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Seth's Bike Hacks
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  • Aweskme Sauce
    Aweskme Sauce 4 hours ago

    You should try and make a bike that carries all your tools around the trails

  • Charlie Harris
    Charlie Harris 4 hours ago

    3:43 🤔

  • Eloim Logikoi
    Eloim Logikoi 4 hours ago

    Where is the baby oil on brakes review?

  • devil ninja
    devil ninja 5 hours ago

    What about your clavicle

  • Joseph witczak
    Joseph witczak 5 hours ago

    Could you do another unicycle video?

  • David Gawron
    David Gawron 5 hours ago

    OMG 5:39... You were so close from losing that purdy face :o

  • Hellcat 5
    Hellcat 5 5 hours ago

    Wheelie bike

  • N0M3Xobus
    N0M3Xobus 6 hours ago

    Now i don't fell like the only one who crashed the bike very hard...

  • Sam
    Sam 6 hours ago

    your great

  • Django 277
    Django 277 6 hours ago

    What is Alex’ bike??

  • phone community
    phone community 6 hours ago

    Hey is specialised (wilier triestina izoard xp 2012) a good bike please give advice

  • Hyper Gaming
    Hyper Gaming 7 hours ago

    Perfect for wisler

  • Brennen Jones
    Brennen Jones 7 hours ago

    That's cool thanks

  • Leonard Davinceze
    Leonard Davinceze 7 hours ago

    5:35 this tree would have crushed your jar let alone splittered your teeth... You are very lucky Sir

  • Robin Michael
    Robin Michael 7 hours ago

    5:30 obviously never chopped a tree down before. Managed to avoid a full jaw reconstruction and full set of new chompers

  • zachberger12
    zachberger12 7 hours ago

    Test out Nite ties. Also known as Gear ties. They can hold the wheel of the bike to the frame so the wheel doesn't hit the car and scratch your paint. Very durable and fairly priced

  • Sam Bike
    Sam Bike 7 hours ago

    3:40 was that your headset or frame cracking like that???

  • Our BODAcious Adventures

    Seth is the best

  • The Great Train Adventure

    Wow Seth, *dirt* must taste good if you make a video about it

  • Carl FortniteRoblox
    Carl FortniteRoblox 7 hours ago

    Kevin is so out of shape as a roadie

  • Chilled
    Chilled 8 hours ago

    You should make shirt eith the ryobi saw smoking.

  • Loren Ridge
    Loren Ridge 8 hours ago

    "That was dangerous" -Seth 2019

  • XGaming
    XGaming 8 hours ago

    Who else is car guy and biker

  • emre
    emre 8 hours ago

    Can I use any type of grease?

  • Nomadic Bike
    Nomadic Bike 8 hours ago

    I Was like OMG that even looks steep on a GoPro, and that was before you got to Horseface!

  • Trailriderzzz
    Trailriderzzz 8 hours ago

    Which bike do you ride in your video?

  • one shot kill
    one shot kill 8 hours ago

    Using a presta valve on a shraider wheel the lock ring with the nub on one side hose into the valve hole so the valve stays in place so your hack is just incase you haven't got any lock rings left

  • The limo Driver
    The limo Driver 8 hours ago

    Ike deserves it man

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa 9 hours ago

    That ass tho

  • Colin Booker
    Colin Booker 9 hours ago

    Two things one I don’t care I’m doing back to back comments two which one is where he lives now birm peak or birm creek

  • Colin Booker
    Colin Booker 9 hours ago

    One of these days when Seth is recording alone he’s gonna crash hard and his camera is going to be evidence

  • Colin Booker
    Colin Booker 9 hours ago

    Seth: nearly gets concussion Also Seth: is my bike okay

  • Nathan Parra
    Nathan Parra 9 hours ago

    U should do best tricks now

  • Brynjar Eyberg
    Brynjar Eyberg 9 hours ago

    Is this your girlfrend

  • #TeamTrees #1 Mr. Beast fan

    Did anyone else think the thumbnail was some weird knife?

