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  • FeedsSZN
    FeedsSZN 2 hours ago

    It says freezer instead of ‘frieza’ I’m done😂💀

  • A Wolf in a suit
    A Wolf in a suit 2 hours ago

    Also angel by x

  • TheRealJoru
    TheRealJoru 2 hours ago

    Kings Will Dream!

  • Laugher McLaugher
    Laugher McLaugher 2 hours ago

    Ngl he gases Rick Ross is Eminem.

  • Unknown Master
    Unknown Master 2 hours ago

    Help that ashnikko for keep away from drugs 0:23

  • Hardcore
    Hardcore 2 hours ago

    KSI : „I want that knockdown“ Ref: „Yeah...Nah...“

  • Cal Clitele
    Cal Clitele 2 hours ago

    Camp Lo - Luchini First time i ever heard the word “lit” in a rap

  • Alby Kuruvila
    Alby Kuruvila 2 hours ago

    This guy is a Fucking Legend.

  • Stormy & Ruthless Gaming

    Rest In Peace, Juice WRLD

  • berserk xd
    berserk xd 2 hours ago

    Why is genius so desperate for views now?! They used to interview good songs by good rappers, but now they’re getting attention from all the 10 yr old idiots that genuinely like KSI’s music like wtf man😤🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Harvey S
    Harvey S 2 hours ago

    i woke up and sneezed three times

  • Oli Bryant
    Oli Bryant 2 hours ago

    As soon as JJ heard the songs 'hook', if you get what i mean, he was of course gassed

  • Momolmeme Memes
    Momolmeme Memes 2 hours ago

    He look shy at the end when they clapped for him 😂😂

  • farhad jawhar
    farhad jawhar 2 hours ago

    This guy really be popping

  • Marty D
    Marty D 2 hours ago

    Love this man!

  • Momolmeme Memes
    Momolmeme Memes 2 hours ago

    How do singers are brave 😩

  • Elvin Oberg
    Elvin Oberg 2 hours ago


  • 1millsubs Novids
    1millsubs Novids 2 hours ago

    Deji looks different

  • Jonesey _
    Jonesey _ 2 hours ago

    Isint lucid dreams and sleep paralysis a different thing

  • EagleActual
    EagleActual 2 hours ago

    4:38 ''One minute im playing fifa, the next im-' Starts wanking

  • Cronxy Black
    Cronxy Black 2 hours ago

    from a virgin nigga to a king

  • Ak_ AKZ
    Ak_ AKZ 2 hours ago

    4:35 honestly next thing you know he’s a porn star well if he really wanted to

  • Hafsa Shakeel
    Hafsa Shakeel 2 hours ago

    I dont know why, but I believe hes still alive

  • GMP Elite
    GMP Elite 2 hours ago

    The the only Genius video I actually enjoyed watching

  • Amir Douadi
    Amir Douadi 2 hours ago

    The Best the beast

  • Saipraneeth Mukku
    Saipraneeth Mukku 2 hours ago

    UK dude on genius 😂😂

  • XXL4YKUL3_8LU35Xx
    XXL4YKUL3_8LU35Xx 2 hours ago

    Netnobody is living in your head rent free JJ and you still know he played you

  • Jeff Dollaz
    Jeff Dollaz 2 hours ago

    Sleep paralysis sucks sometimes I wake up from a dream in a dream in a dream that I can’t move or talk hearing tv and other things scientists refer to as hallucinations that feel like real demonic beings so saying it’s good for you is fuckin nuts

  • G G
    G G 2 hours ago


  • BoiledRawEggs
    BoiledRawEggs 2 hours ago

    Like if this is even better than the original one

  • Sebastianbg9
    Sebastianbg9 2 hours ago

    Esta canal cada vez vale más verga jajajaja

  • mark Hewitt
    mark Hewitt 2 hours ago

    Here before this vid pops off

  • arrebol
    arrebol 2 hours ago

    he's the cutest

  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 hours ago

    Im a JJ fan soooo much but fuck me could've guessed he was gonna suck himself off about winning when people doubted him...just sayin

  • Cole-Con O
    Cole-Con O 2 hours ago

    I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would

  • • InfineX
    • InfineX 2 hours ago

    Yoo! My man’s making bare moves!🔥🔥 Like this if you respect KSI! 👇🏿

  • CommentaryBoy
    CommentaryBoy 2 hours ago

    Only if they knew he became a legend later too...

