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  • Gary Skinner
    Gary Skinner 3 hours ago

    It was so special i was watching in my front room when we lost the 9 wicket i was like oh it's gone, but hang on i started to heal the rocky theme tune as stokes started batting like a gladiator batsman, absolute spine tingling stuff i was so nervous as he neared the goal but stokes was in a different dimension it seemed and just blew me away and fair play to the aussies at the end a thrilling roller-coaster spine tingler innings ill never forget it until i get alzheimers

  • Muhammad Bilal
    Muhammad Bilal 3 hours ago

    Asad shafiq catch was the best

  • Bilal Ahmad
    Bilal Ahmad 3 hours ago

    andrew flintoff is allrounder and shane warne is leg spinner no comparison

  • Vampyres graveyard
    Vampyres graveyard 3 hours ago

    ECB has now turned into the umpires ECB should get the sack this is most dumbest comparison ever. everyone will pick gilchrist the only ones that will pick prior is the ones that don't know cricket.

  • Tapan Sharma
    Tapan Sharma 4 hours ago

    Father strategist

  • D S
    D S 4 hours ago

    He is quite similar to ABD ...

  • Parmeshwar Singh
    Parmeshwar Singh 4 hours ago

    No 1 player of kl rahul

    ARUNKUMAR V 4 hours ago

    Stuat broad remember YV'S KNOCK SIX sixes

  • Vampyres graveyard
    Vampyres graveyard 4 hours ago

    I'll pick adam gilchrist over that cheating bastard matt prior any day Adam gilchrist had the guts to walk when the umpire wasn't gonna give him out. gilchrist far much better batsman than prior and better wicketkeeper behind the stumps. Even mark Boucher better than prior as keeper and batsman. If you really want to compare wicketkeepers that are also good with the bat it will be Adam gilchrist vs mark Boucher.

  • Akbar Hu Hussain
    Akbar Hu Hussain 4 hours ago


  • Dylan Nguyen
    Dylan Nguyen 5 hours ago

    Next up: Glenn McGrath vs Queen Elizabeth

  • Akbar Hu Hussain
    Akbar Hu Hussain 5 hours ago


  • Vampyres graveyard
    Vampyres graveyard 5 hours ago

    You pick both it's stupid if you had to pick one because Flintoff is a medium fast bowler and warne leg break bowler you can't compare them you can only compare a fast bowler with a fast bowler same with spin. If i had to choose one Warne.

  • Akbar Hu Hussain
    Akbar Hu Hussain 5 hours ago


    THE DESTROYER 5 hours ago


  • Shiva Amirishetti
    Shiva Amirishetti 5 hours ago

    God Bless English Crowd.

  • Ayman Alam
    Ayman Alam 5 hours ago

    Farewell Sir Alastair Cook A legend who will be remembered forever by the England & Wales Cricket Team Respect from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Sayantan Sarkar
    Sayantan Sarkar 5 hours ago

    0:35 sec the shot has been done pentent for Butler🤣🤣

  • 100 subscribers with No Videos

    Rick Ponting : OMG I CANT HIT THESE Steve Smith : hold me beer

  • Dave Richardson
    Dave Richardson 6 hours ago

    David gower and Ian botham are being let go by (greedy) sky ,I'm sure a lot of people will agree, they will be missed.

  • sandeep singh
    sandeep singh 6 hours ago


  • Tara BS
    Tara BS 6 hours ago

    Cooks last century the best Love from India to the chef

  • Fallen
    Fallen 6 hours ago

    Are people retarded?

    RR GAMING TUBE 6 hours ago

    Shane warne

  • Shabeerkilur p
    Shabeerkilur p 6 hours ago

    Legends still alive in cricket 🏏 what a match 👏👏

  • Ann18578
    Ann18578 6 hours ago

    Ashes - the only test series relished by the people world wide...

  • Luke Luus
    Luke Luus 6 hours ago

    It's funny how they make the boundaries smaller for the women

  • Just Chill Coz life is short

    The most funny part was Inzamam getting out lol hahahahaha,Pakistan always find way to do match fixing Hahahaaa... Afghanistan is best, Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Neil Holland
    Neil Holland 7 hours ago

    It was a fantastic English performance,question being ,why oh why could we not produce this throughout

    RICHIE SMITH 7 hours ago

    I will choose FLINTOFF... BUT TOUGH ONE...

