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Troll Ace
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  • Patrick Parks
    Patrick Parks 6 months ago

    yo m8

  • JaxTheFireWolf
    JaxTheFireWolf 10 months ago

    and is there a way to connect my phone to my ps3 so i can record videos of me playing my game? cuz my bro did that with his iphone on his xbox one when i was playing black ops 3 zombies

  • JaxTheFireWolf
    JaxTheFireWolf 10 months ago

    hey man sorry i missed ur live stream yesterday. i was a bit busy and my phone was about dead. but ill join ur next live stream

  • ToXc_ShotzHD
    ToXc_ShotzHD Year ago

    troll wheres the live stream bud

  • Ace
    Ace 2 years ago

    you doing modded lobbies for 360 rn

  • sniper man
    sniper man 2 years ago

    Trollace I play bo2 with on ps3 hell_bound1001

  • MLGScopeKing
    MLGScopeKing 2 years ago

    Ay you still doing the give away Troll Ace.

  • matty fatty
    matty fatty 2 years ago


  • Legend_gaming 6
    Legend_gaming 6 2 years ago

    hey dude if u got xbox 360 can I join a money drop

  • Andrew Payne
    Andrew Payne 2 years ago

    i still have not gotten my account its been to weeks

  • Andrew Payne
    Andrew Payne 2 years ago

    dude can u make my account now

  • Jack Axon-Logan
    Jack Axon-Logan 2 years ago

    hi ace happy birthday do u have an xbox if u do whats ur name andif u could text me backthat would be nice love the vids

  • Connar Maxy
    Connar Maxy 2 years ago

    hi ace the weirdo