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Word Up: It's WordGirl!
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The Lost Movie of Atlantis
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The Rio Duology
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Woah... That Snail WAS Fast!
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Top 10 Cartoon Clowns
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...Oh Yeah, Bolt Was a Thing!
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Spliced is Hella Weird
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What WAS With Andy?!
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  • sketchywolff
    sketchywolff 6 minutes ago


  • Battle droid officer Code.

    Just gets to the first part of this and I’m already heard sexual crap Please help.

  • M1ster Ch3f
    M1ster Ch3f 8 minutes ago

    Hey, the fish is the best character

  • Magma
    Magma 16 minutes ago

    bro this movie was eeedgy. like im pretty sure the entire crew of the ship or whatever DIED. oh yeah and GUNS and MORE DEATH rip helga ????-2001 rip king of atlantis ????-2001 rip bad guy I can't remember the name of ????-2001

  • sugarfrosted
    sugarfrosted 17 minutes ago

    Wild Kingdom decided to have a dinosaur area over a dragon area because of this film.

  • Minko
    Minko 18 minutes ago

    When i was young like really young my sister was at her late teens and she went to a video club with my mum and they rent some movies , one of them was chicken little , we watched it and we loved it back then , after that we rented it a few more times through out the years and we watched it , to this day i still love it and my opinion wont change , this movie is a part of my child hood and i cant wait until i watch it again , i was 5 back then now i am 17 years old and i am still enjoying watching it.

  • JurassicKaiju14
    JurassicKaiju14 31 minute ago

    The only thing I liked about this movie is the soundtrack for whenever the aliens show up. I love the weird, electronic/50s sci-fi feel it has to it. But that's literally it.

  • Grub 123
    Grub 123 31 minute ago

    I guess you could say this is a "critically acclaimed sequel"

  • elevator weather
    elevator weather 37 minutes ago

    at 9:20 one of the background characters dissapears great animation 10/10

  • Tika Teeqa
    Tika Teeqa 46 minutes ago

    idk why but I really like this movie. ik it's bad, most critics agree that it's bad, the characters and story is bad but idk what made me like this movie. I would consider this movie as a guilty pleasure of mine cuz some of the scenes in this movie made me laughed upon first viewing it as a child until now. Honestly I rather watch Chicken Little over Planes.

  • ChromaLuke
    ChromaLuke 48 minutes ago

    Say what you want about the movie, the PS2 game was actually pretty good aside from that *one* driving level!

  • _BaniraAisu67
    _BaniraAisu67 56 minutes ago

    what i hate about this movie even after 14 years when i watched this in release day i STILL feeling frustrated because how dense his father and how he's refused to stand with his son just to save his own ass!!!

  • Noah Shackelford

    The third one wasn't as good.

  • Apples The Hero
    Apples The Hero Hour ago

    I couldn't believe that wiki entry was real, so I googled it and... the real wiki entry is so so so so so much better. You should all go read it. It's phenomenal.

  • Paleozoic Productions

    "I wanna feel this movie inside me"

  • Pingu 97803
    Pingu 97803 Hour ago

    Mate Buck Cluck is an inspiring man. He has not got a wife so leave him alone

  • Michael Kindt
    Michael Kindt Hour ago

    @11:10-.-I think a troll may have edited it. Not sure though. Lol.

  • Dankdatshiet
    Dankdatshiet Hour ago

    Madagascar's Trilogy (Including The Penguins Of Madagascar) is by far my favorite one! Can't change my mind!

  • Zim
    Zim Hour ago

    i remember when i was younger and i was going to a cinema for the first time with my friend and his dad. oh well. i cant believe i liked it???? ffff dumb me.... also i thought it was a pixar movie edit: i think the reason why i liked it is that it was first movie ever i got to see in a cinema

  • Oliver Purrings
    Oliver Purrings Hour ago

    Might want to word yourself a little better when you say "I want to feel this movie inside of me".

