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  • Chuck Merlot
    Chuck Merlot 38 seconds ago

    Scotty’s Scotty impersonations are the best Scotty impersonations! lol. I’m lovin’ it®

  • neil mease
    neil mease Minute ago

    Scotty’s the man!!! Love watching the videos.

  • Canadian kid
    Canadian kid Minute ago

    I had then take their under the hood trickle battery charger on the markit, What dangerous junk is was ....Great video and honest...... 👍

  • Marius McLeod
    Marius McLeod Minute ago

    I have an 01 blazer and it's the biggest POS i have ever owned. Replaced the crack sensor at 75k miles and then it had a random misfire i replaced the cap,button,plugs,wire and cam sensor and the damn engine light is still flashing saying it's got a random misfire. It's got an odd electrical problem all of the lights will lightly pulsate and when the engine is off the temp gauge and the fuel gauge needles will move on their own. I was better off driving my old lincoln at least it never broke down on me like the POS blazer has.

  • Herman A
    Herman A 2 minutes ago

    Scotty is right about the Subaru BRZ: weak power.

  • jigga594
    jigga594 3 minutes ago

    Hey scotty, what do you think of a 2.0 manual transmission 2018 accord? The non- turbo engine? Yay or nay?

  • Alzodk
    Alzodk 4 minutes ago

    Hi Scotty I came across a 1989 Toyota Celica 4x4 turbo (black), its gone 120k miles and seems to be in mint condition. Seller is asking 15k for it, what do you think?

  • 섹맛
    섹맛 5 minutes ago

    now kia is not past kia.. kia is improving. maybe kia will be much better

  • Kareem Suleeman
    Kareem Suleeman 5 minutes ago

    An a bunch of door handles

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 5 minutes ago


  • Spencer Sims
    Spencer Sims 5 minutes ago

    I got a android radio in the junkyard for 16 bucks so cheap and a steal

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission 6 minutes ago

    Ok, boomer

  • glitch107
    glitch107 6 minutes ago

    3:19 Doug's the kind of guy to make cameos on other USclipr's videos.

  • Power Br
    Power Br 6 minutes ago

    I really enjoy when the laughs come with the ponny on screen 😆😆😆😆😆

  • dave villa
    dave villa 7 minutes ago

    cvt trans repair maybe around 4-5k. standard trans can cost way more if by shifting you destroy your rotary cuff 8-35k plus rehab cost.

  • J1st
    J1st 8 minutes ago

    You make a good point about research however,you don't elaborate on how to research.

  • magic carp
    magic carp 9 minutes ago

    The firebirds the same way most mechanics will not do it or charge you 10x the normal spark plug change rate

  • The Biker
    The Biker 16 minutes ago

    Good solid advice. Don;t retire Scotty

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins 17 minutes ago

    52 years, how old are you?

  • Aaron Hastings
    Aaron Hastings 18 minutes ago

    He us wrong. A inline 6 has more torque than a v6. The inline 6 is straight torque and this is why tractors have inline motors. How ever the inline 6 toes not have top in speed or power over the v6 when you get to about 50 mph the v6 will destroy it on performance and speed. Inline 6 is made for low end torque and Power.

  • wileysfarm
    wileysfarm 19 minutes ago

    It’s not a “fan belt”........

  • Darrell Towles
    Darrell Towles 20 minutes ago

    I'm with you with the ugliest design ever. I like the 98 to 2001 body styles

  • Peter Abou Gharib
    Peter Abou Gharib 21 minute ago

    Those matrix were trash lol the motors burned oil.

  • Jamie Mann II
    Jamie Mann II 21 minute ago

    Can’t see, but has sunglasses darker than the night

  • gtubyyy
    gtubyyy 21 minute ago


  • John Lupo
    John Lupo 21 minute ago


  • S Kalapala
    S Kalapala 22 minutes ago

    Scotty, one reason i love videos is because they were shorter. Now you increased them for up to 14 mins or longer. It was easier to scoop up the nuggets before. Can you make them smaller again?

  • Kane Viva La Kane
    Kane Viva La Kane 22 minutes ago

    It's so ugly car..ewwww

  • Jack Jonson
    Jack Jonson 23 minutes ago

    7 oclock, scotty you start the day early. Thats cool

  • Reddylion
    Reddylion 23 minutes ago


  • ken evans
    ken evans 23 minutes ago

    Rav4 is the new hillbilly car. It use to be the corollas. Every time I watch those hillbillies on cops, they always seem to own a Rav4. Besides its a butt ugly car.

