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  • CollidedGeneration
    CollidedGeneration 4 hours ago

    6:57 literally only reason I clicked.

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 4 hours ago

    I love this. A serious and skilled game show. I love it. Keep making it please

  • awhiteguy24
    awhiteguy24 4 hours ago

    8:30 what’s this game called?

  • punched slinkey
    punched slinkey 5 hours ago

    Wow get to know I'm not the only one with an affinity for weapons.

  • Tim Slack
    Tim Slack 5 hours ago

    All the ladies are out of the office, then why are you there Jon?

  • Datju
    Datju 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who remembers Geoff telling that story of the guy in the Denny’s during a let’s play?

  • Braeden Fraser
    Braeden Fraser 5 hours ago

    I like Ruby's voice more when it’s deeper like this

  • ping pong
    ping pong 5 hours ago

    oh key of awesome guy

  • Vita Necro
    Vita Necro 5 hours ago

    Wow 15m views on the cusp of episode 400

  • deathripper12345
    deathripper12345 5 hours ago

    lil J saying simple geoff had me dying

  • Creepy.B Stanbtsbtw
    Creepy.B Stanbtsbtw 5 hours ago

    Honestly, better than the volume 7 shipping.

  • Angel the dog
    Angel the dog 5 hours ago

    Red vs blue is sooooo good and funny

  • Jonas May
    Jonas May 5 hours ago

    I started watching RT when i was 7... This was one of my first videos..... Im turning 18 next year.

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose 5 hours ago


  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose 5 hours ago


  • No Name
    No Name 5 hours ago

    I got the last round right before they even told the stories

  • Arceus Lord of Creation

    This is exactly how Yang would react to Baby Yoda Because Yang and Barbra are basically the same person

  • duh dum
    duh dum 6 hours ago

    Not sponsored... pooperie is amazing its ridiculous how well it works

  • lovethegames97
    lovethegames97 6 hours ago boy....

  • Shua T
    Shua T 6 hours ago

    Anyone know what the video is they watched to try and rein-act, I have no idea what to search for but i want to see what they were to supposed to have done =(

  • Entropy
    Entropy 6 hours ago

    I've been playing wow with a friend for over a year now and I showed them this video to show them how far they've come

  • Old Wolf Logan
    Old Wolf Logan 6 hours ago

    These guys play DnD too? Just when I thought they couldn't get any more awesome. What classes do they play, I wonder?

  • Sarah Tries
    Sarah Tries 6 hours ago

    I feel like I watch too much achievement hunter since I knew the hair salon story

  • TheInzanevideos
    TheInzanevideos 6 hours ago

    Jeff totally told two of those stories on podcasts through the years.

  • Oliver C
    Oliver C 6 hours ago

    Andy disapproves of this title

  • Raphael H.
    Raphael H. 6 hours ago

    Who’s still here :(

  • Bethlehem Retuya
    Bethlehem Retuya 6 hours ago

    Ruby laughs like a witch No offense

  • Max Matteson
    Max Matteson 6 hours ago

    I feel like Jeremy is too busy playing the game instead of hosting it

  • Grim Graybeard
    Grim Graybeard 6 hours ago

    Since you asked on AHWU. New show is great. Is there anyway you can get Geoff on for every single episode? Looking forward to Jack (contestant) Vs Ryan (Deceiver)

  • chewbacca7775
    chewbacca7775 6 hours ago

    I so wanted Chad to be the one with the item in the box and he had to eat the taco on screen.

  • GuitarHeroAero
    GuitarHeroAero 7 hours ago

    Emile: "Crevice to the east" Caboose: "Crust is made with yeast."

  • Covo Converged
    Covo Converged 7 hours ago

    It's Barbra which means PUUUUNS and amazingly terrible ones

  • Eztargut 2 Zero
    Eztargut 2 Zero 7 hours ago

    Inbox more like cringe box

  • Eztargut 2 Zero
    Eztargut 2 Zero 7 hours ago

    All hail Achievement Hunter

  • Red Runnergy
    Red Runnergy 7 hours ago


  • its lexi howyoudoing

    Did anyone notice that when Daniel grabbed Nikki and Neil he was just staring at max the whole time

  • The Autistic Cowboy
    The Autistic Cowboy 7 hours ago

    How does no one know how to say "Bowie" right? It's Boo-ie. Come on!

