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How to Spot a Terminator
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  • molly cruz
    molly cruz Hour ago

    Somehow, Nancy Pelosi's description of the word "Exculpatory" in an aside to Trump as "information that could prove your innocence, Mister President", went unnoticed. I expected a great wave of appreciation from the Satirists.

  • J J
    J J Hour ago

    How is it the schools fault? How is it juul's fault? Last I checked its the parents raising the kids.

  • christopher nordine

    Someone tell this propagandist Noah they changed the Democratic talking point from Quick pro quo to bribery and intimidation! LOL quick pro quo did not work get with the program loser

  • J J
    J J Hour ago

    Vaping has seriously helped me cut back smoking without feel like I have to keep vaping. If vaping is so bad then sugar needs to be illegal.

  • Hate Is live
    Hate Is live Hour ago

    Wow it’s amazing how he made it all about trump

  • Tasha Stidwell
    Tasha Stidwell Hour ago

    I love this show binge watching the daily show and loving it

  • Romalyn Gilay
    Romalyn Gilay Hour ago

    Awesome segment! Thanks TDS ❤️

  • Michelle Amatulle

    She’s just amazing. Making this film is heroic imo.

  • Mary Gilbertson
    Mary Gilbertson Hour ago

    Get Your dentures relined get them tightened up a bit

    • Mary Gilbertson
      Mary Gilbertson Hour ago

      He's right there is no word better than Stupid ... He should know it's he's middle name :)

    IN A FLASH Hour ago

    I don't know about you but if I saw that pig, I would be worried, not calm.

  • Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog


  • Yes Sir!
    Yes Sir! Hour ago

    They hate muslims. If we weren't supposed to drive cars or fly, why would Allah then put oil in the earth for us?


    How viewers still stay glued to their TV watching Fox News is beyond me.

  • Dorothy Mack
    Dorothy Mack Hour ago

    The republicons need to have the masses be fat and slow. If the masses are healthy and clear thinking, they would never vote for republicons.

  • boukman02boule
    boukman02boule Hour ago

    Oh man, HATE is a powerful drug that will drive you straight into stupidity land.

  • Sydney Joseph
    Sydney Joseph Hour ago

    As a newyorker 🗣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 when this train clears out after canal st

  • Lorrie Rothstein

    this needs to be a real show on hgtv

  • Regina Garcia
    Regina Garcia Hour ago

    I don't know if Fox helps itself by using commentators with foreign accents. They are not only very white, they are closed minded and treat their audience like they are brain dead.

  • Kathryn Hitzman
    Kathryn Hitzman Hour ago

    this is what happens when you have a moron trying to explain to their morons that this hearing is not a sham

  • Hand Stand
    Hand Stand Hour ago


  • Maine Outdoors
    Maine Outdoors Hour ago

    cant believe y’all are still crying he kicked Hillary’s ass in 2016. Can’t imagine the tears that will flow in 2020 TRUMP 2020

  • AwkwrdPrtMskrt
    AwkwrdPrtMskrt Hour ago

    "i aM tHe leaSt raCisT peRsoN yuo haVe iNteRvieWeD" And I am the person who hates you the least, Mr Trump. With that I mean you are racist and I hate you.

  • Edwin Black
    Edwin Black Hour ago

    Neither is CNN nor ABC CBS Or NBC on bias and this impeachment is not serious

  • Dorothy Mack
    Dorothy Mack Hour ago

    What would really be news is if Popeye's went vegan.

  • Ben Lamprecht
    Ben Lamprecht Hour ago

    Trevor. Since all will agree that you are both a very smart and very brave person, I am absolutely flabbergasted that you are not going out of your way to endorsing Andrew Yang. Of all people, you must know both what is at stake and that he is probably the only person who has the potential to negotiate the way out of the oncoming USA/China " disengagement"and the extreme global economic consequences. He is also the only candidate who addresses the most important issue facing all economies in the next 10 years, being replacement of 30%-40% of jobs by automation

  • Volker Siegel
    Volker Siegel Hour ago

    Yes, make the Trump house rage room! That would even attract Europeans to the US and restore some credibility lost over Trump!

  • Dm Bruni
    Dm Bruni Hour ago

    Can you say KGB agent!

  • BEN. W. K.
    BEN. W. K. Hour ago

    If anyone wants to laugh without going to a comedy club, watch how serious CNN, MSNBC, ABC is taking the impeachment hearings then watch FOX and see how they are fooling their viewers into morons twisting serious national security stuff into a mere joke.

  • richard wilmot Ph.D

    Corrupt St. Jude Hospital launders money for Donald Trump. "We have a relationship with the Eric Trump Foundation, which was created by Eric Trump, the third child of Donald Trump."

  • Tasha Stidwell
    Tasha Stidwell Hour ago

    This, hilarious period

  • richard wilmot Ph.D

    Teachers in school who carry guns: learn from the police. Carry two guns: one for shooting unruly students & the other for planting on shot students who do not have guns.

  • Sonny
    Sonny Hour ago

    What is some bullshit is this show after that cooperative interview they did with Hillary Clinton.

  • S Brown
    S Brown Hour ago

    "Much ado about nothing", just saying, lol.

