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  • Devonious K
    Devonious K 2 hours ago

    Can we just get some appreciation for the music on the first clip

  • Aaron Kirk
    Aaron Kirk 3 hours ago

    I really enjoyed this video.

  • T&C Handyman
    T&C Handyman 3 hours ago

    This is the beginning of the end ozpin

  • Kristen Marie Perry
    Kristen Marie Perry 3 hours ago

    Fun fact! David after dentist is now in college!

  • Nick KIllam
    Nick KIllam 3 hours ago

    Hey Chris, when you are playing dead you should really keep your eyes closed.

  • Okeirany
    Okeirany 3 hours ago

    Jaune: Where am I supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to?! Pyrrha: *becomes exist*

  • lebutzki
    lebutzki 3 hours ago

    Have people send you stuff, then make videos about it. Gotta love that free content.

  • Jennipher Mitchell
    Jennipher Mitchell 3 hours ago

    Blake's book; foreshadowing

  • iDrawTooMuch
    iDrawTooMuch 3 hours ago

    do you think pink hair girl vs Yang looks like Melanie Martinez???

  • Treyku
    Treyku 3 hours ago

    Ever heard of the one-handed push up? Now get ready for the N O H A N D E D P U S H U P

  • Instantly down
    Instantly down 4 hours ago


  • Instantly down
    Instantly down 4 hours ago

    3:15 yes its gluten free okay

    N8UR NURD 4 hours ago

    "She is so talented."

    TINOGAMER 4 hours ago

    They didn’t naruto run at the start

  • sunshine /
    sunshine / 4 hours ago

    Black and yellow ahahah wingk winhk

  • blackdra2000
    blackdra2000 4 hours ago

    Screwattack evolved to...... rooster teeth mon

  • patrickguyum
    patrickguyum 5 hours ago

    There's some strong drunk tank talking about food the entire time vibes going on

  • flare rice
    flare rice 5 hours ago

    when new rwby coming out

  • Lessassin
    Lessassin 5 hours ago

    *Nooooo!!! Blake blush on Sun but i ship Yang and Blake ;-;*

  • Mikuno
    Mikuno 5 hours ago

    *little baby Duck hatches* Me: Now thats adorable *Little duck gets eaten* Me: NOOOOOOOOOOO

  • vanish
    vanish 5 hours ago

    0:43 i have obsessed with it ok?

  • Adam Harris
    Adam Harris 5 hours ago

    I actually am sad knowing what happens to pyrrha...

  • MsKat
    MsKat 5 hours ago

    After living with the same people for 4 years the open door policy just naturally occurs on its own at some point. At the end of the day we aren't seeing anything new.

  • Michael Rickman
    Michael Rickman 5 hours ago

    Nacogdoches is not south of Austin just so everyone knows

  • Raphael Loh
    Raphael Loh 5 hours ago

    My best friends from childhood keep asking me for money, which I don't mind if I had the money... but now they owe me a total of $1,200, and became completely dependant on me, so I cut them off!

  • Alrock 024
    Alrock 024 6 hours ago

    Punkelmans hair looks tight! Is that an under braid happening or what?

  • The Original Spaghettio

    I-I’m n-not crying- Y-You are! ;w;

  • Brooklyn McGilligan
    Brooklyn McGilligan 6 hours ago


  • oh no
    oh no 7 hours ago

    Diabe-deez nuts

  • PixlrEdn
    PixlrEdn 7 hours ago

    if petrol didnt keep interrupting then they could've lost easily

  • Soul Seeker
    Soul Seeker 8 hours ago

    Tucker: You’ve got to be the worst wingman ever. Caboose: ... of all time. Hmm, wonder where he heard that from.

  • Comic Strider
    Comic Strider 8 hours ago


  • Michael J. Caboose
    Michael J. Caboose 8 hours ago

    Should’ve given Florida a better fight scene where he gets up and all and takes a head off with the axe

  • Martin Carbajal
    Martin Carbajal 8 hours ago

    Baba is sweating from trying to extract all the demons from burnies body

  • Justine Taylor
    Justine Taylor 8 hours ago

    Blaine shows no fear and smiles and steps forward to try to take that whip from Barbra when she starts to go a little wild. So cute.

