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  • milky way
    milky way 29 minutes ago

    How tall is Gigi?

  • P M
    P M Hour ago

    I loved whatever nats was doing 🤣❤️

  • Billybloodyhell
    Billybloodyhell Hour ago

    5:44 my dog trying to throw up the tube of chapstick it just ate

  • It'skaleob Ortega

    I really wish Gigi would do vlogs

  • Elusive Angel
    Elusive Angel 2 hours ago

    Gigi : “ aM i dOiNg iT?” Me watching: uhhhhmmmm... uh. Um. Ohnono.

  • Jace Schmidt
    Jace Schmidt 2 hours ago


  • Danielle Wiest
    Danielle Wiest 3 hours ago

    Did Gigi get booty injections?! Either way booty looks plump!! 👍🏼🙌🏼

  • Snixx O.
    Snixx O. 6 hours ago

    She never talked about dating apps

  • Snixx O.
    Snixx O. 6 hours ago

    Just saying, she didn’t say she hooked up with them she said she has been with them so get ur facts straight

  • Yash Pandey
    Yash Pandey 6 hours ago


  • Stephanie Page
    Stephanie Page 6 hours ago

    Lots of poo💩💩💩

  • PatrickStarrr
    PatrickStarrr 6 hours ago


  • Phantasma98
    Phantasma98 7 hours ago

    When you hustle the teacher😅

  • Shelly M
    Shelly M 8 hours ago


  • Trans In Color
    Trans In Color 8 hours ago

    We know this video is old but we would LOVE to talk about what it means to be black AND trans

  • Kylie Taylor
    Kylie Taylor 8 hours ago

    This really is "The Darkness" like damn.

  • Karen Bear
    Karen Bear 9 hours ago

    i pick Nat's , she was cute

  • Brittanggg
    Brittanggg 9 hours ago


  • Tommy Faulkner
    Tommy Faulkner 9 hours ago

    Caitlyn gives me weird vibes??

  • S T
    S T 10 hours ago

    Nats twerking was the best part of this video 😂❤️

  • Jillian Davis
    Jillian Davis 10 hours ago

    Gigi’s kinda ripped oml

  • c.j wingfield
    c.j wingfield 12 hours ago

    Got that booty done and had to show it off! Do it momma!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 12 hours ago

    Nats is such a mood in this whole video. I feel that hard

  • Laura Gilmore
    Laura Gilmore 13 hours ago

    I love you Gigi, you’re amazing ♥️

  • CloudyDaze007
    CloudyDaze007 13 hours ago

    its so weird seeing a warmer darker shade of blonde on gigi. i hope she tries burgundy one day and brunette too

  • edwin
    edwin 13 hours ago

    Ty for this free Lesson 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Alucard Bile
    Alucard Bile 14 hours ago

    I couldn't stop looking at his butt.

  • Isaiha Ramirez
    Isaiha Ramirez 15 hours ago


  • Nadine Miller
    Nadine Miller 16 hours ago

    You are so INCREDIBLY gorgeous...I'm so glad after the pains you have found love and your TRUE LIFE!" #LOVEISLOVE #GIGIANDNATSFOREVER

  • Ashleigh Cote
    Ashleigh Cote 16 hours ago

    This needs to be a new trend

  • jaseyray93
    jaseyray93 16 hours ago

    what happened to your white birkin?? did you drop an entire pizza in it or something?

  • Vivalavive2249
    Vivalavive2249 17 hours ago

    Hahahahaha I love you so much Gigi! This was hilarious

  • Kayla Jackson
    Kayla Jackson 18 hours ago

    Okay GURL I SEE YOU 🥰🥰😍😍👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Katjusha Forever
    Katjusha Forever 18 hours ago


  • Erotica
    Erotica 18 hours ago

    4:52 Look in the mirror, Nats was throwing it back for a real one

  • Rebecca Edwards
    Rebecca Edwards 19 hours ago’re a beautiful soul

  • Keo
    Keo 19 hours ago


  • luciano AC
    luciano AC 20 hours ago

    this is the whitest thing i’ve seen in a long time and i love it

  • Twinkle Babo
    Twinkle Babo 20 hours ago

    Nates money being wasted on Birkins

  • Twinkle Babo
    Twinkle Babo 20 hours ago

    Can I identify as a Fairy from Heaven?

  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez 20 hours ago

    Gigi is so toned!! She looks so good!

  • KatKost
    KatKost 21 hour ago

    Do I hear Don't Call Me, Angel in the background or am I losing it

  • Tanja Pieksma
    Tanja Pieksma 22 hours ago

    She needs help. Truth or lie, she needs help.

  • RebeccaLynn
    RebeccaLynn 22 hours ago

    She works out 2 months. Has abs even when she isnt working out. Ugh....... jeez Gigi

  • Selena Steen
    Selena Steen 23 hours ago

    This is the best video ever.

  • Themed
    Themed 23 hours ago


  • The Survivor
    The Survivor Day ago

    That’s not the true definition of marriage This world has gone crazy Lord have mercy

  • Dana Begody
    Dana Begody Day ago

    So wait did Gigi compete her transformation? Did she get the bottom surgery? If not what in the heck? I was watching her video when she was in her bikini n was wondering the same thing. Does anyone know? If not her n Nats must have an odd sex life. Anyways I've been a fan of her forever but don't know the whole deal.

