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Is Disney bad at video games?
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  • ThothHeart Maat
    ThothHeart Maat 6 minutes ago

    I thought defcon was a readiness status.. it's just preparing forces to be more ready and in certain positions because it takes time to mobilize forces. I'm not sure it means there is war happening. Just means we need people in position in case something happens..

  • SF
    SF 8 minutes ago

    i was born in 04 and know the original Pokerap, the first season of the anime was still being played on tv when I was a kid.

  • ChopRamen
    ChopRamen 9 minutes ago

    funset h 2 whoa... verdrive

  • Odd1s Out
    Odd1s Out 11 minutes ago


  • Spook13Jayy
    Spook13Jayy 12 minutes ago

    Nintendo just surviving from blind fans blowing air up their ass, they'll soon get with the program when the consumers come to their senses.

  • Hydric Bluen
    Hydric Bluen 30 minutes ago

    you even read "The Lusty Argonian Maid" series? You sly dog.

  • Stranger
    Stranger 37 minutes ago

    Sherlock Holmes would know Conan's weakness. So he chose a high tech military jet, because that's pretty much everyones weakness

  • Felix C
    Felix C 48 minutes ago

    Couldn't agree more! Pokémon go has got me to walk 50km a week instead of only leaving the house every few days

  • percy b
    percy b Hour ago

    bold of pat to be wearing giant bomb merch in the polygon hq

  • Flic Jinxy
    Flic Jinxy Hour ago

    Team I need advice: what class is my dog if she is cute, tries to steal my flatjacks and begs for my food, demends two short walks a day and doesn't agree with 1 long walk, is an actual coward, takes way to many naps and is a very fussy eattet, She won't eat Dog biscuits unless we break them into small chunks for her to eat.

  • Evelyn Lukin
    Evelyn Lukin Hour ago

    Guys pls stop bullying them, there trying their best and testing out the controllers give them a break, Jeez I get how you feel but 🤦🏻‍♀️🙏🏻🙇🏻‍♀️

  • Alice Spoon
    Alice Spoon 2 hours ago

    This Is The Best Video I've Ever Seen

  • Henry Cam
    Henry Cam 2 hours ago

    Three years later and this is the best video on the internet

  • Avery Engstrom
    Avery Engstrom 2 hours ago

    i like pokemon go but i can't do raids bc no one is ever at them :(

  • Chad Hutsee
    Chad Hutsee 2 hours ago

    I'm Jazz Solo of a Rejection letter from your dream job... I don't know if I should hate this or love it XD

  • The Critique
    The Critique 2 hours ago

    You forgot to T H R O W T H E F O O D I N T H E P A N.

  • Drake072002
    Drake072002 2 hours ago

    I’m from North Carolina and I completely agree with the North Carolina one

    SLIMGRIZZY 2 hours ago

    Because it doesn't have your haircut

  • Fiona Smith
    Fiona Smith 3 hours ago

    Hi Brian! I know this isnt The Myth video but it is the most recent so i wanted to ask; are you ever willing to make a (not bad) hour long mythology video? I will 10000% admit the moment you mentioned it in the Castlevania video, I, a mythology nerd, needed the hour long video. RIP to me if you say no but also if you say yes

  • Spiritual Successor
    Spiritual Successor 3 hours ago

    Literally one of the best reviews from all of these game review channels on USclip

  • Nunya Buisness
    Nunya Buisness 3 hours ago

    Brian is a gift we don’t deserve

  • Trace Signs
    Trace Signs 3 hours ago

    man I was gonna skip this one and I'm glad I didn't, y'all are great

  • Dashiell Gillingham
    Dashiell Gillingham 3 hours ago

    I’m a Gallant Sorcerer.

  • David Bannister
    David Bannister 3 hours ago

    Sonata, a Rejection Letter from Your Dream Job Sounds about right.

  • Hamish Dinger
    Hamish Dinger 3 hours ago

    nice, I got jazz solo of depression 10/10

  • Tea Tsuneko
    Tea Tsuneko 3 hours ago

    It only gets bad when people becoming creepy with the virtual body

  • Tory Ficarola
    Tory Ficarola 4 hours ago

    Ever thought of ranking the bosses from the Zero games based on the functions of their original jobs? megaman.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Mega_Man_Zero_series_bosses

  • Tea Tsuneko
    Tea Tsuneko 4 hours ago

    I can just hear Mike ohohohohoing in the background

  • Bekkaanneee
    Bekkaanneee 4 hours ago

    omg toucan dan is just bloodborne john cena

  • Quinn Williamson
    Quinn Williamson 4 hours ago

    Wow, this was painful to watch... It was still fun!

