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Time Prank - The Office
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Best Intro Ever - The Office
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  • Ssil3ntkillz
    Ssil3ntkillz Hour ago


  • 69,420 subs with no videos challenge

    Me: "This is exactly what I needed." Michael: *"THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!"*

  • Bb Chung
    Bb Chung Hour ago

    i would’ve loved to see the aftermath of the chili incident

  • i like Minecraft

    captions: oh no

  • Bonney Dahlquist

    That's what Oscar said!! Lol

  • Jay Macklin
    Jay Macklin Hour ago

    “’s marijuana” 😂😂😂

  • Alex Zamora
    Alex Zamora 2 hours ago

    This reminded me of Ultron

  • MrBoomTastic
    MrBoomTastic 2 hours ago

    94 dislikes why??

  • Jen - Jen
    Jen - Jen 2 hours ago

    I love how Dwight never really suspects Pam is involved in Jim’s pranks

  • Niente Niente
    Niente Niente 3 hours ago

    2:00 Creed

  • Ian
    Ian 3 hours ago

    Charles minor annoyed me so much

  • Dios.
    Dios. 3 hours ago

    “My mother’s coming” “That’s what she sa... (clears throat)”

  • K B
    K B 4 hours ago

    "What is a Jim?" Pam is awesome.

  • Modern Nerdydude
    Modern Nerdydude 4 hours ago

    I barely noticed Dwight's anime shirt

  • duloh suaib
    duloh suaib 4 hours ago

    6:01 Holly gives the ring finger and got flipped by malone 😂😂🤣

  • Ayanesh Sarkar
    Ayanesh Sarkar 4 hours ago

    pam had two children with a great salesman and Angela had a child with The Greatest Salesman

  • StationZ _
    StationZ _ 4 hours ago

    “If I write it down I can’t be charged with it.” -Creed Bratton

  • Bill Goff
    Bill Goff 4 hours ago

    I love watching Michael be miserable and in trouble. I haaaaaaaate him. God his face I just want to smash it

  • Dane Moliterno
    Dane Moliterno 4 hours ago

    Awe man! You frogot the scene at the end of the show, the one with Creed being taken away by the cops!

  • Keith Lee
    Keith Lee 5 hours ago


  • Bash Ton
    Bash Ton 5 hours ago

    3:18 is the most creed talked all series

  • it'sFckinRaw
    it'sFckinRaw 5 hours ago

    The way Stanley mocked Ryan Hi! Hi! Hi! :D

  • Frank
    Frank 5 hours ago

    In the scene where Dwight is talking to Angela, the certificate says the name Marc Christie?

  • Justin .M
    Justin .M 5 hours ago

    This show wouldn’t survive in today’s PC culture.... Thank God this show came before it.

  • Magdalena Herberger
    Magdalena Herberger 5 hours ago

    Roy is such a jerk to Pam But whatever this is hilarious

  • Marvelfreaksters
    Marvelfreaksters 5 hours ago

    Baby bhi yahi boli? Any comments?

  • aditya manokaran
    aditya manokaran 5 hours ago

    The chuckle that the doctor gives at 0:38 always gets me!

  • srikanth k
    srikanth k 5 hours ago

    Life goal be weird as creed and live well

  • Elias Pettersson
    Elias Pettersson 6 hours ago

    "Jim is on a path now. And I wish him well" Still his buddy, even though he thinks he's turning into a vampire

  • Jordan Walker
    Jordan Walker 6 hours ago

    I’ve watched The Office way to many times oof

  • non existent
    non existent 6 hours ago

    "Grapes, seductive?" Jimin: _yes_

  • it'sFckinRaw
    it'sFckinRaw 6 hours ago

    What else you couldn't find?

  • How To Train Your Wagon

    “It squeaks when you bang it” -She

  • User name
    User name 7 hours ago

    Lol Michael was just salty he didn’t get invited at the end. He’s bragging something he didn’t even accomplished

  • User name
    User name 7 hours ago

    Jim was a jerk here. Even though he knew Dwight was having a hard time he still pranked him.

