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Ready to get Sliced?
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  • Weirund RMA
    Weirund RMA 31 minute ago

    Still a better love story than twilight

  • Jesuswants Youtopray
    Jesuswants Youtopray 53 minutes ago


  • no thanks
    no thanks Hour ago

    can anyone tell the name of the sailors song on background ?

  • metal87power
    metal87power Hour ago

    Always where I see such an ambitious movie, I comment it would be better as a straightforward porn movie. Otherwise, its value is less than nothing. A scenario with bikini girl mob is not really weird on Pornhub where are different kinds of taboos and fetishes.

  • jim smith
    jim smith 2 hours ago

    This looks fu©king stupid as what!

  • CandySwirl Fox
    CandySwirl Fox 2 hours ago

    I had to be honest, The ghost is strangely adorable.

  • asueft
    asueft 2 hours ago

    Nobody dies in this movie. Two thumbs down 👎🏿👎🏿

  • therosenburg
    therosenburg 2 hours ago

    Wanch ya spill ya beeans...

  • Jemal Awelkher
    Jemal Awelkher 3 hours ago

    xxxtentacion brough me here

  • Kiki Maulidan
    Kiki Maulidan 3 hours ago

    I remember this as a boring movie. But, damn. After watching this trailer, those spooky moments are coming back to me, and I actually can't sleep right now.

  • AJ Tatad
    AJ Tatad 3 hours ago

    I dont get the whole story of this 🤔🤔

  • Alan Alberto Márquez Valdez

    NOOOO lleves a tu mamá a ver la película, creerá que estás enfermo y te llevará al psiquiatra!

  • Saidai Y
    Saidai Y 4 hours ago

    A24 be killing it in the movie Industry

  • Benjamin B
    Benjamin B 4 hours ago

    Filmed like it was filmed in the 30s, love it

  • Cary Taylor
    Cary Taylor 5 hours ago

    Does the boat crash????

  • Wellington Rodrigues

    I want my time back 2 hours lost watching this shit

  • Barbara Donegan
    Barbara Donegan 5 hours ago

    So, my mate went to see this and she said it was a pile of the most unmitigated pretentious, steaming shite. The only reason it's getting the reviews it's getting - well, you can guess.

  • Maureen Dullas
    Maureen Dullas 6 hours ago

    Her American accent is so good she made her British accent sounds like it’s the one she faked.

  • Joaquin Shang
    Joaquin Shang 7 hours ago

    San Sebastian Festival attendee here... Go see this as soon as you can. Stunning masterpiece!

  • Rafa Elnino
    Rafa Elnino 7 hours ago

    gue kesini gara gara crag egg review film gila ini. penasaran gue

  • John Beavers
    John Beavers 7 hours ago

    So this is like white “get out” then?

  • Shaki
    Shaki 7 hours ago

    This movie was alright but it really has nothing on Fish Tank.

  • The Curious Adventures of Sarah Edge

    As someone who lives in LA, this movie is very.... LA.

  • John V
    John V 10 hours ago

    Now I do the "hoh-ha" breathing every day after breakfast

    GRD PROJEKT 10 hours ago

    Being an avgeek, I'm more interested in 0:45 they're in a single aisle airliner but the aisle is incredibly wide and look at the seats, it's 6 abreast with like premium economy class seats; too wide. I've been in the two of the most popular single aisle airliner (B737 and A320) in economy class, none of them have at least that wide aisle

  • keneh
    keneh 10 hours ago

    well damn.

  • Rainmaker Amadeus
    Rainmaker Amadeus 11 hours ago


  • Ms. Spiritual Gangster1111

    Gr8 movie haha.. love her sense of humor. Similar to mine. Minus the abortion part that made me cry.

  • Mario Roberto Sevilla Muñoz

    One of the best terror movies I've seen in the las years. The best break up movie.

  • Martin
    Martin 13 hours ago

    Its okay to be white!!

  • Jamie Braswell
    Jamie Braswell 13 hours ago


  • Ulfa Fatmawati
    Ulfa Fatmawati 14 hours ago

    Siapa yang kesini karena mau nyamain backsound sama jeritan malam?

