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Auction Drift Car Is Back!!!
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  • Türk Mod Channels
    Türk Mod Channels 5 minutes ago

    Video %70 dude %30 gtr

  • Liam Sanford
    Liam Sanford 35 minutes ago

    Do an oil change video

  • Lemur Hellas
    Lemur Hellas Hour ago

    !!! Can someone pleaseee tell me the name of the music on 05:50? It's not in the music credits !!! Thank you! (Great episodes.. truly inspiring work guys!)

  • Hrvatska07
    Hrvatska07 Hour ago

    yous should see if yous can buy this car and rebuild it

  • bigdaddy741098
    bigdaddy741098 Hour ago

    Those downshifts are sweet dude

  • n.z south
    n.z south Hour ago

    You boys need to get a glass guy to sponsor yous. New front windows needed

  • Omnipitous
    Omnipitous Hour ago

    A damaged title vehicle is worth more when a record of its rebuild is documented. If I didn't know any better, these guys realized they had several relevant attractions for youtube. 1. Car rebuilds are great videos. 2. Videos with dogs and cats are always a number one viewed videos. 3. The guys are humble. Nobody likes an arrogant show-off. It's sort of sweet in a way. And they don't mix politics or religion which is an obvious no brainer. 4. Everyone loves the "average kids do great work" story. These themes are universal. 5. The videos help their business model. Videos finance them through ad revenue and Patreon supporters. 6. They are always optimistic despite any crisis. 7. They care about their supporters evidenced by mail revelations. Everyone feels invested. I could go on but you get the point. They have a formula for success. and I like them too.

  • Adnan Faras
    Adnan Faras Hour ago

    Put Lamborghini engine in wrecked Toyota supra 💛♥️

  • ferdman5150
    ferdman5150 2 hours ago

    After you finish these Ferrari builds, I'm hoping you'll be the first to rebuild the C8 Corvette. That'll definitely get you over the 2 million subscriber mark.

  • Сергей Горбачев

    hi master of art !!! I love technology since childhood, but our country has lagged behind life. I would be grateful if you take to your team. Best regards, Sergei

  • majid ibrahim
    majid ibrahim 2 hours ago

    keep the color as it is , for while & wait

  • Moriel Reginaldo
    Moriel Reginaldo 3 hours ago

    Color red

  • Dave /Obito
    Dave /Obito 3 hours ago


  • Clief Bonsila
    Clief Bonsila 4 hours ago

    Hey guys, i dont know why, but i think your video's so much smoother while using iphone 7+ rather than the x series..especially for the front camera. I hope you can see the differences

  • Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis 4 hours ago

    When are you going to work on the boat???

  • showtime peter
    showtime peter 4 hours ago

    ill give you 30k in bitcoin for this car reply your email address if interested

  • Rajat Rana
    Rajat Rana 5 hours ago


  • Ham Mer
    Ham Mer 5 hours ago

    Naughty boys with no seat belts or airbags power shifting and speeding in Mexico 😁

  • Bud Doge
    Bud Doge 5 hours ago

    I love it, u need a drive way so much dust😢

  • Rajat Rana
    Rajat Rana 5 hours ago


  • Reza Jalaly
    Reza Jalaly 5 hours ago

    Keep the seats red

  • Jar Games
    Jar Games 5 hours ago

    These guys need to paint their car red. It will look awesome

  • Sofia Church
    Sofia Church 5 hours ago

    Whats the crash vid link

  • NR productions Lanka

    Nice tow tone man keep it this look 😁

  • Ruchel &John H
    Ruchel &John H 6 hours ago

    How about keeping the animals out of the shop when you are welding, their eyesight is precious too

    XXXBAMBAM 6 hours ago

    How much horse?

  • Robert SORRENSEN
    Robert SORRENSEN 6 hours ago

    do more of the new work shop plz

  • Gamer BennyTv
    Gamer BennyTv 7 hours ago

    should of bought a spare wheel from the junkyard for $5000

  • Le khuong thanh
    Le khuong thanh 7 hours ago

    ⛔⛔😉😉6️⃣6️⃣ vantudongrk com Great color ferrari . Like 😉😉😉🤩🤩

  • johnz steven
    johnz steven 7 hours ago

    How much IQ do u have?

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 8 hours ago

    These guys prove the AMERICAN DREAM is still alive!!

  • Apid Paint
    Apid Paint 8 hours ago

    Too much talk than works

  • TheFastStang
    TheFastStang 8 hours ago

    I cant believe the windshield on the viper is still broken🤦🏽 What is this windshield thing they have going on. Why they dont do them all the time...

