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  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor Minute ago

    Petulant child. That's all he ever was, all he ever is, all he ever will be. All the comparisons to Dale Earnhardt are an insult to the Intimidator. He never conducted himself this way. When the biggest star in your sport acts like a tantrum throwing 4 year old, that's a sad commentary on the state of the sport.

  • frederick galloway
    frederick galloway 7 minutes ago

    I like that he is honest

  • tee bone
    tee bone 31 minute ago

    The cowboys would have not had those 3 super bowls with just Emmitt Troy and Irvin. They had the #1 defense in the league and top 5 defense those years. Without that defense they wouldn't have done it. The media seems to forget about that. This defense this year has seemed to regress and until it gets better I dont think the superbowl is in sight.

  • Ben Krom
    Ben Krom 42 minutes ago

    They should have asked if Kyle had a steering wheel in his car ! LOL

  • bayskiff90
    bayskiff90 50 minutes ago

    Is that kyle bush or...tom green

  • chg hfd
    chg hfd 55 minutes ago


  • Charles Spencer
    Charles Spencer Hour ago

    Man a podcast with you and Kenny Schrader would be amazing. On the low, he seems like one of the most interesting guys in NASCAR.

  • 20PINKluvr
    20PINKluvr Hour ago

    I want my border collie heeler mix to do agility like this..shed love it

  • David C.
    David C. Hour ago

    Put a mic in front of this guy and you’ll usually get pure gold. Love his press conferences and interviews!

  • William Brooks
    William Brooks Hour ago

    Joe Montana should have definitely made the list.

  • Juan Gomez
    Juan Gomez Hour ago


  • David Esh
    David Esh Hour ago

    kyle bush. My least favorite Nascar driver of all time.

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez Hour ago

    And here is the reason why he the most hated man behind the wheel of any vehicle.

  • Rick Arra
    Rick Arra Hour ago

    If his crew chief would tell him to shut up and drive maybe his crybaby ways would stop. They've put up with it so he continues

  • Lucid Worlds
    Lucid Worlds Hour ago

    Y’all sleeping on the Yankees

  • 427BELAIR
    427BELAIR Hour ago

    stock car racing basics...slower car and getting passed, HOLD YOUR LINE

  • Sean Corbett
    Sean Corbett Hour ago

    Great driver, one of the best of all time. I'm glad he's in the sport. All sports need a villain and he fits the mold perfectly.

  • Rick Arra
    Rick Arra Hour ago

    Poor Kyle. No class


    For all the idiots saying he drove into the back of him why didnt he go around it’s not that easy to just switch lanes at 180mph when your committed to a line. Having a car that slow in front of you and your closing in on him it’s nearly impossible to adjust that quick. Use some common sense and not just use your head for a hat rack and slobber words out of your mouth like a dipshit.

  • Terry Breedlove
    Terry Breedlove Hour ago

    You can’t stop Moss he will bite you

  • Wild Thing
    Wild Thing Hour ago

    “Moss Em”

  • Jason Robinson
    Jason Robinson Hour ago

    This sport is childs play now......."Mama,he peed in my sand box!"...... Long Live Winston Cup!

  • thomas duffy
    thomas duffy Hour ago

    Cry Baby . He could have went around

  • Anthony Treminio

    It’s time... time for the Patriots to pass the Torch to the next team. The Dallas Cowboys.

  • Tommy Coker
    Tommy Coker Hour ago

    He was thinking I'm a need some whiskey glasses! Line Em Up Line Em Up Line Em Up!

  • Ricardo Arzeno
    Ricardo Arzeno Hour ago

    The Astros are better

  • Carl Maynard
    Carl Maynard 2 hours ago

    He needs to go eat a Snickers bar

  • Dave Presswood
    Dave Presswood 2 hours ago

    No...the Yankees aren't better then the Astros. Luis Severino makes them better though. Yankees aren't beating the Astros if the Astros are healthy. Just isn't going to happen.