  • What The Film is going on

    I loved it. We gave it 4 stars and a half out of 5 :)

  • The Kingslayer
    The Kingslayer 14 hours ago

    The Area 51 raid must’ve been successful, cuz I dunno where else we could find a second trailer that doesn’t recycle footage or dialogue from the first.

  • Skeleton Wizard
    Skeleton Wizard 14 hours ago

    I can not wait for "You're stuck alone in a cabin with Willem DeFoe (but he's angry drunk 24/7)" ASMR.

  • Who made this and why?

    The real question is W h a t?

  • Hells Heathen
    Hells Heathen 15 hours ago

    Sexy chick....gives zero f*cks bout the film/documentary/movie.

  • darkespeon64
    darkespeon64 15 hours ago

    The title and this trailer made me think it was a different movie then it was and I'm never watching it again what trash

  • 123Dance
    123Dance 16 hours ago

    Boy the dude has weirdest summers

  • Linda 82
    Linda 82 16 hours ago

    I did not hit her its not true its bully shit i did not hit her oh hi Mark

  • Neill Gorman
    Neill Gorman 17 hours ago

    Does anyone in these comments have any good movie suggestions for people like myself who really dig these kinda A24 /genre movies that newish filmmakers like eggers, aster, zahler etc. are putting out? Here’s some recent titles of this kind I thought were masterpieces: DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE (pulpy crime flick from S. C. Zahler); MANDY (trippy arthouse horror); EX MACHINA (brainy indie Sci-fi); CALVARY (super dark Irish thriller/drama/comedy). I also really liked a few lesser-knowns from overseas that I think can be streamed: NEVER GROW OLD (gritty Irish western); DARK SONG, THE CANAL (both Irish horror); THE GUILTY (Swedish crime flick). Throw me a title if we’re on the same page!

  • Mabel Danciguer
    Mabel Danciguer 17 hours ago

    Now I wanna watch the director's cut!!!

  • Yesenia preciosa Flores Villagómez

    Ya vi la película muy buena, pero no recuerdo la escena del minuto 1:51,52,53,54 me podrían explicar porque en el tráiler si se ve y la película no ?

    • Estefanía González
      Estefanía González 11 hours ago

      Habrá un directors cut con 1 hora más de escenas, así que yo creo que ahí vendran esas escenas.

  • Jordan Bryan
    Jordan Bryan 17 hours ago

    The real... Real question is... Why'd you spill yer beans?

  • Bryan Chu
    Bryan Chu 17 hours ago

    Krystal is such a dom

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique 18 hours ago

    Bitches complaining hahaha. This movie is awesome

  • SonDaro
    SonDaro 19 hours ago

    Tag Der Toten

  • Ignacio Cuevas
    Ignacio Cuevas 19 hours ago

    So many beauties... but Gazelle, ufff. Giselle Palmer, I searched for her on Google but only found the pornostar with the same name. Keep searching

  • Infarlock 159
    Infarlock 159 19 hours ago

    The movie isn't as great as I thought it would be :(

  • 112steinway
    112steinway 20 hours ago


  • stiofan loingsigh
    stiofan loingsigh 21 hour ago

    Lil Jon likes this.

  • amos
    amos 21 hour ago

    thanks youtube

  • John Doe
    John Doe 23 hours ago

    This looks cheap

  • Athif Baqi
    Athif Baqi 23 hours ago

    Siapa yang ke sini karena teaser trailer Jeritan Malam?

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 23 hours ago

    Where are my 8th grade class of 2024 gang at

  • Baus From Space

    Hell look at Miami.. a place where I gre up and it's been completely taken over by Spanish (Primarily Cubans). Many people may not notice it, but certain groups of people are being "pushed out" of areas financially (their hometowns, places they grew up). I lived long enough to witness parents and grandparents show me houses/neighborhoods they grew up in and/or still lives there and things were just as they remembered.. my generation won't have that same luxury, we won't get to say to our kids "This is the house I grew up in..", "Oh look, my old neighborhood and the place I used to get strawberry shakes from"). Those days are gone.. we are in a new age and new things have to come into play.. especially when there are no laws to stop government and upper class from pushing out lesser financially secured individuals. Some years from now we're going to look back on history and see how even in these present times what's being done to people is just as wrong as what's been happening to people since the start of America. When will people really stop, look around, and do what's right?

