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SML Movie: Joseph's Pet!
Views 2.8M11 days ago
SML Movie: The Maid!
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SML Movie: Alien Jeffy!
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SML Movie: The Prank!
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SML Movie: Officer Jeffy!
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SML Movie: Taken Away!
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SML Movie: Chef Jeffy
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Logan plays Quick Draw!
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SBL Plays: The Sims 4
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4K Mario Plush Test
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Non-Stop 2 Trailer
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SML cut scene
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SBL: Double Rainbow WTF
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SBL: Help?
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  • Jake Guy
    Jake Guy 3 seconds ago

    They’re taking over again! It’s fine Logan I get it I think you should keep them so you can make the content we want and you want

  • The Cody Roark 15
    The Cody Roark 15 3 seconds ago

    One question: how is Cody able to speak with perfect diction if his teeth are missing.

  • InternetTalk s
    InternetTalk s 10 seconds ago

    Joseph:what a square Me:bruh she’s a fat pig she is a fat circle

  • khirian martinez
    khirian martinez 10 seconds ago


  • Stormray Purple rose
    Stormray Purple rose 11 seconds ago

    The biggest lie I ever told was not disliking this video

  • Teresa Long
    Teresa Long 11 seconds ago

    The old puppets are better.please start using the old puppets again.

  • Mattic/Kacey Richburg
    Mattic/Kacey Richburg 12 seconds ago

    The puppets suckkkkk

  • the awesome splatoon channel

    noos blud

  • Ne’vion Semexan
    Ne’vion Semexan 18 seconds ago

    How did Jackie chu not here the noise in the class

  • RyanClips 123
    RyanClips 123 19 seconds ago

    How did the teacher not notice the desk

  • JuicyCarrot WRLD
    JuicyCarrot WRLD 20 seconds ago

    Make a video of everybody jr friends go to milatary

  • Gizmoshow XD
    Gizmoshow XD 25 seconds ago

    Anyone else watching in 2012

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez 35 seconds ago

    Biggest lie I ever told:that i likes sml not really

    XMANIAFLYYY 36 seconds ago


  • saba perez
    saba perez 38 seconds ago

    go back to the original PUPPETS

  • Mom Dad
    Mom Dad 41 second ago

    Do you guys sell Android phone cases for a Motorola

  • kisuke Urahara
    kisuke Urahara 50 seconds ago

    nice vid Super Bower Logan aka Super Luigi Logan aka Super Mario Logan

  • Kamdyn Gaming
    Kamdyn Gaming 51 second ago

    How does Joseph go to school but he legit doesn't have a house

  • Maple Miles
    Maple Miles 51 second ago

    Last video they were turtles now their humans and way didn't jacky chu tell Billie bill to become a human

  • Prank god
    Prank god 52 seconds ago

    The worst lie i ever told is i lost my virginity

  • Danniel Alejo
    Danniel Alejo Minute ago

    Good vid

  • Jordan Castro bautista

    I can never sneak out every door or window I open its makes a sound on our alarm saying*... Window open And the doors, NEVER SNEAK OUT PEEPS.Z

  • Awesome pinguen
    Awesome pinguen Minute ago

    I hate cody joseph is my favorite

  • Ryan Vong
    Ryan Vong Minute ago

    How can Jackie Chu see when he says my eye are so slack

  • Jacahri Lawson
    Jacahri Lawson Minute ago

    Cody got his ass beat!!🤣

  • Jeremy classic Show

    There 24 Teeth

  • Liana I
    Liana I Minute ago

    I'm 11 and I live in Alabama and not missing any teeth and not marring my cousins cause there all older than me and I don't want to do that but i live close to Pensacola and also used to live there and now live In mobile and my cousin watch your channel ever since it stared and in stared watching in 2011and have been watching ever since and I love your videos so much and keep up the great work

  • Pratik Mistry
    Pratik Mistry Minute ago

    Cody has a new Home?