  • Ed Wilko
    Ed Wilko 8 hours ago

    Adblue has nothing to do with the dpf. Adblue just traps the nox particles, the dpf catches the massive black soot. Stops rolling coal etc....

  • Reese Reese
    Reese Reese 9 hours ago

    Video 1 was thinking y’all need a Rottweiler or Doberman in the new garage

  • Julian Bailey
    Julian Bailey 9 hours ago

    hi goon squad i have a 2012 honda pilot i would love you to give me some ideas how you would beef it up .

  • Julian Bailey
    Julian Bailey 9 hours ago

    Hi Goon Squad just stared watching your videos and i am very impress .

  • Wayne Hall
    Wayne Hall 9 hours ago

    Should fix your wheel

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 10 hours ago

    Fuck all the dude off sound like 5th graders .

  • bradyspace
    bradyspace 10 hours ago

    You should have put in a touch of "toe in" on the alignment.

  • Eugene Russell
    Eugene Russell 11 hours ago

    Seats a little loose. It'll be okay.. Send it!😂

  • jadenpeschynski
    jadenpeschynski 11 hours ago

    Paintless dent repair can fix that tailgate almost 98%

  • Ima Starboy
    Ima Starboy 11 hours ago


  • zdogcat
    zdogcat 11 hours ago

    i love that red and white color combo

  • Pablo Aloy
    Pablo Aloy 12 hours ago

    TAVARISH , B IS FOR BUILD , TJ HUNT and I can keep going .... can you guys be original and stop copying other UScliprs !!! You guys are lame ..

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    When are y'all going to replace the glass on the viper

  • Richard Persoage
    Richard Persoage 12 hours ago

    Love your builds. How about some car covers?

  • Jeremy Hankinson
    Jeremy Hankinson 12 hours ago


  • MercuryGiethoorn
    MercuryGiethoorn 12 hours ago

    I love the red and white even tho u probraly are gonna paint it

  • Felix F
    Felix F 13 hours ago

    What's the deal with the new shop?

  • bradyspace
    bradyspace 13 hours ago

    Curve the wing for the curves. Straight for the straights.

  • Quincy Blair
    Quincy Blair 13 hours ago

    As always you guys are awesome, oem forever 😜🤓

  • Smart Alec
    Smart Alec 13 hours ago

    You guys are so cool. Love all your videos!

  • bradyspace
    bradyspace 13 hours ago

    "Git it perfect" - goonzquad

  • Torac
    Torac 13 hours ago

    Please. Please. Please. Rebuild a urus. :)

  • Kenneth Saville
    Kenneth Saville 14 hours ago

    Hey Goonzqaud, love your channel. I would love to know how you guys got started? Not just the channel , but i would like to know how you got started buying and rebuilding cars?? I would very much like to do what you guys do. I'm no where near a car guy but would love to just do and learn just like you two. please let me know.

  • rich kemp
    rich kemp 14 hours ago

    One question for you guys that own Ferrari’s lambo’s and all these other cars that you refurb and keep!!! You are already earning out of this!!! Why expect patreon and donations to your cause? You have way more than most!!!

  • Joe Furlong
    Joe Furlong 14 hours ago

    5 coat looks good

  • Restart
    Restart 14 hours ago

    The best channel for just think on investition... im from romania and i thinking, the start project and my garage and... just do it, mentality is beacause from you guys, i like it, you're clean,you're organized i love it... the most great channel ever and my inspiration and my dream start with you! Probably next progress become only man in my country 🤔 who knows?🤷‍♂️ Thanks for the content and be great and don't forget... PEACE! 😋👊 P.S. - Sorry for bad english 🙈!

  • Charitha Lakruwan Vlogs

    Why is windshield is not replaced yet dude

  • Pickled Sugar
    Pickled Sugar 15 hours ago

    Leave the paint. Redo the dash in white leather with the roof in white leather. White carpet. White rims. I think that would look slick.

  • kai harmer
    kai harmer 15 hours ago


  • Micheal E Robinson
    Micheal E Robinson 15 hours ago

    I just found your next build fellas !

  • Radicool Gaming
    Radicool Gaming 15 hours ago

    6:45 lmao it says pininfarina! They're the people who designed the 458, and now they have their own 1900bhp supercar. The pininfarina batista

  • Bill Canell
    Bill Canell 15 hours ago

    like your videos i am a new subscriber but i have seen everything you guys fixed so far great job

  • David  Garasich
    David Garasich 15 hours ago

    Puppy is so precious😍

  • goonsville340
    goonsville340 15 hours ago

    Replace the windshield on on the viper before them boys pull you over

  • Alx Andr
    Alx Andr 15 hours ago

    ****Next Time Prime the Black**** The Front Bumper looks Different Color!!! I know not Many will See it but Its Different! Before you Think I'm just Hating, Watch this Video to Understand what I mean... Best of Luck. ----------------------------------------------------

  • SEkeDa
    SEkeDa 15 hours ago

    Hardest working UScliprs right here. Most reliable uploads. The Goonzquad never disappoints!

