Tiësto Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Mark Buyniak
    Mark Buyniak 2 days ago

    please do kygo next

    SHONSL 3 days ago

    yo Tiesto never ages, geez

  • Jasper Biegel
    Jasper Biegel 3 days ago


  • Jayanth Jonnadula
    Jayanth Jonnadula 4 days ago

    Y’all bring in marshmallow

  • SevenElevenBoy
    SevenElevenBoy 5 days ago

    @complex can you get diplo to do this

  • Francis Rubi Moncada Hernandez


  • Umar Samsa
    Umar Samsa 6 days ago

    Do Paramore!!! Or skrillex!!

  • Donny M Nurawan
    Donny M Nurawan 7 days ago

    Tiesto please back to trance before you retired...

  • tdawg719
    tdawg719 8 days ago

    Love Tiesto but damn Jackie chan sucked
    Classic tiesto all day!

  • Ion Iacob
    Ion Iacob 9 days ago

    second 00.20, illuminati confirmed ... minute 2:14, Tiesto throwing down a Hail Satan, Illuminati in the house, this yo boi, Tiesto, whatcha gonna do???

  • Junior Alcantara
    Junior Alcantara 11 days ago

    Marshmallow Goes Sneaker Shopping 😂

  • WestSide WolfPack
    WestSide WolfPack 11 days ago

    I really thought it was Elon musk

  • Raul Rodriguez
    Raul Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Sneaker shopping with hardwell

  • Antonio  Woodyard
    Antonio Woodyard 19 days ago

    Is It Just Me, Or Is This Guys Eyes & Facial Expressions Creepy ASF!!?😬😂

  • Alberto Castillon
    Alberto Castillon 20 days ago


  • Santiago Hidalgo
    Santiago Hidalgo 20 days ago

    Tiesto es el mejor.
    Algún día sere tan buen dj como el

  • Milton Cisneros
    Milton Cisneros 21 day ago

    @complex What is the name of the song from 8:00 to the end?

    ED HERO 21 day ago

    he burned shoes to keep the campfire going lol i feel way too poor 1:58

  • uresh maharjan Nepali Boi Vlog

    6 bag ...wow ,,,,,,break the record......Tiesto in Nepal

  • SpecialT831
    SpecialT831 23 days ago

    I Love Tiësto

    JWSWAC GoWF 25 days ago

    He never blinks. WHY DOES HE NEVER BLINK

  • pragmadala
    pragmadala 25 days ago


  • Lemuel
    Lemuel 25 days ago +2

    "they burn very well"

  • Mr Wings
    Mr Wings 25 days ago

    The shoes look like trash

  • Ye Ben
    Ye Ben 25 days ago

    where i can buy the cardholder

  • Gregory Miranda
    Gregory Miranda 25 days ago

    The legend

  • _.CDPlays._
    _.CDPlays._ 25 days ago

    We’ve lost 1 great dj let’s not loose another :(

  • Ta-ching Yang
    Ta-ching Yang 26 days ago

    Do Sneaker Shopping With DJ Snake!!

  • SillyBanana19
    SillyBanana19 27 days ago

    They should sneaker shop with David Beckham.

  • arun kumar
    arun kumar 28 days ago

    I have always felt Tiesto as a genuinely nice guy. A guy with whom u can share ur secrets n sad past over couple of drinks.

  • Caglar Samsa
    Caglar Samsa Month ago

    Sneaker shopping with OBJ or Donald trump

  • Kevin Robinson EC
    Kevin Robinson EC Month ago

    necesito esa billetera . y no no por el dinero de Tiësto es que con la billetera mía me enredo a la hora de sacar la tarjeta ...😢😢😢😂

  • LucWideyes
    LucWideyes Month ago +1

    That dutch accent lol

  • LeMagic James
    LeMagic James Month ago

    Je kan nog echt zijn nederlandse accent horen😂

  • LeMagic James
    LeMagic James Month ago

    Dutch prideee

  • Revealed Germany
    Revealed Germany Month ago

    Next Time with Drizzy ⚡️

  • Gaurav k
    Gaurav k Month ago

    Do sneakers shopping with weeknd✝️

  • Christian Hernandez

    I hope they make one with Ferry Corsten, that would be great

  • Mike Karasi
    Mike Karasi Month ago

    Tiesto you betrayed trance like a motherfucker for money. You not only sold-out but you fucked everyone who believed in your music.

  • Kyle Vin
    Kyle Vin Month ago +1

    From sellout to buyin i see

  • Captain Goku
    Captain Goku Month ago


  • Mang Gabut
    Mang Gabut Month ago

    Do sneaker shopping with hardwell

  • Surprised Raccoon
    Surprised Raccoon Month ago

    I thought it was Elon musk but I got disappointed

    SAMMY JETSKI Month ago

    Sneaker shopping with lil pump

  • blackpharaon
    blackpharaon Month ago

    Bring Paul Pogba

  • Local Appel
    Local Appel Month ago

    Een nederlands accent bij zijn engels is echt verschrikkelijk maar ik heb hem ook dus ja maar is echt kut 😂

  • I Hate Divers
    I Hate Divers Month ago

    They to bring Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • I Hate Divers
    I Hate Divers Month ago

    They need to bring paul pogba

  • I Hate Divers
    I Hate Divers Month ago

    They need to bring Messi

  • I Hate Divers
    I Hate Divers Month ago

    They need to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to break Neymar's record

  • Being Perspective
    Being Perspective Month ago

    tiesto we indians love you

  • Hugo Nieves
    Hugo Nieves Month ago

    My favorite DJ of all time and just seems like one of the nicest dudes you'll meet!