  • Buck Dewey
    Buck Dewey Day ago

    4:32 Sift heads

  • Fabiola Membiela almansa

    Dont watch olivia jade plsss

  • Black Cack
    Black Cack Day ago

    Bill had a second Crew.

  • Micah Haley
    Micah Haley Day ago

    The Wilford Brimley origin story we've all been waiting for.

  • It's Earl
    It's Earl Day ago

    Miss her😭😭😭

  • It's Earl
    It's Earl Day ago


  • G M
    G M Day ago

    Is it weird that this reminded me of a cologne commercial.

  • Nero Renatus
    Nero Renatus Day ago

    Is this cosmic horror or nah?

  • Lakeitron
    Lakeitron Day ago

    This trailer is completely different from the actual movie.

  • H Carfax
    H Carfax Day ago

    what's the name of the song that play at the beginning?

  • Kiernan Sullivan

    How long have I've seen the same joke in the comments section? Five weeks, two days? Help me to recollect.

  • Christopher Schott

    Amazing trailer

  • Jonathon Osborne

    Hell I thought it was beautiful. The only movie that's held a spot in my heart for a while now. Not that it says much I suppose. Not many trailers grab me anymore. The last movie that did get me before that was Synecdoche, New York. Hollywood needs to drop the superheroes. I want something real like this. Despite that, Joker does look pretty good.

  • Colin Considine

    Tell me, what's a timber man want with being a wickie? That's such an amzing line. I hope the language in this film is awesome just like it was in the witch.

  • Amanda Barry
    Amanda Barry Day ago

    imma cry if I even try to watch this

  • Jude Harper
    Jude Harper Day ago


  • KJ
    KJ Day ago

    Worst movie ive ever seen

  • Cheeto Chill
    Cheeto Chill Day ago

    GG to the wu in there.

  • Ardiyansah Nur

    Film 8 bit anjir

  • Jamal Taylor
    Jamal Taylor Day ago

    This movie was great, and I understood it perfectly

  • John Underhill

    Why is the trailer sub-titled in English, they're speaking English?

  • Abigail Aragon

    Damn this movie scares my whole life

  • James Handley
    James Handley Day ago

    When this movie out I want to see it bad

  • Supanjibobu
    Supanjibobu Day ago

    Rip poodipie

  • JayblesTO
    JayblesTO Day ago

    What song is the awesome Celtic one?

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil Day ago

    My predictions for Best Visual Effects in 2020 Oscars: Toy Story 4 High Life Ad Astra Missing Link The Irishman (WINNER)

  • Tanacon
    Tanacon Day ago

    I sense an oscar.

  • photographydawson

    this is my favorite film ever

  • Jessa
    Jessa Day ago

    They used a different angle for the scene at 1:30

  • Johnathan Gabbana

    Still can't believe i was an extra in this movie

  • Altaib AlMabsali


  • amy clarke
    amy clarke Day ago

    T l 19 😗

  • AshleyNicholas84 W

    This movie looks absolutely terrible 😂

  • Maddox Tolliver

    *quite the take on the whole **_"GREAT WHITE HOPE"_** theme.*

  • ://RAPTOR2K
    ://RAPTOR2K Day ago

    i only watched this cuz of frank but holy fk this looks so good god damn

  • kretasabbatical

    One of the best trailer i have seen in my life. Watched the movie today on Netflix. Can't stop watching the trailer after this again and again.

  • Samuel Tratt
    Samuel Tratt Day ago

    What’s the song in the beginning

  • irregular mana

    When I have to interact with my brother and we're both adults now and can only stand to be around each other for more than 1 day

  • Chris84Redfield

    Trash 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Cesar Sanchez
    Cesar Sanchez Day ago

    I can't believe when I heard people saying they didn't like this movie this is one of the best scary movies I seen very dark and spooky 😱😱😱

  • David Boyle
    David Boyle Day ago

    Looking forward to this. Loved Swiss Army Man.

  • The Spider Slayer

    Song at 0:03?

  • Hexus Stalin
    Hexus Stalin Day ago

    How long have we been waiting for this movie? 5 weeks? 2 days? Help me to recollect.

  • LeakenaDoll
    LeakenaDoll Day ago

    Wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot wot ... the end.