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  • Hayley Brasington
    Hayley Brasington 34 minutes ago


  • Isabella Cabodevilla
    Isabella Cabodevilla 41 minute ago

    I actually heard if for a year

  • Fortnite for Life 123
    Fortnite for Life 123 44 minutes ago

    Who’s still here listening to this like if you are

    ANYTHING YOU LIKE 52 minutes ago

    Anyone here before 3 billion hit

  • Stace Garratt
    Stace Garratt 56 minutes ago

    The longboard girl is beautiful :)

  • Carlie owl
    Carlie owl Hour ago

    I love you Clean Bandit<3

  • Rk Rudro
    Rk Rudro Hour ago

    I want so see this lovely song will gose to 10 billion views...For our Best mother 💞 Edit : If you agree then like here .👌

  • David Pinto
    David Pinto Hour ago

    hello everyone please check my new channel

  • Samuel Matmuja
    Samuel Matmuja Hour ago

    ******mom love

  • ALFRED 1000
    ALFRED 1000 Hour ago

    So rockbye baby rockbye

    BRITTROCKS 2 hours ago

    Due to some misunderstandings and my mistake; my ex and me got separated. She took our 2 year old son with her. I tried to reconcile but didn't work out. Every time I listen to this song it gives me deep regret; Because I know she is doing all she can to give everything to our son. :)

  • Anna Lemanska
    Anna Lemanska 2 hours ago


  • Fangle The Fox :3
    Fangle The Fox :3 2 hours ago

    Explicacion: A esta chica o como le pasan a muchas chicas tambien es que su familia y novio le abandona y le crotican por haberse quedado embarazada entonces la chica decide llevar una vida sola con su hijo o hija y para poder cuiadar de el o ella se tiene que meter en un trabajo que el nombre empieza por p para sacar dinero y esta cancion a lo que se refiere es que le da animos fuerzas para esas madres solteras

  • Hoshyar Namiq
    Hoshyar Namiq 2 hours ago

    2019 from iraq 🇮🇶

  • Наталья Коякова

    Деми солнышко

  • ChaosTekkers
    ChaosTekkers 2 hours ago

    God so much nostalgia! Was sooo happy then, having fun with great friends, in love like never before!😩

  • Helin
    Helin 2 hours ago

    Türkler burdamığğ 🤗

  • Helin
    Helin 2 hours ago

    I love my mom 😢

  • Anant Gupta
    Anant Gupta 2 hours ago

    God's come to Earth in the form of a mother. Like for your mom and her sacrifices.

  • faisu1979 triana
    faisu1979 triana 3 hours ago

    Soy el comentario en español q buscas ÙwÚ Me das 1 like (solo uno ;-;) 😄❤💖👍

  • Zdenka Bilova
    Zdenka Bilova 3 hours ago

    Super music

  • mohammed gasmi
    mohammed gasmi 3 hours ago

    Pes 21.11.2019😍😍😍

  • milky toast
    milky toast 3 hours ago

    the start sounds like rather be

  • Fahadsam
    Fahadsam 3 hours ago

    I want water

  • Vishal Thakur
    Vishal Thakur 3 hours ago

    I love this

  • Dia Didisor
    Dia Didisor 3 hours ago

    This song is really hiting me while i have a single mother..

  • JetsfulGaming
    JetsfulGaming 3 hours ago

    Why'd he break that vase

  • Thauan Luis
    Thauan Luis 4 hours ago

    quem veio pelo festival de verão 2020 ??

  • Ania Jaje
    Ania Jaje 4 hours ago

    Jak myślicie ile razy się wywaliła na tej desce

    VJMUSIC 4 hours ago

    Goodbye baby goodbye 👶 I love 💗 my

  • BAD Agust D
    BAD Agust D 4 hours ago

    This song is a perfect example of me and my mom 💜

  • BAD Agust D
    BAD Agust D 4 hours ago

    This song is a perfect example of me and my mom 💜

  • alaa sport
    alaa sport 4 hours ago

    من اجمل الاغانيfrom Iraq

  • alaa sport
    alaa sport 4 hours ago

    منو اجمل الاغانيfrom Iraq

  • Anita Kis
    Anita Kis 5 hours ago


  • GamerRoom 玩家
    GamerRoom 玩家 5 hours ago

    türkler nerede hiç saçma sapan yorum yokta :D

  • Glebovo1996
    Glebovo1996 5 hours ago

  • Talita ofials
    Talita ofials 5 hours ago

    Alguém aqui veio por causa que eles vão apresentar no festival de verão?

  • ปิยะณัฐ ต๊ะทา


  • MLee Seng
    MLee Seng 5 hours ago


  • ufuk kundur
    ufuk kundur 5 hours ago


  • Mohmmed Almahi
    Mohmmed Almahi 5 hours ago

    I can't stop listening to this song💔

  • Mevlüt Yakar
    Mevlüt Yakar 5 hours ago

    ege PES 16 ATAH MI ? canım MARİO GOMEZ li PES 16 çekti XD

  • Rubat Rubatkok
    Rubat Rubatkok 6 hours ago

    Read my comment in the future year 2090

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 6 hours ago

    Plzz help me cross 1 k subscribers subscribe to this channel

  • Алина Хайруллина


  • Nelly Quispe
    Nelly Quispe 6 hours ago

    Hermosa esta canción

  • ej caparida
    ej caparida 6 hours ago

    Asean boss

  • arjun s
    arjun s 7 hours ago

    0% bad words 0% naked girls 100% talent Keep it up

  • Gloria Aviles
    Gloria Aviles 7 hours ago

    Baby is now my favrete

    TYT HACKER 7 hours ago

    شواذ خرا بيهم

  • mpsh mpsh
    mpsh mpsh 7 hours ago

    PES 2020 😗🥰🥰🥰😍

  • tài nguyễn
    tài nguyễn 7 hours ago

    Có ai Việt Nam không👋 cho tôi biết mình không lạc loài đi ♥️♥️♥️

  • Dash120z
    Dash120z 7 hours ago

    Best masturbation anthem!

