[TF2] How to Trickstab
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Wooaah, another trickstab tutorial. This was taking forever and I didn't want the video to be too long, so I ended it a bit early. Stabby's "about face" video: Songs (in order): Kirby Superstar - Corkboar..
Trickstab Tutorial (MrPaladin)
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G'day all MrPaladin here. Here is everything I know about trickstabs starting from the basics to the complex. See below for movie links and other spy tutorials: 1:00 Why do trick stabs work? 1:55 Theory: Side Stab 2:30 Practice: Side Stab 3:30 Theor..
Trickstab like a Boss [Kunai]
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G'day all MrPaladin here. Everyone loves a good trickstab. But a trickstab that lets you walk away from your mortal enemies with an overheal is one of the best feelings in the world. Other brutal stabs are: 1- Assisting a medic with their own dea..
[TF2] Ceejaey Triple Trickstab
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Just some clips that I had in my SDD. Enjoy.
TF2: Basic Trickstab Tutorial
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Guaranteed to make your friends upset about facestabs! ★ Steam group! ———————————————————————— ★ I teach at Jump Academy! Come visit!: ★ Stream! w..
TF2: The Most Insane Trickstab
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I think I've performed one of the most craziest stab ever. Thanks Ghosty for letting me put this on youtube afterwards, he refused at first but then accepted at last. Music: Server:
Ceejæy says trickstab
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from ceejaey's stream
TF2 - Spy: Detailed Matador & Circlestrafe Stab Tutorial
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Open Description for more Infos ►There is the tutorial on how to matador stab & how to circle strafe stab. Yes, I have a shitty zombie voice. Maybe I have no emotions anymore. ►Musics used: 0:00 - Feint - One Thousand Dreams [Free EP] 5:18 - Last ..
Trickstabbing Streamers
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Some clips of me encountering streamers. All these clips are collected in 2 years and 8 months, I didn't particularly join and focus anyone shown here (besides ceejaey :D) Steam Group (Configs&network settings):
Team Fortress 2 - Spy Trickstab Montage #4 - "Gold Blooded"
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Zene: LarsM - Lovers [NCS Release] Remélem tetszett a videó, ha ez igy van akkor dobj egy lájkot, és ha még több ilyesfajta videót szeretnél látni akkor iratkozz fel! Csatlakozz a Steam Csoportomhoz, ahol szervezem a publikus forgatásokat, illetve ..
[TF2] Trickstabbing Streamers
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"stream cream" I did not "stream snipe" or target any streamer in particular, I just happen to join a same game as a streamer and watched their clip afterwards. Editing style inspired by Klown. Streamers featured in this video (out of order) - https:..
[TF2] Trickstab in Degroot keep
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I have no idea. = = Facestab !?
Matador Stab Tutorial [Spy Trickstab TF2]
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Showing you how to Strafe stab C: Shmoo , Custom map : Tr_walkway
Trickstab Tutorial (StairStab and DropStab)
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G'day all MrPaladin here. I did a video in this series that concentrated on the Corner and the Matador stabs. Since that video I have been asked to do a similar one for the DropStab and the StairStab. Because DeadlyKitten is at a point where he is..
The Professional Spy! Muselks Trickstab Arena - Tryhard Tuesday
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Second Channel: ►►►Want to join the Steamgroup?:◄◄◄ Twitch Stream: ►►►Sexy Muselk Shirts: Like on facebook! www..
TRICKSTAB TRYHARD! The Kunai King - Tryhard Tuesday
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►►►Want to join the Steamgroup?:◄◄◄ Twitch Stream: ►►►Sexy Muselk Shirts: Like on facebook! Twitter (best place to message me):..
[TF2] How to Facestab
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I need to take a shower after this one. Essentially, cl_interp 5, lag hard, strafe backwards into enemies, hold M1, and pray lag compensation comes through for you. to change it back. default is cl_interp .1, but i'd recommend cl_interp .0152 for bes..