  • Dua Mariyam
    Dua Mariyam 7 hours ago

    Arron Finch is a good Batsman

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar 7 hours ago

    Rahul nam to suna hi hoga

  • somu sonker
    somu sonker 7 hours ago

    First all rounder vs batsman now all rounder vs bowler..give me that weed that you use😅😂😂🤣

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 7 hours ago

    My Ashes XI Hayden Gooch Ponting Pietersen S. Waugh Botham Flintoff Gilchrist Warne Lillee McGrath

  • Danish Seth
    Danish Seth 7 hours ago


  • Aziz Murtuza
    Aziz Murtuza 7 hours ago

    No way, you cannot do that ben stokes

  • Stephen Simpson
    Stephen Simpson 8 hours ago

    I would have both in the team, Flintoff at 6 and Warne at 8 as they were both great game changers.

  • Mahabul Hasan
    Mahabul Hasan 8 hours ago

    Who will you pick? Pointing 🆚 Hoggard 😎😎😎

  • pradeepkumarreddy parlapalli

    *No matter what the match is of PANT is of No use...*

  • vishnudayal singh
    vishnudayal singh 8 hours ago


  • Abdur Raziq
    Abdur Raziq 8 hours ago

    Ben stoke

  • Nikunj Bhatia
    Nikunj Bhatia 8 hours ago

    Most biased video I have seen .......Jonty,AB,Boult,Dhoni,Kaif,Dravid,Tendulkar,Yuvraj,Raina,Kohli,Rohit,Dinesh Karthik,Symonds, etc are missing........I wasted 16 minutes of my life

  • Tom Wang
    Tom Wang 8 hours ago

    King of cricket only one SPD ( NEW BALANCE)

  • lovemetu
    lovemetu 9 hours ago

    So stupid to compare these two players and Warne would be in any team you wish to pick, greatest ever world eleven even.

  • lovemetu
    lovemetu 9 hours ago

    I wonder who thought of this silly comparison video ? Very strange thinking to compare Freddie Flintoff, a great all rounder who was a fast bowler and attacking batsman against the greatest leg spin bowler of all time. Of course Shane Warne would be an automatic choice for a place in ANY Ashes dream team you care to pick and that includes players from both sides of any era, Don Bradman as well, would be an automatic choice.

  • himanshu kumar
    himanshu kumar 9 hours ago

    I jst can't tell😐

  • SP cricinfo
    SP cricinfo 9 hours ago

    क्रिकेट से जुडी अपडेटस के लिए मेरे चैनल की विजिट करे

  • Sec Inverse
    Sec Inverse 9 hours ago

    This video is not bias 13 minutes for Flintoff and 6 minutes for Warne Really balanced Ohh its ECB

  • Know as Blvrzhhh
    Know as Blvrzhhh 9 hours ago

    Steve Smith by 13 months

  • Shajahan Haja
    Shajahan Haja 9 hours ago

    Two are Ashes Beautys

  • Wajahat Mujawar
    Wajahat Mujawar 9 hours ago

    Best catch winner is maxwell

  • Raja Thakur Thakur
    Raja Thakur Thakur 9 hours ago

    Wah Re Butler Teri Maya :p TuNe To Aus Kii Kaya Palat Dalii ;p Nice Bating

  • mayank sharma
    mayank sharma 9 hours ago

    Flintoff instigate yuvraj Singh . And broad pays for it.

  • priyaranjan pradhan
    priyaranjan pradhan 9 hours ago

    Both of them are in my team..

  • Arun Misra
    Arun Misra 9 hours ago

    Deserving test win for England & best of the Ashes draw of all times,well played both the teams & best of luck for the future Ashes as such forever...#Ashes2019

    HST STUDY 9 hours ago

    Butler change the playing style after the opening in IPL

  • Saima Faiz
    Saima Faiz 10 hours ago

    Ian iron owun yowun .. 😂😂😂

  • Colin Albright
    Colin Albright 10 hours ago

    Adam Gilchrist by a country mile.. What a daft question to ask... Media team at the ECB need to come up with better stuff than this...

  • Bharwad Baldev
    Bharwad Baldev 10 hours ago


  • sahil rajpoot
    sahil rajpoot 10 hours ago

    Wtf... Bowlers now a days are piecee of shit.. Cricket is dying

  • Subhash Kumar
    Subhash Kumar 11 hours ago

    If this is world 11 then no any doubt it is Shane warne but if this is ashes 11 then both are fine but lots of Andrew flintoff

    SADIQ UR RAHMAN 11 hours ago

    Wow how sweèeet ,,, 6th double hundards for legendary younas Khan

    TIGERZY2K 11 hours ago

    Eoin Morgan , Alistair Cook, Kevin Pietersen & Ravi Bopara should have played for England in this years Ashes. Johnny Bairstow one of the heroes in England's 1st ever World Cup winning effort has miserably failed in Ashes on home soil.Jos Buttler had a poor Ashes performance with only the final test match fifty being his saving grace. Alistair Cook should have retired after the Ashes instead of retiring last year post home test series vs India since he was a much better captain than lesser experienced Joe Root.

