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  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 5 months ago

    Come check out some Art and Tattoos

  • kyler john
    kyler john Year ago

    Where is the rwby

  • Sheldon Thompson

    how long did it take for season 4 to come out after they closed season 3,maybe it will be longer then that

  • Alexandra Lee
    Alexandra Lee Year ago

    I can wait on Volume 5 of RWBY. The quality is worth it. However, I need the Volume 4 soundtrack in my life.

  • Alexandra Lee
    Alexandra Lee Year ago

    Where is RWBY Volume 4 soundtrack? That's my jam.

  • Zach Davis
    Zach Davis Year ago

    TELL US!!!!!!!!!

    • Al Won
      Al Won Year ago

      Volume 5 starts around Fall-Winter.

  • Zach Davis
    Zach Davis Year ago

    come on make more ruby episode

  • Alannah Shields
    Alannah Shields Year ago


    • Al Won
      Al Won Year ago

      Volume 4 ended. There is no episode 13. Wait for Volume 5.

  • Paul Vogel
    Paul Vogel Year ago


    • Al Won
      Al Won Year ago

      Volume 4 ended. Wait for Volume 5.

  • williams Durand Chavez

    cuando salen los siguientes episodios de RWBY xf diganlo

  • Asami Yuki
    Asami Yuki Year ago

    grim eclipse has alot of bugs on consoles and crashes often :x

  • Raimu Spirits
    Raimu Spirits Year ago


    • Al Won
      Al Won Year ago

      Volume 4 ended. There is no episode 13. Wait for Volume 5.

  • Cyprin Esti
    Cyprin Esti Year ago

    All of us love Roster Teeth and RWBY. Please make another episode soon

  • Lily Roberts
    Lily Roberts Year ago

    Hey, in v. 5 can he have like...5 or so side episodes dedicated to Qrow's backstory and life? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gigi draws
    Gigi draws Year ago


    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel Year ago

      Volume 4 is over. You're going to have to wait. Deal with it.

  • luna neko-chan
    luna neko-chan Year ago

    Hello rooster teeth I wanted to ask you when you raised Volume 5 of RWBY

  • dudemeister25
    dudemeister25 Year ago

    Red vs blue season 15

  • dudemeister25
    dudemeister25 Year ago

    Red vs blue season 15?

  • frost ,
    frost , Year ago


  • Lisa Shears
    Lisa Shears Year ago

    hey, where are your gaming videos, seems you've made a claim for two minutes of your content on my ten year old childs first video? Please drop it, i'm getting slammed for stealing, it's not to do with money, I will have to alter the entire video, blackorchid seems to think I should give credit t o you, I didn't post it, my ten yr old kid did, first try not for money, thanks. LCShears.

  • Yandre Chan
    Yandre Chan Year ago

    what happened to rwby? ;-;

  • Joseph Farhat
    Joseph Farhat Year ago

    Need More Bold RWBY, not this softer subdued rwby version ther all covered up whats with that?

    • Joseph Farhat
      Joseph Farhat Year ago

      +Jacob Geshel no got blue rays of them. Take Yang .. That changed her figure..not talking about the arm... Her. Her body proportions have been reduced slammed it down. But if look at the cast as a hole, ther all dressed more conservative.

  • Jacob Geshel
    Jacob Geshel Year ago

    So there are apparently still some people who *somehow* don't get that Volume 4 of RWBY is over..jesus christ..

  • Shibō san
    Shibō san Year ago

    Where's RWBY Vol. 5? ;w;

  • mr curious
    mr curious Year ago

    i miss peira in rwby :[:/({[;c..............................................................btw whens season six coming out

  • f1o2x3y4 ;D
    f1o2x3y4 ;D Year ago

    is there an estimated time frame for when RWBY Volume 5 is supposed to come out?

    • Al Won
      Al Won Year ago

      Around Fall-Winter.

  • oleson99
    oleson99 Year ago

    I know they have new ideas for animated shows when a RWBY volume ends, but I wish they brought back RWBY Chibi when this last volume ended

  • RedRoonda
    RedRoonda Year ago

    I know you probably get stuff like this all the time but i wanted to just thank all of rooster teeth for being so cool and entertaining. It got me through theses last few years in dealing with extremely bad asthma and being stuck in the house cause of it. I always love watching your amazing content and laughing to the point of trying to breath. Love the GTA and minecraft stuff most, you guys are amazing and i am always watching the old content and new content everyday. :D thanks again

  • Mi Trần Ái
    Mi Trần Ái Year ago

    no monty oum>>> Rwby is dead.