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Try listening to it at 2x speed, especially the end...

  • Mya LDeZaNH
    Mya LDeZaNH 4 hours ago

    That closing sequence..... I like Simone even more now

  • Strawberry with pants

    I can settle for greninja

  • Comforting Coffee
    Comforting Coffee 4 hours ago


  • Comforting Coffee
    Comforting Coffee 4 hours ago


  • Charys Russell
    Charys Russell 4 hours ago

    I stan Ms. Beakman

  • Charys Russell
    Charys Russell 4 hours ago

    I stan Ms. Beakman

  • Guy On The Internet
    Guy On The Internet 4 hours ago

    Well, actually Link isn't in the adult timeline because after he turns back to a kid at the end of oot, the adult timeline is what happens after he is gone. Your theory is unvailed.

  • Zoid
    Zoid 5 hours ago

    13:17 when my mom asks if i want food

  • Favored Existential Crisis

    Coming back to this video and not being able to find the infamous video of brian jumping real high is SO UPSETTING

  • KaminaSquad
    KaminaSquad 5 hours ago

    >Hood vent right behind you >Walks across room to the window the vent instead xD

  • jaden mazy
    jaden mazy 5 hours ago

    Ooo my lord that singing, are we just gonna ignore that. Can you sing for me please?

  • Demaris Oxman
    Demaris Oxman 5 hours ago

    In Karen's defense, here's a quote from late, great fantasy writer Terry Pratchett: "All mushrooms are edible. Some mushrooms are only edible once."

  • The Sweet Shop
    The Sweet Shop 5 hours ago

    I lived the old hair and I love the new hair and I'm so glad I have someone i look up to (yes i look up to this man, who uses math where it doesn't apply, which is me) who is straight-up about expectations because it removes all anxiety from these videos. He's so cool and he's on my list of people I want to be like when i grow up (in order of the I think of them) above Micheal Obama and I am a black girl. So.

  • Quinn Williamson
    Quinn Williamson 5 hours ago

    Brennan is so good at these games it's honestly kinda scary.

  • Ray Mihailov
    Ray Mihailov 5 hours ago

    Then there’s spoofing........

  • Swooshii
    Swooshii 5 hours ago

    But bear hat

  • Noah
    Noah 5 hours ago

    polygon... if this was a test to see if wed enjoy seeing you guys play actual tabletop rpgs..... i hope you got your answer

  • Grey Haven
    Grey Haven 5 hours ago

    Bypass chip very easy/cheap to make? Platinum is hard to find in asteroids and I’ve yet to encounter iron on the first planet I’m on. Any tips?

  • Christoff Wilhelm
    Christoff Wilhelm 5 hours ago

    Man.... all those pokemon sure look edible.... I wonder which pokemon is the most edible

  • Nick Helder
    Nick Helder 6 hours ago

    Well actually.....

  • MJ Loyet
    MJ Loyet 6 hours ago

    ive watched this video almost three times and ive missed the guillotiner joke until now

  • Ana
    Ana 6 hours ago

    chaotic bisexual

  • Ana
    Ana 6 hours ago

    he didnt need to go this hard

  • joe thanks
    joe thanks 6 hours ago

    I love your fashions and also Burger Chainz

  • Coffee Sloth
    Coffee Sloth 6 hours ago

    So... How many hp does my indestructible pet tardigrade have?

  • Queen Salmon
    Queen Salmon 6 hours ago

    1:36 Please?????

  • Vhytox
    Vhytox 6 hours ago

    1:50 *cries in normal rayquaza*

  • Mangooo Spagetti
    Mangooo Spagetti 6 hours ago

    Having seeing this, without having watched please retweet, I was very confused at first

  • J F
    J F 6 hours ago

    Ok, but you didn't mention the actual hp. Just his class and level lol. Also...you can just take a sick day without getting sick. 😂

  • Jorden Powell
    Jorden Powell 7 hours ago

    So basically you don't understand it lol

  • BloodPix
    BloodPix 7 hours ago

    Oh. Dope. I am Congregation of that feeling when your toes go all tingly and numb.

  • D B
    D B 7 hours ago

    all i see is regret in dead men's eyes at the end of this video

  • Bruno Fettucini
    Bruno Fettucini 7 hours ago

    Thank you for not being as obnoxious as the other guy with hair...wellll, nvm

  • CharmanderMC 20
    CharmanderMC 20 7 hours ago

    I mean... you got Montana and North Dakota right. I live there and I too am empty inside.

  • Rey Wood
    Rey Wood 7 hours ago

    I think omega is my soulmate frl

  • cave rat
    cave rat 7 hours ago

    Unraveled: Origins

  • Emily G
    Emily G 8 hours ago

    1:42:00 The problem with trucks uh have you ever seen a bird that just really scared ya?

