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  • Christian Sanchez
    Christian Sanchez 26 seconds ago

    Rip Thanos

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen Minute ago

    Marvel stereo typing minority and body types

  • pkfire alarm
    pkfire alarm Minute ago

    The only thing axe is good for is getting rid of weed stank. No🧢

  • TakeNoShift
    TakeNoShift 3 minutes ago

    Can we talk about how trash that beat is too? This is just a comic of a Soundcloud rappers fever dream.

  • TakeNoShift
    TakeNoShift 4 minutes ago

    I am the 665th dislike, I provide the opportunity to be the 666th dislike

  • J-Sant
    J-Sant 4 minutes ago

    “Butler gets killed and. . .” (Loudly snaps neck with little effort with just two fingers). . . .”ded”

  • edgeVerse
    edgeVerse 12 minutes ago

    Just glad he is back riding a motorcycle not drive s car.. that gr sucked

  • athvik kanna
    athvik kanna 18 minutes ago

    iron man is dead😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mohammad GT
    Mohammad GT 18 minutes ago

    Bruce banner turned into hulk!!!!!! 2:00

  • Soup Boy
    Soup Boy 19 minutes ago

    Hands down the most badass trailer Marvel has put out there.

  • ire
    ire 19 minutes ago

    dude I expected to see “Comments are disabled for this video.” but instead I found a place of harmony

  • CoolCat Garcia
    CoolCat Garcia 21 minute ago

    Make this a movie but use wayyyyy too much money on it and make it good

  • alex waterfield 2
    alex waterfield 2 26 minutes ago

    sadly this and 1 can no longer be played for a stupid reason its ALMOST dumb as why x-men and fantastic 4 wasn't in lego marvel 2

  • Rahul Sekh
    Rahul Sekh 26 minutes ago

    0:58 funniest run have ever seen... lol

  • naruto sage
    naruto sage 27 minutes ago

    1:03 Wait Thor can hover in mid air? I thought he can only fly forward with the hammer

  • Sushi Master Official
    Sushi Master Official 29 minutes ago

    Now I hate high school

  • L O
    L O 30 minutes ago

    Iron man died why is he there wow

  • Rustified Squeaker
    Rustified Squeaker 31 minute ago

    Why is the black "woman" looking like a guy, why is the only white person a transgender and why are the only two that are supposedly guys so incredibly effiminate? Yuck.

  • yoni the poni
    yoni the poni 47 minutes ago

    The thumbnail for this is the most clearest foreshadow from what happened to Tony. *I still miss him 3000*

  • MegaCloud05
    MegaCloud05 47 minutes ago


  • Jasmin Guzman
    Jasmin Guzman 52 minutes ago

    Iron Man deserves more than likes

  • Justin Beckford
    Justin Beckford 57 minutes ago


  • Marvil Degayo Aquino

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  • Tegan Dumpleton
    Tegan Dumpleton Hour ago

    I have this comic and this is pretty much how She-Hulk feels the whole time 😂

  • notinservice
    notinservice Hour ago

    Why is Steve Rogers so... Unattractive?

  • David Cosloff
    David Cosloff Hour ago

    0:12 the logo reminds me of the 90s show. Memories.

  • Peter Maguire
    Peter Maguire Hour ago

    Dob May 29 Yay I share a birthday with him

  • shovon100
    shovon100 Hour ago

    it is not a movie. it supposed to named as cartoon show! lol

  • Ramiro Delatorre

    Judging by the way they're saying Robbie's going to be introduced the story I hope so because he's my favorite ghost Rider

  • Sean Muhsen
    Sean Muhsen 2 hours ago

    98M views 90M of them from me

  • Darth Kharnos
    Darth Kharnos 2 hours ago

    Nitpiking... dont like the green stuff from gaining life back. Everything else... awesome!!

