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She’s leaving me...
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  • Twisty_ Gamer
    Twisty_ Gamer 9 seconds ago

    1 like = 1000 more subs for Brandon

  • Ezequiel Ramos Lopez
    Ezequiel Ramos Lopez 27 seconds ago

    rip juice wrld 🤕💔🙏🏽

  • L Kky
    L Kky Minute ago

    29 min agoooo

  • Yo its Adrian
    Yo its Adrian Minute ago

    But deadass Fr RIP Juice wrld a Chicago legend

  • Antoinette Guardiola

    When Booker kisses the camera 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Alexander Contreras

    R.i.p Juice WRLD

  • Dilraj Singh
    Dilraj Singh Minute ago


  • Julian Riley
    Julian Riley Minute ago

    Anthony can. Play ????? What he hit those 3 hahahaha I can't believe that

  • Hugo Ibarra
    Hugo Ibarra Minute ago


  • Stanley Little
    Stanley Little 2 minutes ago

    done. ιм мad wнy? ι ѕaw вrawadιѕ dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor girlfrien*

  • Wild Berry
    Wild Berry 2 minutes ago

    "Hello Ladies"

  • Connor Jo
    Connor Jo 2 minutes ago

    Kind of seems like u were bitching at him more than he was bitching at u said it’s a pickup game chill

  • Savage Decay
    Savage Decay 2 minutes ago

    Your dads hair is orange and blue

  • Floro Sanchez-Sanchez
    Floro Sanchez-Sanchez 3 minutes ago

    Rip juice wrld

    MW VLOGS 3 minutes ago

    Brooooo please! Juice wrld ! Come back we all love you like seriously Like if u think it’s true! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Unknown Lu
    Unknown Lu 3 minutes ago

    Jackie!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • arequepl
    arequepl 4 minutes ago

    done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw вrawadιѕ dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry ғor gιrlғrιιend*

  • zone wars
    zone wars 4 minutes ago

    juice world is the best and 1like is one pray for him

  • Adriana Grimaldo
    Adriana Grimaldo 4 minutes ago

    I love Mandi 💓

  • Jose Barragan
    Jose Barragan 4 minutes ago

    Rip juice WRLD

  • Anzall R
    Anzall R 4 minutes ago

    REST IN PARADISE JUICE WRLD 🗣🙏🏼🤴🏾🤴🏾🤴🏾🤴🏾💗💗💗

  • Fortnite Gunreview
    Fortnite Gunreview 4 minutes ago

    Sub to me

  • Brass_Monkey42
    Brass_Monkey42 4 minutes ago

    Anthony is so damn annoying how or why do you hang out with him? He's the helmet kinda special isn't he?

  • KillerBeast FTW
    KillerBeast FTW 5 minutes ago

    When juice wrld died and watch USclip videos that usually would make me laugh can’t 🥺

  • Cohenreacts12 113
    Cohenreacts12 113 5 minutes ago

    Love your videos Brendon

  • Jamie Morris
    Jamie Morris 5 minutes ago

    You got that right Brawadis I lost my husband on August 24, 2019 he had a bad wreck on August 14 and passed away on the 24. So aways tell them how you feel. We were together for 26yrs

  • Stanley Little
    Stanley Little 5 minutes ago

    done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw вrawadιѕ dмѕ *poor нιѕ gιrlғrιιend*

  • hey hi hi
    hey hi hi 6 minutes ago

    They look so scared I feel bad

  • Kyle Martinez
    Kyle Martinez 7 minutes ago

    Danwagan Lakers, warriors, raptors

  • J Wavy
    J Wavy 7 minutes ago

    Bruhh, wtf am I even getting nervous for😭😭😭

  • Feb Cafino
    Feb Cafino 7 minutes ago

    shut up that sommeray

  • Billsfan 2002
    Billsfan 2002 7 minutes ago

    Juice probably got a seizure because of the drugs and the weed he was smoking (I was a fan to so I’m not a hater) rip juice.