  • Vraj Dholakiya
    Vraj Dholakiya Month ago

    What 's his wallet name???


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    EDISON CHACON Month ago

    with Dj Snake please

  • Keshler Sanon
    Keshler Sanon Month ago

    Tay K goes sneaker shopping on complex (on FaceTime)

  • Remeh
    Remeh Month ago


  • Kendy Louwaars
    Kendy Louwaars Month ago

    tiesto in de mode 😂

  • navy seal
    navy seal Month ago

    I need that wallet? What is his name??

  • Staff Kickz
    Staff Kickz Month ago


  • AiA Adame
    AiA Adame Month ago


  • BigNibbaBoolin
    BigNibbaBoolin Month ago

    what how come i didnt know about this shoe store when i went to vegas?? my parents said i couldve bought shoes since theres different malls than where i live

  • Luís Fonseca
    Luís Fonseca Month ago


  • Jessica Guerra
    Jessica Guerra Month ago

    Love Tiesto ❤️

  • Tobias Fält
    Tobias Fält Month ago

    Tiesto the best! So nice person as well

  • Zanger Bob
    Zanger Bob Month ago

    Stone island haha echte nederlander

  • Preme Juice
    Preme Juice Month ago

    Anybody know what hoodie that cashier has on?

  • MagThe1
    MagThe1 Month ago


  • Jarne Van driessche

    You just hear his dutch accent love it!!!

  • Brandon Cabrol
    Brandon Cabrol Month ago

    Long arms

  • Paradox Projects
    Paradox Projects Month ago


  • Paradox Projects
    Paradox Projects Month ago

    Humble Guy 🤜🏾🤛🏻

  • MrBati122
    MrBati122 Month ago +1

    Fuck Jordan, he’s only populair in the US

  • MrBati122
    MrBati122 Month ago

    Nederlandse comment tussendoor

  • JayRay _
    JayRay _ Month ago

    Why tiesto look like a cross between norm macdonald and Elon musk

  • rugby7440
    rugby7440 Month ago +1

    Can you please get DJ Black Coffee!! Amazing show guys, from Cape Town, South Africa :)

  • Caleb R
    Caleb R Month ago

    Get Conor mcgregor



  • Arath Cortez
    Arath Cortez Month ago

    Bring shoreline mafia on this 🔥

  • Adam Chatfield
    Adam Chatfield Month ago

    sneaker shopping with Beetlejuice

  • Joshua Booth
    Joshua Booth 2 months ago

    Evaluation generate shop advance expensive add cool lock black conduct transmission helpful.

  • Foolish
    Foolish 2 months ago +1

    I hate that Joe said "DJ"... He is a producer to...

  • Gartin Marrix
    Gartin Marrix 2 months ago +5

    My men Tea Yes Toe is just get those sneakers like they are just a $1 Each Xd

    • B D
      B D 15 days ago

      Huh tard

  • addio12
    addio12 2 months ago

    Tiësto loves Adidas, so do I

  • Yee Zy
    Yee Zy 2 months ago

    Do sneaker shopping with C.Ronaldo :)

  • Al Ac
    Al Ac 2 months ago +1

    Do sneaker shopping with Vladimir Putin.

  • Natemurph5
    Natemurph5 2 months ago

    Lil baby goes sneaker shopping with complex ?

  • H.
    H. 2 months ago

    I thought it was Elon Musk

  • ExcuseMyCharisma
    ExcuseMyCharisma 2 months ago


  • dankybacon
    dankybacon 2 months ago

    i wanna hang out with this dude i dont even listen to his music or like it xD

  • TheReal6God
    TheReal6God 2 months ago

    Dave Eastttt

  • halotango3
    halotango3 2 months ago

    anyone know where to get that wallet? lol

  • ZupDrake
    ZupDrake 2 months ago

    he seems lika a very humble guy :)

  • OXCC airsoft
    OXCC airsoft 2 months ago

    This buhl 49 he looks like he’s in his 30’s

  • Gina Marie
    Gina Marie 2 months ago


  • Adam Aerts
    Adam Aerts 2 months ago

    Echo mayor extended entirely match yell invite rumor increased shortly.

  • Jenna Koko
    Jenna Koko 2 months ago

    Do one with Cristiano, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Ellen, Oprah, ect.

  • Wildcat Xbv
    Wildcat Xbv 2 months ago

    How tf did I just watch this smh ..my baby tiesto I love you

  • Esdras Manrique
    Esdras Manrique 2 months ago

    No ones going to mention how humble he is and shooked cashiers hand?

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago

    So sick to see Feature on Complex!