  • أحمد الليثى

    I miss my mother and my father 😢😢❤️

  • Dr.Nilesh Patel
    Dr.Nilesh Patel 8 hours ago

    If you are read this we will always remember our mom love and sacrification for our Buildup .❤️ Love you Ma❤️💜💙

  • シتـويـتيُ
    シتـويـتيُ 8 hours ago


  • Ted Burdi
    Ted Burdi 8 hours ago


  • Neslihan Elbir
    Neslihan Elbir 8 hours ago

    I love my mother👇🏼❤️❤️

  • ari watanabe
    ari watanabe 8 hours ago

    I hate my mother.

  • melancia games
    melancia games 8 hours ago


  • indrajit ghosh
    indrajit ghosh 9 hours ago

    best music ....

  • TheGreatEpic
    TheGreatEpic 9 hours ago

    This song make me cry cuz my family is have 9 and 4 my si sibling dead

  • كوثر انصيف
    كوثر انصيف 9 hours ago


  • Dusan Djordjevic
    Dusan Djordjevic 10 hours ago

    Is this song actually about masturbating?

    SIDRA JAMAL 10 hours ago

    منو جاي من 2019

    • تـــالـين
      تـــالـين 3 hours ago

      SIDRA JAMAL عراقييييي 😂 لاصفر قضيتنه 😂

  • sopo ismailovi
    sopo ismailovi 10 hours ago

    *anna maria*

    VIPツ TAQUEE 10 hours ago

    I m Playing Pes 2016 and listing this song now i m finally seeing a video nice one

  • Wind Chimes
    Wind Chimes 10 hours ago

    I bo it solo

  • Aysha Zahra
    Aysha Zahra 10 hours ago

    I love u 6000 MOMMYYYY♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Mustafa Akbari
    Mustafa Akbari 11 hours ago

    If you like so like this

  • リンカーベル
    リンカーベル 11 hours ago


  • Pijay Vlog
    Pijay Vlog 11 hours ago

    This is why i love zara ❤️

  • Tito Samboro
    Tito Samboro 11 hours ago

    Is this solo or duo? I'm still confuse

    • E V
      E V 9 hours ago

      its solo.. thats why the title of the song is called solo

  • asma aftab
    asma aftab 12 hours ago

    favourite nowadays

  • Sushant singh
    Sushant singh 12 hours ago

    Who listen this song today

  • july nga-o
    july nga-o 13 hours ago

    Haters back off this is miranda sings not a poser new acount dont forgot to come to my concert thank you love you guys☺️☺️☺️

  • Anonto
    Anonto 13 hours ago

    This Song Made Me Emotional.The People Who Understood The Lyrics Will Never Dislike This Song.

  • Pritom Khan
    Pritom Khan 13 hours ago


  • Yeah And Yeah
    Yeah And Yeah 13 hours ago

    This is a Joget dangdut

  • Arya Dexter_Grimmie
    Arya Dexter_Grimmie 13 hours ago

    I'm crying... God, it's so beautiful... And emotional, and sad...

    THE TIGER 14 hours ago


  • Olivia Huang
    Olivia Huang 15 hours ago

    i wish i could longboard as well as that girl

  • Lauraabi Moore
    Lauraabi Moore 15 hours ago

    Sonny i no uwatch this all tha time lol youre Lonnie gal

  • vicki cooper
    vicki cooper 15 hours ago

    And im only 8 years old

  • vicki cooper
    vicki cooper 15 hours ago

    I love this soonggg so much

  • I love Toilet
    I love Toilet 15 hours ago

    Came here to see hyojoo longboard skateboard 😍

  • Alip Widianto
    Alip Widianto 16 hours ago

    Homo asu

  • Samar Abobaker
    Samar Abobaker 16 hours ago

    Mom is my reall love i love you mom

  • aman parihar
    aman parihar 16 hours ago

    3:24 girl name?

  • risky lupp
    risky lupp 16 hours ago

    Entek november 2019

  • Khloee M
    Khloee M 16 hours ago

    I honestly just wanna listen to this song and cry. It’s so beautiful and meaningful.

  • Thousand Island
    Thousand Island 16 hours ago

    This is INSANE!

  • One Piece
    One Piece 17 hours ago


  • Dubstep Cool
    Dubstep Cool 17 hours ago

    Donald Trump xd

  • Kris Adi wijaya
    Kris Adi wijaya 17 hours ago

    Wong Palembang mano like kalo wong Palembang

  • dary Romero
    dary Romero 18 hours ago

    Like por el morrito que esta bien bonito :"v

  • Iana The Duck
    Iana The Duck 18 hours ago

    Is that his son

  • ʕ•̫͡•ིʔྀ ramën Doødles ʕ•̫͡•ིʔྀ

    This song reminds me of my vacation. Well it’s probably because I heard this on my vacation! Good memories always make me wanna cry ❤️

  • rob \ niv Owatch
    rob \ niv Owatch 18 hours ago

    I wanna wooooo but I'm broken harted cry cry but I like to party touch touch touch but I got no body so I do it soloooo 🤘