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Cartoon All-Stars Reanimate!
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Hazbin Hotel Amino
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Messy Zoophobia Ramble
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  • WhyBe Productions
    WhyBe Productions 7 minutes ago

    Alastor has “friends on the other side”. 😈😏

    THAT DUTCH GUY 7 minutes ago

    wait why am i watching this

  • Getslaughterd x
    Getslaughterd x 8 minutes ago

    I fucking knew it! Brandon Rogers

  • Jannetje Woord
    Jannetje Woord 8 minutes ago

    soooo wheres the doomslayer in this

  • Noose
    Noose 10 minutes ago

    watch this video 3 times alr, still cant tell if angel is a he or a she this cartoon gave me anime level of confusion with gender

  • TheSeventhChild
    TheSeventhChild 11 minutes ago

    Zim still working for the Tallest

  • just a dude
    just a dude 11 minutes ago

    I said no homo before clicking

  • Floaroma 44
    Floaroma 44 13 minutes ago

    Angel x Husker is cute

  • just a dude
    just a dude 16 minutes ago

    This got me hyped AF rn

  • No logic
    No logic 20 minutes ago

    In my opinion this is really not funny to me I get comedy is subjective but the comedy to me is just painfully unfunny and stupid.

  • KibbenMunchies
    KibbenMunchies 25 minutes ago

    I watched this video (along with many others) a long time ago when I was SUPER obsessed with Viv. Then I forgot about all this for a while, and when I came back I was like "WHO TF IS CHARLIE?! WHAT ABOUT BAXTER? MIMZY?!?!?!"(I dont really like her tho) But I'm actually in love with how Hazbin Hotel is turning out and I'm excited to see where it goes.

  • TerribleNameIdea
    TerribleNameIdea 33 minutes ago

    Loved it, becoming a patron, please makes more!

  • Sarah 13
    Sarah 13 35 minutes ago

    12:26 Did anyone else hear that he said "HAHA I'M A BAD PERSON"? XD

  • Skiddaddy
    Skiddaddy 35 minutes ago

    Blitzo is just the demon manifestation of a cat-

  • santiago quiros
    santiago quiros 36 minutes ago

    Or comics?

  • santiago quiros
    santiago quiros 36 minutes ago

    Are you going to take out more cap?

  • Abang Real Yazid
    Abang Real Yazid 36 minutes ago

    There's one thing missing... *Where's Jesus?*

  • Jason Milano
    Jason Milano 36 minutes ago

    Stolas gay

  • Frog Green
    Frog Green 44 minutes ago

    this is better than the actual hazbin hotel pilot the VOICE ACTORS

  • nobody ok?
    nobody ok? 45 minutes ago

    I remember watching the movie and ruining my friends innocence and while my mom and her friend there the worst things is i watch the movie when i was 9 and my friend is 12

  • itzel Family flores
    itzel Family flores 56 minutes ago

    Kowalski: remember chapter 2 coming out december 17 2019 and welcome to HoZBIN hotel chapter TWO hell VS HAEVEN meet kowalski by jois flores and but use

  • The Mighty Taco Cat
    The Mighty Taco Cat 57 minutes ago

    29:02 If you look at Vaggie she goes in front of Charlie to block her from whatever Sir Pentious is threatening them with.

  • GruesomeToucan
    GruesomeToucan Hour ago


  • Gamer Panda
    Gamer Panda Hour ago

    Is Brandon Rogers the voicer for the manager

  • Starpunk Towerpunk

    I've never heard of this neither seen it before. But 1st time seeing, this goes straight to my top list of entertainments

  • Delight Wang
    Delight Wang Hour ago

    I've watched this like 10 times, love it! don't let those angry mobs of people get to you because IT'S TOO OFFENSIVE. That's what makes this great. keep it up!!

  • Your Average Minecraft E-Boy

    I like to watch you're speed drawings cause it's entertaining, but at the same time I don't cause I envy you're art ._.

  • ZzZo6JIuH
    ZzZo6JIuH Hour ago

    I actually like this more Hazbin Hotel.

  • James Bryant
    James Bryant Hour ago

    Zim and Futaba talking to each other is something i never thought i’d experience my entire life

  • killzombies49
    killzombies49 Hour ago

    Why this remind me of invader zim

  • Topunito
    Topunito Hour ago

    IMO this pilot is more enjoyable than the Hazbin Hotel one but Hazbin has more potential for a full series

  • kawaii-jessica uchiha

    i don't get the weight loss joke

  • TheSeventhChild
    TheSeventhChild Hour ago

    My name is Tom I came here because of Angel Dust 11:55 was a direct call out.

