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  • Jake the muss
    Jake the muss Minute ago

    He glassed me he fucking glassed me

  • Uche Odunzeh
    Uche Odunzeh Minute ago

    The African warlord

  • Nathan StopMotioner
    Nathan StopMotioner 2 minutes ago

    i was ksi team till he said the kong joke logan WILL WIIN

  • Greg Lafleur
    Greg Lafleur 2 minutes ago

    Login will win

  • Infamous made IM
    Infamous made IM 3 minutes ago

    Allotey was too small!!! Mungnia is weight cheat!! No special effects!! Nothing special

  • Anjali K.
    Anjali K. 3 minutes ago

    KSI is a joke and it was messed up to bring up a disastrous unfortunate event with Kong. LOGAN WILL DESTROY that idiot.

  • Leonardo Aristotle
    Leonardo Aristotle 4 minutes ago

    He should fight triple G GGG vs GSP legacy fight

  • Viri
    Viri 4 minutes ago

    I Just made a video of how ksi v logan paul actually went down XD

  • Crypto King
    Crypto King 6 minutes ago

    Most of these quit or got pulled out, never seen so many people quit in one fight card.

  • Muzi Mkhize
    Muzi Mkhize 6 minutes ago

    Nomachenko he's on another level bro.

  • Larrypint
    Larrypint 7 minutes ago

    They dropped the WBC Belt in 2015 when GGG was still in his prime and they still try to delay the 3rd fight cause even a 37 years old GGG is competitive with Canelo.

  • Eric Plando
    Eric Plando 8 minutes ago

    His face is on the poster, so I thought he'd be at least co main.

  • Luis T.
    Luis T. 10 minutes ago

    Too many miss matches!! What happened fighting with people at ur same level..

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 11 minutes ago

    Munjia vs charlos nex

  • EHabano
    EHabano 11 minutes ago

    Canelo after the 💉🧬💊 can not keep his natural weight! this is one of Steroid side effects!! 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • ygGOLD
    ygGOLD 11 minutes ago

    Nobody knew shit about Prograis or Taylor, everyone's here for the mandem Chisora.

  • ygGOLD
    ygGOLD 12 minutes ago

    Tbf man's got a point. Let's be honest, the mandem Chisora and Parker the only reason O2 gonna be sold out that night

  • rene galvan
    rene galvan 13 minutes ago

    It’s crazy how English people get canelo credit and his own people always kill him nothing is right for them

  • ruby murphy
    ruby murphy 13 minutes ago

    When Logan was saying “jj has no dick” it was giving me baby carrot vibes all over again. Some things never change

  • MH Gemini
    MH Gemini 14 minutes ago

    GSP is humble

  • Johnathan Fernandez
    Johnathan Fernandez 14 minutes ago

    All I hear is excuses from this guy , this guy is just scared to lose

  • antoniodiaz77ad
    antoniodiaz77ad 14 minutes ago

    andy you're our hero, lets stay champions for a while.....

  • Denis М
    Denis М 15 minutes ago

    Кто понимает бокс, тот знает что первый бой выиграл GGG, второй бой ничья!!! Верните пояса

  • New Message
    New Message 17 minutes ago

    Lol his own city hates him London and Usa

  • Snowii
    Snowii 17 minutes ago


  • MzGumby02
    MzGumby02 18 minutes ago

    That jab is on point. Wowzer!

  • Chris Cobach
    Chris Cobach 18 minutes ago

    Wtf is this a joke? Who the f would pay for this trash?

  • Fede Nieto
    Fede Nieto 20 minutes ago

    Aún le falta mucho a mungia...

  • Ender Eden
    Ender Eden 20 minutes ago

    This is how many times viddal moves his hands👇

  • Dom hachem
    Dom hachem 20 minutes ago

    Fuck of logan

  • Z S
    Z S 21 minute ago

    5:54 ngl she probs sucking logan butt crack rn

  • Chewjacka
    Chewjacka 21 minute ago

    These events just show how untalented both these guys are, without scripts and editing these guys are cringey and unfunny

  • ZP Raptor
    ZP Raptor 21 minute ago

    32:15😂 man this shit too funny

  • f b
    f b 23 minutes ago

    Your both such gay ass faggets i bet after the match jake paul blows both of them

  • Jeff Rudolf
    Jeff Rudolf 25 minutes ago

    Tragos de amargo licor!!!

  • Laura S
    Laura S 27 minutes ago

    You deleted my comments!!!

  • TheDaman1111
    TheDaman1111 27 minutes ago

    Munguia was like three times bigger than lil dude In there lol.

