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  • Jahi Valverde
    Jahi Valverde 7 hours ago


  • Matthew Alvarado
    Matthew Alvarado 7 hours ago

    2:45 thats me every Halloween

  • ImafwickenNinja
    ImafwickenNinja 7 hours ago

    Noah boat trying not to laugh on the "I'm a ho" song

  • Master Wu
    Master Wu 7 hours ago

    When u do blood and Crip gang signs:I'm purple

  • Chance Parker
    Chance Parker 7 hours ago


  • Jaydon Nundlall
    Jaydon Nundlall 7 hours ago

    2:00 had me dying lmao

  • Rhonda Sane
    Rhonda Sane 7 hours ago

    He is funny 😆

    ITS JUIC3 7 hours ago

    Ok but....this song low key fye tho

  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M 7 hours ago

    Rock Chalk

  • Ryan Pesek
    Ryan Pesek 7 hours ago

    Lol it's not even dollars it's pounds or whatever they use in the U.K

  • Remington Ellington
    Remington Ellington 7 hours ago

    This was amazing

  • Mihir Mazagaonkar
    Mihir Mazagaonkar 7 hours ago

    Yeah, I saw the video only till 7:26, and then rewatched the same 10seconds 5 times, how cute is that guy!

  • crozang 2000
    crozang 2000 7 hours ago

    Apple more sucks

  • manny2020gamingchanell

    react to more morgs videos

  • Florii Mujj
    Florii Mujj 7 hours ago

    Does Timothy have mental prombels

  • Jayson Grobler
    Jayson Grobler 7 hours ago

    Noahs face tho

    KENDALL LA 7 hours ago

    when they recreate it tho HAHAHHAHA

  • Kash Corwin
    Kash Corwin 7 hours ago

    Does anyone else kinda feel bad for the teacher at sometimes

  • Jud3 YouTub3 comm3nt3r

    What about the person who wants to lose pounds

  • Evandabest
    Evandabest 7 hours ago

    677 dislikes r morgz fans that were offended

    LPM DEFAULT 7 hours ago

    The most underrated channel LLS Pin this plz

  • raimu nagai
    raimu nagai 7 hours ago

    Why doe it look like there’s baby powder

  • Jayson Grobler
    Jayson Grobler 7 hours ago

    The third beat was low key fire 👀

  • omgitz _chloe
    omgitz _chloe 7 hours ago

    Y’all peep Ryan wearing Haley Pham’s merch

  • Actually_
    Actually_ 7 hours ago

    I'm an Samsung user, and I can say that the A13 bionic, and all processors made by apple in general have a lead in the industry. But what I can also say is that Samsung has had a lead in the industry for screen technology.

  • Ficety Islam
    Ficety Islam 7 hours ago

    I was laughing so hardddd hahaahs

  • U. S. S. A.
    U. S. S. A. 7 hours ago

    The teacher's finally here

  • Daddy Dank
    Daddy Dank 7 hours ago

    She dating a black man😂

  • T I G E R
    T I G E R 7 hours ago

    To be honest if I would've had a 3 leg back in highschool I would have embraced it. Just stand up and show off the mofo...

  • Marija Popovic
    Marija Popovic 7 hours ago

    THIS IS EXSACTLY ME (without cleaning the house)

  • U. S. S. A.
    U. S. S. A. 7 hours ago

    There's always at least one such girl in the thumbnail and the video.

  • Angela Draggs
    Angela Draggs 7 hours ago

    It is funny

  • WutReasonz YT
    WutReasonz YT 7 hours ago

    7:02 when u get knocked out in wii boxing

  • Ayan Bhattacharyya
    Ayan Bhattacharyya 7 hours ago

    6:32 what the heck is that noise!!!!

  • Aaron Ralph
    Aaron Ralph 7 hours ago

    He baits people lik Ali a

  • George Burke
    George Burke 7 hours ago

    Do more🤣🤣

  • Aaron Ralph
    Aaron Ralph 7 hours ago

    That guy is a clown

  • FTQ Crix
    FTQ Crix 7 hours ago

    yeah you got it

  • Jixby
    Jixby 7 hours ago

    I know u came here for the thumbnail 👀👀

  • Ben Assa
    Ben Assa 7 hours ago


  • Willona Leday
    Willona Leday 7 hours ago

    Yo can you take me to the studio tho I got some fire shit I can spit

  • Adrian Kidd
    Adrian Kidd 7 hours ago

    I have multiple

  • Waveyy Lemo
    Waveyy Lemo 8 hours ago

    It would be funny for Morgz reacting to this while liveliveserve is reacting...

  • Dakota Jones
    Dakota Jones 8 hours ago

    I respect the attempt but that music was unbearable.

  • Lameforever 64
    Lameforever 64 8 hours ago

    2:26 insta?

