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Funniest ASMR Fails !
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Funniest WATER SLIDE Fails !
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  • David Lundberg
    David Lundberg 25 seconds ago


  • Hanson Li
    Hanson Li 27 seconds ago


  • Annette Wiik
    Annette Wiik Minute ago

    You said if you got 200k liks in your 1mil subspecial that you rest the video, without blurring it

  • Zarah JOHNSON
    Zarah JOHNSON Minute ago

    You said “wow” 3 times without noticing and taking hearts away

  • Xavi Palavi
    Xavi Palavi Minute ago

    Azzy, i rock climb and also he has a big matt underneath him!!😉😉😊

  • Lucy Sims
    Lucy Sims Minute ago

    With the first one, I’m eating chocolate.

  • Dork XxCapricornAcexX

    Is it just me or is her makeup on fleak today?

  • Dionne Walton-Ryder

    3:58 my dogs have done that like 100Million times

  • Mallory May
    Mallory May Minute ago


  • I am MotoMoto
    I am MotoMoto Minute ago


  • DireWolfLPS
    DireWolfLPS 2 minutes ago

    Azzy admire your height I am only 11 and I am 5.2

  • Dilip Saxena
    Dilip Saxena 2 minutes ago

    10:02 you said wow

  • Lea Pluscec
    Lea Pluscec 3 minutes ago

    Omg that type of paper atcualy daied my shoes red i hated iz

  • Dead mead
    Dead mead 3 minutes ago

    omg that video thing at the end of the clip is y i hate being alone in the dark

  • Tee Flees
    Tee Flees 3 minutes ago

    2:55 i pretended to have short hair with a LIFE HACK :Dat school and the other day i went to school with a ponytail and they were like OMG HOW DID YOU GROW YOUR HAIR SO FAST?!?!

  • Cezary Żminkowski
    Cezary Żminkowski 3 minutes ago

    :) + :( =?

  • Ruby Craven
    Ruby Craven 3 minutes ago

    I didn’t say wow

  • Nik Nik
    Nik Nik 4 minutes ago

    In Greece we dont actually spit on babys

  • I am MotoMoto
    I am MotoMoto 4 minutes ago

    I can lip

  • Sidra Michael
    Sidra Michael 4 minutes ago

    6:00 I once lost my phone for six months

  • Adrianplaysroblox YT Usit


  • Just Ava
    Just Ava 5 minutes ago

    I don’t love anybody

  • Kaspars Leitis
    Kaspars Leitis 5 minutes ago

    | | | | | | \/

  • Shae murphy Swag
    Shae murphy Swag 5 minutes ago

    “...That actually work!”

  • Juan M. Leon
    Juan M. Leon 5 minutes ago

    The earth is 🍩🍩

  • Tilltom Tiger
    Tilltom Tiger 6 minutes ago

    The first one how she ment to see

  • Ayla Cheetham
    Ayla Cheetham 6 minutes ago

    That's a different way to put it

  • Luni Star
    Luni Star 6 minutes ago

    The left corner

  • Ruheli Chatterji
    Ruheli Chatterji 6 minutes ago

    Azzy not to be mean your bad at this challenge.

  • jacky chan
    jacky chan 6 minutes ago

    Did any one hear Jordi at 4:03 goes oooooooo

  • Luni Star
    Luni Star 7 minutes ago

    In 1:25 I thought it was under the table

  • Sienna MK
    Sienna MK 7 minutes ago

    I am 1 years old! Get me older! 👇

  • Mike Wu
    Mike Wu 7 minutes ago

    Wait you need consent to take photos in a public place? The fk? So then every streamer who streams in public is breaking the law then!

  • Priti Bagade
    Priti Bagade 7 minutes ago

    You should try these make a video.......

  • Sienna MK
    Sienna MK 8 minutes ago

    I am 1 years old! Get me older 👇

  • Emelda Aquino
    Emelda Aquino 8 minutes ago

    It is slenderman

  • Adela Namon
    Adela Namon 8 minutes ago

    I cought u u already losed

  • Ruby Red Panda
    Ruby Red Panda 8 minutes ago

    He looks like a person from(we are number 1) 😅

  • CoolCreator Gacha
    CoolCreator Gacha 9 minutes ago

    Me: OMG HAIR STOP REFUSING AND STOP ABUSING!!! Hair: I will stop and start again you happy

  • The Cringy one
    The Cringy one 9 minutes ago

    y e e t

  • Ayla Cheetham
    Ayla Cheetham 9 minutes ago

    The sister one they are twin and they are sister they can't go to jail

  • Reyjob Lobingco
    Reyjob Lobingco 9 minutes ago

    Azzy I can do your hair

  • xXCoffee And Beans GachaXx


  • Sienna MK
    Sienna MK 10 minutes ago

    Please give this comment a like! Nobody ever givee me likes 😞 have a great day!

  • padmavathi nallusamy
    padmavathi nallusamy 10 minutes ago

    My hearts ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • curlyhead007
    curlyhead007 11 minutes ago

    Never trust troom troom Azy!!!!!!

  • tanzina shafi
    tanzina shafi 11 minutes ago

    The last one actually worked

  • Arnel Magpali
    Arnel Magpali 11 minutes ago

    My son eat ice

  • xXCreepypasta_fan_girlXx Lulu

    Scorpio ♏️

  • teamwolf 499
    teamwolf 499 13 minutes ago

    Azzy you said wow and wowed on the bread one

  • Naya Ajayi
    Naya Ajayi 13 minutes ago


  • vicente villarojo
    vicente villarojo 13 minutes ago

    prank your boyfirend that you broke up with him hahhaha do it azzy

  • Ibad Akmal
    Ibad Akmal 13 minutes ago

    I still have ten lives I didn’t even say aww but still those animals are sooooo cute!!!!