  • Xeno
    Xeno 9 hours ago

    I don't know why, but I get goosebumps by watching this. I'm 27 years old and also always loved driving the bike. Now I but myself a really nice Mountainbike and got it Tubeless. I wanna train stuff like that too. Seeing people who also started somewhere growing in their progress also helps mentally kinda. Lisa made a really good job. Also you pushing her and motivating her was a real hero move. I liked that a lot. This is a really cool MTB Channel. Gonna advise it to friends. :)

  • Carl FortniteRoblox
    Carl FortniteRoblox 9 hours ago

    I swapped to singespeed because the derailleur hanger snapped all the time on a bunnyhop, me and my friend milled a aluminium derailleur hanger and the derailleurs broke instead, so i swapped to singlespeed. I dont regret a single bit, and on my old 24’ bike with a dirt jump frame with a dropout. I swapped that to singlespeed and made a few more details to a dirt jumper. Its now brakeless but i’ll get something going for it to have rear brakes and barspinnable

  • chairs or standing ufos

    Get an carrera or mafia

  • Joseph doel
    Joseph doel 9 hours ago

    What endangered rain forest animal is that I can hear at 4:06

  • skyfooty
    skyfooty 10 hours ago

    I'll take a Toyota over a ford every day

  • Walus46
    Walus46 10 hours ago

    great progress year at the year

  • aakos26
    aakos26 10 hours ago

    3:40 that is literally "dropping in!!!"

  • Review Guru
    Review Guru 10 hours ago

    I have a bike with no suspension

  • The limo Driver
    The limo Driver 11 hours ago

    3:06 what was that😂🤣😂

  • Nathan Howell
    Nathan Howell 11 hours ago

    Seth you should make some Christmas merch

  • Mega MindyLou
    Mega MindyLou 11 hours ago

    You’re gonna have to update your icon soon with some grey on that head of yours. Not a derogatory idea, more of an achievement. How many grey haired guys are still doing what they love and keeping active? ❤️

  • Rogério CN
    Rogério CN 11 hours ago

    bike´s inventor: i've created a safe way for people to go around seth: hold my beer...

  • Dan Bratu
    Dan Bratu 11 hours ago

    4:09 - even the turkey was laughing at you

  • Oliver Knight
    Oliver Knight 11 hours ago

    U could put a wall ride on top of the maim frame so you could hit it faster, like go up then put some 2x4s around the decent and then it’s another jump. Or put some wood on the bottom to create an artificial berm

  • Frederic Fletcher
    Frederic Fletcher 11 hours ago

    I have a gator

  • Daniel's Central
    Daniel's Central 11 hours ago

    Another great healthy way to relieve stress..? Watch more SBH. Again - loved it Seth...

  • ken thomas
    ken thomas 11 hours ago

    MTB is nature's way of weeding the herd.

  • Ezra Stevenson
    Ezra Stevenson 12 hours ago

    He jinks himself

  • Daniel the Hardtailer
    Daniel the Hardtailer 12 hours ago

    Just like the murder machine, this video is different from the ones shot at day... loved it, seth...

  • Matt Davey
    Matt Davey 12 hours ago

    Honestly the tree one is the scariest.

  • Shane Stamp
    Shane Stamp 12 hours ago

    is it bad i've seen all of these from their original vids

  • Haydn Poole
    Haydn Poole 12 hours ago

    This brings back to many bad memories

  • Roy Thuv
    Roy Thuv 12 hours ago

    Seems like "fun".

  • Phil Landsy
    Phil Landsy 12 hours ago

    Short time fame, long term agony.

  • Rugg 66
    Rugg 66 12 hours ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 hours ago

    Hit it so hard his pants fell down lmao, always love watching that scene

  • Porta Patrols
    Porta Patrols 13 hours ago

    seth for president!

