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The Rise Of Chick-fil-A
Views 1.4M19 days ago
The Rise Of Toyota
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The Rise Of Roomba And iRobot
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What Happened To Dell?
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Why Glasses Are So Expensive
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Why Uber Is Losing Money
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  • Not your Business
    Not your Business 34 seconds ago


  • GamingTV
    GamingTV 3 minutes ago

    sorry, if uber thinks lawmakers are going to allow uber drivers to ship things illegally without paperwork, they're going to find that out the hard way, then go bust, if i was a retailer, i would reject any 3rd party that's under an uber truck

  • Timothy Watts
    Timothy Watts 4 minutes ago

    Freedom of religion my ass, look at these liberals crying about a value Chick Fil A holds true to

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV 5 minutes ago

    very high demand, yet you need $7000 for the 4 week CDL program, does anyone else see a problem with this?

  • Handy Santoso
    Handy Santoso 7 minutes ago

    The Taste is....below meat.

  • Nilesh Kumar Routray
    Nilesh Kumar Routray 11 minutes ago

    Amazon packaging workers and Facebook moderators both are going through hell right now

  • addicz2
    addicz2 14 minutes ago

    They didnt buy trash. Thats it.

  • Rafeeq
    Rafeeq 16 minutes ago

    Thank you for speaking truth, sadly there are still bigots who thinks isis is islam. We will continue to educate them properly.

  • Tina Marie
    Tina Marie 17 minutes ago

    I am sorry please show single moms trying to make it . Well to do people don’t count

  • Adam Alfred
    Adam Alfred 18 minutes ago


  • Russ Sommer
    Russ Sommer 18 minutes ago

    Y'all cant keep up with Chick Fil-a!

  • Very Jolly
    Very Jolly 19 minutes ago

    Because food is delicious and the service is great and the place looks nice and clean. The hatred that the left has is unbelievable.

  • Mr. Heath
    Mr. Heath 20 minutes ago

    I had never been to a Chick-fil-A until the LGBT bla bla bla told me not to. Now it’s my favorite stop.

  • Bird Law
    Bird Law 21 minute ago


  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 22 minutes ago

    I tried chick fil a last week. That is some basic ass chicken. It's not bad but it's boring, much like the people that hype chick fil a.

  • Rude Tha Rich
    Rude Tha Rich 23 minutes ago


  • Adam Flett
    Adam Flett 24 minutes ago

    Nothing can beat tims

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 24 minutes ago

    is Elon Musk a cologne ?

  • Victor P.
    Victor P. 25 minutes ago

    The increase in k-beauty van be correlated by the raise in popularity of kpop

  • Larry Rowe
    Larry Rowe 27 minutes ago

    I would like to see Ford build a new thunderbird. Not like the early 2000 version but a true competitor to the corvette

  • kickinbackinOC
    kickinbackinOC 28 minutes ago

    I had a conv Vette, and have a Viper. I think its fantastic what GM/Chevy has done with the C8! Great job! I'll buy one if I can find the cash and the garage space!

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp 29 minutes ago

    Definitely my favorite restaurant by far I love Chick-fil-A!

  • Smiling Bob
    Smiling Bob 32 minutes ago

    Do not trust Uber. You'll screw yourself out of your job.

  • Michael Langley
    Michael Langley 32 minutes ago

    cool, but tesla roadster will destroy this thing

  • Paul _
    Paul _ 33 minutes ago

    Rebel's Americas Greatest Gift To The World electricity, planes, phones, Computers, CAPITALISM infused Freedom Available to anyone who is willing to work 18 hour days Rich's channel: @UCfV0_wbjG8KJADuZT2ct4SA

  • J W
    J W 35 minutes ago

    Ray dalio is awesome...

  • Atilla The Hun
    Atilla The Hun 35 minutes ago

    When you measure you mileage in miles per gallon instead of kms per litre, that says a lot about how efficient your car is. Other than car companies like Tesla, most others only manufacture gas guzzlers that are a burden on the face of the planet.

  • Siclmn Cyclerider
    Siclmn Cyclerider 37 minutes ago

    Supercars in a world of increasing lowered speed limits. Clogged roads that used to be called freeways. Cops with radar everywhere. Unless it's a truck or SUV they won't sell enough of them.

  • Jovinard Pineda
    Jovinard Pineda 38 minutes ago

    Never tried Chick-fil-A but for me I think that it is a good company bc it upholds Christian values. It upholds keeping the Sunday holy.

  • Eon shatterblast
    Eon shatterblast 40 minutes ago

    Companies fund left leaning politicians all the time why does right wing make it immoral all of the sudden ... Its a free country let them do what they want ... You dont like it dont eat there

  • Escape Reality
    Escape Reality 40 minutes ago

    Don't like their views but love their food

  • sammy48
    sammy48 40 minutes ago

    I see alot of black and hispanics at chick-fil-a. Be worried left wingers.