  • giuliana dean
    giuliana dean 7 hours ago

    wait... so this is just an american version of would i lie to you. Love RT but seems like a bit of a copy cat move

  • Joseph Dunleavy
    Joseph Dunleavy 7 hours ago

    Neptune is literally ninja



  • John Dane
    John Dane 8 hours ago

    The question is, did the event actually happen for anyone. Or is the whole show a lie. We the audience dont know.

  • Amalia Kay
    Amalia Kay 8 hours ago

    I need a close up of that map... Because it's so bad, I want one, why are countries and islands missing?

  • Skye Strawbridge
    Skye Strawbridge 8 hours ago

    I’ve begun to love Fiona

  • Kely Liquid
    Kely Liquid 8 hours ago

    Isn't great to be different, isn't wonderful to be exactly who you are

  • EsteFernandez
    EsteFernandez 8 hours ago

    This is so good original content

  • Mehdi Sadr
    Mehdi Sadr 8 hours ago

    Freakin Gavin wasting a masterball!!! Dumb lol

  • Lilly~Anne
    Lilly~Anne 8 hours ago

    H a h a h a . . . Harry Potter refrence at 4:40 Edit: AND at 6:27

  • Andrew Prusik
    Andrew Prusik 8 hours ago

    Rewatching this because of the Halo Reach on PC release! So many good memories

  • anthony tither
    anthony tither 8 hours ago

    Seems weird seeing Jeremy being so into a rooster teeth game show and not just being the drunken archangel of chaos

  • ZappierBuzz4
    ZappierBuzz4 8 hours ago

    Elise: I dont trust Chris Chris: *Waluigi noises*

  • Toby Fav
    Toby Fav 8 hours ago

    you should have a nerf war against AH

  • TheNineDivides
    TheNineDivides 8 hours ago

    Do you need two people for this or? I hit the button but didnt see the other one behind the box?

  • Mehdi Sadr
    Mehdi Sadr 8 hours ago

    Anakin made C-3PO 🤦And Barbara has a Star Wars Shirt on to 🤦🤦🤦

  • gotshotdown
    gotshotdown 8 hours ago

    I want Jon’s shirt. Where can I buy?

  • Kaore
    Kaore 9 hours ago

    If Burnie or Gus walked in then the video would have been ten times better.

  • Subangelis Gaming
    Subangelis Gaming 9 hours ago

    It's probably nerves, but Jeremy is blabbering a little bit when locking in the audience answers. Add a sound effect for the locking, and he can just move on. Additionally, add a small inbox to the side of the desk for the envelopes instead of pulling them out of his pocket.

  • Craig Day
    Craig Day 9 hours ago

    I was trying to do *Abandon ship* and I didn’t know but now Thanks

  • Shawn4815162342
    Shawn4815162342 9 hours ago

    more Dutch! Dutch all the time!! DUTCH!!!

  • ishi Joshi
    ishi Joshi 9 hours ago

    Such an lovely title

  • Burton Hohman
    Burton Hohman 9 hours ago

    Geoff has told that salon story before right? I swear I’ve heard it before

  • Why am i here ?
    Why am i here ? 9 hours ago

    Omg i kinda ship Illia and Blake now

  • Cody Pence
    Cody Pence 9 hours ago

    Geoff has definitely told both the Deny's story and the hair salon story in the past in pretty sure haha

  • ColonelDrax
    ColonelDrax 9 hours ago

    I feel deceived with this applause

  • Seth Fisher
    Seth Fisher 9 hours ago

    Imagine when they made this. They had NO idea what this game would become.

    • Seth Fisher
      Seth Fisher 9 hours ago

      They compared it to assassins creed. Afraid that it AC would compete with it

  • •》 Ysgrov 《•

    "My mom just got pregnant," *HOW IS DAVID SUPPOSED TO GET PREGNANT*

  • SafeyPants
    SafeyPants 9 hours ago

    I knew Geoff was telling the truth because he told his stories years ago on the podcast. Back when it was audio only.