  • Hoshiido Family
    Hoshiido Family 2 hours ago

    I didn't want to do anymore surprises but I was hoping to pull off one last one - Tony Stark

  • Theekshana sankalpa marusi

    Nice video

  • Theekshana sankalpa marusi

    Love it

  • Pwnstar
    Pwnstar 2 hours ago

    0:26 REALY WITH THAT SONG ?! memories ...

  • Shinx121
    Shinx121 2 hours ago

    The first blooper always makes me smile. The friendship

  • Seraphim
    Seraphim 2 hours ago

    Are these the voice actors that voiced the Avengers in the Avengers cartoon? I know for a fact that Thor's VA is the same

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 2 hours ago

    Hate that helmet

  • Syed Bajid
    Syed Bajid 2 hours ago

    Ullas bro...?????

  • Velven7 3
    Velven7 3 2 hours ago

    Star Wars or mcu

  • Marvil Degayo Aquino

    All your heroes in the cinematic event of a lifetime! A once in a lifetime cinematic event comes home! Bring home the biggest movie ever with more action, more Avengers, and more awesome!

  • Thewafflegaming
    Thewafflegaming 2 hours ago

    Let’s fight In SpAcE!

  • ElMudoFreeman
    ElMudoFreeman 2 hours ago

    * Hotline Miami 2 Intensifies *

  • DullDark
    DullDark 2 hours ago

    DS: were in the endgame now Let's kill him properly this time To the end Whatever it takes I love you 3000 And I am iron man

  • Caio Oliveira
    Caio Oliveira 2 hours ago

    Too bad it became a militant company

  • Ade Setiawan
    Ade Setiawan 2 hours ago

    Best of the best movie in MCU to date

  • Jelani Armstrong
    Jelani Armstrong 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one excited to see more of Emma?

  • V WorldWide
    V WorldWide 3 hours ago

    He needs to be in The MCU

  • Muhammad Fitry My Yusub Md Yusub


  • Rolando Sepúlveda
    Rolando Sepúlveda 3 hours ago

    Yeah, finally a GOOD suit for the Cap. The original suit was so shitty

  • David Robin
    David Robin 3 hours ago

    1:15 missing spiderman thou,😭 who else?

  • PhoenixPsilence
    PhoenixPsilence 3 hours ago

    Mauraders looks horrid besides having Storm, Iceman and Kitty. I know that after like six or twelve issues you will just drop the title just like probably 80% of these shown so you can start a brand new number one just to get 7.99 for the first issue. Even Xmen has a horrid track record now of you shutting it down after a year or two to redo a new number one. Shitty practices. In the past ten or so years collectors have seen more series end just to be brought back two months later so many times its sickening.

  • Jack Jerry
    Jack Jerry 3 hours ago

    Avengers vs Xmen should have a movie adaptation.

  • MikeyC Likesit
    MikeyC Likesit 3 hours ago

    Love them all but I think my favorite one is mark Ruffalo

  • Xerxes 666
    Xerxes 666 3 hours ago

    🔥GREAT!!! ❣️🔥❣️❣️ Love this!!...❣️❣️.. I Really Did NOT the car..🔥.. The Motorcycle was ... Always Way cooler!! ✴️🎄✴️♥️😻🔥🔥♥️🔥♥️🔥

  • Red Space
    Red Space 3 hours ago

    Why is spider man out of the mcu

  • Isaac Fields
    Isaac Fields 3 hours ago

    Marvel: This is our first female superhero movie! Electra: Am I a joke to you? (this is a joke I actually haven't seen it so... yeah. also yes I left a identical joke on the black panther trailer, and yes I'm not original. also they lied when they said she was going to be important in endgame so... CLICKBAIT)

  • Ramón Javier Soto Pérez

    Esos si son trailers... X-Men for ever...

  • Louis Duarte
    Louis Duarte 3 hours ago

    Here's what makes a good Event: no derailing established character development to turn them into sock puppet's for the author's moralizing, and less than 1 per year.

  • Kendra T
    Kendra T 3 hours ago

    Summers family vacation!

