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Mowgs - Birds | Link Up TV
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Armz - Lemon | Link Up TV
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  • Ernesto D. Moreno
    Ernesto D. Moreno 22 minutes ago

    Im glad I don't have to worry about condoms now lol

  • Sonia Massage
    Sonia Massage 29 minutes ago

    nice video

  • Don Jay
    Don Jay 31 minute ago

    #You either with me or I’m on my own ting.. I can relate big up yourself T4 check out jungle professor green and jimmy papes no fraud all supporting

  • Daniel Warne
    Daniel Warne 41 minute ago

    Not very original. very Mediocre.

  • Stevoxcv
    Stevoxcv Hour ago

    Dimss dance at the end too wavy! Dope track

  • Lakers 1
    Lakers 1 Hour ago

    That Asian man ruined it

  • Joshua Tristan
    Joshua Tristan 2 hours ago

    This shit addicting

  • Arbaaz Syed
    Arbaaz Syed 2 hours ago

    Jheeezz 🔥🔥🔥 okkk

  • Aadam Hassan
    Aadam Hassan 2 hours ago

    Boccles verse hard, tracks wavy

  • G 1
    G 1 2 hours ago

    He's back

  • Kaamil Mudhie
    Kaamil Mudhie 3 hours ago

    Blazerrrr come with fire on this one

  • wass k
    wass k 3 hours ago

    Still goes in after all these years

  • Cillian Flynn
    Cillian Flynn 3 hours ago

    Yh that’s me 🔥🤘🏻

  • That Kid Malachi
    That Kid Malachi 3 hours ago

    Pretty then but damn puberty done you well 😮

  • Ronald Quijije Marquez

    Fernando Franco te digo me gusta

  • Caide Online
    Caide Online 4 hours ago

    Tremaine the GOAT

  • Omar Hussain
    Omar Hussain 4 hours ago

    Remix this one and drop riz1 serious!!!! Put peeman and caps onit dont let this tune go to waste bruddah!!!!! Fuck all this love shit business is business!!! Youknowaaaaiiisaayyyiiiinnn!! 😂

  • Omar Hussain
    Omar Hussain 4 hours ago

    Riz1 fuking ruined this track!!! Fuck sakes wasted the whole tune!!! Screwin lol peeman wudda shut it down

  • roumman Harris
    roumman Harris 4 hours ago

    Haters will always be lowlifes and hate , MOWGLI BEST IN BRUM KEEP DOING YOU MY F**KIN BRO

  • rap trap
    rap trap 4 hours ago

    Good rap bro check mine out g

  • Tallybadboy Taylor
    Tallybadboy Taylor 4 hours ago

    Tally ant racist tally hates everyone 😂😂🔥🔥

  • Joy Jay
    Joy Jay 4 hours ago

    Cause we make giggs blow like Spen !! Only south Londoners may get that 💫💫💫

  • streetordeentv
    streetordeentv 4 hours ago

    this song = I'm a Muslims who sells drugs and destroys Allah creation and I'm proud of it and disobeying Allah, so I made this song to tell the world even though I know Allah is the All seeing and All hearing but I don't give a dammm

  • Kellog Krunch
    Kellog Krunch 4 hours ago


  • K
    K 4 hours ago

    this to being on main stage in Reading mad guy yanno

  • Jermain Miles
    Jermain Miles 5 hours ago

    "I swear the Deens got what no one has to offer but we chase the Dunya still and not the Hereafter" 💯

  • streetordeentv
    streetordeentv 5 hours ago

    Muslims proudly boasting about about disobeying Allah and all the sins they do that Allah said not, to as a convert/revert who came to the conclusion Islam was the truth in jail, all I see a group of lost confused people trying to be something your not, your dad works hard, you mom wears hijab and prays you come from a good household and pretending, that you grew up on weed alcohol and no money, be yourself because me and converts/reverts and and non Muslims all know this is act, this is a message I made while ago for boys like you

    I HAD TO SAY 5 hours ago

    Why that white boy saying Nigger???