    Lmao somebody should tell him about the time revis tried that lmao

  • Football Legend
    Football Legend 2 hours ago

    This why I know the world can do better, the energy it takes to create such is beyond me and WWE laugh thinking everything is funny, but GOD will have his way ,this is insane this world that we say we live in, now I know you will never get it or understand and you may never will, but the solution is our problem !

  • Titilope Atekoja
    Titilope Atekoja 2 hours ago

    All that great speech to get spanked? smh

    PRO HEN 2 hours ago

    "Something's up with Kyle" Like Samantha is about to leave and get him for about $20 million. Same thing happened to his brother.

  • Constitutional Conversations with Everett

    I don't usually watch college football but this is awesome. Good job coach! Also the sun devil would probably win. 1:04

    LORDZINGIS 6 2 hours ago

    So I work at yankee stadium and this older guy I work with says within the next 15 year the Yankees should win 10 World Series. Idk much about baseball but I feel like the guy is over doing it. Are they that good?

  • NARA S
    NARA S 2 hours ago

    How could a man sponsored by candy be so angry all the time :(

  • Terry Brunk
    Terry Brunk 3 hours ago

    He is. The Patriots just dont understand how bad its going to get.

  • pay2021
    pay2021 3 hours ago

    Stewart is the second most winningest AMA rider of all time 98 wins

  • Gabriel Intorto Lleticias

    Esse piloto Truex Jr é completamente bom de correr de corrida muito legal aí eu torço para ele ganhar também

  • Orgrim Doomhammer
    Orgrim Doomhammer 3 hours ago

    if you like fast agile dogs, look for serbian hound

  • Mach one
    Mach one 3 hours ago

    Kyle is still a punk

  • __
    __ 3 hours ago

    & the RPO was born.

  • Tracy Black
    Tracy Black 4 hours ago

    People this is how people act if you give them everything they want as a child and not make them earn it... Kyle a girl!!

  • Hunter Hennecy
    Hunter Hennecy 4 hours ago

    Of course they were better than them before they played better and there bullpen over all is better

  • ramos208
    ramos208 4 hours ago

    Am a big fan of Troy but I know last year he didn’t think dak had it, and now there super bowl contenders.

  • Ed Fallon
    Ed Fallon 4 hours ago

    No wonder why attendance is down!!

  • Jordan Tedeschi
    Jordan Tedeschi 4 hours ago

    War must be ruff, did I understand right that Tim decided to run face front to the Taliban to get his team free? And his team followed him? Must be brutal for the Taliban stuck in between 2 team. I guess they killed him Savage

    MMAALL 4 hours ago

    Uh, NO. Verlander alone can practically win a series. No one on Yanks like that.

  • peterbilt9996
    peterbilt9996 4 hours ago

    Doesn't look like there's hardly anybody in the stands, unless I'm missing something.

  • Silmarrillion123
    Silmarrillion123 4 hours ago

    The only weakness I see on the roster is safety and defensive tackle depth to stop the run. That's it.

  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 4 hours ago

    Colin Kaepernick grew up more white than most white folks lol

  • tsc 701
    tsc 701 4 hours ago

    Sherman sucks

  • MSTmike3k
    MSTmike3k 5 hours ago

    Kyle Busch is the greatest driver in NASCAR history period . no one past or present can even come close to his talent

  • ah-in-nist sipes
    ah-in-nist sipes 5 hours ago

    Love listening to the greats talk about their craft

  • Lisa W
    Lisa W 5 hours ago

    What a big baby, as I have always said.....CRY BABY KYLE BUSCH, thats been his name to me since the interview after the coke 600 a year or two ago when the 3 won and cry baby was upset about that in his post race interview........GET OVER YOURSELF KYLE BUSCH, your attitude is the reason why you will never be a 7 time champion!!!!!!!!

  • Trace Furniss
    Trace Furniss 5 hours ago

    I’m a Rays fan I’m happy for Lowe but no MEADOWS

  • Daniel Yesluh
    Daniel Yesluh 5 hours ago

    Rich little brat like the rest of them only way you can race and be noticed is Mommy and Daddy paying the bill Nascar is boring anyway might as well put bleachers on the side of a highway!