  • Tasha Stidwell
    Tasha Stidwell Hour ago

    Nerdy suge night i am finished with these people laaughing forever

  • Navarro Cen
    Navarro Cen Hour ago

    Once you get clear. It clears up! - Oprah

  • K Sonny
    K Sonny Hour ago

    Why do democrats have a Brit delivering their news? Lol

  • The Future Is Now!

    Don't forget The Devil's Punchbowl in Matches Mississippi. Thanks Trevor for your reporting

    xZANZIBARZx Hour ago

    This is sick promoting degeneracy to enrich the porn industry *Who owns and started most of the pornography?* You won't like the answer

  • Alexa Lou
    Alexa Lou Hour ago

    Had to playback the last few minutes... too busy visualizing what the US would look like without Trump.

  • bliim
    bliim 2 hours ago

    Wow! Talk about chemistry. Got my guy blushing all crazy #ThePerfectCouple

  • K Sonny
    K Sonny 2 hours ago

    Duuude. Your trump impression is terrible.

  • jamc666
    jamc666 2 hours ago

    the most distressing thing is that all these factual morons at fox news are making millions every year ...

  • UniquelyCurlyQ
    UniquelyCurlyQ 2 hours ago


  • jacquesix
    jacquesix 2 hours ago

    "This place is just fine." 😂

  • micaela rose
    micaela rose 2 hours ago

    You know, looking back, Dr. Arikana was absolutely right! The French have stolen so much of Africa - their people and the resources of their African country!!! Yeah, they are French when they make France win!

  • Dianna Skare
    Dianna Skare 2 hours ago


  • Penguini Linguini
    Penguini Linguini 2 hours ago

    I like how he says all this stuff now but when he was in front of Hilary Clinton he joked about it. The bitch and the husband did it and they’re not in jail because someone got surprise suicided.

  • geinikan1kan
    geinikan1kan 2 hours ago

    I keep on looking up hoping it will all become a bad memory. Like when I was a kid at the dentist's office. "Let it be over, let it be over." But alas . . .

  • soupbonep
    soupbonep 2 hours ago

    Fox news is so childish and sardonic, just like Trevor's imitation of mean girls. I find it unbelievable that grown people actually watch this and believe it. And it has been decades. I'm going to say this and may regret it, but these people on Fox and their viewers are stupid.

  • Explicitnice
    Explicitnice 2 hours ago

    ANYONE running against trump, I hope you are watching. You have to use this to win against him. You have to inform the public that we could have a war with ISIS even worse than before with his current actions. You have to teach the american people that this is not a game and that the results are terrifying... I doubt politicians read youtube comments but just in case.

  • John O’Rourke
    John O’Rourke 2 hours ago

    That’s no way for a princess to talk

  • DrOdysseus89
    DrOdysseus89 2 hours ago

    This is great 🤠

  • dentroy 7
    dentroy 7 2 hours ago

    All of Latin America stands with Bolivia and Evo! Fck Neoliberals

    BADDA-CAS MEDIA 2 hours ago

    I would have bought that building and turned to First floor: A free healthcare centre Second floor: A mosque 3rd floor: A kitchen to cook food for homeless and immigrants 4th floor: A tax return centre 5th floor: CNN office

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein 2 hours ago

    WAW!! i just wanna know as human species , where did we go wrong ?i wish i was American so i can vote! Save Humanity my American brothers and sisters.

  • Marc Avon Evans
    Marc Avon Evans 2 hours ago

    This is funny as SHIT!! These two together are hilarious

  • lil_Ghostbreeze 19
    lil_Ghostbreeze 19 2 hours ago

    Well I guess I will swim to Africa

  • Kintaro817Oe Gaming
    Kintaro817Oe Gaming 2 hours ago

    They said it wasn’t “sexy”? Lmao. What the shit 🙃

  • King Of the Beast
    King Of the Beast 2 hours ago

    4:59 mans just rejected his shahada

  • Cute Little Suzie
    Cute Little Suzie 2 hours ago

    Apologies. I never visit this topic - the Daily Show. Lame - very lame.

  • Trebor Leznif
    Trebor Leznif 2 hours ago

    I love her concern for cyber warfare yet, her emails were spam... pay no attention. Yuck! I’m for a female president if she’s right for the role (no different than a man) but I require a human being with a soul. I believe she is lacking in that department.

  • Steven Pringle
    Steven Pringle 2 hours ago

    Why would you be writing a check to someone that owes you?

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 2 hours ago

    Drop all charges bring him home were he belongs

  • Michael Dunson
    Michael Dunson 2 hours ago

    You know what's funny is that rural people say that they don't vote for democrats because we treat them like they are stupid but they watch fox news and listen to Trump who treat them like they are the stupidest people on the earth. They tell them don't believe your own eyes and ears only believe what I tell you to believe.