  • Amir J
    Amir J 2 hours ago

    I already knew this, but whenever I try to have sex in a lucid dream. It wakes me up

  • Jack Abah
    Jack Abah 2 hours ago

    “let’s go Champ”

  • NitroWasHere
    NitroWasHere 2 hours ago

    Genius: *There has to be a deeper meaning to this song* KSI: **Literally talks about Dragon Ball Z, Goku and Freiza**

  • updation
    updation 2 hours ago

    honestly, my version of "Down Like That" is way better than the original.

  • lake Washington
    lake Washington 2 hours ago

    Nice. Click here to see kurts art he left behind. <

  • Blabla Blabla
    Blabla Blabla 2 hours ago

    Anime for kids Tell me why its not

  • Snookie Dan
    Snookie Dan 2 hours ago

    Never expected ksi to be up here😂

  • Adrian Villafuerte
    Adrian Villafuerte 2 hours ago

    You have a weird ass voice. I don’t wike it

  • The Only Flame
    The Only Flame 2 hours ago

    Love you jj❤️

  • Myztfy
    Myztfy 2 hours ago

    I feel ashamed, JJ didn’t go on Zerkaa’s version of genius

  • Amy Nelson
    Amy Nelson 2 hours ago

    I make that gold bloom like Jeff.

  • Tameez Adam
    Tameez Adam 2 hours ago

    Mf freaky

  • javi m
    javi m 2 hours ago

    Getting lit is mentioned on camp los luchini. That was recorded in 96.

  • NitroWasHere
    NitroWasHere 2 hours ago

    *I’m pretty devastated that genius did a verified for KSI but not Babatunde..*

    KEANU SILENT 2 hours ago

    Josh real salty right now.

  • Andrew P. Stewart
    Andrew P. Stewart 2 hours ago

    Where does he say, “What Juicy say? He be like: ‘Shut the fuck up!’”?

  • Kanishka
    Kanishka 2 hours ago

    Dude Ice Cube seems to be laughing on those mfs.

    DUSKY TUBE 2 hours ago

    This nigga Looks like Bacteria.

  • Justin Bennett
    Justin Bennett 2 hours ago

    Do you need a hug my guy. We should You seem extremely smart. Ambitious and well We should hang out sometime and share some Tea time. Y.k talk future plans.

  • Thraxx God
    Thraxx God 2 hours ago

    I need a Betty white episode !

  • Supreme Diety
    Supreme Diety 2 hours ago

    Explain who Murdaa melly friends in the video

  • NitroWasHere
    NitroWasHere 2 hours ago

    I refuse to believe that this guy is the same guy who made the video “Black Epic Sax Guy”

  • Hargunpreet Singh
    Hargunpreet Singh 2 hours ago

    My man explained half of the Frieza Saga, Legend

  • Thraxx God
    Thraxx God 2 hours ago

    I need more of this content genius!!!

  • Victoria
    Victoria 2 hours ago

    This dude looks like the love child of Dwight and Angela.

  • XanTasteThis
    XanTasteThis 2 hours ago

    Noone 13 yr old geeks: 1 SnEezEd 3 TimMes

    • XanTasteThis
      XanTasteThis 2 hours ago

      @Itz Josh jokes

    • Itz Josh
      Itz Josh 2 hours ago

      But logan did sneeze 3 times that's why he didn't win

  • Insomaniac
    Insomaniac 2 hours ago

    from zerkaa fake genius interview to real ass genius

  • Moon Moonless
    Moon Moonless 2 hours ago

    why is he so cute, omg?