  • AuraRavenWolfie
    AuraRavenWolfie Hour ago

    as a kid i wondered why he didnt show the piece of the sky to his father. but by the end of it i thought 'ohh probably idnt show him because his father never believed him then, and always talekd down to him (like crap) so probabyl would still find an exuse saying 'ohh you faked that sky piece!' even as a kid i could tell how bad this father was... yikes

  • Enda McNabola
    Enda McNabola Hour ago

    If it had a main girl character, like a "Sam Manson" to Randy and Howard's "Danny and Tucker", it could've avoided cancelation.


    bro the baseball story was to show that chicken little felt like a loser to his dad and wanted more than anything to gain his acceptance again. after doing so, finding another "piece of the sky" makes it all the more difficult to go down that road again with his father, after seemingly patching everything up with him and making him proud. yet he has 100% evidence of what he was saying is true but there lies the conflict and answers the question 'why not just show his dad and everyone else what he found' he doesnt want to disappoint and embarrass his dad anymore. i dont get how a entertainment critic can over look something as obvious as that and completely just write it off. you guys all seem to just have the same opinions. fart jokes = bad no matter what. movie no make a lot of money = bad. like come on provide some nuance not the same hivemind bullshit.

  • PiccoloXD !
    PiccoloXD ! 2 hours ago

    "I wanna feel this movie inside me." 2:48

  • Astrid Hardy
    Astrid Hardy 2 hours ago

    I watched the first one 28 minutes ago

  • Soul Akai 41
    Soul Akai 41 2 hours ago

    Would the cartoon 'Skunk-Fu' be considered a knock-off?

  • William Duffy
    William Duffy 2 hours ago

    "Disney's lowest point" Uhhh the remakes weren't being made back then bub

  • Wut?
    Wut? 2 hours ago

    Can someone PLEASE tell me the music that starts at #8 on the list I can’t remember where it’s from

  • Abbimation
    Abbimation 2 hours ago

    It was the lowest rating Rotten Tomato on any Disney animated feature film until Ice Age: Collision Course due to the merger of Disney and Fox.

  • Christina Husky
    Christina Husky 2 hours ago

    Why did I like this movie as a kid?

  • Noah Hughes
    Noah Hughes 2 hours ago

    Treasure planet was an amazing movie which is saddening

  • missagaga
    missagaga 2 hours ago

    In my head I swear i thought all of these movies did great because they're so good and I love them so much but I'm surprised they flopped at the box office

  • KV-2 The king of Derp

    The movie would have been much better if it was about dogfights in WW2. Either on Pacific with the main character being that F4U Corsair in the movie or during the Battle for Britain, the main character being a Spitfire

  • missagaga
    missagaga 2 hours ago

    I loved Rise of the Guardians do much !!!!😢❤ how did it do so badly

  • Andrew Cleary
    Andrew Cleary 3 hours ago

    I actually thought this was a dreamworks film.

  • itsme924
    itsme924 3 hours ago

    Time squad was like a fever dream to me and none of my irl friends can remember it, can you make a video about it?

  • itsme924
    itsme924 3 hours ago

    Time squad was like a fever dream that none of my irl friends remember can you make a video about it

  • Scott McPherson
    Scott McPherson 3 hours ago

    I had chicken little for the ps2 and honestly I think it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played

  • froodernant
    froodernant 3 hours ago

    I loved this film as a kid. EDIT: is the best thing I have ever read

  • Hüseyin Demirci
    Hüseyin Demirci 3 hours ago

    Worst to best avatar the last air bender episodes

    HELM5 NECROSLAYER 3 hours ago

    I WANT FAN-FICTION NOWWWW naw just kidding

  • Thingy Nothingy
    Thingy Nothingy 3 hours ago

    It sounds like there was a conflict of interest between Disney and the people making the movie.

  • YungCzarOfDC
    YungCzarOfDC 4 hours ago

    please do titan ae I gotta special place in my heart for that one

  • Jademonas S2
    Jademonas S2 4 hours ago

    this really isnt that bad of a movie, not that the video is bad, imo the video is good but i feel like the movie isnt thaf bad

  • Sausage O'clock
    Sausage O'clock 4 hours ago

    The outro music made me angry

  • That Blackguy74
    That Blackguy74 4 hours ago

    I'd definitely watch The Crewds

  • DiamondFire
    DiamondFire 4 hours ago

    Ice age 3 was the best. Fight Me.

  • Peyton Michael
    Peyton Michael 4 hours ago

    Am I the only who finds the thumbnail kind of horrifying?