  • Balroop Roop
    Balroop Roop 13 minutes ago

    and omg that famous painting of that guy is a very famous man tha is a indian movie actor that is super rich ive seen him in lots of indian movies!

  • Akasha ABEYRATNE
    Akasha ABEYRATNE 13 minutes ago

    Azzy: Crunch , crunch, chrinch Me:Why is she saying cringe

  • Memphis Myers
    Memphis Myers 13 minutes ago

    Its a but hole

  • Tamara the Koala
    Tamara the Koala 13 minutes ago

    Me and my class have watched the first animation, and we said that the dad was blue shrek. Lol.

  • L̷u̷c̷y̷_G̷a̷c̷h̷a̷

    well I was about to lick a lollipop when I found a giant bug with ants at the part I almost licked and I'm glad I noticed it before licking the lollipop

  • HP Always
    HP Always 14 minutes ago

    True story when I was an toddler I could open childproof containers🙂

  • Amreet Loves Puppies
    Amreet Loves Puppies 14 minutes ago

    I feel like so many people watch these hacks but never try them Like if that's you❤

  • lolo and cousin sama lolo

    Azzy can you please record create those hacks

  • imacouchpotato yee
    imacouchpotato yee 14 minutes ago


  • Layla mishoe
    Layla mishoe 14 minutes ago

    How Old Are You

  • Chica Girl
    Chica Girl 14 minutes ago


  • BeamierGlobe643
    BeamierGlobe643 15 minutes ago

    They are unfortunate shut up

  • vicente villarojo
    vicente villarojo 15 minutes ago

    hey jelly is sannas bf

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay 16 minutes ago


  • Robloxian Girl Gamer
    Robloxian Girl Gamer 16 minutes ago

    2:58 she said wow and never realised it

  • Manal El-audi
    Manal El-audi 17 minutes ago

    Staring at me while I’m dancing

  • Malaka Khedr
    Malaka Khedr 17 minutes ago

    The last one was probably the saddest

  • Lily Hagen
    Lily Hagen 18 minutes ago

    'The comments say they think its in India...' The video legit says Bangkok Bangkok is in Thailand...

  • Cookie Chan
    Cookie Chan 18 minutes ago

    Jordi I told you like 1000 times not to stalk azzy

  • Balroop Roop
    Balroop Roop 19 minutes ago

    i think the traffic place is India because ive been India and the roads are SOOOOOOOOOO busy that people hardly follow the rules! and btw i am indian

  • Mila Mackenzie
    Mila Mackenzie 19 minutes ago

    My auntie is a hair dresser and I’m getting it cut

  • Ta'niya Gorie
    Ta'niya Gorie 19 minutes ago


  • Purrie LIM
    Purrie LIM 19 minutes ago

    The audio sounds like Siri’s child...

  • beth Craig
    beth Craig 20 minutes ago

    what happened to da girl

  • pastel suger gamer
    pastel suger gamer 20 minutes ago

    i have no lose a life

  • GG baby
    GG baby 20 minutes ago

    you just say wow whit 1 hart and you forgot to add 0 Hart

  • GalaxyWolf Forever
    GalaxyWolf Forever 20 minutes ago

    This -was- is *Awesome* !!

  • Sienna MK
    Sienna MK 20 minutes ago


  • DG LV vids
    DG LV vids 20 minutes ago

    0:55 I be like how is dat possible

  • coco the dog lol
    coco the dog lol 21 minute ago

    I would were it to bed

  • Basvaraj patil Patil
    Basvaraj patil Patil 21 minute ago

    I feel bad for the street dogs outside our house 😢😩

  • Lexingtonlooge Games
    Lexingtonlooge Games 21 minute ago


  • Lily Jordan and flure Is coolsome

    When that kid was on that string you said wow

  • Akoley snow
    Akoley snow 21 minute ago

    I am better than both of you

  • xMidnight Wolfii
    xMidnight Wolfii 21 minute ago

    Sea dragons are harmless we caught it twice and called him Draco but now I realized he lost his family and his family is on the other side of the rope so I took great care of him he's almost an adult now :)

  • Sienna MK
    Sienna MK 22 minutes ago

    I didn't say the word! My friend said it once! could I have a shout-out please but it doesn't matter if not because I know you have lots of people asking! I also have subscribed and hit the bell!

  • Faiza Ashfaq
    Faiza Ashfaq 22 minutes ago

    I can’t hear you

  • Grace Hunter
    Grace Hunter 22 minutes ago

    You have air pods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Obertina Johanis
    Obertina Johanis 22 minutes ago

    11:00 casyy is soo funny

  • Elitza Ivanova
    Elitza Ivanova 22 minutes ago

    2:40 I do it often, for me it works

  • Kristine Alavarta
    Kristine Alavarta 22 minutes ago

    That's a bad idea :(

  • julie lacs
    julie lacs 22 minutes ago

    WHAT KIND OF USclipR ARE YOU Him:a shredder

  • Leanna Amelia Scott
    Leanna Amelia Scott 22 minutes ago

    Azzyland you're the best!!

  • Kristine Alavarta
    Kristine Alavarta 23 minutes ago

    That's a bad idea :(

  • Zara Maxene G . gomez
    Zara Maxene G . gomez 23 minutes ago

    You say wow when the girl jump to the thing

  • Gerard De Villiers
    Gerard De Villiers 23 minutes ago

    I dont say the w word

  • Evelyn Gacha And roblox
    Evelyn Gacha And roblox 23 minutes ago

    i never say wow to try not to say wow challenges..