  • Flex tape fixes everything

    What’s also surprising that it was the same top two as it was last year

  • James Hassel
    James Hassel 5 hours ago

    Nascar need to have a driver cool down time.after a race before camra, radio time

  • Gary the Great
    Gary the Great 5 hours ago

    Biggest crybaby in NASCAR he shouldn't be allowed to race..

  • Proxximo Amandil
    Proxximo Amandil 6 hours ago

    I can't stand that Truex Guy.

  • Matias Morales
    Matias Morales 6 hours ago

    With Sevy back in form at the perfect time heading into the playoffs + our insane depth in our bullpen. Yes we are. Let’s go Yankees

  • Joshua Eterno
    Joshua Eterno 6 hours ago

    everyone in the comments is acting like a baby

  • George ONeal
    George ONeal 6 hours ago

    Haha, Haha they couldn't beat Washington

  • B'Chayil Ben Dan
    B'Chayil Ben Dan 6 hours ago

    I love it. Good for Kyle. What he said is right. These backmarkers have destroyed too many races.

  • Shane Cardot
    Shane Cardot 6 hours ago

    Tampax sponsorship !!!!!!!!

  • chellebelle914
    chellebelle914 6 hours ago

    Congratulations to the goodest girl 🏆

  • Steven Dew
    Steven Dew 6 hours ago

    The real blue collar racers of yesteryear are gone. I have no idea how this entitled baby has so many fans.

  • Screwston
    Screwston 6 hours ago

    LOL I’d love to see these cowgirls vs the patriots in the SB.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 7 hours ago

    He's the most "non" champion , champion I've ever seen.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 7 hours ago

    What a classless crybaby

  • capricornmagic63
    capricornmagic63 7 hours ago

    I think she likes Mike. See the way she would kinda lean into him?

  • Taraksh Bagla
    Taraksh Bagla 7 hours ago

    Where is BROCK ??

  • Ice T
    Ice T 7 hours ago

    Great show love you guys!

  • Rumm 64
    Rumm 64 7 hours ago

    Just stop interviewing him, Win, lose or wreck. Wouldn't take 2 races and his sponsors will begin the question his attitude.

  • Steve Stewart
    Steve Stewart 7 hours ago

    What a soy boy entitled little brat. Has he ever had to struggle in life. Where is Jimmy Spencer he straighten Kurt out maybe he needs to straighten Kyle up.

  • Pride fighting Championships

    Title should be. Trying to get millennials off their phones

  • frank castle
    frank castle 8 hours ago

    Was Busch texting while driving a race car?

  • 72kalvin
    72kalvin 8 hours ago

    Not hard to win with that many 4 and 5 star recruits.

  • Psandoval85
    Psandoval85 8 hours ago

    Weren't the Astros the favorite last year too because of their pitching and their so called great offense... please. Yankees going all the way this year. This isnt 2017 Houston. Get over it already.

    • Psandoval85
      Psandoval85 4 hours ago

      @Asmosis Jones Greinke is no threat to any AL playoff team sorry to burst your bubble. Ask the Dodgers how much he helped them in the playoffs. Alvarez, a power hitter, you know how many of those the Yankees have in their lineup? Look it up. Brantley? Try DJ Lemahieu if you wanna see what an MVP candidate looks like. Miley? Give me a break, even with the magic sticky substance your Houston staff uses, hes no Charlie Morton or Keuchel. Fact is your pitching is weaker than it was in 2017. Verlander is older, and yea he still deals but he also was in the top 3 this year in HR given up which should be alarming when you're probably going to face the Yankees, a team who hits more HR than anyone. And no team in baseball had more injuries this year to key player than the Yankees did. Yet they're right there with you guys for the best record in baseball and they just got back Severino and Stanton after both being out all year. Not to mention, the best bullpen in the game. Houston, you have a problem.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 4 hours ago

      last year they didn't have alvarez greinke miley or brantley you do realize this right? they have 2 star pitchers and 2 star hitters now added to a 104 win team last year which is why even with injuries and some key lossed or hurt players they may win 108 games anyways...their realize how good miley was last year in the playoffs and how good alvarez has been this year and how good brantley is? do you?..this team had major injuires to sprnger altuve and carlos and it didn't matter they gave away a cy young winner in dallas a beast in morton and a great hitter in marwin away plus a key pitcher for them in lance had tommy john yet they only got better