    • Mi Trần Ái
      Mi Trần Ái Year ago

      rooster teeth!!! you should play demo mode in game "dream club: the best of the daughter". you should watch how to the girl fights. you will make rwby better in war.

  • Amistryn
    Amistryn Year ago

    can you do red vs blue again?

  • santiago gallego

    Im still waiting for Red Vs Blue

  • AliceInsane21
    AliceInsane21 Year ago

    Where is the new RWBY episode? Its been like 4 weeks. I need my fix!!!

  • Fluffies Buns
    Fluffies Buns Year ago


  • Jason_Hunter
    Jason_Hunter Year ago

    So I know that RWBY has stopped but this is just a random question but.....what would jaune look like with his hod up while in his Vol 4 armor?

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster Year ago

    So many reasons to cry for RWBY.

  • 0V3RL0AD
    0V3RL0AD Year ago

    we want another ep of rwby pls

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Year ago

    Is There Coming Season 5

  • SAO Blank
    SAO Blank Year ago

    we want more rwby

  • dudemeister25
    dudemeister25 Year ago

    Red vs blue season 15 trailer dropping any time soon?

  • Kris
    Kris Year ago

    i want more immersion

  • little Mage
    little Mage Year ago

    do you have a relese date on rwby chapter 5

  • AyatoTheKiller
    AyatoTheKiller Year ago

    Hey RT, The names Cody Smith. I know this may be something that everyone is asking, but I'm here for a reason that you guys might laugh at. I've been watching your RWBY series since it first came out with the red trailer (yeah I know, huge fanboy alert). Watching RWBY always made me smile, from the cute girls that wield amazing weapons, to seeing every character go their separate way, even to the small backstories everyone has. I can understand where Jaune Arc comes from because I see me like him a lot. I can be a weak guy at times. I was thinking about the next season (again, everybody is). I just wanted to know if you'd start the next season soon. I loved getting on and seeing a new episode open up to everyone. Thanks to RWBY, I finally understood my friends feelings for making weapons. So since I'm already fanboying. I'd love to hear back from you guys (and girls) about RWBY. PS, all the RT girls who play the 4 main characters I love all of your voices, you make the characters amazing. Since I'm at it too, I'd love if you'd bring some of the others back like Neptune, and some of the girls and guys that fought in the Vytal Festival (again, fanboying). I never thought I'd laugh so hard seeing team FNKY fight Weiss and Yang. Please bring them back and let the girls get together...I want to see them kick butt again.

  • Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh!

    Hey Rooster Teeth I love you guys and all but I have to ask you something extremely important!... Why did you claim my channel without asking me?

  • Michael Sanft
    Michael Sanft Year ago

    So, ah, volume 4 ... lots of things happened. Totally wasn't twelve episodes of them just, walking. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful they continue to make it, It's just that, _maybe_, the season could've been condensed into, say, one episode.

  • Damien Colburn
    Damien Colburn Year ago

    When is volume 5 going to be released.

    JASMUNDO Year ago


    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel Year ago

      Jesus Christ..*Volume 4 is over*. Not sure how people havn't figured this out by now.

    JASMUNDO Year ago

    WHEN IS CHAPTER 7 ON RWBY !!!!!!?????

    • mikebuscus
      mikebuscus Year ago

      dude you are way ahead volume 5 hasnt been released yet slow down buddy!!! :)

  • Rose
    Rose Year ago

    Is social disorder ever coming back? And if so, when!?

  • Tania Cobb
    Tania Cobb Year ago

    cow chop

  • Paul Vogel
    Paul Vogel Year ago


  • Debra Francis
    Debra Francis Year ago

    Can we get a rwby channel? it would make it so much easier to find the rwby videos

    • Debra Francis
      Debra Francis Year ago

      Thats very nice but it would be nice to just have a rwby channel like red vs blue and others have theirs. that is why I suggested it.

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel Year ago

      Then just look at the channel playlists. There are a lot of them but the RWBY playlists aren't that hard to find. Hell, if you just scroll down on the main RT channel page theres litteraly a "RWBY: Binge the full series" playlist that has every single episode released so far.

    • Debra Francis
      Debra Francis Year ago

      Actually it does not. I would not be saying that if it were true. It may happen for you but it doesn't for me.

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel Year ago

      Just searched "RWBY Volume 3 Chapter 1" as an example in the USclip search bar. First thing that came up was the actual episode. Just saying.