  • mexicanPANa
    mexicanPANa 8 hours ago

    First USclip series I got into, favorite thing ever!

  • Amber Rezabek
    Amber Rezabek 9 hours ago

    Geoff's laugh at 48:00 is officially my new favorite sound

  • MHArcadia
    MHArcadia 9 hours ago

    Jump-o-Lenius Caesar

  • Eddy S
    Eddy S 9 hours ago

    I think that's how AH would want it to go out

  • Jared Winkle
    Jared Winkle 9 hours ago

    @ letsplay BRING BACK PONGOOOOOOO!!!

  • Hiei2k7
    Hiei2k7 9 hours ago

    I bet it tasted like yeast and smashed cheez-its

  • Flakey
    Flakey 9 hours ago

    1:44 Did Pyrrha just go cross eyed

  • Exasperaties
    Exasperaties 10 hours ago

    This is such a perfect nostalgia fest.

  • DefendTheStars
    DefendTheStars 10 hours ago

    Fun Fact: Little Sheep Hot Pot closed. RIP.

  • Wacky Ecofarm
    Wacky Ecofarm 10 hours ago

    church says Goddamnit yang but not caboose *sad caboose noises*

  • Stacey
    Stacey 10 hours ago

    I'm a little sad they didn't use it as a group napping zone xD

  • collin Driscoll
    collin Driscoll 10 hours ago

    Gus I'm probably the only person my age (22) that's watched song of the south it's such a good movie I'm glad it was part of my childhood

  • James King
    James King 10 hours ago

    7:05: everyone laughing at Jaune for wearing a dress for no entire reason Me: JAUNE HAS MUSSELS? no wander he took a Ersa grim's head of with one strike of his sword

  • missthingR
    missthingR 10 hours ago

    He just got ROASTED!!!And the guy at 6:13 he is just like thanos.

    IIKHALAII 11 hours ago

    rewatching from the beginning and I just realized that what Blake's book was about was a hidden clue.

  • Darnel Malcolm
    Darnel Malcolm 11 hours ago

    44:00 Like yall know we hangout in Discord servers right XD

  • Courtney Vermoens
    Courtney Vermoens 11 hours ago

    > Geoff gets a promotion > Rooster Teeth starts destroying things with swords I should have seen that coming.

  • Andy Davis
    Andy Davis 11 hours ago

    Who else is hear from the new VR Help Wanted vids?

  • William Kirk
    William Kirk 11 hours ago

    Come on guys! You're doing it wrong! This cant be a rip off of AHWU as you guys are enjoying it way too much.

  • Nicky
    Nicky 11 hours ago

    Is Adam here spoken by the same voice actor like in the actual series ? His voice sounds a bit off to me. Maybe just my imagination. =/

  • Kiere Pringle
    Kiere Pringle 11 hours ago

    When's the part that got animated

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star 11 hours ago

    I'm here only for fighting scene XD

  • beefeebrillate
    beefeebrillate 11 hours ago


  • rebecca trisko
    rebecca trisko 12 hours ago

    Sooo outer wild is just poptropica for adults from what I can gather... right?

  • Pikachu18
    Pikachu18 12 hours ago

    Taiyang Xiao Long: Okay, now what do you do next? Ruby Rose: Floor it? Taiyang Xiao Long: Yes... no, no! Don't floor it! Ruby Rose: Floor it! Taiyang Xiao Long: No, no, don't, don't floor it. Ruby Rose: OKAY, FLOOR IT!! 3:50 Taiyang Xiao Long: Oh, Ruby, why?

  • Radiant Silver Labs
    Radiant Silver Labs 12 hours ago

    yay i worked on vice city in 2000 ;)

  • Jack Dunn
    Jack Dunn 12 hours ago

    Need more people half paying attention and more moonballs

  • Ash Heaven
    Ash Heaven 12 hours ago

    Cardin: “Ah! My head! I use that sometimes!”

  • Ash Heaven
    Ash Heaven 12 hours ago

    Ninja catgirl librarians...