  • Samuel Darling
    Samuel Darling 5 hours ago

    Thumbs up if your still bumping this in 2019 🔥🔥

  • BearingUK
    BearingUK 5 hours ago

    Ayye this is a vibee!!

  • Cleo Kindly cat
    Cleo Kindly cat 5 hours ago

    I swear your piece is bent looooooolll bare galss used to bait you out jack

  • Richard Akinlade
    Richard Akinlade 5 hours ago

    Song is too mad🥶

  • Carl W
    Carl W 5 hours ago

    Men with handbags 😂

  • drogba2k10
    drogba2k10 5 hours ago

    How sad a realist guy like lowkey spits the truth and no one wants to hear but a song with pussy and ass will blow 😭😭 sad world

  • Jeanpierre Balagizi
    Jeanpierre Balagizi 5 hours ago

    Couldn't stop shaking my head. Too cold.❄❄❄

  • BMT
    BMT 5 hours ago

    Imagine having the nickname “pee man”

  • Life Support splasher

    Dis blazer boccle guy is a nonce beating 14 year olds

    • Plug Bfd
      Plug Bfd 2 hours ago

      Life Support splasher Hes all talk no action can't do shit on his 1s He got banged in holmewood few month back for trying it on with a kid the smelly basterd

  • Zainab Y
    Zainab Y 5 hours ago


  • streetordeentv
    streetordeentv 5 hours ago

    The Messenger Of Allah Said “All of my ummah may be forgiven except those who commit sin openly" Bukhaari, 5721

  • youtuber
    youtuber 5 hours ago

    4 years later it still slaps

  • Certi
    Certi 5 hours ago


  • Siana MB
    Siana MB 5 hours ago

    Getting a nas vibe from this This is siiiick!!!🔥🔥

  • Hamza Mohamed
    Hamza Mohamed 5 hours ago

    Cashh is back

  • Tia Santos
    Tia Santos 5 hours ago

    Big up yuh self ❤️✨

  • Mezzy O
    Mezzy O 5 hours ago

    This is lit

  • AltijdGamerVids
    AltijdGamerVids 5 hours ago

    Ktraps lost brother

  • xx.badboy gunna.xx
    xx.badboy gunna.xx 5 hours ago

    Been here since Peeman “Struggle” RIP Hassaan ! 😤👊🏾💥🌊

  • Mukhtar Ali
    Mukhtar Ali 5 hours ago

    Who’s here when he was fresh home ???

  • Scarlett firth.
    Scarlett firth. 5 hours ago

    they blew smoke on the cactus like tf i loved that cactus like a son

  • L4ZORACE _
    L4ZORACE _ 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 5 hours ago


  • xx.badboy gunna.xx
    xx.badboy gunna.xx 5 hours ago

    Free Tox 😤🔐❤️

  • Zain Mir
    Zain Mir 5 hours ago

    These Asian dons are underrated. Bmt they need to take over the UK scene

  • ineed bandsz
    ineed bandsz 5 hours ago

    Trappers this and trappers that but them kicks cost £80 lowit

  • Bebe Dede
    Bebe Dede 5 hours ago

    Somalis going hard 🇸🇴

  • Yuh MoonlightBae
    Yuh MoonlightBae 5 hours ago

    This has major incident written all over it 😭🙊

  • Mr MoneyMaker
    Mr MoneyMaker 5 hours ago


  • MD_gaming 96
    MD_gaming 96 5 hours ago

    Who's here 2019?

  • The Plug
    The Plug 6 hours ago

    Ur musics hard but why r people saying ur a peado

  • Betyouwant toknow
    Betyouwant toknow 6 hours ago

    Coming HARD with it‼️‼️‼️

  • Washin Plays
    Washin Plays 6 hours ago

    When u hear that yo curtis you know it’s finna be a banger

  • Jaide XO
    Jaide XO 6 hours ago

    A vibe 🔥

  • RazorX ❶
    RazorX ❶ 6 hours ago

    BD10 way

  • Dave Davey
    Dave Davey 6 hours ago

    You no what i use to diss this brudda. Brudda but see this one here, BANGS!! I dont no why he lets that fraud connectfour par wid im that bwoy is some fraud, fake followers, fake likes and fake jewellery tbh this is where i first heard of m dot. I took him for a clown straight away becasue he was parring with that clown connectfour