    • K B
      K B 4 hours ago

      As he said, he is not perfect.

    • Silva Unit
      Silva Unit 5 hours ago

      Jim was a jerk 98% of the time

  • ArcadeRay Gaming
    ArcadeRay Gaming 8 hours ago

    I thought Dwight's Joker looked the best just because of the glasses.

  • popcorn pretzel
    popcorn pretzel 8 hours ago

    "you are murdering the nard dog"

  • lanceuppercut88
    lanceuppercut88 8 hours ago


  • Alexander Kaizer
    Alexander Kaizer 8 hours ago

    Is it wrong if I think that perhaps Caboose from Red vs Blue would make a better manager than Creed?

  • Anthony
    Anthony 8 hours ago

    Lol Pam’s expression are 3:24 is perfect 😂

  • Gr8estWalter 10
    Gr8estWalter 10 8 hours ago

    I feel bad for Jim in this because Dwight can be so cruel.

  • Who is The Coon?
    Who is The Coon? 9 hours ago

    These comments are the reason we can't have nice things. So many sensitive crybabies complaining about Jim pranking Dwight. They both messed with each other for our amusement, get over yourselves.

  • HD Pictures
    HD Pictures 9 hours ago

    “I’m sorry, is this a working office and not a fence beach?”

  • No,Isaidposse
    No,Isaidposse 10 hours ago

    Signs of a shark jump.... kids, dancing, minor characters speaking more and dancing. Did I mention dancing?

  • TinyTimGameYT Plays
    TinyTimGameYT Plays 10 hours ago

    This episode should of been called the time hiest

  • Jadden
    Jadden 11 hours ago

    One of the best but worst manager ever on the show 😂

    LOLFISHYLOL 11 hours ago

    Everyone should live there life to the BOBODY code.

  • James McKay
    James McKay 11 hours ago

    Jim got what he deserved with the snowball fight

  • RB23
    RB23 11 hours ago

    "Take that as*hole" lol

  • Yo ming
    Yo ming 11 hours ago

    0:46 that look

  • Eddie Duran
    Eddie Duran 12 hours ago

    The actor that plays Jim is horrible at any other role. I guess i cant see anything other than Jim when i see him

  • Tex-Mex Chick
    Tex-Mex Chick 13 hours ago

    I could do seven MORE minutes......🤣that’s what I say...

  • Nexus OneZ
    Nexus OneZ 13 hours ago

    this might be the only video i disliked just because i want to turn the disliked count to 666

  • Sam Forshaw
    Sam Forshaw 13 hours ago

    the way the camera zooms in is what makes the office great

  • spacetape
    spacetape 13 hours ago

    whoever is running this channel officially ran out of ideas and is just uploading the same things for views

  • Kei Hunter
    Kei Hunter 13 hours ago

    That was honestly so sweet of pam to do for dwight tho

  • Shubham Agrawal
    Shubham Agrawal 13 hours ago

    Where is Dwight?

  • TheWatcher328
    TheWatcher328 14 hours ago

    This, hands down, is the funniest part in the show for me. Lost it multiple times throughout. Goes to show how Creed is the literally the best character in the show

  • Vikkor Heel
    Vikkor Heel 14 hours ago

    She goes to another school🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vikkor Heel
    Vikkor Heel 14 hours ago

    All of us?😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💙

  • Kellen McDonald
    Kellen McDonald 14 hours ago


  • Zerrie=Everlasting
    Zerrie=Everlasting 14 hours ago

    Dwight: "No, one crisis at a time" while shaking his head. 😂 i don't know why this got me

  • Joe M
    Joe M 15 hours ago

    My favorite one: "That's what he said! Right? Because of gay??"

  • Jamie Nicholls
    Jamie Nicholls 15 hours ago

    Creed "It's Halloween that's really good timing" Cop at crime scene "Wow someone really must hated this person like a lot !!"

  • Emma Barr
    Emma Barr 15 hours ago

    *I thought it would be longer....*

  • Sanket Saxena
    Sanket Saxena 15 hours ago

    I want a movie " Admiral Alladin Vs Dwight Schrute".