    • Debra Francis
      Debra Francis Year ago

      It is when u get alot of peoples reviews. Plus other roosterteeth stuff has a channel, why cant rwby?

  • dudemeister25
    dudemeister25 Year ago

    When is red vs blue season 15 trailer going to drop?

    • mikebuscus
      mikebuscus Year ago

      I know I cant wait For RVSB season 15

  • Roxy
    Roxy Year ago

    what happpened to the rwby playlist

  • FireFreeze
    FireFreeze Year ago

    th season 4 of RWBY is over ?

    • Al Won
      Al Won Year ago

      yes, episode 12 was season finale.

  • joshua storm
    joshua storm Year ago


    • Al Won
      Al Won Year ago

      Never. Because volume 4 is over.

  • Adtrl the dragonic gamer

    Please don't forget Rwby Volume 4 Episode 13. :(

    • Human Being
      Human Being Year ago

      Yeah, sometime around Fall (unless they say otherwise).

    • Adtrl the dragonic gamer
      Adtrl the dragonic gamer Year ago

      Oh. I didn't know that, thanks. So I take it they're moving to Volume Five of RWBY?

    • Human Being
      Human Being Year ago

      They didn't forget. Cause volume 4 ended on episode 12. Similar to how volume 3 and 2 ended on episode 12.

  • sebastian munguia

    Its been 2 weeks. When are you gonna show the next rwby episode?

    • Human Being
      Human Being Year ago

      In the fall when Volume 5 premieres.

  • Wxlfy
    Wxlfy Year ago

    Wheres RvB Season 15 at? When will it happen if it does?

  • Lwazi_NK47
    Lwazi_NK47 Year ago

    Anyone know when volume 5 of RWBY comes?

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster Year ago

    Will there be a volume 5 of RWBY.

  • David Hurley
    David Hurley Year ago

    Patiently awaiting ch4, ep13. post an ETA when available

    • David Hurley
      David Hurley Year ago

      Thanks for the reply

    • Human Being
      Human Being Year ago

      For RWBY? There's only 12 episodes per volume (volume 1 being the exception).

  • Codey Wynne
    Codey Wynne Year ago

    I want to see an Immersion episode where Achievement Hunter and/or Funhaus has to defend a structure using Nerf guns. Like in Rainbow Six Siege, COD zombies or even Gears of Wars horde mode, etc.

    • Codey Wynne
      Codey Wynne Year ago

      I know they already did a zombies episode, but how funny would it be if the defenders/attackers who are not the Lab Rats, armed with Paintball/Air-soft guns shooting them!!!!

  • joshua henry
    joshua henry Year ago

    more rwby more rwby

  • Courtney T
    Courtney T Year ago

    so when is the new episode(s) of rwby coming out? only "no safe haven" is out. where are the new ones?

  • halo reach
    halo reach Year ago

    big fan names david

  • Brothers GAMER
    Brothers GAMER Year ago


  • Kris DemonSlayer

    Please make a RWBY Volume 5! :3 I LOVE the series so much Rooster Teeth :)

  • Cronopoly
    Cronopoly Year ago

    Is there some plot at all to RWBY this season?

  • Anime Lover555
    Anime Lover555 Year ago

    I WANT RWBY!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Mueller

    where is the new rwby episode

    • Jennifer Mueller
      Jennifer Mueller Year ago

      ok then when will they upload a new rwby video

    • Human Being
      Human Being Year ago

      There are only 12 episodes per volume (minus volume 1 but it's a special case). Volume 4 ended on episode 12.

  • panda
    panda Year ago

    i've been subscribed to Rooster Teeth for 4 years and then USclip unsubscribed me

  • Cesar Loza
    Cesar Loza Year ago

    Where is rwby chibi

  • Laurinski
    Laurinski Year ago

    Wait a second...RWBY: Binge the full series... WHY!?

  • Chris Gamesons
    Chris Gamesons Year ago

    now that all the questions of RWBY season 4 are gone, where is season 5? im completely stuck into this animation for days now ._.

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel Year ago

      You do realise it takes time to make more, right? Volume 4 just ended recently.

  • James Yuen
    James Yuen Year ago

    red vs blue pls

  • Zeronix The Gamer

    Rooster Teeth,when you make new season of RWBY, add the living armor of the slain hunter.

  • Jack skelepun
    Jack skelepun Year ago

    This might be a stupid question but in RWBY do Yangs eyes turn blue-ish when she's sad?