  • Extra Steez
    Extra Steez 24 minutes ago

    My dad got me a Hummer h3 for a first car ... I'm a broke college student, drop an F in the comments

  • Andre Arlieth
    Andre Arlieth 24 minutes ago

    Sorry ..... but..... Is this guy sane ?

  • Greg Warner
    Greg Warner 25 minutes ago

    I have had two Subies. One finally rusted out after 20 years and the current one is 15 yo and has cose to 150k miles. Best cars I have ever driven in snow. Scottie should spend more time thinking and less waving his arms around.

  • Ivan Ortiz
    Ivan Ortiz 26 minutes ago

    Good video 🔥🔥

  • Squanch Wanch
    Squanch Wanch 26 minutes ago

    My parents 2013 5.3l silverado has enough room under the hood to sleep in, its crazy how much working room those 5.3ls have, my 4.7l toyota 2uzfe is fairly easy and big too

  • theredbaron057
    theredbaron057 26 minutes ago

    We can camp under the hood of our ‘74 F100, the engine bay is HUGE!

  • TheTruth76
    TheTruth76 27 minutes ago

    I bought a 97 Civic with 70K km for daily driver, AT was horrible clunky, problem is you cannot drain these but only get 2-2.5 litres out per drain, after 30000km and multiple drains I got the AT in pretty smooth working conditions. Sometimes you just need to give it some TLC

  • D.L. Grimes
    D.L. Grimes 27 minutes ago

    Somehow your craziness INSTANTLY made me trust you. Thanx Scotty!

  • Nicholas Galea
    Nicholas Galea 29 minutes ago

    I think this is a clone of Scotty.

    TSC TSC 29 minutes ago

    I keep anything simple anymore, or I don't buy!

  • outwiththem
    outwiththem 29 minutes ago

    Dam Exxon Mobile. Thieves that helped create The USA Iraq Invasion and The Great Recession of 2007.

  • outwiththem
    outwiththem 29 minutes ago

    Dam Exxon Mobile. Thieves that helped create The USA Iraq Invasion and The Great Recession of 2007.

  • Kristoff Taylovoski
    Kristoff Taylovoski 29 minutes ago

    I am hearing the 5.4 liter 3 value is a steaming turd....true or false???

  • outwiththem
    outwiththem 30 minutes ago

    Dam Exxon Mobile. Thieves that helped create The USA Iraq Invasion and The Great Recession of 2007.

  • Kurt Tan
    Kurt Tan 30 minutes ago

    Turn off the volumn, and turn on some music with a different device, he is a very good conductor. :P

  • StefiFTW
    StefiFTW 30 minutes ago

    Hey Scotty, been watching your videos a long time and wanted to hear your opinion about an Yugo

  • Kevin Green
    Kevin Green 30 minutes ago

    What do you think about the Forester and outback

  • Steve Eats Stuff
    Steve Eats Stuff 31 minute ago

    Cummings diesel never heard of it lol

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan 31 minute ago

    Did you have trouble sitting still as a child?

  • hexxx91svt
    hexxx91svt 31 minute ago

    No more accord coupes tho😓

  • Mohammed Alsaeed
    Mohammed Alsaeed 31 minute ago

    0:49 😂😂😂😂

  • G. Rook
    G. Rook 32 minutes ago

    His cat really likes that car outside the garage. Seen it in a few of his videos

  • OGR
    OGR 33 minutes ago

    I don't use brake fluid, too expensive, water is free so I fill the system with that instead. Seems to work okay so far.

  • Sith Lord
    Sith Lord 33 minutes ago

    Big car with a small 4 cylinder engine = lots of working room. Get a Highlander or a Camry, these were designed with a big 3.5 liter V6 in mind... but get the base 4cylinder engine. It's much cheaper to buy and theres huge amount of working room in the engine bay.

  • Geoff Cole
    Geoff Cole 34 minutes ago

    Just a back yard mechanic with a horrible voice.