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy 12 hours ago

    He droped the soap lol 0:42

  • Brooklyn McGilligan
    Brooklyn McGilligan 12 hours ago

    What's there for fun in this town? *Literally Sells Electronics*

  • PEN Penmiia
    PEN Penmiia 12 hours ago

    10:00 Holy Why is Davids laugh so CUTEEEE

  • Alex Julius
    Alex Julius 12 hours ago

    Oh wow they stayed and destroyed a gift from achivement Hunter, shouldn't they realize by now especially as after heist that there will be retrabution

  • Renegade Pyro
    Renegade Pyro 12 hours ago

    Chris’s apartment is surprisingly really nice

  • Sean Richards
    Sean Richards 12 hours ago

    Nora "no more cookies" Also Nora *has a diet of exclusively pancakes*

  • Ash Heaven
    Ash Heaven 12 hours ago

    *Ninja taxi!*

  • The One Millionth Roger

    Jeez, Austin is worse than France with pronunciations

  • shesaysdisco
    shesaysdisco 12 hours ago

    This just means that Mariel needs her swords back... 😉

  • Thread Bomb
    Thread Bomb 12 hours ago

    Unimpressed Blaine is my spirit animal.

  • Sheila Ok
    Sheila Ok 12 hours ago

    Can you survive this round?

  • JMad
    JMad 12 hours ago

    The whole compass part reminded me of the achievement hunter minecraft video when Jeremey couldnt figure out where north was

  • Samuel Palardy
    Samuel Palardy 12 hours ago

    A very achievement hunter thing to do

  • Hana Lee
    Hana Lee 13 hours ago

    Unrestrained Happiness, Support, and Love, contained in 5 seconds 2:00

    ΜΙΛΩ ΑΚΟΥΩ 13 hours ago

    [Spoiler Alert!] I really wish the developers don't forget how awesome Pyrrha is. She NEEDS to have at least one final fight; perhaps temporarily resurrected by the god of light to fight Salem and to say proper goodbyes to Jaune. PLEASE don't waste that opportunity, CRWBY!

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy 13 hours ago

    Why not...ya know....ask for a bathroom key?

  • Scrubs Mackenzie
    Scrubs Mackenzie 13 hours ago

    Can't even talk about stores without bringing up trump. But yea the audience is the problem

  • BraniusBalki
    BraniusBalki 13 hours ago

    Sucked my whole map in...

  • Scrubs Mackenzie
    Scrubs Mackenzie 13 hours ago

    Burnie was the only reason to listen.

  • Majora's Mask N64 Link

    Thank you XDDD c:

  • Sheila Ok
    Sheila Ok 13 hours ago

    Just curious

  • Bec 6054
    Bec 6054 13 hours ago

    *sigh* “Get the Hazmat suits...”

  • BraniusBalki
    BraniusBalki 13 hours ago

    Is that Gus as a woman posing for a calendar?

  • Platoon Goon
    Platoon Goon 13 hours ago

    24:00 That's called central air, that's what you're looking for when it controls both ways.

  • Yo Itz Eevee
    Yo Itz Eevee 13 hours ago

    hold up- what if when max said “Huh?” at 4:36 is because he genuinely had no idea what nikki was talking about because he’s never felt that before due to his terrible parents?

  • June Whareaitu
    June Whareaitu 13 hours ago

    Me: *sees Bonquisha's door number* *NICE*

  • YaksenPushMongo
    YaksenPushMongo 13 hours ago

    Here because of the new VR videos

  • Murillo Presents
    Murillo Presents 14 hours ago

    October 2019 anyone?? >>>

    CROSSx RECON 14 hours ago

    I love seeing an AH video, and then it crossing over into RT Core

  • AceTrainer44
    AceTrainer44 14 hours ago

    "Alright, get the hazmat suits." An appropriate response for anything in regards to AH

  • joku180
    joku180 14 hours ago

    Ended in achievement hunter like fashion

  • 559 559 14 hours ago


  • 559 559 14 hours ago

    I forgot I read lactose intolerant 6:18