  • ApexHiveMind
    ApexHiveMind 4 hours ago

    Chicken little was okay. But Stuart little is superior

  • Henriette Pedersen
    Henriette Pedersen 4 hours ago

    Never watched Chicken Little but I remember how Disney Land Paris promoted this movie with cutouts on buildings you could see while driving past DLP

  • bigpinkstudios
    bigpinkstudios 4 hours ago

    Anyone going to tell him about the dead moms?

  • ApostleNik
    ApostleNik 5 hours ago

    Chicken Little is secretly a remake of Evangelion

  • Cyber
    Cyber 5 hours ago

    I will have you know that Chicken Little was in fact, the shit when I was like, a fetus.

  • David Beasley
    David Beasley 5 hours ago

    Fun vid! I laughed my head off at that movie, but my kids (4-6 at the time) were more entertained by me imitating all the hilarious characters.

  • Fravium Tube
    Fravium Tube 5 hours ago

    Well, everytime a plane flew over our kindergarten all of the children screamed and followed it yelling "PLAAAAAANE!"

  • Trashmann Von Trash
    Trashmann Von Trash 5 hours ago

    2:27 no context needed

  • The Mad Gentleman
    The Mad Gentleman 5 hours ago

    New headcanon: Chicken Little and Zootopia are the same universe, but Chicken Little takes place in a shit-hole rural town 30+ years ago while Zootopia is obviously a big metropolitan city in present day.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 hours ago

    I thought it was pretty obvious that both chicken boys and Flint Lockwood's moms were dead.

  • Kalmari
    Kalmari 5 hours ago

    You know you’ve watched too much GameTim when you instantly recognise the Cooking Mama OST in the background.

  • Astro Punch
    Astro Punch 5 hours ago

    Does Cosmodore ever leave his couch?

  • The Mad Gentleman
    The Mad Gentleman 5 hours ago

    I genuinely didn't realize that this was a Disney movie.

  • Ku - chan
    Ku - chan 5 hours ago

    I seriously just got a DreamWorks sponsored ad on this HAH

  • ThiefRikku0306
    ThiefRikku0306 5 hours ago

    The only reason Atlantis and Treasure Planet bombed was because Disney sabotaged the films themselves. Releasing them the same weekend as more blockbuster films were released and barely even marketed them. Atlantis and TP never got the success they deserved all because Disney didn't see any profit or punish their staff for wanting to do an original idea out of the box.

  • Just me, Miaya
    Just me, Miaya 5 hours ago

    I’m 17 and I still love this movie. Idc it makes me laugh.

  • Sir Yeet
    Sir Yeet 5 hours ago

    cosmo vores chicken little 2019

  • Major BOLT
    Major BOLT 6 hours ago

    Got bored and kinda already got the message

  • Knightmare397
    Knightmare397 6 hours ago

    3:56 I completely lost it 🤣

  • Ewa ?
    Ewa ? 6 hours ago

    Gravity falls > stranger things

  • Ev'ixyn
    Ev'ixyn 6 hours ago

    I love jack black :D

  • kick3n3mini
    kick3n3mini 6 hours ago

    Hoodwinked was amazing though.

  • Mitori Kawashiro
    Mitori Kawashiro 6 hours ago

    So are you telling me.....that Shinji = Chicken little Gendo = Buck From Evangelion?

  • Mike Hunt H
    Mike Hunt H 6 hours ago

    Only good part of this movie was That baller barenaked ladies song on the soundtrack

  • OneDuck
    OneDuck 6 hours ago

    Buck Cuck is a serial rapist and abuser. He raped millions, but his main Target is his son, Chicken Little. He treats his child like a flesh light. He has also molested Abby, Foxy Loxy, the goose (the trauma caused her to become batshit crazy) and many many more. When he was arrested, he raped the police. He also likes to beat his son by hitting him with a pillow full of dildos and bricks. He was hitlers right hand man in world war 2, and disguised himself as an alter ego named Donald Trump during the 2016 election. He won, and the world was plunged into endless chaos. He feels no remorse for his actions, and when questioned, he said "Chicken little? That fucker is my cum dumpster." Buck is a filthy waste of oxegen who deserves to choke on a dick.

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar 6 hours ago

    Say what you want, compared to its budget, it didnt do that bad in the box office, and it was pretty popular when it did come out, leading to games coming out for the movie.