  • Murfin Natalie
    Murfin Natalie Minute ago

    just as we thought he was staying at the old ones again smh

  • CT 7668
    CT 7668 Minute ago


  • Big Boi Boi
    Big Boi Boi Minute ago

    Y r u back to the old puppets Unsubscribing again until u go back to the old way

  • Jacer
    Jacer Minute ago

    one time i found my pocket knife my dad said i could have when i was old enough so i took it i played with it for a bit and i was fine but then i closed it and my finger got caught so then i went down stairs and smashed a glass and told my parents it was from that then my sister tried to snitch on me so i threatened to tell them the stuff that she did so she kept shut then my parents talked me into snitching myself out and i got grounded

  • Duane Massey
    Duane Massey Minute ago

    Maybe about not drinking that dirty water

  • 1000 subs no vids challenge

    The biggest lie was when Logan said the sml movie would be released one day I know why he can’t though

  • Kelvin Perez
    Kelvin Perez Minute ago

    The same thing

  • dino puppet
    dino puppet Minute ago

    fortnite skins and parker

  • Anthony Palmiere
    Anthony Palmiere Minute ago


  • Cloudyyy
    Cloudyyy Minute ago


  • AssassinZero 084
    AssassinZero 084 2 minutes ago

    Old puppets please

  • Anthony Palmiere
    Anthony Palmiere 2 minutes ago


  • Wolflink48
    Wolflink48 2 minutes ago

    Cody lookin like thanos

  • Anthony Palmiere
    Anthony Palmiere 2 minutes ago

    yeet yeet yeet yeet

  • Brian Sanchez
    Brian Sanchez 2 minutes ago

    I said I didn't play fotnite

  • ChillinDylan
    ChillinDylan 2 minutes ago

    SML idea : Jeffy goes to summer school

  • connor huckerby
    connor huckerby 2 minutes ago


  • Jason Lucumi
    Jason Lucumi 2 minutes ago

    My biggest lie is i told my mom that I cleaned my room and I dident and I didn't take her money

  • Get shreked 69
    Get shreked 69 2 minutes ago

    Rip Cody

  • Super pixel warrior 99
    Super pixel warrior 99 2 minutes ago

    In real life cameras in a school classroom is illegal if students are in view

  • Lobster Telephone
    Lobster Telephone 2 minutes ago

    I'm so confused right now

  • Emerald Animations
    Emerald Animations 2 minutes ago

    The new puppets are ugly

  • Ethan A. Production
    Ethan A. Production 2 minutes ago

    “What the biggest lie you ever told” Me: i like the human puppets better than the plushie.

  • Vlog Bot
    Vlog Bot 2 minutes ago

    New sml idea: jeffy gets diagnosed

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Fankid
    Yu-Gi-Oh Fankid 3 minutes ago

    Cody is not gay

  • NBlitzN
    NBlitzN 3 minutes ago

    Imagine buying puppets your never gonna play with

  • Afloat Relic
    Afloat Relic 3 minutes ago

    I “was” wearing underwear while shopping for clothes is my answer

  • Leah Torres
    Leah Torres 3 minutes ago

    Please fix them

  • Nicole thomas
    Nicole thomas 3 minutes ago

    Thank you very much to Bringing Junior and Cody and Joseph back to your the humans size I got really angry when you done it so never do that again please

  • Ely Morales kkkty
    Ely Morales kkkty 3 minutes ago

    I forgot to say this I was the 258 vier so ya

  • Ryan In Pieces
    Ryan In Pieces 3 minutes ago

    Ugh the puppets r back

  • First Last
    First Last 3 minutes ago

    I these puppets Better use them all the time

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName 3 minutes ago

    At 8:46 he looked up how many teeth sharks have but he didn’t have his glasses and he can’t see so how can he see stuff

  • Imaginary Waffles
    Imaginary Waffles 3 minutes ago

    You like dank doodle memes don’t you squidward

  • The MiguelJaime
    The MiguelJaime 3 minutes ago

    I don't mine honestly the videos are the same just new characters like there still entertaining

  • CoolerCheetah80
    CoolerCheetah80 3 minutes ago

    Bring back the real junior and cody back

  • Naythen Salas
    Naythen Salas 3 minutes ago

    That I didn’t get nobody pregnet

  • Janelle Meap
    Janelle Meap 3 minutes ago

    No more Doofy the Dragon:(

  • Nathan Murphy
    Nathan Murphy 3 minutes ago

    Sbl idea Jeffy gets a elf on the shelf

  • The Wheelers
    The Wheelers 3 minutes ago

    Why root beer?