  • Brooke
    Brooke Day ago

    I really don’t know anymore. I just think Trisha needs to stay off of social media and find professional help asap with someone she can trust and who will put the effort in to help get. Turning to social media when theres an inconvenience just becomes too unhealthy, no matter who you are.

  • caoakuma
    caoakuma Day ago

    She literally said it's her CHOICE! ... does that sound like something someone that is actually transgender feels ? No. You don't choose to be transgender. It is who you are.

  • Lotta Krap
    Lotta Krap Day ago

    She’s pissed as a fart

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx Day ago

    “I’m a Taurus, I am so stubborn” Literally every person on the planet talking about their star sign lollllll

  • Alexxx
    Alexxx Day ago

    Wow that is scary

  • RealBeautiful Beauty

    Nats shorts slipping down down down..

  • Johnathan pliego benitez

    James Charles is shivering gurlll!!! hhahaha

  • danielemartini

    great twerker, bad teacher

  • Erin Mason
    Erin Mason Day ago

    This low key looks like a really fun workout. And nats has the cutest tiny twerk.

  • Mikayla Nicholas

    Why are you even famous?

  • Steven Ousley II

    You'll always be my number one queen of USclip! 💜💜💜

  • MaddieBartonBeauty 629

    Check out my new vid ❤️

  • KarLee Kay
    KarLee Kay Day ago

    Omg. Trisha is an idiot. Get her out of your life Gigi. She’s just money hungry and needed clicks and views.

  • hayley blackwood

    I love you

  • Sweety Yadav
    Sweety Yadav Day ago

    The end girllllll

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    can someone pls give me the tl;dr lol or a timestamp could work too :)

  • Sweety Yadav
    Sweety Yadav Day ago

    Haahahaha love this! I can’t twerk to save my life

  • Kassie Korte
    Kassie Korte Day ago

    This video makes me realize that Gigi is white. I was fooled by the beauty and tan. But she has no rhythm. I love her even more now knowing she’s a dork ❤️

  • eeturinnee
    eeturinnee Day ago

    Jojo is literally so hot wtf 🥵

  • Brindi Lynne
    Brindi Lynne Day ago

    gigi with the bodyyyyy

  • megeliwag
    megeliwag Day ago

    I am legit nats

  • Michelle Miller

    Well... They can't twerk 😂

  • Andrew Bennett

    You can get a Uterus transplant into you in Germany.

  • Alejandro S
    Alejandro S Day ago

    I’m sorry but i don’t agree that we have to educate “ignorants”. for example, christians believe they’re right and that we (the lgbtq+ who we also think we’re the ones who are right) are mistaken and being tricked by the devil into perverting God’s plan. if we’re not a parent or professionals(doctors, teachers etc), coming straight up to someone to “educate” is not just arrogant but nobody’s job UNLESS we’re asked our opinion on a subject, like you did. people asked you what you thought and here you are but we can’t shove our beliefs to people who disagrees with us. is one’s opinion the truth JUST because it doesn’t spread hate? no. just a thought

  • Ana Dj.
    Ana Dj. Day ago


  • Johanna Weaver

    I have no words for Trish. You're a true friend. You could have dragged her big time and been totally correct in doing so but instead you're being supportive. This was very gracious of you ❤️

  • Naymarie Lugo
    Naymarie Lugo Day ago

    He's so dope dancing🔥🔥🔥I need to try the steps,looks fun.

  • jadoresephora roi

    ISSANO for everyone here...

  • Kelley Rott
    Kelley Rott Day ago

    Two words: Couple goals. Xoxo 💋

  • Janika
    Janika Day ago

    I gotta see jenna and julien do this 😂💖

  • Spookay T'is Me

    3:48 ... I'm so shook, that's almost a blackface controversy!!

  • Gemini Taylor
    Gemini Taylor Day ago

    Twerking is so overrated.

  • MaleOrderBride

    Isnt this cultural Appropriation?

  • Sara B
    Sara B Day ago

    The first video of yours I watched was a ‘what’s in my purse’ videos. I subscribed and then recognized your gold metal from jr. nationals (diving) framed and hanging on your bedroom wall. I had the same one! You’ve come so far! Xoxo

  • Funky Monkey
    Funky Monkey Day ago

    Lmao nats is just at the twerk lesson here tbh

  • Ivette Pena
    Ivette Pena Day ago

    Love the hair colour ❤️❤️

  • Angelaine Jarrett

    GIgi has a rockin body.

  • Miss No Name
    Miss No Name Day ago

    I low key at the end realize Nats had the glasses on the whole time. LOL 😆

  • JunJun Camacho

    Love it

  • Lora Wilford
    Lora Wilford Day ago

    Oh honey, going to these appointments period is dehumanizing. Going to the GYNO is dehumanizing, dewomanizing, defemanizing and makes one feel like a slab of meat in Biology lab class. Welcome to being a full on woman sweetie! You are amazing. Stay true to yourself regardless of what you think others think. You are the only one that lives in your skin.

  • Niki Apollonatos

    Gigi can’t twerk 😂

  • Whitney Holland

    You won’t ever understand what it means to be female. There’s so much more to being a woman and being a badass woman than just the hair, makeup, nails and breast surgery. As a woman I would never look up to someone so entitled.

  • Angie Melendrez

    Gigi kinda got it by the end lol get it girl! Loved this video so much

  • Melanie Bartolovich


  • Turbo Bitch
    Turbo Bitch Day ago

    The Caucasians strike again.

  • homemama1001
    homemama1001 Day ago

    Omg the guys good