  • Lunassuper YT
    Lunassuper YT 8 hours ago

    Impression of Anxiety.(7:35)

  • Nathaniel C
    Nathaniel C 8 hours ago

    Stardew valley is actually 10/10 and kinda scary. I played it today for the first time in months, then I got this video.

  • Ari Thaumiel
    Ari Thaumiel 8 hours ago

    nort time

  • Peregrination
    Peregrination 8 hours ago

    With those poses, BDG needs to be an anime character.

  • Idman I Dont Need A last Name For My Username

    After listening to this a few times, I just realized that I'm getting some Ninja Sex Party vibes from this. Seriously, replace these two with Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian and tell me it doesn't still fit perfectly.

  • Deathdukduk
    Deathdukduk 9 hours ago

    He said like all my fav pokemon are trash but I'm not offended by people who think like pharamosa

  • tinseltina
    tinseltina 9 hours ago

    - i let a dog pee on my mom's purse - i only have 9 toenails

  • Skidi
    Skidi 9 hours ago

    Here I was thinking nothing would go wrong with blood I mean I'm simple man I see video about blood I click but man thing guy even managed to ruin that how can he always make all his videos so boring? he's like a school book when you actually really wanna read some lotr or fucking poetry

  • Ash Schweinlin
    Ash Schweinlin 9 hours ago

    i know what my halloween costume is this year

  • Andrae Prastiyo
    Andrae Prastiyo 9 hours ago

    Don't worry guys, it's just a Nuclear War SiMuLaTiOn

  • Rich H
    Rich H 9 hours ago

    Nah that was shite 16 secss into it i shut it down sorry

  • Mo
    Mo 10 hours ago

    wait they put her in Japanese playboy but she's supposed to be 16?

  • lesbian mothman
    lesbian mothman 10 hours ago

    Simone’s laugh gives me enough life to survive through college

  • Thingsthingyisthat
    Thingsthingyisthat 10 hours ago

    I never played a sonic game and I don’t ever want to

  • Well rick
    Well rick 10 hours ago

    got my nr 1 at aracnea

  • o
    o 10 hours ago

    im a mutilated mistake, no differnce from real life

  • Mikayla Stavropoulos
    Mikayla Stavropoulos 10 hours ago

    i am so happy i found this video which in turn led me to play celeste and it is SUCH an incredible game and it made me cry on multiple occasions and its my favorite game ever so thank you brian

  • Edgar Carrera
    Edgar Carrera 10 hours ago

    I would love to See Water/Electric starter Grass / Rock or Grass /Ground we only ever saw in Torterra Fire /Fairy Fire/ Rock Fire / Bug Fire / Poison I’m still lost as why Charizard is categorized as a Fire/Flying type when it was suppose to represent the dragon in the Chinese calendar

  • Emory Claire
    Emory Claire 11 hours ago

    I truly feel for those who are unable to have their city painstakingly recreated in perfect detail by Insomniac

  • Edgar Carrera
    Edgar Carrera 11 hours ago

    Charizard should have been Fire/Dragon Blazikin should stay as it is Infernape could easily been a Fire /Electric Or Fire/ Dark Emboar should have been Fire/Ground or Fire/Rock Insenaroar has the true potential to be Fire/Fighting

  • Mahnoor Q.
    Mahnoor Q. 11 hours ago

    whales are mammals

  • Skye Lowell
    Skye Lowell 11 hours ago

    18:22 is the most dramatic twist i have ever seen

  • CraftyDWB
    CraftyDWB 11 hours ago


  • denver humphries
    denver humphries 11 hours ago

    He looks like a goddamn Oompa-Loompa.

  • Curlilox :D
    Curlilox :D 11 hours ago

    1:03:48 piss constable’s dads

  • Emilyissocool
    Emilyissocool 11 hours ago

    The fact that he sings too just makes him too powerful

  • Legend of Zelda 33
    Legend of Zelda 33 11 hours ago

    melody of depression

  • Ariadne Ayres
    Ariadne Ayres 11 hours ago

    The Jazz Solo of Difficult Talks with Your Father...WOW, absurdly accurate

  • Silver the Red
    Silver the Red 12 hours ago

    i only thought that polygon was only good at being retards and sucking extra large supreme ass, but damn if brian cant save that sinking ship

  • Jared Lichtenthaler
    Jared Lichtenthaler 12 hours ago

    you should break down the silmarilion

  • 1995 Ford Bronco
    1995 Ford Bronco 12 hours ago

    14:58 Crucified Bloodletter

  • ://
    :// 12 hours ago

    "Horny on main"