  • Diana Cervantes
    Diana Cervantes 4 minutes ago

    😭😭😂😂😭🥺🥺😂🥺I cant buy puppets my dad won’t let me

  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno 4 minutes ago

    My biggest lie was that I wanted to move in with my dad back in 5th grade and now I still live with him and I’m a sophomore

  • The Robloxcodesgiver
    The Robloxcodesgiver 4 minutes ago

    Cover up Cody's D

  • zachary fehr
    zachary fehr 4 minutes ago

    Do a video with puppet

  • Genaro Jr
    Genaro Jr 4 minutes ago

    Oh I see now you’re using the puppets sometimes but not all the time

  • Waqar Chughtai
    Waqar Chughtai 4 minutes ago

    The Biggest Lie I Ever Told Was When I Turned Off My Computer But I Left It On Overnight Because My Parents Wouldn't Tell Me The Password.

  • Jetpack Impact Bros
    Jetpack Impact Bros 4 minutes ago

    The biggest lie I ever told was when I told my son I’m getting milk and I’ll be back in 30 minutes, it’s been 12 years

  • I'm dat Baby
    I'm dat Baby 4 minutes ago

    My birthday is on December 31st new year's Eve

  • Justiz Ouwendyk
    Justiz Ouwendyk 4 minutes ago

    This comment will get 1M likes before christmas 🎅🎄🎁

  • Animation Ninja
    Animation Ninja 4 minutes ago

    Kakashi is cody

    • Cloudy
      Cloudy 3 minutes ago

      He’s not kakashi he’s more like Sakura Chan

  • Bloxing Gal
    Bloxing Gal 4 minutes ago

    One time I won $20 from scratch off lottery tickets 3 times in a row. I mean, I was 10 so $60 is a lot to a child.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 4 minutes ago

    Eh Im cool with it

  • Cole Ramos
    Cole Ramos 4 minutes ago


  • KingGator223
    KingGator223 4 minutes ago

    I saw Logan's face 11:46

  • The beat Cat
    The beat Cat 4 minutes ago

    Where is my idea at

  • XxNinjaXx_Johncena Cool

    I lied about haveing a Jeffy puppet And Told ,y Mo. Thats so Pee pee

  • Zury
    Zury 4 minutes ago

    10:31 Jr. Can you to-

  • LeKnight Studios
    LeKnight Studios 4 minutes ago

    How does he not notice things are being thrown in his classroom?

  • IQx2 Nas
    IQx2 Nas 4 minutes ago

    That my dad was getting milk.

  • Alfred MooreJames
    Alfred MooreJames 5 minutes ago

    Jeffy know how to fight oooooooooooooooooofffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • Nick Ritchie
    Nick Ritchie 5 minutes ago

    does anyone else not like the new puppets

  • Alex Nicole
    Alex Nicole 5 minutes ago

    Beaten up Cody puppet....

  • Nick the gamer 1306
    Nick the gamer 1306 5 minutes ago

    Old puppets are better like if you agree. Agree so logan will se and maybe change

  • Xx u savages B
    Xx u savages B 5 minutes ago


  • dino puppet
    dino puppet 5 minutes ago

    I love your videos sbl

  • Athan Zimmerman
    Athan Zimmerman 5 minutes ago

    Please please bring back the old puppets I love them better these are too wird I only like bowser but please 😢

  • EZC Extinct_ME
    EZC Extinct_ME 5 minutes ago

    My biggest lie was probably my mom asking about me ex girlfriend which was my girlfriend at the time

  • Dylan Argall
    Dylan Argall 5 minutes ago

    Hate the new characters

  • Alijah Martin
    Alijah Martin 5 minutes ago

    Root bear

  • Dylan Rodriguez-Inouye
    Dylan Rodriguez-Inouye 5 minutes ago

    I love Puppet shark!

  • Team Luigi
    Team Luigi 5 minutes ago

    Yess Logan heard us he came to his senses and Lowered the price of the puppets