  • bela katootz
    bela katootz 35 minutes ago

    lotta guys (and gals) have jobs pumpin gas in joisey, thousands and thousands--please don't make them unemployed

  • Steve Clarkson
    Steve Clarkson 36 minutes ago

    Scotty I love all of your video's and I have learned a lot from them. If someone tied your hands together I bet you wouldn't be able to talk😁. I have a question l was wondering if you could answer. Why are some of the fastest sport car's not available in the United States. Is it because Americans are poor driver's or what. Keep up the great work and keep those video's coming.

  • Sjef0194517
    Sjef0194517 36 minutes ago

    I agree. Once a sparkplug failed on a friends nissan primera at 200km/h. Save to say the entire engine was damaged. So he bought a second engine but that didnt worked cause the computer didnt recognized it it was an engine with one year difference in production. The guy that sold him the engine tossed the ecu away. End of car for him

  • John Cundiss
    John Cundiss 38 minutes ago

    After wrenching on just about everything that rolled or crawled upon the earth at one time or another I have come to the one conclusion. Engineers must work on the cars and trucks that they will be designing for a few years before they are allowed to design.

  • Alice Pharaoh
    Alice Pharaoh 39 minutes ago

    Scotty need to let me come clean out that shop. My man how do u get ur bike out. Ha ha. Great vid and advise

  • egg drop
    egg drop 39 minutes ago

    okay boomer

  • Sapizanza
    Sapizanza 40 minutes ago

    1:48 ur welcome

  • Zooman X
    Zooman X 41 minute ago

    New cars: be afraid, be very afraid

  • DrWeeWe
    DrWeeWe 42 minutes ago

    Rinse and repeat, how many videos of Subaru has Scotty done?

  • Joel Jasso
    Joel Jasso 43 minutes ago

    Haz los Videos en español bato ya que no todos entendemos inglés

  • J Rearick
    J Rearick 43 minutes ago

    I wonder how expensive he is to fix stuff, Everything except a Honda or a Toyota is a pile of junk! his old Celica is the best prop!

  • outwiththem
    outwiththem 43 minutes ago

    In cold weather you can put lower octane. The higher the temperature, The higher the octane needed. Im a Master Mechanic.. That rule apply for all cars with computer control and a knock sensor to regulate the pinging.. Most cars after 2005 have a knock sensor..

  • J3RK
    J3RK 43 minutes ago

    I have a 2010 Nissan Altima SR V6 246k miles, I bought it in 2013 with 20k miles. I've read so much bad stuff on the CVT transmission but I've had no issues. The only time the car didn't start was 4 years ago due to a bad battery. The car still runs amazing, great power, cruises 90 miles an hour and drives smooth. The transmission feels great. Maybe I was lucky. I've never had anything go bad inside the car too and its fully loaded.

  • Beneath Remains
    Beneath Remains 44 minutes ago

    8:37 That Car is a mile from where I live.

  • iPTerry
    iPTerry 44 minutes ago

    One of these quotes has to be in a Scotty Kilmer Video otherwise it isn't legit 1.) "I've been working on cars for 51 years" 2.)"Honda started out as a motorcycle company..." 3.) "I'm cheap.." 4.) "When Renault merged with Nissan.." 5.) "These CVT's are notorious for breaking down..." 6.) "Zippy little sports cars.." 7.) "Buy a Toyota....." 8.) "These are garbage..." 9.) "Change your oil every___thousand miles (regardless of what they say)" 10.) "It's cheaper to make them this way..." 11.) "Honda makes weak automatic transmissions" 12.) "GM's quality control is going down..." 13.) "I'm not a fan of the...." 14.) "Don't believe what they say about...." 15.) "Volkswagen is crap." 16.) "____$$ Is nothing for a car these days." 17.) "Drive it until the wheels fall off." 18.) "When Fiat bought Chrysler..." 19.) "They keep perfecting them for years and years..." 20.) "Try to find an honest mechanic like me..." 21) Honda makes SOMEWHAT weak automatic transmissins 22) "They are endless money pits as they age." 23) "Never buy a car that was_____" 24) "I would drive it until the wheels fall off". 25) "Take this Toyota Matrix’s just a Corolla with a different body...” 26) “I had a customer...” 27) "I bought my Toyota Celica for $350 and still running like a clock and blows cold air." (28) "Back in the day when I was a young mechanic in the 60s..." (29) "Rev up your Silverado 4 cylinder for the first and last time!" (well, he didn't really say this one) (30) I'm a professional mechanic... (31) So if you never wanna miss another one of my new car repair videos, ya gotta ring dat bell!!! AND You know you're a hardcore fan when you're able to write a list of mannerisms of your idol.