  • William Zimmerman

    wheres the podcast *gasp*

  • josyrum wakefield

    hey so I know this comment is a long shot, but this is a comment for jeff Williams, I was just wondering if theres going to be a red like roses part 3, I love the songs just as much as the show

  • Eugene D
    Eugene D Year ago

    You guys should play Carmageddon: Max Damage. Would be goddamn hilarious.

  • windex bread
    windex bread Year ago


  • windex bread
    windex bread Year ago


  • Jacob K
    Jacob K Year ago

    Say, legitimate question not trying to be one of "those guys" Does anyone know if X-Ray and Vav has been cancelled/officially ended? I know Ray left the company but everyone was saying he would still do voicework and things like that. Did it fall through or was it *only* for season 2? I'm kind of sad we didn't get to see CorPirate come back as Yarrrrgirita. :/

  • lrrlamb
    lrrlamb Year ago

    where da rwby for saturday ;-;

  • Daniel Hounshell

    Does anyone know when volume 5 of RWBY comes out?

  • RandomTalking
    RandomTalking Year ago

    This is Troubleshooting... Whenever I go to watch a video on your channel and ad will pop up play the video for 1 sec then play another ad then start another video for 1 sec...... y does this happen

  • Tiago Jesus
    Tiago Jesus Year ago

    Is it me or is the warthog music in Episode 6 (season 1) is slightly different than other seasons?

  • Digby Ross
    Digby Ross Year ago

    camp camp? (I know an episode hasn't come out in 8 months, but it was funny.)

  • Roshni Miñoza
    Roshni Miñoza Year ago

    Where is RWBY Volume 5????!?!?!?!!??!?!

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel Year ago

      Volume 4 just ended. Believe it or not it takes time to make more.

  • Azure Sunbourne
    Azure Sunbourne Year ago

    No RWBY today? (Feb. 18, 2017)

  • Grainne Moyer
    Grainne Moyer Year ago

    volume 5

  • D.turtle gaming
    D.turtle gaming Year ago

    Is RWBY going to have a volume 5 ever?

  • pokemon56761
    pokemon56761 Year ago

    challenge: do 1. only 1 rwby episode as a 360 video

  • Waylon Burkett
    Waylon Burkett Year ago

  • Four Color Nerds

    Dear Rooster Teeth I am a huge fan of your work Mainly RWBY and Red Vs Blue they are so amazing and even when you guys game like when Michael Jones plays games that are fun to him I really feel bad when he is playing games that make him rage please give him my dear apologies I also wanna thank the cast from RWBY for doing an amazing job and how well they did on finishing volume 4 so excited for the next one the last thing I wanted to say to all of you is thank you for making me smile and cry when I watched your videos you guys are amazing and fun never stop doing what you love I wish you all the best of Luck but sadly I gotta 'YANG' with my friends I hope to see and or hear more from you all in your videos next time bye :D

  • SummonedSnake
    SummonedSnake Year ago

    more red vs blue i am addicted anyone please

  • 1990skelly
    1990skelly Year ago

    That moment when you've been watching rooster teeth for two years and you just realize that their name is Rooster teeth...

  • Nina Tiels
    Nina Tiels Year ago

    I am an amputee. I am missing half of my right hand. when I binge watched RWBY season 4, I couldnt stop smiling. it all fit.. watching yang dealing with her injuries felt right to me.. and when she finaly put on the prosthetic and found how it worked... I had to grin. I pick up my own prosthetics on friday, after 3 years waiting. and her father told her all that I would be telling her. what I learned from my own inuries. thank you so much for this season. you have no idea how well touched me and helped me. please keep up the good work. and I cant wait to see how chibi season 2 and rwby season 5 turn out. please keep up the great work and keep inspiring us

    • Alexandra Lee
      Alexandra Lee Year ago

      Why doesn't this heartfelt comment have more likes?

    • OtakuBozu
      OtakuBozu Year ago

      Having helped Nina after their injury, I was admittedly worried about how they would react to this volume's portrayal of Yang's efforts to cope with her amputation *and* to cope with PTSD. I needn't have worried. Your portrayal was both accurate and respectful of disabled people. Hats off to you, RoosterTeeth!

  • ThePro808
    ThePro808 Year ago

    ay i just noticed its the year of the rooster on a chinese calendar

  • Hotake28
    Hotake28 Year ago

    Hello Rooster Teeth i have a question do you think that you will do a other saison of : Million Dollars, But... ??? Because I really enjoy this series and also really good ending for the volume 4 of RWBY. So have a nice day and continue the good work :D !!!!