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  • LARTISTE Reptile
    LARTISTE Reptile 8 months ago

    nule ta chaine


    Awesome channel dude

  • Baby Items List
    Baby Items List Year ago

    Thank you for posting all of these videos!

    GIGGLR Year ago

    Looking at the comments section makes me appreciate why Batman prefers working alone.

  • Funny pet videos
    Funny pet videos 2 years ago

    Did not know that dogs can be so intellegent

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 2 years ago

    Hello Babiez I want more plz for my niece

  • Zulema Vigetti
    Zulema Vigetti 2 years ago


  • Michael Aust
    Michael Aust 2 years ago

    Really like the videos. Is there a better way to get in contact with you to discuss a business opportunity?

  • Sarah Ribeiro
    Sarah Ribeiro 2 years ago

    tiago ferreira

    SUPER FUN 3 years ago

    Hi Dear, Please Subscribed each other to grow together Thanks for joint. I will reply back.

  • DerikDorfner
    DerikDorfner 3 years ago


  • FunToys4Kids
    FunToys4Kids 3 years ago

    Great channel. I just subscribed. You may subscribe back. Thanks and have a good day!

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 3 years ago

    Dug your shows thanks for uploading them!

    • BabiezTV
      BabiezTV 3 years ago

      +Mike Smith Thank you you for positive feedback.