  • BushidoBrownSama
    BushidoBrownSama 9 hours ago

    1:16 The calendar loses a precious component

  • Elena Quigley
    Elena Quigley 9 hours ago

    As soon as both Fiona and Chad said they were allowed to mix "the bleaches and stuff" rather than calling it color and when neither claimed to be an actual stylist i was like !!!!!!! guesss its geoff

  • Symphonia30
    Symphonia30 9 hours ago

    Look whose talking Blake

  • Lauren W.
    Lauren W. 9 hours ago

    *i really just don’t understand the huge hype of Baby Yoda, mostly because I’m very poor and can’t afford Disney +* 😂

  • Depressed Trashcan
    Depressed Trashcan 9 hours ago

    Can i please see Penny using laser eyes in the actual series

  • Novae Rog
    Novae Rog 10 hours ago


  • SnowyCreeper
    SnowyCreeper 10 hours ago

    I kinda wish they had a little animation to go with the CHUMP sound effect they have that would like “crash” onto the screen. I absolutely love chump, and I can’t wait for the next episode

  • Noah Hascall
    Noah Hascall 10 hours ago

    HAPPY SHARED BIRTHDAY GEOFF! I didn't realize you were also born on june 19th!

  • Keaton Treadway
    Keaton Treadway 10 hours ago

    Absolutely love Fiona is new haircut

  • anegwa
    anegwa 10 hours ago

    Bathroom being your meme is way better than moonballs. Less destructive too

  • K Lea
    K Lea 10 hours ago

    I want to see Burnie or Muriel on here lol but i low key would totally love to see Ray on a show like this :D

  • Eris Gg
    Eris Gg 10 hours ago

    You've truly become a part of the group when you join in the antics :)

  • Kiminari
    Kiminari 10 hours ago

    Whenever I miss Monty I come back to the opening scene. It's my favorite noment in RWBY

    JAKIA MIM 10 hours ago

    Yang + Blake = Bumblebee Ruby + Blake = Ladybug That’s all I got from Ruby yelling formations/strategies.

  • Moonbox Films
    Moonbox Films 10 hours ago

    Has no one talked about the fan art of Jon with the bi flag as a background?

  • •》 Ysgrov 《•
    •》 Ysgrov 《• 10 hours ago


  • Farlan
    Farlan 10 hours ago

    I really hope Jeremy gets to keep making this show he's clearly having a lot of fun with it and it's already super entertaining just for its first couple episodes so I'm excited to see how much more it improves over a season or two. Plus I'm a huge fan of Would I Lie To You? and this really reminds me of it

  • Hunter Bigge
    Hunter Bigge 10 hours ago

    Anyway to get these maps on the new pc version?

  • MrJayJayTheRocker
    MrJayJayTheRocker 10 hours ago

    Geoff definitely told that hair salon story before right? I could have SWORN he has

  • Everything Reckless
    Everything Reckless 10 hours ago

    So anyone want to enlighten me on what is happening to rooster teeth. I havent watched in about 7 months and came back to Geoff almost in tears on one of the last podcasts. Wtf happened.

    • anegwa
      anegwa 9 hours ago

      Commenting to hear the vitriol

  • Alexander Yourkin
    Alexander Yourkin 10 hours ago

    Blaine's Bane voice did turn into Bill Cosby. That was very funny

  • Dax Butterworth
    Dax Butterworth 10 hours ago

    John: I have a conflict with Blaine. Blaine: *pulls uno reverse card

  • Naruto
    Naruto 10 hours ago

    After this episode i started calling my own dog just dog instead of his name

  • Luna Gale
    Luna Gale 10 hours ago

    Listen, Geoff was obvious to me because the qualifications needed for hair salons are actually really high. The fact the other two even mentioned mixing the chemicals ESPECIALLY Fiona when they didn't have any qualifications for it. Plus, Geoff is older than them. The idea that they hire someone to sweep hair and clean makes much more sense in Geoff's economy than the other two

  • William LaMassa
    William LaMassa 10 hours ago

    Great changes, made the last game much easier to play

  • gravion227
    gravion227 10 hours ago

    Already waiting for the inevitable live rtx chump showing cause you know its gonna happen.

  • Naruto
    Naruto 10 hours ago

    2:41 funniest moment in my opinion

  • Slo Motifs
    Slo Motifs 10 hours ago

    He's doing it wrong, he has to look the same direction the woman is

  • vawlkus
    vawlkus 10 hours ago

    I could've sworn the furry thing was Geoff. Definitely sounds like something that'd happen to him :D