  • Loose
    Loose 6 hours ago

    These two r cold been making tunes since 2009

    BORISLAV ILIEV 6 hours ago

    In my opinnion fredo is shit

  • C K
    C K 6 hours ago

    Michelin man on the right 😂

  • Aims
    Aims 6 hours ago

    The opening line kills me every time 😂😂 like relaxxx

  • Flip 9z
    Flip 9z 6 hours ago

    Too cold wid it cmon 💯🤭

  • Sniper T
    Sniper T 6 hours ago

    Don’t be playing with God, he comes in like a thief in the night #shhhh

  • Joanna Clarke
    Joanna Clarke 6 hours ago

    Watching yous guys on mtv now and yous are amazing keep up the good work ♥️💙

  • zobair aslam
    zobair aslam 6 hours ago

    Swear the apna rap scene is poppin 🇵🇰🇧🇩🇮🇳

    • Kai Zer
      Kai Zer 6 hours ago

      zobair aslam only 🇵🇰 doing bitz

  • Tye Elliot
    Tye Elliot 6 hours ago

    Can this BDK stop making shit music or at least change his name?

  • Its Christian
    Its Christian 6 hours ago

    What’s the beat called?

  • j
    j 6 hours ago

    W O to the W 🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🌊🌊🌊

  • JaxOut TheBox
    JaxOut TheBox 6 hours ago

    This is weird but I can definitely rock to it 😅

  • ImFromLDN1
    ImFromLDN1 6 hours ago

    Looooooooool PS is tapped😂

  • Faizan Ahmed
    Faizan Ahmed 6 hours ago

    Raahhhh this tunes cold 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Kian Gibson
    Kian Gibson 6 hours ago

    Y didn’t they blow it up 😢🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Caméron Jàmes
    Caméron Jàmes 6 hours ago

    His name is pee. Got paid last week spent it all on a rental.

  • OnYT
    OnYT 6 hours ago

    S' coldest

  • Woko Ak
    Woko Ak 6 hours ago

    Is this guy CR7?

  • Zayn Khan
    Zayn Khan 7 hours ago


  • Tabinda Khavas
    Tabinda Khavas 7 hours ago

    Mad tune 🔥🔥🔥😎💫

  • sddfmsfk
    sddfmsfk 7 hours ago

    Miss Jones: Break and lunch times are banned if u wear ur coat during fire alarm Also miss jones: lets 2 crackeads smoke and drink in a science class pretty much opposite her office Shows how much of a clapped hypocrite she is

  • Luke BCFC
    Luke BCFC 7 hours ago

    So I can’t eat pringles in class, but these lot can smoke a joint and drink henessey alright

  • Live Hacks
    Live Hacks 7 hours ago

    Like if from BBC News??? 👍

  • trxp
    trxp 7 hours ago

    We should sue dem easy money

  • OhBrxdley
    OhBrxdley 7 hours ago

    Pee man is cold

  • Mxrk JJ
    Mxrk JJ 7 hours ago

    Student: Can I have a drink of water Teacher: NO Health and safety 8nights: can we get charged af Teacher: sure bring the mandem

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 7 hours ago


  • Abdul-Azeez Awe
    Abdul-Azeez Awe 7 hours ago


  • Paralell Movesz
    Paralell Movesz 7 hours ago

    FREE HIM ASAP Let him out the cage Fuck the feds Real shotta out here 🇸🇴

  • Paralell Movesz
    Paralell Movesz 7 hours ago

    Free H Soon out He’ll be back before you’ll know it Mali gang

  • Paralell Movesz
    Paralell Movesz 7 hours ago

    FREE my guy H Soon home 🔒 He’ll be back on the strip real quick Mali SAV 🇸🇴

    GAMING ASHTON 7 hours ago

    This is the best rap out there.