[TF2] Nasty Trickstabs
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Fighting a freak called "MLG Sniper" from Nec-Gaming. Pretty strong. Challenging. IP: I do not know the names of the soundtracks, but I can give you the link to download them via my dropbox:
[TF2] Spy Trickstab Montage on Degroot Keep #2
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Hey! I'm back with another trickstab montage. I also have a new intro and outro. What do you think about the thumbanil? It's the first one I've ever made. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. And don't forget to like and sub for more! Music: ..
2fort Trickstabs with Dos 2018
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Join me on my quest from rusty, beta spy to THE ALPHA SPYMASTER. FYI these are not all 2fort clips. 2fort comes up A LOT in casual though... Please support this channel by clicking like! Thank you! I took inspiration from this excellent video: https:..
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Trickstab Tutorial. English subtitles avaliable. GRUPO DE STEAM / STEAM GROUP ► TWITTER ► TWITCH ► URL DE TRADE / TRADE URL ► Explicación de los 6 trickstabs que yo..
TF2 Spy "Trickstab" Collection
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PLEASO NOTE: This "montage" has absolutely no effort put into it, this one: fTnsM/video.html has, much better, synced and the stabs have "some" quality to them, not a lot but some... Music:
Amazing Trickstab
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mum get the camera
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►►►Want to join the Steamgroup?:◄◄◄ My Second Channel: Twitch Stream: Like on facebook! Twitter (best place to message me): ..
TF2 - 2fort Trickstabs with Dos #2
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This is a video to celebrate my 50th subscription! Contains most trick stabs. All fairly easy stuff to do. Tunnel stab? Majority of these are against people who knew or at least suspected I was a spy, which means they had every chance to kill me. Th..
TF2 - Fails to Trickstab Montage with Dos
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So I've been recording for the last 2 weeks for my upcoming 2fort spy frag montage part two celebration video and I had a bunch of clips that didn't make the cut. Most are a bunch of fails I turn into successes. Hope you enjoy my misfortunes! If at f..
All Trickstabs - TF2
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These are the usefull trickstabs. no hate, just trying to be helpfull :) IGNORE spy trickstab tf2 trickstab montage tf2 trickstab tutorial tf2 spy tutorial tf2 stairstab tutorial tf2 spy uber tf2 spy kunai ..
Trickstab Tutorial: The Matador (and Cornerstab)
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G'day all MrPaladin here. My most reliable trickstab is the matador or the corner stab. As a spy you are often chased by enemies who have spotted you but they are either in melee or on a weapon that is for close range and they chase you down. Beca..
3 Trickstab Tips for Spy - TF2
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►►►Join my Steam Group!:◄◄◄ Subscribe for more content, remember to rate the video and leave a comment to share what's on your mind! ♦ If you want to donate an item, send me a tradeoffer: steamcommu..
TF2 - Trickstab 2Fort Montage with Dos
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*We all gotta start somewhere*. Clips were taken from Australian 2fort community servers during the time I mainly played on 2fort and was still learning a lot about how to play spy. Not all clips are "trickstabs" so I roast and look back on it in thi..
TF2: All Trickstabs! [Gameplay]
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In this video i explained every Usefull trickstab. i did all of them in this map called: Degrootkeep. - Medieval "melee only map" Subscribe if you liked it :) IGNORE spy trickstab tf2 trickstab montage tf2..
TF2 - Trickstab Compilation - The Master
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Thanks for watching! Song: Spag Heddy - The Master Check out ZFlip: Hopefully a better Trickstab Compilation from the last one If this video gets 10 likes I'll make another one! Remember to share, like a..
TF2 VSH - 10k Damage in Two Minutes 2 - Trickstab Spy
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I feel kinda bad :c If we can get 10 Likes on this video I'll make a VSH Trickstab compilation :D My Steam Profile: My Steam Group: www.twitch..
TF2 Spy: Trickstab 'em Until They Switch to Pyro [Commentary]
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Playing on Badwater I trickstab the same guy 3 times and he eventually goes pyro! Some other good gameplay along the way so I let you know my thought process as I go and hopefully you can learn something new! I love feedback, good and bad, so pleas..
tr_cornerstab - TF2 Spy trickstab training map [Read desc b4 watching]
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Download here: There is some MISINFORMATION about matadors in the video, and I apologize. The strafe-snap was NEVER shown. Here is a correct version. Note on matador stabs: There are 2 types of matador stabs, the ..