  • YaggaYagga
    YaggaYagga 2 hours ago

    Even if Trump was impeached, Pence would just pardon him and he could legally go right back in the White House if the republicans allow it 🤦🏼‍♂️pay attention to what's not being televised

  • therealdillyo
    therealdillyo 2 hours ago

    I agree with this. Which is why Elizabeth Warren should go ahead and share her idea for cutting Veteran suicide in half rather than waiting until she's elected president

  • Jasmine Ryelle
    Jasmine Ryelle 2 hours ago

    OMG I live in Kenya and I'm only just hearing of this. Ezekiel Mutua is not for real 😂

  • HEL LO
    HEL LO 2 hours ago

    He looks like a penguin with butt implants. You got me there...

  • jacob pohlman
    jacob pohlman 2 hours ago

    This is gold. Ok so let me figure this out. If you are self-partnered, then you find someone, you then become double-partnered? Or is there some kind of crazy math conversion where half of you disappear and half of them so then it's just 1 again?

  • Mordy g
    Mordy g 2 hours ago

    Although she did kill him so.....

  • Mordy g
    Mordy g 2 hours ago

    Was told to watch this .... Dam Epstein right out the gate

  • Joe Hinton
    Joe Hinton 2 hours ago

    Jeffrey Epstein was a Clinton family friend for many years.... And discussing his death is a joke to her? I don't know about anyone else but I feel something more akin to sadness and empathy when discussing deceased friends and their families.

  • Jeffrey Odolski
    Jeffrey Odolski 2 hours ago

    I legit laughed so hard watching this. I love it!

  • Shawn Davis
    Shawn Davis 2 hours ago

    He should've worn that when he interviewed Anna Kendrick 👀

  • Jan Schneider
    Jan Schneider 2 hours ago

    Why is this presentator spending this entire speech and all I’ve seen so far on saying not nice thing about his president? Is that an American thing, or just the moral of this type of show? Note: I’m just trying to understand from as a non-american

  • Ish Ajac
    Ish Ajac 2 hours ago

    I wish those buyers were real. I would feel better about the future.

  • Matthew Ayvar
    Matthew Ayvar 2 hours ago

    We don't want gay people to run the country

  • Sthembiso Robert Matenjwa

    Anna Kendrick is life

  • SpaceWake walker
    SpaceWake walker 2 hours ago

    Yeah they are all russian bots for sure.

  • Abdallah Abakar
    Abdallah Abakar 2 hours ago

    Good job Trevor Bro

  • TheGravygun
    TheGravygun 2 hours ago

    is this a kid show

  • Tim Sawyer
    Tim Sawyer 2 hours ago

    I would take Quilty! haha

  • Tony Bologna
    Tony Bologna 2 hours ago

    Don’t get between basketball Americans and their fried chicken.

  • Brian Richner
    Brian Richner 2 hours ago

    ITS NOT A TRIAL ITS A HEARING just wait until the trial begins

  • Yolanda Terry
    Yolanda Terry 2 hours ago

    why does Sen. Paul not give "socialism" the same 'variety of flavors' as "capitalism"? (ex. cronyism, free-market, etc.) His arguments are confusing.

  • Arka
    Arka 3 hours ago

    Trevor is so bought, I hope he will realise that soon.

  • Ky
    Ky 3 hours ago

    I ship it

  • Dr. Z
    Dr. Z 3 hours ago

    Should be razed and the earth sewn with salt, but even then not sure that’ll get the stink out.

  • Bhaumik Patidar
    Bhaumik Patidar 3 hours ago

    Somewhere out there is a lion with a new shirt 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daaimah Flyest Muslimah

    Isn't it kind of funny this rise in "gender reveals" at the same time pushing the agenda to allow children to "choose" their own gender?..... 👀 oh just me?!!! 😒

  • dvs288
    dvs288 3 hours ago

    If in danger,always seek help of a Sikh. Sikhs are best human beings thanks to their religious beliefs always ready for self less service. And no !! Rational fear of an exclusivist religion is not phobia. introspection is need of hour than playing victim.

  • dentroy 7
    dentroy 7 3 hours ago

    American coup thats what this was, and their going after mexicos president next, i like how trevor didnt even mention the CIA, he only eluded thats how strong neoliberals are.

  • RidinSpinaz04
    RidinSpinaz04 3 hours ago

    2025? Foreshadowing.

  • Chief
    Chief 3 hours ago


  • Zainab
    Zainab 3 hours ago

    How is this SO FUNNY like unreal wtf

  • Andre Newcomb
    Andre Newcomb 3 hours ago

    There ARE things that have been going on . . . but the people have jobs, kids, sex, bedtime, and stupidity keeping them from sitting their perfect butts down and think it all through.

  • Pookie0504kb
    Pookie0504kb 3 hours ago

    day 2 was even better... can't wait for the 'sorry, was there a question?' bit 😁 Jordan so obviously making a fool out of himself :)

  • GiantsBane
    GiantsBane 3 hours ago

    Convenient how he left out the part about Schiff blocking Republican witnesses too... but this is just satire right? Surprised how many people actually take it as a serious source of news.

  • Razarac Zivota
    Razarac Zivota 3 hours ago

    I love how my computer buffered as soon as it processed that I clicked this video. I know internet I know.

  • Andre Newcomb
    Andre Newcomb 3 hours ago

    A "crane" is like a stork. Still interested? No. You're probably mysoginystic.