  • Danny Balint
    Danny Balint 42 minutes ago

    This is such a joke, the plant is in BC tons of trees and water and not a big pollution area, this plant should be In Beijing or India where the co2 is such a farce

  • Ayrun Stark
    Ayrun Stark 42 minutes ago

    God will be on their side as long as they continue to hold the values and praise their God.

  • Illi Vee
    Illi Vee 43 minutes ago


  • Dom Von Hutch
    Dom Von Hutch 44 minutes ago

    We soon hope to grow drivers out of substitute vegetable meat, these drivers won’t require payment organically thus efficiency shall increase through lower overall costs.

  • Apple TVinTheLR
    Apple TVinTheLR 47 minutes ago

    Put. The. Starbucks. Down. Dude.

  • Quill Maurer
    Quill Maurer 47 minutes ago

    Situation in the US: I've always thought it would be useful if elderly people put a bumper sticker saying that they are elderly on their car, then I would be more patient with them when they're doing 15 below the speed limit. But I've found that, at least for sedan-bodied cars, the Buick badge tells me the same thing. Lincoln and Cadillac similar to a lesser degree. Interestingly I've also seen some Buicks driven by younger people who drive in in the manner of an elder, I guess an "old soul" or something? In the US, once something is associated with elders, that is a hole that's hard to dig out of. I would imagine that association never happened in China. Actually gives another interesting thought - in the US and other western societies, being old is seen as a bad thing, elders are seen as disposable, even a drain on society, people hate the idea of being old or looking old, often doing things like dying their hair to look young. Think of Abe Simpson as the stereotypical American view of elderly people. I could see this causing more aversion to brands associated with old people such as Buick. In China the culture is a bit different, they actually respect and revere elderly people, who are seen as wise and important. Thus this association, even if it existed there, wouldn't have the same negative connotation it does in the US.

  • Sir Isaac
    Sir Isaac 49 minutes ago

    I'll be honest... I only go there for their waffle fries.

  • Dave Amato
    Dave Amato 49 minutes ago

    No manual, very disappointed!!!

  • Louise Hummingbird
    Louise Hummingbird 50 minutes ago

    The people behind these geoengineering experiments don't want you to know that it's been going on without public knowledge or consent for decades! They're trying to prep everybody for what they're alredy doing and what they are doing is destroying the ozone layer (solar radiation management) with aerosol dispersion of reflective heavy metals into the stratosphere. They are also disrupting hydrological cycles with these activities; hence earth is getting hotter and drier except in the regions where the climate manipulators engineer cool down zones. What they are doing is far more destructive to the biosphere than all other human activities combined. For more info go to :

  • Empire State
    Empire State 51 minute ago

    Don't understand why people hate on this chain so much. It's a wonderful place to eat, super hygienic, nice employees, etc. Way better experience than McDonald's!

  • Edgar Morales
    Edgar Morales 54 minutes ago

    What about the Charger😤??????

  • Rohit Gandhi
    Rohit Gandhi 56 minutes ago

    Donuts- Sweet and Sugary Version of Medu Wada

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green 59 minutes ago

    The Chick-Fil-A song.

  • jonghk625
    jonghk625 Hour ago


  • mcse9073
    mcse9073 Hour ago

    I stop in Chick-fil-A everytime I go bye...

  • Reaper Conkered
    Reaper Conkered Hour ago

    I never liked Corvette's ever. But this new 2020 Corvette is absolutely astonishing. It's beautiful. I hope it performs on the track.

  • jja060188 al
    jja060188 al Hour ago

    Its so Xpensive in iceland

  • peter ssuna
    peter ssuna Hour ago

    Just get out of the left lane. Christ!!

  • Kevin
    Kevin Hour ago

    GM not doing as well because Tesla eating up the market

  • Mikey ness
    Mikey ness Hour ago

    Wrong. Capitalism is the only way to go

  • Captain Turrican

    And even after this help from China,Trump put an embargo on the chinese for some of their products like Huawei? Shame on you egomaniac Trump,Huawei sold 118 million mobile phones for 6 months,bye bye US economy

  • mybuttons11
    mybuttons11 Hour ago

    Used to go to a chick fil A that I swear was staffed by the most efficient, kindest group of teenagers EVER. If you waited more than a couple minutes (usually because the restaurant was so busy) they gave you a coupon or apologized profusely. Really a magical place.

  • Ray Davies
    Ray Davies Hour ago

    Because Muricans are fat wads that like fried salt.

  • abc def
    abc def Hour ago


  • mybuttons11
    mybuttons11 Hour ago

    I think Jesus would agree that the congregation needs to eat -- even on Sundays!