  • U33_
    U33_ 8 hours ago

    The guy who thinks he’s ur best friend or something and won’t leave you alone

    ITS JUIC3 8 hours ago

    Yea moe my mans Noah boat got on a helly 😂💯

  • i aspire to be as passionate as deku

    actually I don't have issues in the first one cuz i keep writing down everything that's on the board as soon as it's written there :/ DON'T DO THIS KIDS YOU WON'T STAY FOCUSED AND END UP NOT UNDERSTANDING A THING ISTDG but hey people would like to borrow your notes and you'll be popular for like 5 minutes lmao

  • Happy Medium
    Happy Medium 8 hours ago

    my bro was drinking a candle at 4:45

  • Connor Garrett
    Connor Garrett 8 hours ago

    I’m listening with beats

  • Muhsin Tas
    Muhsin Tas 8 hours ago

    Is so funny

  • i aspire to be as passionate as deku

    whenever exam season comes in me: *pulls out vacuum cleaner* my room: ah shitz here we go again

  • i aspire to be as passionate as deku

    I've done exactly all of this pgpfldjljdglmmmoo

  • Tom Pyle
    Tom Pyle 8 hours ago

    React to more of morgz

  • Snuggle Bubbles
    Snuggle Bubbles 8 hours ago

    It actually fits.

  • carib davis
    carib davis 8 hours ago

    anyone else getting a lil sus about the manikins in the back corner?

    ITS JUIC3 8 hours ago

    I would’ve said “LETS GO TO THE STRIP CLUB!!!”🤷🏾‍♀️😂

  • Rowan Fisher
    Rowan Fisher 8 hours ago


  • pink highty
    pink highty 8 hours ago


  • Gamerul De Treaba
    Gamerul De Treaba 8 hours ago

    Search vlad alexandrescu

  • BBGames YT
    BBGames YT 8 hours ago

    Morgz is so scripted lmao

  • Wemimo Gesinde
    Wemimo Gesinde 8 hours ago

    Well done American Police

  • Jeremiah Shadow
    Jeremiah Shadow 8 hours ago

    2:14 you wake up that guy🤣🤣

  • safiah sakinah
    safiah sakinah 8 hours ago

    I literally did that before my final exam

  • Ruby Ben
    Ruby Ben 8 hours ago

    I sneeze 3 times than i cough

  • Tyler Daykin
    Tyler Daykin 8 hours ago


  • Almightyglo 67
    Almightyglo 67 8 hours ago

    Morgz is the jacob sartorouis special needs edition

  • Joe wrld
    Joe wrld 8 hours ago

    this video is all against android shit af

  • breanna ford
    breanna ford 8 hours ago

  • Champ Thompson
    Champ Thompson 8 hours ago

    NBA young boy

  • Suicine
    Suicine 8 hours ago

    How Did Noah Not Lose His Voice....,, ? Like if you don’t care

  • EthanTheBeast
    EthanTheBeast 8 hours ago

    No RANCH!!

    ITS JUIC3 8 hours ago

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Me:(10:14) OH YEA FUCK EM UP RHINO😂

  • Shallow /YT
    Shallow /YT 8 hours ago

    No one: Noah: asks people if he can come to there house Doesn’t wait for reply and comes

  • Slaughter X72
    Slaughter X72 8 hours ago

    Atleast were not bleeding every month

  • ninja Ben
    ninja Ben 9 hours ago

    Black people can be cringe too, stop racism

  • FaZe_ ToeCollecte
    FaZe_ ToeCollecte 9 hours ago

    At 0:48 Noah wants to kill him self

  • Kangaroo Kush
    Kangaroo Kush 9 hours ago

    the Windex bottle. is that like a personal attack or something

  • Masi Phakathi
    Masi Phakathi 9 hours ago


  • Kai the Panda
    Kai the Panda 9 hours ago

    USclip employee NO morgz posted a new video

  • Junior Playzz
    Junior Playzz 9 hours ago

    Why are his vid looks cringe...i mean morgz

  • Kenjo
    Kenjo 9 hours ago

    Nice air bags

  • infinitemayniac xx
    infinitemayniac xx 9 hours ago

    The cringey intro was so cute omg

  • Ella Overton
    Ella Overton 9 hours ago

    Can we get a RIP in the chat for Noah being the only white one there 😢😍🥰😘😝😋🤪😭sad but funny

  • Tirth Kashikar
    Tirth Kashikar 9 hours ago

    why does tuffy look more like dababy than dababy does

    ITS JUIC3 9 hours ago

    Ok first of all...Who tf is Chris Daughtry?

  • Ella Overton
    Ella Overton 9 hours ago

    Now presenting...HOOD TIME RUSH?!?!

  • Kenjo
    Kenjo 9 hours ago

    I wonder what she prefers black or white

  • Septimus Signus
    Septimus Signus 9 hours ago

    Anybody know the music at 4:00?

  • nick
    nick 9 hours ago

    fuck what an edit it seems perfect

  • Wiz Flop
    Wiz Flop 9 hours ago

    Who ever disliked doesnt like candy to laught

  • Kenjo
    Kenjo 9 hours ago

    Im thinking what she be like with her clothes of

  • Daniel
    Daniel 9 hours ago

    This was disturbingly amazing It was fucktangular😂

  • Billy is cut e
    Billy is cut e 9 hours ago

    Nike air max 1 😂😂😂

  • SirCloroxYoda
    SirCloroxYoda 9 hours ago

    morgz is actually gordan ramsay.. Dont @ me

  • Ali A
    Ali A 9 hours ago

    My eyes hurt! That mustache on rhino I ain’t hatin

  • Lencer Manaois
    Lencer Manaois 9 hours ago

    1:40 mental breakdown

  • Brooklyn Parkin
    Brooklyn Parkin 9 hours ago

    I am on Team android

  • KiT CAT
    KiT CAT 9 hours ago

    I watch morgz he’s funny

  • Angela Dela Torre
    Angela Dela Torre 9 hours ago

    my gosh vanessa and noah look good together😍