  • Sola Ayodele
    Sola Ayodele 28 minutes ago

    Fuck that ..we've seen enough canelo triple ggg fighting each other

  • Miguel Gil
    Miguel Gil 29 minutes ago

    tiempo perdido esperando esa pinche pelea,munguia no vale v no sirve los pocos golpes que tiro el negro todos los paro munguia con el hocico

  • Sweet Loko
    Sweet Loko 29 minutes ago

    Loma is to much for you,, accept the fact's..

    ERONIC 32 minutes ago

    I was hoping they would both get real serious with this fight and be a bit more mature but still seems like a bunch of foolery and a easy cash grab from little kids and their parents wallets. 🤦🏾‍♂️ My expectations were to high for this fight. Definitely not watching or even caring about it.

  • Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata

    KSI has mental problems

    JAMES RIVERA 35 minutes ago

    I think in a year or 2 Jaimie would be ready for Canelo 💯

  • Angel Vazquez
    Angel Vazquez 35 minutes ago

    Amanda (TBE) Serrano .....7 weight division champ , 8 time world Champion ...GOAT 🇵🇷🥊🇵🇷🥊💪💪

  • geo
    geo 36 minutes ago

    Joshua soft

  • Critten Williams
    Critten Williams 36 minutes ago


  • Joash Jr
    Joash Jr 36 minutes ago

    What Is Jake paul doing by showing his 10 year old fans that he is smoking?

  • R M
    R M 37 minutes ago

    VIVA MI PRESIDENTE LIC. A.M.L.O.💪✊✌👋💪👋✊✌💪👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 VIVA MEXICO VIVA MIS GUERREROS 🇲🇽 MEXICANOS👍🏻💪👋✊✌👍🏻💪👋✊✌👍🏻💪👋✊✌👍🏻💪👋✊✌

  • Sasha Pan
    Sasha Pan 37 minutes ago

    No, wait another 5 years

  • Edwin Youell
    Edwin Youell 37 minutes ago

    KSI: Blinks Jake Paul: write that down! write that down!

  • Imperial Guard
    Imperial Guard 40 minutes ago

    Has Shannon Briggs got Tourette’s??? Fuck me someone come get their mans

  • Joash Jr
    Joash Jr 40 minutes ago

    This is how many times they moved there heads 👇

  • md ik
    md ik 41 minute ago

    Logan just mimic KSI from the last press conference "Zoom into my face"

  • Money Raqs
    Money Raqs 41 minute ago

    You have no dick😂

  • Lord Frank
    Lord Frank 42 minutes ago

    At this point I don’t think ggg has any fans.

  • Lord Frank
    Lord Frank 42 minutes ago

    Don’t get my wrong I would love to see a trilogy but canelo is miles better than ggg. Canelo fought in 4 weight divisions while ggg stays at a comfortable 160.

  • DrDrizzle 75
    DrDrizzle 75 44 minutes ago

    No one gives 2 $h!ts about the other fighters

  • Eduardo Espinosa
    Eduardo Espinosa 44 minutes ago

    I bet they have angry sex

  • nathan woodley
    nathan woodley 45 minutes ago

    we use the word dosser in the UK, he didn't make it up! dosser /ˈdɒsə/ Learn to pronounce nounINFORMAL•DEROGATORY 1. a person who sleeps rough; a tramp. 2. an idle person.

  • DJ DVO
    DJ DVO 45 minutes ago

    Khabib should fight GSP at 170 ! no title just a lot of money.

  • TONY killa bz
    TONY killa bz 45 minutes ago

    All these promoters feed off these fighters blood there are no ones just money makers thats all

  • Vanix
    Vanix 47 minutes ago


  • bhunep neppoho
    bhunep neppoho 48 minutes ago

    Having a bad day then watch this to keep mind cool

  • CryptoCat
    CryptoCat 48 minutes ago

    The best fight of the night. Girls fight.

  • Last Minute Heroics
    Last Minute Heroics 48 minutes ago

    Serrano had great conditioning. Like the damn Enegizer bunny. Just going...well..in this case... coming and coming.

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 49 minutes ago

    This is what we call real boxing.

  • Master Man
    Master Man 50 minutes ago

    I’m from The UK and I can’t download DAZN How am I supposed to watch the real fight?

  • Gumption1111
    Gumption1111 50 minutes ago

    Yeah but Khabib and his father have stated they think 30 fights is enough so that's only 2 more anyhow. Why not make the last fight with Rush?

  • ZzFaTaL-K1LLaz Z
    ZzFaTaL-K1LLaz Z 50 minutes ago

    If Tyson fury thinks JJ will lose. I trust him

  • / Subcept /
    / Subcept / 50 minutes ago

    I'm just saying, UK>>>>>>>USA, and I'm American, and not a proud one while watching this.

