily videos

    The “them I am spider man” clip wasn’t the real movie clip it really says “ I’m spider man then” sorry, I’m a superfan.

  • semangkuk kwetiau
    semangkuk kwetiau Month ago +3


  • Tiara Bowman
    Tiara Bowman Month ago +4


  • wolverineiscool
    wolverineiscool Month ago +1

    2:40 your welcome

  • PastelROSE!
    PastelROSE! Month ago +1

    bumblebee crunchysnax

  • kagnomi
    kagnomi Month ago

    I love Bengay Cucumber!!

  • Meiji
    Meiji Month ago


  • Just a Person
    Just a Person Month ago +1

    Where is the impression. This video deserves a lot of dislikes for that awful clickbait.😡

  • ツLiviosa
    ツLiviosa Month ago

    Buttercup Cucumberbatch is basically Tom Holland’s Mither

  • one in a zillion
    one in a zillion Month ago

    Bumblebee Inmycrotch is such a great actor

  • SaBer Blue
    SaBer Blue Month ago

    I really respect Baseball Covergirl, he's one of my favourite actors and I'm currently watching all videos with Bulbasaur Charizard in them, his voice is too soothing, I love you Wimbledon Tennismatch!

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere Month ago

    Marvel is so ridiculous. And honestly overrated.

  • Fair Dinkum Lego
    Fair Dinkum Lego Month ago

    Benecrimpt crumpleditch

  • ally may
    ally may Month ago +30

    BBC keep this interviewer he's a gem!

  • Elena Bala
    Elena Bala Month ago +2

    *I T ‘ S A C L O A K*

  • Neil Flores
    Neil Flores Month ago +3

    What’s the difference between a cloak and a cape🤔

    • Loreanth
      Loreanth Month ago +2

      Hmm... personally I’ve always classified a cloak as being something that covers the front as well as the back of the body. While a cape is only the back (meaning I would classify the Cloak of Levitation as a cape) cloaks also tend to have hoods, but capes do not.
      Of course this is just the way I identify and describe the difference, and I could be entirely wrong.

  • Lily Chancey
    Lily Chancey Month ago +2

    2:41 is when he does the impression

  • Grace S
    Grace S Month ago +2

    It's not a cloak

    It's a pengwing

  • Ra Amalia
    Ra Amalia Month ago +37

    Everyone : Listening to ASMR
    Me : Listening to Ben voice

    • Syni
      Syni 18 days ago

      I listen to Tom Holland

  • tyler’s ukulele
    tyler’s ukulele Month ago +738

    Interviewer: cape
    Benadryl Cucumber: I’m bout to ruin this whole man’s career

    • -
      - 10 days ago +4

      benalyn pumpkinpatch

    • Bella LaLaLa
      Bella LaLaLa 11 days ago +4

      Yall are so stupid... it's *Nebaditch Cucumbersnatch*

    • Sneaks Trainers
      Sneaks Trainers 12 days ago

      Bout to ruin??

    • Dani
      Dani 17 days ago +7

      Bernyldict Crumbratch
      You guys are so bad

    • green littlestrawbery
      green littlestrawbery 18 days ago +9

      An Average Person

  • V e n t u r d o s u s
    V e n t u r d o s u s 2 months ago

    *Benebatch Cumberdict*

  • Roxie Rennel
    Roxie Rennel 2 months ago +982

    “He gets cranky when he doesnt have his sugar” OMG YES TOM IS LITERALLY THEIR CHILD

  • Bryan Cho
    Bryan Cho 2 months ago

    Spoiler-man. Spoiler-man.

  • Nayeem Ali
    Nayeem Ali 2 months ago


  • Seongmin Ahn
    Seongmin Ahn 2 months ago +2

    the host is just great

  • ʜᴀʟᴏ
    ʜᴀʟᴏ 2 months ago +272

    if you guys want to make benedict's name harder
    you should try his full name
    Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch😂

    • Slytherin Queen
      Slytherin Queen 21 day ago

      ʜᴀʟᴏ almost as bad as my full name😭

    • Lauren C.
      Lauren C. 22 days ago +2

      Bunnydip Tummyache Sheraton Catberrypatch

    • Ciera Matchen
      Ciera Matchen 25 days ago +3

      His name is not hard to say at least ...for me...

    • Evie Davies
      Evie Davies 25 days ago +6

      * Banderdrill Timpani Karen Cabbagepatch (yw don’t worry we all make typos)

    • Vijaytha Sathyanarayanan
      Vijaytha Sathyanarayanan Month ago +6

      @Juggler Mouth he's actually a distant relative of king Richard iii😂

  • Abhishek Thakur
    Abhishek Thakur 2 months ago +1755

    Not all heroes wear capes

    Some wear cloaks

  • Jaime The One
    Jaime The One 2 months ago

    Spoiler-man, Spoiler-man!

  • KurapikaISa BOY
    KurapikaISa BOY 2 months ago +5

    a year ago, a would've clicked this video for benedict cumberbatch, but now, i have discovered the treasure that is tom, and thanks to infinity war, i could watch the two of them simultaneously and I just love the mcu cast so much

  • Rich Mond
    Rich Mond 2 months ago

    Radio 1 sucks.

  • Cukito4
    Cukito4 2 months ago

    So, was Cloak gone at the end of Infinity War? Also, there was NOTHING perfect about that impression.

  • Bryan
    Bryan 2 months ago +1

    1:28 so weird how that part is not the part u see in the movie its like slightly different

  • Clare Rybicki
    Clare Rybicki 3 months ago

    When your working with cape.
    Cloak. 😆

  • Julia Giles
    Julia Giles 3 months ago

    cLoAk iT's a cLoAk

  • LJ Madrigal Music
    LJ Madrigal Music 3 months ago +3

    I love the bass boost in this interview. My ears are being tickled. 😂