  • Manjot
    Manjot 2 hours ago

    This guy cba uploading himself so doing this like bruh we get the lyrics don't need Genius just upload a Reddit vid man

  • bossman interviews
    bossman interviews 2 hours ago

    So what are we going to do theres no more bulking

  • Max_fchr
    Max_fchr 2 hours ago

    Nah uk made it

  • Øath Ghost
    Øath Ghost 2 hours ago

    He has such major big dick energy.

  • bdr5518
    bdr5518 2 hours ago

    Frank is a genius!

  • sophie jones
    sophie jones 2 hours ago

    Rahhhh props to you my g❤️

  • A G
    A G 2 hours ago

    NOW THIS is quality hip hop content! Thank you.

  • preachus peach
    preachus peach 2 hours ago

    she's speaking nonsense

  • caitlin spry
    caitlin spry 2 hours ago

    Haven't seen this dude for like 5 years

  • LalaPoopsy
    LalaPoopsy 2 hours ago

    Vomit a song out? W t f

  • ThreeZeroTwo
    ThreeZeroTwo 2 hours ago

    "The candle was lit" Damn that candle having more fun than me :(

  • Razia Guy
    Razia Guy 2 hours ago

    did anyone see that video of juice wrld saying he wasn't dead maybe it's old but idk

  • Finbar Darwen
    Finbar Darwen 2 hours ago

    He be deep throating that mic tho

  • bre bre
    bre bre 2 hours ago

    And this is how it started-

  • King Ky
    King Ky 2 hours ago

    This was a massive W for ksi

  • Callum Routley
    Callum Routley 2 hours ago

    Because it’s great.

  • bre bre
    bre bre 2 hours ago

    Genius Throwback! Love y’all ❤️❤️.

    • Bobby Wayne
      Bobby Wayne 2 hours ago

      @GroceryMilk lmao same

    • GroceryMilk
      GroceryMilk 2 hours ago

      bre bre you came from that one comment on ksi didn’t you?

  • David Grenier
    David Grenier 2 hours ago

    The champion

  • Luis Højfeldt
    Luis Højfeldt 2 hours ago

    best video to date

  • Derick Shalo
    Derick Shalo 2 hours ago

    Money money money. Money is a by product of value. celebrate value, innovativeness, and hard work, not money. Chasing the wrong dreams. Have people chasing the wrong dreams. It will take more than chasing money to cross the glass barrier.

  • Bev Elvis4Ever
    Bev Elvis4Ever 2 hours ago

    What a loss, The world will never be the same... I dont want to believe hes gone so sad,not only was he sincere, unique he was humble and street..Good By Juice were going to Miss You MAN I want you al to know Im very down writing this. Juice you were one of a kind RIP

  • D'andre Chesterfield

    Damn I came here to hear the song again

  • IfTheQueenHadBallsShellBeTheKing

    Interesting .

  • BenjiJump_8 thegamerofficial

    this song was lokey fire ngl

  • Johnny Jouha
    Johnny Jouha 2 hours ago


  • Choolwe Choongo
    Choolwe Choongo 2 hours ago

    R.I.P JUICE Wrld. Like to pay respects

  • Ugly Turtle
    Ugly Turtle 2 hours ago

    We need more songs by this dude

  • Non Solum
    Non Solum 2 hours ago

    "I want that knockdown" "Yeah i wanted that knockdown man"

  • Shayne van Room
    Shayne van Room 2 hours ago

    Is he all right

  • lil Strîx
    lil Strîx 2 hours ago

    no one: ksi: make it shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhout down

    ALFIE S 2 hours ago

    When JJ goes on about Dragonball Camera man like: wtf

  • Sweet Teateateateatea Toony ツ

    " I really really really really hate myself." That feels like my alter ego

  • Michael Trent
    Michael Trent 2 hours ago

    Jeff goldblum is base

  • marko ivanovski
    marko ivanovski 2 hours ago

    Dis dude tripping on sum

  • icomeinpeace10000000

    Dis nigga da hoods Sam Smith