  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez 51 minute ago

    I would love to see a boxer fight his coaches for stopping there fight early

  • barry maxwell
    barry maxwell 51 minute ago

    Yes bro lol kill that dude the ugly deformed cunt make him be kong bro🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • victor gonzalez
    victor gonzalez 51 minute ago

    No se pero munguia no me convence todavia.tiene que seguir trabajando

  • Xander O’Neill
    Xander O’Neill 53 minutes ago

    Does logan not realise that viddal would knock the shit out of him

  • Zen 123
    Zen 123 53 minutes ago

    the lets go champ is fucking annoying someone please get there grandparents off the stage ...

  • trolltrap
    trolltrap 54 minutes ago

    Duno doesn't have any head movement and doesn't show any footwork. Either he'll get KOd by a slicker fighter or get brain damage from taking the hits in the long run.

  • Spjuthinator
    Spjuthinator 54 minutes ago

    Logan is trying so hard to clone Conor, lol

  • Lord Frank
    Lord Frank 55 minutes ago

    These fights on dazn are good. Fighter slugging it out.

  • Pro Pickle295
    Pro Pickle295 56 minutes ago

    someone tell Shannon to shut up

  • OfficialMorty
    OfficialMorty 57 minutes ago

    Watch how logan’s mood is gonna change when he comes to the UK. He’s gonna get mocked when he comes here. Luckily the kids here aren’t as retarded as the ones in the US to even watch a joker like him 🤡🤡

  • ReeceWD
    ReeceWD 57 minutes ago

    Why did you hit your mum on christmas? It's christmas! So hitting your mum is fine as long as its easter

  • Lewis RH13
    Lewis RH13 57 minutes ago

    Viddal won tbh

  • Geo Gil
    Geo Gil 57 minutes ago

    Was this in Guadalajara?

  • chikoo the rock
    chikoo the rock 58 minutes ago

    Shannon's a bitch man barking too much

  • Jason Mendoza
    Jason Mendoza 58 minutes ago

    Timing is everything and it seems to be the key.

    • Jason Mendoza
      Jason Mendoza 57 minutes ago

      I would only give this guy crumbs that’s it.

  • Baguett e
    Baguett e 58 minutes ago

    Logan’s disses were weak as fuck and ksi ended him with one Kong line lmaooooooo😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kai Argin
    Kai Argin 59 minutes ago

    Мунгия красава, но он ешё сыроват для GGG, Гена отлупасит его как шигла

  • Cool Man
    Cool Man 59 minutes ago

    Logan cant let him talk its so trash

  • Timmyblackknight 32

    I'm gonna miss him 😔

  • Luis Bergantino
    Luis Bergantino Hour ago

    What is Chisora's ranking? 5th-6th?

    • Luis Bergantino
      Luis Bergantino 59 minutes ago

      Forget it. I found it. He's ranked # 9th. What was he crying about?

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega Hour ago

    Canelo will bully munguia, sorry


    Did anyone realise that Vidal said February 2017 instead of 2018

  • Conflicto
    Conflicto Hour ago

    Jajaja esa pelea estaba arreglada el negrito lo q queria era cobrar y irse

  • RuffhouseNC
    RuffhouseNC Hour ago

    Hearn is a joke. Why would he have the heavyweights on the undercard?

  • Mint Mastering
    Mint Mastering Hour ago

    Where's the Taliban when you need them!

  • RuffhouseNC
    RuffhouseNC Hour ago

    I feel Chisora.

  • x7xfall3nx7x
    x7xfall3nx7x Hour ago

    One of the greatest rounds? Do y'all know what the boxers of the golden era would do if they had the bodies/ access to diets/ muscle growth and recovery information/ nutrition that modern guys have? I believe the old era of boxing was the most technically sound and they would destroy and new age boxer .( don't say Mike Tyson, because he was in the golden era baby!! Even though it was the end of the era) Imagine if those guys back in the day had the height and weight of the people today, the guys were just built a lil smaller back then but went twice as hard, fought 4x as much and people forget they ain't even swallow they water back in the day, also just toss in 15 rounds just to turn it up a notch. Bro people would fight every 15-20 days, especially the champion. I respect anyone who boxers and takes it seriously but this round is nothing special to me , and especially for the for the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, it wasn't a war at all.

  • MR.Droopie
    MR.Droopie Hour ago


  • Suren Moman
    Suren Moman Hour ago

    I mean logan said jj hit his mom n made fun if his family so its only fair to make fun of logans dead dog

  • thijs blind
    thijs blind Hour ago

    ksi fightig agaist logan his coach ? logan is only yelling logan will getting ko`d