  • Gallant Silver
    Gallant Silver 7 hours ago

    I still like Chicken Little, even if I am the only one. My sister helped me become a fan of the Barenaked Ladies at a very early age, so that may be why I have such an attachment to it. I remember getting the Chicken Little bobble heads from McDonald's after seeing the movie in theaters that night, back when my parents were still together. Maybe I just have too many good memories tied to it...

  • Sire La
    Sire La 7 hours ago

    Another good review

  • Afga Pratama
    Afga Pratama 7 hours ago

    Not even 20 seconds on this video and it already hurts me

  • The Pataka 96
    The Pataka 96 7 hours ago

    The unexpected surprise: Chicken Little will have a Live Action Remake and will be actually good

  • Kaitlyn Winslow
    Kaitlyn Winslow 7 hours ago

    You should do the country bears movie next

  • Sunspot Mill
    Sunspot Mill 7 hours ago

    Atlantis and Treasure Planet are sadly both underrated Disney movies.

  • Ankylo55
    Ankylo55 7 hours ago

    5:30 Robin Williams

  • KiddingSundew
    KiddingSundew 8 hours ago

    what the hell i watched this movie yesterday and im getting this recommended to me now

  • Soulless leftover!
    Soulless leftover! 8 hours ago

    2:50 Didn’t know you were in that kinky stuff. 👀

  • Ralsei with a Gun
    Ralsei with a Gun 8 hours ago

    Buck Cluck makes Thanos and Ozai look like father figures I'd be proud of having

  • carlo Virga
    carlo Virga 8 hours ago

    Anyone else waiting for the live action reinterpretation of this holy movie chicken little?

  • Jacob Baisa
    Jacob Baisa 8 hours ago

    3:12 "Oh, brother, this guy stinks!"

  • Mavi Kartal
    Mavi Kartal 8 hours ago

    This was the first movie that I have ever seen(3 or 4). And apparently I wanted to get out of the teather

  • Kamina is my Daddy
    Kamina is my Daddy 8 hours ago

    Dang, Buck makes Gendo Ikari look like the perfect dad.

  • Hattytheman 44
    Hattytheman 44 9 hours ago

    Till you made this video I thought this was a DreamWorks film

  • ollieolii
    ollieolii 9 hours ago

    I think I’m the only person alive who’s thinks the movie is ok

  • MinuteManKamina
    MinuteManKamina 9 hours ago

    Cosmodore's lowest point: 0:00

  • Space Kittens
    Space Kittens 9 hours ago

    I haven't seen chicken little in a while but from what I remember I really liked it. I didn't read the original so I can't judge it on a adaptation level. I can't remember if the story was cohesive. I like the character designs though and the personalities but the dad was sort of mean. Actually he's terrible. Also the animations clearly not that good but it's serviceable. The cartoony vibe works and the aliens were probably just a visual eye candy fest, but I liked looking at it. Its probably terribly written now that I think about it but I guess to me at least it was visually alright and pretty funny. Its got nerd humor lol. Chicken little and his friends are supposed to be nerds and weirdos so yeah I didn't mind them.

  • Yogg
    Yogg 9 hours ago

    11:37 yummy indeed, when the toes are long and the soles clean

  • Johnny Pempek
    Johnny Pempek 9 hours ago

    11:37 His quote is: "mmmm feeet mmm YUMMY" ... ........ WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Is that actually the best thing he said in the entire movie!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Soulless
      Soulless 5 hours ago

      That's his secret quote which came be obtained by playing the game a million times.

  • Snowhue
    Snowhue 9 hours ago

    9:21 did anyone noticed how one of the animals just disappeared for like a frame?

  • Ismaa
    Ismaa 9 hours ago

    i remember playing the game on my xbox 360 for hours on end ahh good times

  • HolsappleArt Studios

    Yeah, this was a hot mess... 🐓🔥

  • Earth to willo
    Earth to willo 9 hours ago

    I loved this movie

  • ComputerDefeated
    ComputerDefeated 9 hours ago

    the nose is the most convenient place for the ink pouring out cos tentacles? mouth? the only thing that would've been appropiate would've been the nose

  • tr3mayn
    tr3mayn 9 hours ago

    1:40 to safety my friends.