  • ̈
    ̈ 45 minutes ago


  • Zain Aman
    Zain Aman 46 minutes ago

    Please give this man the infinity youth pill. He's a treasure

  • rommel tolentino
    rommel tolentino 46 minutes ago

    How about the 2005 Toyota Corolla le,I install brand new 02 oxygen sensor upstream and downstream anyway I drive 100 miles but it's never pass in the smog test but the result is two oxygen sensor is Failed and brand name is Denso.Thats Crazy.

  • Pooky
    Pooky 46 minutes ago

    oohhh scottyyy why is it final!!! i love you dont you dare stop doing it, real estate in houston is high cant move there if you stop!

  • AstroWorks
    AstroWorks 46 minutes ago

    How to get 1 million miles out of your car: Watch Scotty's videos

  • Aidan Crosbie
    Aidan Crosbie 47 minutes ago

    Scotty are Indian transmissions good I was thinking about the civic si besides the problem with the turbo it has a Indian tranny in it should I be worried about that not being Japanese thx

  • Garety Wooddick
    Garety Wooddick 48 minutes ago

    Chicago makes a good pizza too sir

  • Garety Wooddick
    Garety Wooddick 48 minutes ago

    What minivan should I buy if I want it to last, want to live in it on the back 40, and want it fast :)

  • Marco Freitas
    Marco Freitas 49 minutes ago

    Yeah Scotty tell me, honestly, nowadays, which cars can you buy that are not money pits, considering that they all have lots of electronics and stuff to control pollution and gases and all that. At least here in Europe.

  • foo bar
    foo bar 50 minutes ago

    In germany, even as a mechanic, you are not allowed to work or even drive an electric car in your workshop unless you are certified for high voltage.

    JONAS GRUMBY 50 minutes ago

    Hea Scotty, how old are you

  • Andrew Mendoza
    Andrew Mendoza 50 minutes ago

    Damn, Scotty makes it sound like every repair is the end of the world. I'm going to lease only new vehicles and change them out every year or two now.

  • michael lee
    michael lee 51 minute ago

    Avoid buying vehicles at Bend Over Motors.

  • Superchuyito 1195
    Superchuyito 1195 52 minutes ago

    Could it be a toyota corolla?

  • Sanye
    Sanye 52 minutes ago

    So basically, all new cars are not worth buying, and within 10 years no car are worth buying regardless old and new, European or Asian brands, everyone will have to take public transportation or be uberred around.

  • Francisco Ribeiro
    Francisco Ribeiro 52 minutes ago

    Hey scotty, you got to call someone to rake your leaves. LOL. Just kidding

  • bela katootz
    bela katootz 52 minutes ago

    i can't do too much, but some helpful easy things i can and will do thanks to this great guy

  • RC 1994
    RC 1994 52 minutes ago

    Easiest to work on is old Volkswagen's! enough said

  • M Snchz23
    M Snchz23 52 minutes ago

    Scotty you a funny dude lol love the videos.

  • R Pham
    R Pham 53 minutes ago

    Don't worry about hybrids. They will run for 200,000 to 300,000 miles before needing repairs or battery replacement. By then, they have already given you their money's worth and you're ready to chuck them for new hybrids.

  • Andrew Manche
    Andrew Manche 53 minutes ago

    Chinese make the quality go up? are you insane? they don't even have a word for 'quality'



  • tallon
    tallon 54 minutes ago

    Great video Scotty thanks.

  • Greg Nixon
    Greg Nixon 55 minutes ago

    “Some people get an education without going to college. The rest get it after they get out.” Mark Twain

  • Dapper Jeff
    Dapper Jeff 55 minutes ago

    I'm a manual transmission kind of person.

  • gvi341984
    gvi341984 55 minutes ago

    Just avoid the V6 configuration altogether because they are annoying to work on

  • Very Nice
    Very Nice 55 minutes ago

    My final lesson : Dont buy a BMW :D

  • J M
    J M 57 minutes ago

    I think he really means his first final lesson

  • Andrew McCarthy
    Andrew McCarthy 57 minutes ago

    OK, I live in your old haunt, Upstate NY, and need an all-wheel-drive SUV or pick-up. As far as reliability, what do you recommend? Thank you.