  • Galawolf
    Galawolf Hour ago

    1Angel dust 2:Alastor 3:Cherry bomb 4:Charlie 5:Katie killjoy 6:Maggie 7:Tom trench 8:that one snake man 9:Furry dude 0:The eggos Reply who you were! I’m angel dust!

  • CreepKid Investigator

    Sorry I commented 3 times I just can't express how much I love this

  • dont disturb
    dont disturb Hour ago


  • CreepKid Investigator

    Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young watching this kills me with happiness UwU

  • CreepKid Investigator

    I first saw this because a friend showed me 2 years ago and I'm stipp watching it to this day Me: *watches hazbin hotel and helluva boss* "good videos" *watches this, finally realizing it's vivziepop* STILL ME: CHRSIT ON A STICK I GUESS THERE IS A GOD "now I'm quoting helluva boss what have u done to me, u made me a better person and enlightened me with ur art and that made me get better, thanks u" ^w^

  • Shnurui
    Shnurui Hour ago

    The hills have eyes.

  • Sanitysama
    Sanitysama Hour ago

    Больше русской речи в комменты!

  • Bleach Crackers
    Bleach Crackers Hour ago

    unrelated to the video, which was awesome, I kinda want to die. that you for your time.

  • Ploompf
    Ploompf Hour ago

    just noticed that in 2:39 moxie is holding a shotgun but in 2:41 he's holding a sniper

  • Bryan Williams
    Bryan Williams Hour ago


  • SaltyHQ
    SaltyHQ Hour ago

    i guess i'm liking this pilot. But why this furry in here.

  • punpkin-314-pi
    punpkin-314-pi Hour ago

    2:20:00 saving this for myself.

  • Eon Black
    Eon Black Hour ago


  • Potato Lord
    Potato Lord Hour ago

    27:46 Cheek asmr cheek asmr cheek asmr

  • The Giant Rat
    The Giant Rat Hour ago

    See despite being better than the other show by a solid 300%, the dog and the sex jokes are still just too cringe for me

  • Nrkk1 RBLX
    Nrkk1 RBLX Hour ago

    *angel with no clothes on* Me: that's normal *wipes nose*

  • SaltyHQ
    SaltyHQ Hour ago

    Furry shit. Oh god.

  • icemelons thanos

    2014: fun family friendly blue wolf 2019: kids die for free!

  • Queen Shiro
    Queen Shiro Hour ago

    8:34 BLITZ THAT YOU!!??

  • Potato Lord
    Potato Lord Hour ago

    23:38 Any similarity is just coincidence

  • Уголок Васьки

    У Аластора прикольная подошва на обуви , а еще мне понравилась его песня )

  • Neal van der Laan
    Neal van der Laan 2 hours ago

    This better become a series

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins 2 hours ago

    I know I'm subbed to this channel but why recomend me this while I was listening to the USSR National Anthem?

  • Unlikely Suspect
    Unlikely Suspect 2 hours ago

    Ok... Ive watched this pilot 27 times now... Will someone please tell Angels like... Deal.. Are they a drag qween? Transgender? Some kind of Hermaphrodite? I NeAd To KnOw!!

  • Haiddess Lazuli
    Haiddess Lazuli 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one thinking when Allistor chaned Charlie's clothes he made it resembled like his past lover when tjey were alive? Or is it just me? Yup Just me

  • Mikael 300000
    Mikael 300000 2 hours ago

    O demonio do radeo e um poco parasido com o pai dele

  • Ocean Lau
    Ocean Lau 2 hours ago

    who else thinks Dethklok is absurdly popular in hell

  • Zoey Fights
    Zoey Fights 2 hours ago


  • FlapjackTv
    FlapjackTv 2 hours ago

    the radio demon is charlies lost brother THEy're family members abandoned him on some fucked up pingeuin style let down the river bull shit and he swore to manifest all his hatred to become the most powerful demon of all this including why he wants to help charlie ( his sister) a hand with the hotel so he can get the whole family into one place to kill them all off

  • Demongons
    Demongons 2 hours ago

    not funny cried

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment 2 hours ago

    millie and moxie are hazel and cha cha in an alternate universe change my fucking mind

  • Viscount Ratthew von Cheese

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  • Dhs Shsj
    Dhs Shsj 2 hours ago

    I’m like super fucking confused about myself now...