  • Chris Case
    Chris Case Hour ago

    What is barely mentioned in this article is what the colleges are paying their tenured professors. High salaries, full medical insurance, incredible retirement plans, annual pay increases, and complete job security--all for "professional" radicals who mean-mouth America for being racist, bigoted, homophobic, imperialist, and on and on. Must be nice to be on that gravy train.

  • Captain Turrican

    Because this car is not practical,there is a small trunk,аеrodynamics are not ok,and it's expensive

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green Hour ago

    Go Chick-Fil-A. It's awesome that one business is taking a stand against effeminacy and homosexuality, as they're an abomination to God. Not just a sin, but an abomination. Leviticus 20:13 If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death.

  • Dave Electric
    Dave Electric Hour ago

    Maybe if Toyota didn't make the newest one so damn ugly people would buy the new ones.

  • Isabella Zamora
    Isabella Zamora Hour ago

    I'm a vegan who makes exceptions ONLY for Chick-fil-A

  • Teste
    Teste Hour ago

    A galera comentando com esse inglês fulero me dá vergonha alheia. Parem por favor.

  • njt002
    njt002 Hour ago

    All the stores in the Twin Cities metro area closed after being open for a very short time period. The 3 times I visited, I found the food and service to be very mediocre. I didn't "get" Tim Horton's at all.

  • norma g
    norma g Hour ago

    They got in bed with marlboro . eliminate cigarettes my ass

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong Hour ago

    10:00 "had risen 12% over the past 5 years" That's noise and it's obvious to anyone with eyes. Even if it were taken at face value that's the same as inflation.

  • Erik T.
    Erik T. Hour ago

    This family shouldn’t have been interviewed for this topic. They are just struggling from bad decisions.

  • Eagle EyeWatch
    Eagle EyeWatch Hour ago

    This is all beta testing for and when the time comes for Tesla to partner up with uber on electric trucks ⚡️. Once all the data is gathered then AI and machine learning takes over and employment for truck drivers is over. The UBER perks for lower phone bills cheaper fuel ⛽️ and better income is all part of the catch...This comment might get deleted ,we are watchdogs we are legion - Dedsec

  • Liberator Of Me
    Liberator Of Me Hour ago

    I use to be a truck driver it sucks companies are racist not enough miles bad equipment sit and waiting for loads i am a real estate investor i make 7 figures a year with apartments i own i could never have this lifestyle if i was to continue to be a truck driver

  • MahaVakyas
    MahaVakyas Hour ago

    the jew's name is "Lior".. coincidence?

  • Musa Fofanah
    Musa Fofanah Hour ago

    He runs like Mario 😂😂

  • NOGI48
    NOGI48 Hour ago

    Capitalism, socialism work well together, it's like 1.2.3 punch used by elites to control or manage the public

  • jensing77
    jensing77 Hour ago

    I didn't know this channel existed but it is so well done and many of their vids seem to be actually educational and newsworthy. I don't know how to feel about this! haha...

  • Nico Herrera
    Nico Herrera Hour ago

    Cause they like good coffee?

  • Christopher
    Christopher Hour ago

    Why, you ask? Well b/c people are willing to pay it... How delusional how this country become?

  • Lou Pa
    Lou Pa Hour ago

    Tim Hortons coffee taste like sh..t

  • ChanMan 2802
    ChanMan 2802 Hour ago

    I'd really hate to see Ford fall...