  • Baskar Duraisamy
    Baskar Duraisamy 11 hours ago

    0:53 best sound in the world ever!

  • Vaibhav_nitesh
    Vaibhav_nitesh 11 hours ago

    What a terrific run England are having

  • Rony Roy
    Rony Roy 12 hours ago

    these matches are the reason why england won world cup....for last 4 years..dey r on their blue print

  • The BackBenchers
    The BackBenchers 12 hours ago

    Kl rahul ko t20 me bhi chances nahi dete us madarchod rishabh pant ko khilate hai rahul keeper bhi hai so pant ki jagah rahul sahi hai team me

  • Shubham 756
    Shubham 756 12 hours ago

    England and Wales cricket now posts likes some stupid vloggers...bullshit

  • James Pumphrey
    James Pumphrey 12 hours ago

    Terrorists too are allowed to play cricket?

    NAGRAJ Aapa VAGHOSHI 12 hours ago

    Ben stokes

  • Nasir Mehmood
    Nasir Mehmood 12 hours ago


  • Nasir Mehmood
    Nasir Mehmood 12 hours ago


  • Babu R Alam
    Babu R Alam 12 hours ago

    Rahul to Moeen :- Bhai Tere ko IPL me v bohut pel chuka hu

  • PlugIn Caroo
    PlugIn Caroo 12 hours ago

    Waiting for Indian team to take on Eng in Eng and Aussies in Aus and beat both of them 5-0😉

    • Vampyres graveyard
      Vampyres graveyard 8 hours ago

      Poms aren't gonna get a whitewash India to def eng Australia whitewash the poms last time.

  • Aaley Hussain
    Aaley Hussain 12 hours ago

    Who picks ass hole like matt prior

  • Kiran Aneja
    Kiran Aneja 13 hours ago

    Alaistar cook#thanksmychef

  • Rocky flyfly
    Rocky flyfly 13 hours ago

    Was waiting for the 6 sixes query???

  • ramprasath thillai
    ramprasath thillai 13 hours ago

    We hate swing

  • Yasiru Ranaweera
    Yasiru Ranaweera 13 hours ago

    Imagine after been hammered for a 286 runs within 201 balls and you finally got a wicket and then Mahela Jayawardane comes to bat. 😪 Watch 👉👉👉 12:23

  • Adeeb Sayed
    Adeeb Sayed 13 hours ago

    Make Glenn McGrath. And jimmy anderson

  • Shekhar Gujjar
    Shekhar Gujjar 13 hours ago

    England modern Flintoff is stokes

  • Sai Kumar
    Sai Kumar 13 hours ago


  • Rishab Garg
    Rishab Garg 14 hours ago

    Ashes love

  • Shivam Mishra
    Shivam Mishra 14 hours ago

    Shane Warne

    NATHOO RAM 14 hours ago

    Flintoff u rock

    NATHOO RAM 14 hours ago

    So much depressed pointing lol 😎😎😎😎😀😀😀😁😁😂

  • Amit N Falguni Darji
    Amit N Falguni Darji 14 hours ago


    THE FILM MAKERS 14 hours ago

    Did anyone notice 3:36 it’s given 51 of 51 but the next ball the scores board says 51 of 38 What!,!,l,,,!,!!!! If Yes : like No : comment

  • khias433
    khias433 14 hours ago


  • Eman Mazhar
    Eman Mazhar 14 hours ago

    after 1 month they will say don bradman or ho joe denly

  • mymentor
    mymentor 15 hours ago

    "vs"? You'd be crazy not to pick them both.

  • Paritosh Dey Sarkar
    Paritosh Dey Sarkar 16 hours ago


  • Whatsapp Status
    Whatsapp Status 17 hours ago


  • Alfred Johnson
    Alfred Johnson 17 hours ago

    I'm surprised the comparison isn't Warne (the best-ever spinner with a legal action) against Swann (our best spinner since Jim Laker), but I think given Warne was one of the greatest ever to play cricket the comparison is more 'impact on the game' rather than 'best spinner'. Still, the highlights from Edgbaston 05 with the Hollies Stand at full voice! Wow! And it was nice to see that 'off the short run' spell at Lords in 09.

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan 17 hours ago

    Flop on the world cup

  • Nizu t
    Nizu t 18 hours ago


  • Vasiq Shair
    Vasiq Shair 18 hours ago

    I want to see how many people agree with this after his Ashes outing.

  • nick tonks
    nick tonks 18 hours ago

    Is this video a joke?

  • biman mishra
    biman mishra 18 hours ago

    wanafuckyer mutharinlaw was the greatest bowler ever .

  • super natural
    super natural 19 hours ago

    Want My Honest opinion? Freddie. although it's a hard one but still