  • Hello
    Hello 2 hours ago

    Me in 2016: How does he stand on those spikes????? Me in 2019: Man I relate to this but HOW DOES HE STAND ON THOSE SPIKES???????

  • Galaxy Gradiance
    Galaxy Gradiance 2 hours ago

    OK I love that gay character and alastor

  • Alexander Zhdanov
    Alexander Zhdanov 2 hours ago

    What's the program?

  • SuperSayianWolf
    SuperSayianWolf 2 hours ago

    This show is so perfect it really makes me happy to watch something and say “ME TOO” 😂 I can’t wait to see the next episode I love this

  • I probably have a muscial song stuck in my head

    AT LEAST half of these views are mine

  • Victor Amaya
    Victor Amaya 2 hours ago

    Fucking cool

  • Furjaden
    Furjaden 2 hours ago

    I have just one query; Can Alistar sing this (Jk Wanna sprite cranberry)

  • left for markiplier.gov44

    So wait are Jay Jay and Cameron the same being because freckles

  • Puppy Pumpkin
    Puppy Pumpkin 2 hours ago

    0:43 "We couldn't think of a pun for our shop but we sell hard drugs!"

  • Fishstick Ate your dog

    I liked the song at the end

  • Night Storm
    Night Storm 2 hours ago

    Katie Kill Joy: I don't touch the gays Like 2 minutes later Katie Kill Joy: *proceeds to poke Charlie's breasts*

  • mon star
    mon star 2 hours ago

    난 왜 이런 띵작을 지금 보게됐는가..

  • シ AlliPAU
    シ AlliPAU 2 hours ago

    29:40 tho

  • Joseph Kindopp
    Joseph Kindopp 2 hours ago

    does moxxie have a gold record!?!?!?!?!?!?!? does blitzo have a sister???

  • Xyphorix
    Xyphorix 2 hours ago

    2:45 is that Mimzy I see?

  • left for markiplier.gov44

    Gets an ad before the video has a chance to start Me: wait that's illagel

  • Blau Feder
    Blau Feder 2 hours ago

    *Sees the bar and the color difference between the walls* “Ok, from who and where exactly did Alastor stole the bar?“

  • Mr.PicklesWorth Jr.
    Mr.PicklesWorth Jr. 3 hours ago

    This’s vidreo is aboot stanism it warshiaps stantan who is the drvil of heelll land

  • GamingWithBread2
    GamingWithBread2 3 hours ago

    from the fact of this being made 5 years ago, you need to start making more of these kinds of videos as of how great they are

  • Sprint Wyvern
    Sprint Wyvern 3 hours ago

    if i were a millionaire id give you all my money but...

  • Кристина Ховалыг


  • Isaiah Cole
    Isaiah Cole 3 hours ago

    Loona is the best and most powerful

  • TTV Renegade Ninja AnimatesYT 82

    The best plushies doesn't exi-

  • Sprint Wyvern
    Sprint Wyvern 3 hours ago

    mister radio head is sexy af ;3

  • Maddy Elise
    Maddy Elise 3 hours ago

    I love the Phantom poster

  • thedarkevildragon1
    thedarkevildragon1 3 hours ago

    Well great, now im hooked! But where am I gonna find my fix of Hazbin Hotel? Im gonna neeeed another Episode, at least just one. Im begging here!

  • annoyingsteve4
    annoyingsteve4 3 hours ago

    Can we get one for Charlie, Vaggie, and Alistor?

  • Crystal Clover
    Crystal Clover 3 hours ago


  • Goose the flerken
    Goose the flerken 3 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice Luna smile when Blitzo said she was family?

  • Ben Vo
    Ben Vo 3 hours ago

    Holy shit Razputin from Psychonauts is in here. The Milkman must be here soon

  • Blau Feder
    Blau Feder 3 hours ago

    *Sees egg demons* *glances awkwardly to cooked Breakfast egg* Me: "I thought my friend was joking with his" 'Every time you eat eggs, you devour the soul of the innocent' comment!“ Also me: Soo, that's what becomes of unborn chicken souls, huh.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike 3 hours ago

    not surprised that there are this many homosexuals in hell tbh

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson 3 hours ago

    When someone says you got no roast that will hurt anyone. 20:05 *Me*