  • thatredmanguy x_X

    As an American, I don't too much about Fiat, let alone understanding the car culture in Italy. But, I do know Fiat needs to get their act together. If Fiat wants to be taken seriously(or if I ran Fiat in Europe and North America), here's what I would do to the lineup to a make it a major player in FCA's portfolio. It would go like this: I would drastically and painstakingly increase its reliability, considering that the company prioritizes charm than actual quality. Fiat's biggest mistake is when selling themselves in North America when they sold the then-5-year-old 500 in the United States with a proper update or refresh. But here's what I would do to the lineup in general: The Centoventi (a.k.a the new Panda) will continue to be an A-segment vehicle albeit all-electric. However, this means the new all-electric 500 (not to be confused with the 500e) will be 5-door B-segment, replacing the recently discontinued Punto. There will be a sportier Abarth variant so it won't completely waste the nameplate. The Tipo, 500L, and Qubo will be replaced by different three vehicles-one being a B-segment crossover also replacing the 500X, another that is going to be a C-class vehicle competing with the Mini Clubman, and the final one being a people carrier also replacing both the 500L Living/MPW variant (a.k.a the 500XL) and the long discontinued Freemont. The B-SUV (replacing the Tipo, 500L, Qubo, Punto, and 500X) will still be called 500X. Everything will be the still be the same. However, there will be a sportier Abarth version as well to compete with sportier version(s) of the Nissan Juke (e.g. Nissan Juke Nismo). The 500 Giardiniera (replacing the Tipo (in class), 500L, Punto, and Qubo) will be C-class compact bridging the gap between hatchback and estate wagon. This will compete with the Mini Clubman. A new seven-seater commercial van (replacing the 500L MPW/Living, Qubo, Freemont, Fiorino, and Doblò) will be presented in its lineup replacing the previous Fiorino, as well as the Qubo and Doblò, and this will be the NEW Fiorino. Everything will be same like the vehicles; however, the Trekking variant will be more a lot more off-road-oriented. In fact, the Talento will have the same treatment-almost like the Mitsubishi Delica sold in Japan. Moreover, the Doblò Maxi/Doblò XL will be replaced by the Talento as well. Of course, this means the new Fiorino will also be replace by the commercial versions of the Doblò and the old Fiorino. The 500C and Miata-based 124 Spider will both replace by a single all-electric roadster/two-seater coupe in co-production with Alfa Romeo called 500 Spider/Berlinetta. There will be an Abarth version. The new generation Fiat Toro will be introduced to Europe and North America from Latin America replacing the Strada and the Mitsubishi-based Fullback. Once again, there will be an Abarth variation. The Ducato will be the same until a generation is in the works. This would probably be based on a Renault Master or remade from scratch. So in summary, we should have a new all-electric Panda, a 5-door all-electric 500, a new 500X, a 500 Giardiniera estate, a new and different Fiorino and Talento, a newer Toro, and Ducato waiting for a new refresh. Some will electric-only, while others will be both electric and ICE. And only a handful of models will have Abarth trim levels. And Fiat should sell their vehicles strictly with the cities or other metropolitan areas (there's a reason why they call them city cars!). ... And that's my suggestion on what would I do if I ran Fiat. What did you guys think?

  • Christopher
    Christopher Hour ago

    Skrew stocks! I'm going to live of the backs of those that are forced to work!!!! : |

    I AM LOST Hour ago

    Stop insulting Uber I can't like all these comments

  • Coach Chris
    Coach Chris Hour ago

    Boycott the lgbt

  • Clarence Wilson
    Clarence Wilson Hour ago

    The people working there act like they want to be there, and want to help you. Totally different experience from going into almost any other restaurant.

  • tim goodsell
    tim goodsell Hour ago

    I go to the store in Covington, Louisiana. It’s the Best. Restaurant.Ever.

  • ChanMan 2802
    ChanMan 2802 Hour ago

    Why is it struggling??? Because it sucks!

  • Hayden H
    Hayden H Hour ago

    I love them and their food is OK.

  • Shrey Satapathy
    Shrey Satapathy Hour ago

    Check in 2019...Tesla is WAAAAAYYYY better now.

  • Luke
    Luke 2 hours ago

    also there are more Starbucks is Canada then any other country too. just look at Toronto

  • tzengtm
    tzengtm 2 hours ago

    Chick Fil A really just has a damn good chicken burger, but the controversy was a big factor in how big it's gotten. Not that Chick Fil A wouldn't have reached this popularity without the controversy, it just would've taken longer.

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 2 hours ago

    American's love their fat food.

  • patrick F.
    patrick F. 2 hours ago

    Looks like the US owes central America big time and haiti

  • Antonio Amendola
    Antonio Amendola 2 hours ago

    Another pure country poisoned by the. American fast food garbage , imagine spending $220 a month on fast food , eating it every other day , in 10.-15 years the most of these people will be on the to obesity, heart decease and all the other presents that this diet brings.

  • dan75
    dan75 2 hours ago

    People go there because the media tells them not to.

  • chopkong
    chopkong 2 hours ago

    Socialism only exists by robbing someone of their individual rights.

  • Brett Nigocs
    Brett Nigocs 2 hours ago

    Tim Cook can’t steer Apple to anything besides iPhones in different colors go figure.

  • Kinnish
    Kinnish 2 hours ago

    the left hates when the right doesn't submit to their religion

  • DakAttack
    DakAttack 2 hours ago

    Robin Hood didn't take from the rich. He took from the government via tax collector.

  • brianmcg321
    brianmcg321 2 hours ago

    I just couldn't be as patient as him. He gets asked the same questions every interview. I would be like "WTF, why do you dopes keep asking me about the market? How bout asking me about my golf game or my new caddy? I have other interests you know."

  • fer na
    fer na 2 hours ago

    This video is made oil donors

  • jackie boy
    jackie boy 2 hours ago

    So he said front engine cars can’t compete with mid engine cars, okay, because the Ferrari superfast is so slow right? Mid engine Vette looks hideous, if corvette didn’t scream “mid-life crisis” before, it sure does now.

  • Sass enach
    Sass enach 2 hours ago

    What I hate about these things is saying we wait longer. Ppl whine and moan but no one waits longer than needed. In the states.. money determines who gets what... in Canada it is medical need. I wouldn't trade that for anything.