  • Nathalie Martinez
    Nathalie Martinez 7 minutes ago

    Yea because when Cameron Boyce died it was sad. people asked me was you a fan tbh it really doesn’t matter like he died when he was 20 like wow

  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell 8 minutes ago

    Anthony looks funny playing sports 😂 so used to him being the cheerleader

  • Ritika Mukherjee
    Ritika Mukherjee 8 minutes ago

    She is wearing two different shocks

  • Tas X
    Tas X 8 minutes ago

    Once I went to my aunts house with ripped jeans and she goes.. do you want me to sew them for you??😭😂

  • Game Glory
    Game Glory 8 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Ybarra aka epic gamer

    I swear if I get click baited

  • FaZe Real
    FaZe Real 8 minutes ago

    Why I the gym so ecoy

  • Big Mug
    Big Mug 9 minutes ago

    Jackie’s dumber then a pile of rocks for still kicking it with Brandon

  • NR NR
    NR NR 9 minutes ago

    When u come straight to the comments do you ever say “ damn I wish I wrote that “

  • Neil Wallis
    Neil Wallis 9 minutes ago

    Brandon is the nicest guy on here he needs to get back with his ex who he loves.

  • Romy Grewal
    Romy Grewal 10 minutes ago

    Juice world died💔😭( who is Sad 😔) ⬇️ ⬇️

    • Jotar0
      Jotar0 4 minutes ago

      Romy Grewal rip

  • Alex Beech
    Alex Beech 10 minutes ago


  • Diego Salgado
    Diego Salgado 10 minutes ago

    Is that canilo

  • Masato Doxey
    Masato Doxey 10 minutes ago

    We can call him jake Paul now

  • smokedawgart
    smokedawgart 11 minutes ago

    Mandy and Jessica are so bad ❤️❤️

  • Stanley Little
    Stanley Little 11 minutes ago

    done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw вrawadιѕ dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry ғor gιrlғrend*

  • Brianna Alcantar
    Brianna Alcantar 11 minutes ago

    Yes sirrrr😂

  • Ever Rose
    Ever Rose 11 minutes ago

    It's a VA thing smh

  • SheCallsMeJoseee
    SheCallsMeJoseee 11 minutes ago

    rest in power juice wrld ❤️😔

  • Westbrook fan
    Westbrook fan 11 minutes ago

    Anthony jumper is good

  • Rajan Basram
    Rajan Basram 11 minutes ago

    I have a Nintendo switch witch is ok range and purple

  • David Moreno
    David Moreno 11 minutes ago

    I didn’t even know juice died that’s crazy I didn’t even listen to his music but... Rest In Paradise🙏

  • Yo its Adrian
    Yo its Adrian 12 minutes ago

    Get ready for all the like if you been here before 2019 and like if you want good luck

  • Jose Solorzano
    Jose Solorzano 12 minutes ago


  • Nathalie Martinez
    Nathalie Martinez 12 minutes ago

    If I was Ron I would do a temporary dye like no offense I’m sorry nooo

  • turboflames 10
    turboflames 10 13 minutes ago

    When you wake up and there’s no juice😂

  • Mikhael
    Mikhael 13 minutes ago

    Brawadis showers with Bang

  • XxFrostyZacxX
    XxFrostyZacxX 13 minutes ago

    Rip juice wrld😔

  • iz Jei
    iz Jei 13 minutes ago

    Juice Wrld died a legend R.I.P.