  • Marvil Degayo Aquino

    Avengers: Endgame (2019) Friday, April 26, 2019 Summer begins with the endgame! From the beginning to the endgame! Nothing can prepare you for the endgame! Every journey has an end! Every (battle/hero/loss/victory/sacrifice) has led to this! Are you ready for the end? Nothing can prepare you for the end! Epic like you've never seen before! Avengers: Endgame is a glorious, triumphant, breathtaking, must-see, gargantuan, powerful, heartbreaking, insane, exhilarating, emotional and ingenious masterpiece! An incredible thrill ride! A spectacular game changer! One of a kind cinematic experience! The mold has been broken! Endgame of an era has finally come! Avengers: Endgame is the once in a generation event that needs to be experienced! #1 box office opening of all time! Avengers: Endgame is triumphant, spectacular, powerful and thrilling! Avengers: Endgame is a must-see, glorious and exhilarating masterpiece! Avengers: Endgame is a gargantuan, breathtaking and emotional game changer! Avengers: Endgame is a powerful masterpiece! Avengers: Endgame is incredible and must-see! Avengers: Endgame is truly epic and thunderously exciting! Prepare to be wowed! Avengers: Endgame is an irresistible blend of action and comedy! #1 movie in the world! Endgame: You'll love it, 3000! Avengers: Endgame is action-packed, hilarious and historic! Every hero, every moment is back to theaters!

  • stabwound187 mastakilla mi9

    I wish there was some way they could do ghost rider without cgi?🤔

  • Isaac Fields
    Isaac Fields 3 hours ago

    Marvel: This is our first movie to star a black superhero! Blade: Am I a joke to you? (Note this a joke I thought the movie was awesome Except for LoOk At ThOsE sHoEs!!! that was just weird)

  • zack Mahabir
    zack Mahabir 3 hours ago

    vision: The thing isn't beautiful because it lasts...... *proceeds to show spiderman*

  • darkthunder 16
    darkthunder 16 3 hours ago

    I just realized it looks like they forgot age of ultron

  • Amelia Ansay
    Amelia Ansay 3 hours ago

    Haha if you think about it, Infinity War was just a scavenger hunt for Thanos

  • Amelia Ansay
    Amelia Ansay 4 hours ago

    Since everyone keeps watching this, let’s see how much you know this trailer. I’ll start. God it seems like a thousand years ago...

  • mixemyth
    mixemyth 4 hours ago

    The Hulk I grew up with was back in the late '70's to early '80's and what I remember most about him was his attitude, "HULK IS THE STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!" He would never have given up like in Infinity War. Hulk would never quit, he'd never give up, he'd only keep coming back angrier and stronger until he'd defeated Thanos. I felt that for the sake of the script of Infinity War that Hulk's character was completely betrayed for that to work. Professor Hulk? Who the hell was that? Hulk was the real sacrifice in Endgame, not Iron Man. The closest MCU ever came to the Hulk's real character was in Thor Ragnarok, so thanks for that. I loved all the movies, but I wish they'd found a way to stay true to all the characters.

    • MegaCloud05
      MegaCloud05 32 minutes ago

      yeah they screwed Hulk and Thor over. Two heavy hitters who shouldn't be jokes were made jokes. Sucks man.

  • Tyler Hawkins
    Tyler Hawkins 4 hours ago

    Whatever it takes

  • Backfire First
    Backfire First 4 hours ago

    Even more TL;DR This group of young heroes turn their hero life into a TV show. One of their fights goes wrong and a bunch of people die. The Government creates a new law saying superheroes can either: Reveal your Secret Identity and become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, quit being a superhero, or become a wanted fugitive. Iron Man agrees, and bands together, Spider-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket, Mr. fantastic, and a couple other superheroes to join his cause. Captain America has other plans. He forms a group of super heroes to fight in secret, including Daredevil, Goliath, Hercules, Falcon, and Black Panther. They get into some fights. Spidey switches to team cap, and Iron Man beats him up. Then Iron Man forms a group of super villains to hunt people on Team Cap. Punisher saves Spidey from the villains, and joins team cap. Iron Man has a prison in another dimension for everybody against the new law. Team Cap go to the portal to that dimension to free everyone there. A member of Team Cap is a spy for Iron Man and Team Iron Man goes to the other dimension to fight team cap.