TF2 VSH - 10k Damage in Two Minutes - Trickstab Spy
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They never learn :') My Steam Profile: My Steam Group: Twitter:
TF2: El Trickstab Secreto
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Haz click en la campanita 🔔 al lado del botón de suscribirse para no perderte ninguno de mis videos! ❤️ Patreon: 🌟 Redes Sociales 🌟 📺 Twitch: 🐥 Twitter: 💌 D..
Fancy Footwork [Trickstab Montage]
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Taking more of a break from surf stabs and getting down the basics of pub stomping once more... Now, if you've made it into description land, tell me some things in the comments pertaining to my future videos. Or maybe give me a spy challenge that'..
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Em algumas partidas de Team Fortress 2, acertei um trickstab e fiz a rapa como sniper! Neste vídeo, eu mostro alguns destaques de partidas! Team Fortress 2, vulgo TF2, é um jogo de tiro (fps) grátis pra jogar (free to play) multiplayer online basead..
Rong Lain Trunning [TF2 Spy Trickstab Montage]
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Celebrating 400 hours! All stabs came from the last 10 hours of Spying. Hope you enjoyed the video. Music: Long Train Running by the Doobie Brothers Video title is a gord wimmick my friends started doing... And I figured it'd make for an tool citl..
TF2 - Trickstab Tips & Tricks for Newbies
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Dos here with another pubby, scrubby montage of random trick stabs, BUT this time with some (hopefully) helpful hints 'n' tips for newer spies to land those stabs. Keep in mind that mastering the fundamentals of spy makes landing trick stabs much eas..
Trickstabs, Strafing and You [Trickstab Tips]
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G'day all MrPaladin here. Try to avoid using your forward and back keys as you go to perform matador and corner stabs. Walking backwards will slow down your movement but strafing will not and you will move at full movement speed. In addition when ..
TF2 Map Review - "TR Cornerstab" - Trickstab Training Map! [Live Commentary]
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My first map review! Let me know your thoughts! Creator's YT Channel: Map Download: My Steam Profile: My..
Spy Trickstab Montage #1 - Team Fortress 2
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Hey everybody! Just thought I would go ahead and make another Spy montage just for the heck of it. I also had my friend record so in-case anything exciting happened on the server we were on, we could put it in the video split screen from both views. ..
How a Spy Thinks #23 [Trickstabs]
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G'day all MrPaladin here. I've uploaded a few trickstab videos lately, but you guys wanted me to talk about the stabs and break down what was going thru my mind at the time. So lets do it as a how a spy thinks for a few trickstabs. HUD: ww..
TF2 - Trickstab Tutorial [Matador Stab]
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*Update: Over 4,000 views?!?! WTF* Here's a tutorial on how to do a matador stab! If you have any questions, put it in the comments and I'll try to help you as best I can :3 And shoutout to Yeeegz for the TF2 Competitive Beta Pass he's awesome. Also,..
Trickstab like a Boss #2 [Kunai, Tough Break]
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G'day all MrPaladin here. Time to bring the Kunai to the new maps! Trickstabbing like a boss again! HUD: Trickstab Tutorial: Disguise Tutorial:
I heard you like Stabs #2 [Various Trickstabs]
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G'day all MrPaladin here. Time to clear out the replay folder and look at a few fun situations. After showing a clip I'll slow it down to let you know what I was thinking and what lead to the kill or escape. HUD:
Trick or Treat [ TF2 Trickstab Contract ]
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G'day all MrPaladin here. Got a contract on Mann Manor so I took my Black Rose knife, Dead Ringer, and Revolver for a spin. I also went for a few more trickstabs then I usually would because this is a nice map for them and I wanted to have fun duri..
[TF2] Impossible Trickstab
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Reupload, USclip took it down for some reason.