  • Twitch _Yalayolocars
    Twitch _Yalayolocars 13 minutes ago

    It’s green and yellow for me because I’m colour blind

  • Just Comedy 247
    Just Comedy 247 14 minutes ago

    The outro is too lit 🔥 song goes hard

  • Diego Castillo
    Diego Castillo 14 minutes ago

    Subscribe to prokiller OG to enter giveaway Also r.i.p juice wrld

  • Rufino Benitez
    Rufino Benitez 14 minutes ago

    Noti squad

  • Rishab Sati
    Rishab Sati 15 minutes ago

    I’m sad about Juice WRLDS death.... rip 😢 🙏 ❤️

  • Slumped_Aqua
    Slumped_Aqua 15 minutes ago

    Now Brandon gonna make body wash merchandise

  • Adrian Morales
    Adrian Morales 15 minutes ago


  • VeXityy
    VeXityy 16 minutes ago

    R.I.P Juice 💔😔🙏

  • Frijoles 06
    Frijoles 06 16 minutes ago

    R.I.P JUCIE WRLD 🙏🙏🙏

  • LiL OWL
    LiL OWL 16 minutes ago

    7:37 how much water does Brandon drink

  • Daily Vlogs
    Daily Vlogs 17 minutes ago


  • Dragydiger clab
    Dragydiger clab 17 minutes ago

    R.I.P Juice wrld

  • Epic
    Epic 18 minutes ago

    PlEaSe HeArT My CoMmEnT :]

  • DB Auto
    DB Auto 18 minutes ago

    0:26 you see it 👀🍆

  • arequepl
    arequepl 18 minutes ago

    done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw вrawadιѕ dмѕ *poor нιѕ gιrlғrend*

  • mike Casas
    mike Casas 18 minutes ago

    RIP juice wrld

  • Roberto Garcia
    Roberto Garcia 19 minutes ago

    You will find millions of dollars ⬇like to activate

  • Jade isa Ruri
    Jade isa Ruri 19 minutes ago

    I love this video

  • NexusPlayZ
    NexusPlayZ 19 minutes ago

    if brandon is actually naked. Idk how he is not shy

  • Jessica._. Sarro
    Jessica._. Sarro 19 minutes ago

    When u did the trivia I knew it was gonna be for bang

  • Kirandeep Nijjar
    Kirandeep Nijjar 19 minutes ago

    Rip juice Wrld 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • King Dude
    King Dude 19 minutes ago

    A real tumbnail

  • Asmaa Amara
    Asmaa Amara 19 minutes ago

    ehh We the north ❤️

  • Daniel Pauna
    Daniel Pauna 20 minutes ago

    Damn Anthony brian and brandon were for reals about to jump his ass lmao

  • Kingchris2 T
    Kingchris2 T 20 minutes ago


  • Gustavo Manzo
    Gustavo Manzo 20 minutes ago

    I thought Papa Rug was a warriors fan Now he is Lakers fan wowow🤦🏻‍♂️

  • xRainBowsharkx SharkGang
    xRainBowsharkx SharkGang 20 minutes ago

    Is Brandon's team win the final game of the whole team gets free barbecue chicken

  • Dark Montez
    Dark Montez 21 minute ago

    Juice WRLD RIP 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    EMMANUEL CARLO 21 minute ago

    Who cares if it was in front of your family that’s irrelevant just man up and beat his ass family can’t fight for you

  • A 10
    A 10 21 minute ago

    Rip Juice Wrld.. I hate how one of his lyrics was literally we won’t make it to 21.. which were Cameron Boyce, Xxxtentacion, Him and lil peep Fly High legends 💔🕊.

  • Stephen Menase
    Stephen Menase 22 minutes ago

    Follow me on Instagram @Lababy024

  • arequepl
    arequepl 22 minutes ago

    done. ιм мad wнy? ι ѕaw вrawadιѕ dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor gιrlғrend*

  • Zinz
    Zinz 22 minutes ago

    Rest in Peace Juice WRLD 😔

  • RP - 05PA - Sir Wilfrid Laurier PS (1578)

    I love drinking soy sauce

    GUATO MOLINERO 22 minutes ago

    Fu** That Cra***** A** Dude💯

  • Killer BTW
    Killer BTW 22 minutes ago

    Sub to my channel

  • Itzsyteツ
    Itzsyteツ 22 minutes ago

    Who else would love if Brandon uploaded 2 videos in one day

  • Adriana Grimaldo
    Adriana Grimaldo 23 minutes ago


  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 23 minutes ago

    i loved juice wrld he was a good rapper first xxxtentacion then juice wrld who's next