  • SARA hernandez
    SARA hernandez 4 hours ago

    Peggs spoiled it and no one noticed 👀

  • SuperHurricane
    SuperHurricane 4 hours ago

    What the heck happened to Kitty?

  • The Elite 261
    The Elite 261 4 hours ago

    Where's The Mark 4 suit?

  • Dragger Holland
    Dragger Holland 4 hours ago

    Ya'll don't watch the movie it has spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BullseyeRey
    BullseyeRey 4 hours ago

    I miss this.

  • Marvil Degayo Aquino

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Friday, April 27, 2018 An entire universe once and for all! The universe changes forever! Destiny arrives! Where will you be when it all ends? Avengers to the end! Avengers once and for all! Be there when destiny arrives! Everyone's ready, are you? Destiny has arrived! Infinity War completely shatters expectations! Marvel changes the game! A massive spectacle! #1 movie opening of all time! #1 movie in the world! Infinity War is an epic event! Infinity War is a powerful ride! Avengers: Infinity War is the most mind-blowing superhero film ever! Avengers: Infinity War is an explosion of action and laughs! The greatest movie in history! Biggest movie of the year!

  • Paul Nicodemus
    Paul Nicodemus 4 hours ago

    Age of X-Man was an excellent deconstruction, cleanup, end of the former era and precursor to the excellent HoxPoxDox era. Hickman is setting up a very interesting new status quo for the X books. Can't wait to see it unfold! For Krakoa!

  • Flying Eagle
    Flying Eagle 4 hours ago

    There was an idea To bring together a group of Remarkable movie creators. To see if they could create something greater That idea was known as The Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • Michael Bleckler
    Michael Bleckler 4 hours ago


  • Kyle Rei Matanguihan

    How is Dani and Chamber alive again?

  • Eman031
    Eman031 5 hours ago

    I keep telling everybody “they should move on” Some do, but NOT US.

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green 5 hours ago

    Someone really wanted their initials to spell out Wakanda.

  • Velin Caroline Hua
    Velin Caroline Hua 5 hours ago

    Yay Female Power!!! Raise to the Glory!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  • miguel _
    miguel _ 5 hours ago

    I Ned Captain Marvel Part 2

  • D C
    D C 5 hours ago

    Knowing marvel theyl probably make ghost Rider a transgender Muslim black female.

  • 29ch
    29ch 5 hours ago

    This is still more epic than other trailers even tho I watched this movie already

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune 5 hours ago

    Played this game all the time dude, wasn’t there a Hercules level?

  • Blizzard Wave
    Blizzard Wave 5 hours ago

    Remember tearing up a little during my first time seeing this

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 5 hours ago

    I don't know a Stark Tony, i only know tony Stark..

  • Karolina Bałaban꧂

    You forgot to add a killer look to his power

  • jmassa007
    jmassa007 5 hours ago

    Marvel Future Fight!

  • sidharth suravarapu
    sidharth suravarapu 5 hours ago

    what the hell was that fps

  • Lew Archer 1949
    Lew Archer 1949 5 hours ago

    Excalibur and The New Mutants are Back! Cool. I’ll definitely check that out.

  • Priscila Ortega
    Priscila Ortega 5 hours ago


  • Lord Geck
    Lord Geck 5 hours ago

    cant wait for cat, a goose.

  • CapitateFrame11
    CapitateFrame11 6 hours ago

    Who's here after the release of the deleted scene from Iron Man referencing The X-Men and Spider-Man? How different everything will be.

  • Elliott Grado
    Elliott Grado 6 hours ago

    All I want to do is be hulk iron man or black widow and free roam as them