  • Jamie Nicholls
    Jamie Nicholls 15 hours ago

    Jim "Um is Moe ok he's outside in middle of night banging the outhouse door I thought is was the wind". Dwight "Moe hasn't been the same since the night of the thunder"

  • Craig A
    Craig A 15 hours ago

    "Dangling parcible". LOL. Classic

  • veer sheth
    veer sheth 15 hours ago


  • Cyclops
    Cyclops 15 hours ago

    I love how Dwight just automatically thinks that an apocalypse is happening 😂

  • Joe McKim
    Joe McKim 16 hours ago

    If given the option of buying paper online not sure why you would buy it from a salesman. I mean you either need paper or not and not sure why a salesman called would you suddenly need paper that you didn't need prior to his call.

  • uneedtherapy42
    uneedtherapy42 16 hours ago

    3:04 best scene in sitcom history

  • Neva
    Neva 16 hours ago

    I have very little patience for stupidity lol😂

  • Snake Smithycup
    Snake Smithycup 16 hours ago

    I’m actually on the episode right now

  • Live Free
    Live Free 16 hours ago

    major props to Dwight for besting the computer. Everybody doubted Dwight, but Dwight

  • Daniel Ramdawar
    Daniel Ramdawar 16 hours ago

    God Andy's character is so annoying

  • sam s
    sam s 16 hours ago

    surprised the vids only 7 minutes long

  • sam s
    sam s 17 hours ago

    stanley’s laugh gets me every time omg

  • OkayBuddy
    OkayBuddy 17 hours ago


  • Kalliopi Memtsas
    Kalliopi Memtsas 17 hours ago

    1:00 you can see the “that’s what she said” going through his mind in his eyes💀

  • Kokotje Kalyxst
    Kokotje Kalyxst 18 hours ago

    Pam: “Uh my Mother’s coming.” Michael: “That’s what she sai-“ *clears throat*

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 18 hours ago

    You can see Erin’s butt when she starts dancing around Andy 😳

  • Ryan ???
    Ryan ??? 18 hours ago


  • Gdawg 0331
    Gdawg 0331 18 hours ago

    Creed is the best!

  • Vikin Go
    Vikin Go 18 hours ago

    4:48 her name anyone??? Thanks

  • Kole Dupe
    Kole Dupe 18 hours ago

    When Dwight kicks the lady in the face LMFAO

  • Alan Watson
    Alan Watson 18 hours ago

    Does Dwight know Pam can type whatever into the computer sys?

  • Daniel Ryan
    Daniel Ryan 18 hours ago

    I never noticed the mugshot on the wall behind him until now.

  • abracadabra boi
    abracadabra boi 18 hours ago

    "Uh, my mothers coming" "That's what she sai-"

  • Michael Mccarthy
    Michael Mccarthy 18 hours ago

    I guess they don't take into account that the computer sells paper 24/7

  • Cash Feldkamp
    Cash Feldkamp 19 hours ago

    Pig in a blanket eating a pig in a blanket 6:14

    RHVTV 19 hours ago

    “Well what if the recipient IS your notary?!” *anguished pause*

  • Tbone Steak
    Tbone Steak 19 hours ago

    Creed has kids

  • God
    God 19 hours ago

    When Jim says that all these pranks don't sound that funny one after another, I immediately think that he's dumb

  • Jerzy Sputo
    Jerzy Sputo 19 hours ago


  • Cody Higinbotham
    Cody Higinbotham 19 hours ago

    How could you not include the best cold open - when Dwight starts a fire and everyone panics

  • SSRV1
    SSRV1 19 hours ago

    Case of the beet bandit 😂

  • big D yh
    big D yh 19 hours ago


  • ScAnDeLeZ
    ScAnDeLeZ 20 hours ago

    How was Pam ever known as the ‘office mattress’ with Meredith working there

  • Lais Alves
    Lais Alves 20 hours ago

    oh my god when he introduced the laptops and it was actually batteries I almost died of embarassment