  • Ed Wu
    Ed Wu 8 hours ago

    Jeff Gordon looks like he's 22

  • Disheartened6
    Disheartened6 8 hours ago

    0:30 "What he say again ..that I do?.. Oh pick them apart" 🔥👍

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes 9 hours ago

    For people saying they should mic them up more in the regular season, it’s too much of a distraction during a game that counts in the standings.

  • George rr
    George rr 9 hours ago

    Start Scherzer finish off with Strasburg

    SFJUMP 10 hours ago

    World Series Pick A's vs. Cubs

  • Joseph Saxton
    Joseph Saxton 10 hours ago

    Poor king Kyle they let other cars on the track

    1031KRONTZ GERMERICAN 10 hours ago

    His wife is cheating on him

  • Cheston Kelly
    Cheston Kelly 10 hours ago

    Ima fan til the day I die but they did this when it was tony romo demarco Murray and dez Bryant

  • Jon Robichaud
    Jon Robichaud 10 hours ago

    GBR ! 🌽🌽☠️☠️☠️

  • CrowdPleeza
    CrowdPleeza 10 hours ago

    I remember Joe Morgan saying that MLB stopped going to inner cities looking for talent. So they're not going to get more Black-Amercan players if they're not going to where they're at. MLB instead has focused on signing players from Latin America who they can get for less money.

  • Daniele Stromberg
    Daniele Stromberg 11 hours ago

    He needs a m & m bar to sweeten him up again lol

  • Daniele Stromberg
    Daniele Stromberg 11 hours ago

    I'm a die hard fan of Kyle's for years now an that interview wow he needs to really grow up and be thankful he has a good team an car because lot of them out there dont have good teams and cars an plus they are ppl out there work really hard for whole lot less he shud be thankful he is in the position he is

  • Anthony Dattile
    Anthony Dattile 11 hours ago

    Such an underrated show. Eric Karros and Frank know their stuff. Doubtful A's go far though. Pitching wins you games and in a big spot Homar Baily is a sitting duck in the playoffs.

  • Tyler Pelofske
    Tyler Pelofske 11 hours ago

    Can Ryan Newman advance?

  • Raymond Chapman
    Raymond Chapman 11 hours ago

    Kyle Busch is a little whiny f'n brat. His toddler son acts older than him.

  • Adrian Arshad
    Adrian Arshad 11 hours ago

    Patriots fans before: This man is cancer Patriots fans after: YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HIM HE'S A GOOD MAN WITH A GREAT HEART HE JUST HAS SOME PROBLEMS People aren't jealous of the Patriots. They just have the worst fans in existence.

  • Muhammad Fadhillah
    Muhammad Fadhillah 11 hours ago

    Kangen Sirkuit Indianapolis yang Road Course,Biasanya Dipakai F1 musim 2000-2007 & MotoGP pada 2008-2015

  • Raymond Chapman
    Raymond Chapman 11 hours ago

    I think we all see what many of us always knew....without Chad Knaus Jimmie Johnson is mortal. The same thing happened with Jeff Gordon when Evernham left, even tho Jeff won another championship and some races, he was nowhere near as dominant as he was from 1995-1999. Had Rusty Wallace been able to keep Buddy Parrot he would have won many more races and likely another championship. People can say and think what they want, a driver does not go from winning championships and races then to barely finishing top 10 suddenly. Sorry, not gonna buy the "Jimmie is older now or Hendrick is behind", no, it is the guy setting up the car etc. isn't there anymore.

  • Enrique Mendoza
    Enrique Mendoza 12 hours ago

    Who’s here just for Americas team? Go Cowboys!!

  • MaDhu RolliNs
    MaDhu RolliNs 12 hours ago

    Please bring a new stage

  • Chase Gallaugher
    Chase Gallaugher 12 hours ago

    Larry mac is wrong