  • Rene Alvarez
    Rene Alvarez 16 hours ago

    When will you put it up for sale ? And where can we buy it from?

  • Matt Gardiner
    Matt Gardiner 16 hours ago

    What is considered "deep pockets"?

  • Robingaming
    Robingaming 16 hours ago

    it's a wacker, it slams de ground so it compresses. and basically makes it sturdier and harder.

  • LCD consultant
    LCD consultant 16 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing ;

  • Alex Talambekos
    Alex Talambekos 16 hours ago

    I work at firehouse subs lol

  • hel lo
    hel lo 16 hours ago

    xenon ballast

  • LCD consultant
    LCD consultant 16 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing ;

  • LCD consultant
    LCD consultant 16 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing ;

  • james W.
    james W. 16 hours ago

    That was not done by the fork on the loader. Those forks are wide at the end. Also the only way the fork could do that is if he shaved the end down and turned and went down.

  • B6jfkmx
    B6jfkmx 16 hours ago

    is it me or did dodge borrow those hood vents off the 97-03 Pontiac Grand Prix grill??? lol

  • kyskristiana hahahahaha

    For advanced trac control hit traction control 3 times then its advanced

  • breezyjr
    breezyjr 17 hours ago

    They should just buying two of everything... Get one car with a messed up side, and one with the opposite side messed, so putting them together equals two completely finished cars... lol

  • 04Interc3ptorP71
    04Interc3ptorP71 17 hours ago

    For all those saying to change the color to red. Yes, when one thinks of "Ferrari" they automatically think of red. But in reality, it is a crap ton of work to change the color of a car and to do it correctly, which means removing all body panels and cutting in the jambs and such. I agree with the others when they say to do a Marlboro Racing type of thing or just refinish the front end in the original white color. Seeing as how they have a bunch of projects going including the widebody car that they are most likely under contract with deadline to finish, it makes more sense to just keep it white.

  • Time Traveller 63
    Time Traveller 63 17 hours ago

    Go fully red it looks better red

  • Baseball Fan
    Baseball Fan 17 hours ago

    How did y’all learn how to fix everything on cars or trucks

  • GrtCh
    GrtCh 17 hours ago

    That car looks bad!! So Sick!!

  • Anthony Hinds
    Anthony Hinds 17 hours ago

    Windshield is lame, would be better making a full Lexan windshield that went up against the frame rails and not that little add on.

    THISGUY 17 hours ago

    Part 50 preparing for paint

  • nicola miriano
    nicola miriano 18 hours ago

    I know that all white it's beautiful but i think that with red bumpers appears very good...

  • A Flavius
    A Flavius 18 hours ago

    I love the 2 tone colour on the Ferrari 458 bro.

  • eli lopez
    eli lopez 18 hours ago

    Dang you guys are some cool mf's

  • Versochi
    Versochi 18 hours ago

    16:46 the look on his face when he is gassing it!!! Lol

  • master fabricator
    master fabricator 18 hours ago

    Got a ? For ya WHAT ARE THOSE,what episode is that from 🤔 ,hint blue car.... Goodsquad did. Respond in comments 😎

  • Giulibarry
    Giulibarry 18 hours ago

    Ustedes son unos par de locos

  • Tapch MC
    Tapch MC 18 hours ago

    Put windshield protection just in case

  • O Maior Canal do Mundo sem Vídeos

    Pls paint this car red.

  • Luis Tabuyo
    Luis Tabuyo 19 hours ago

    At least Get a bolt on supercharger for the 5.0 y’all said y’all would and never did.😐

  • Its just Kano
    Its just Kano 19 hours ago

    Let me check the builds On going build: Ferrari 458 Ferrari 458/LB Honda S2000 Bikes Lambo. Build Finish projects: Ford f150 Jeep wrangler Ford mustang hellcat Cheve camaro Cheve corvvete Viper GTR Huracan Reply if I forgot some cars GMC Truck

    • Its just Kano
      Its just Kano 19 hours ago

      Forgot the track thinggy car. That cheve

  • markel davis
    markel davis 19 hours ago

    ya should paint ya car red

  • Anthony Hinds
    Anthony Hinds 19 hours ago

    Carbon fibre wrap all the body panels to match the rear spoiler.

  • akaHermanSnerd
    akaHermanSnerd 19 hours ago

    I'm seriously impressed with you boys. Congrats on your success and I hope you never stop!