  • Thomas Britton
    Thomas Britton 13 hours ago

    Some nasty ones

  • Drxxm CB
    Drxxm CB 13 hours ago

    That's such a good bargain!

  • rose smith
    rose smith 13 hours ago

    ouch!!!! glutton for punishment much? i cringed everytime someone crashed.

  • Swellbow1220
    Swellbow1220 13 hours ago

    His wife must be pretty chill considering all the shit he does around the house

  • Rydin Hi
    Rydin Hi 13 hours ago

    Take your BMX bike and transfer to wall ride in your garage..that would be sick

  • Rowan Harink
    Rowan Harink 13 hours ago


  • Rydin Hi
    Rydin Hi 13 hours ago

    1:59 sweet doubles routine boys...🤙🤙🤙

  • Finley Biegler
    Finley Biegler 13 hours ago

    Love the vid (see you next time) Seth.

  • Odie
    Odie 14 hours ago

    Imagine riding up to your friend with epilepsy with that

  • Ark the Fox
    Ark the Fox 14 hours ago

    Well, knowing how to bail out/off your bike certainly does help

  • Chris Dever
    Chris Dever 14 hours ago

    Hey Seth, Glad to see you guys are all safe. Keep up the good work and keep enjoying life!!

  • Cedric Ye
    Cedric Ye 14 hours ago

    6:06 Lol Drama :P

  • KurtBob
    KurtBob 14 hours ago

    LET GO A YA BREAKS! The second cut with it farther away got me, Lolol!

  • Carlos García
    Carlos García 14 hours ago

    Eres chingon Seth! Saludos desde 🇲🇽

  • esbee
    esbee 14 hours ago

    3:41 What on earth were you thinking man?! I felt the need to watch that through my fingers! Did that front wheel survive? If so, I think I need a set.

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 14 hours ago

    4:07 is that a dolphin?

  • Frost_Apple40
    Frost_Apple40 15 hours ago

    0:44 tada and now you have a chain saw

    NKD BROS 15 hours ago

    3:23 i use sandpaper

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 15 hours ago

    make more videos on rhodorooter

  • Slickgaming tv
    Slickgaming tv 15 hours ago

    You need to come to bike park wales

  • 울산다사랑/All Love Ulsan

    Very good It's so cool

  • Adrian Esteban
    Adrian Esteban 15 hours ago

    4:06 that laugh though😂😂

  • DM 7
    DM 7 16 hours ago

    Bro when drama runs up to Seth after he eats it on the air bag 🥺🥺

  • Joe Fran
    Joe Fran 16 hours ago

    Thanks so much seth. You are the one that got me into mountain biking. Today is the day I pick up my first bike and take my first ride on a real mountain bike that’s mine.

  • timinno
    timinno 16 hours ago

    Yes, Dave!

  • Game Sauce
    Game Sauce 16 hours ago

    We need more doggo compilation l

  • Ascari LF5
    Ascari LF5 16 hours ago

    2:05 lol you playing follow the leader

  • Cape kraken
    Cape kraken 17 hours ago

    This video just gives me so much anxiety because every clip I know that a crash is incoming.

  • Garrett Michalak
    Garrett Michalak 17 hours ago

    What is a good beginner BMX bike

  • Sonny Cannon
    Sonny Cannon 17 hours ago

    More uploads?

  • Deepak Gurung
    Deepak Gurung 17 hours ago

    You can use lighter tube instead of sealant. After few months you have to open tire and refill the sealant. Just put tube and you dont have to open tyre unless its puncher.

  • LiveLifeToTheMax
    LiveLifeToTheMax 17 hours ago

    You should try to use a swytch kit on a mountain bike

  • Paul Green
    Paul Green 18 hours ago

    No. 1 or save some time and use a tire lever.

  • Meme Genarator
    Meme Genarator 18 hours ago

    I wonder if seth ever gets scared every time he tries something again which he crashed, cuz i do

  • BadMan
    BadMan 18 hours ago

    All the air bag clips were super funny

  • Sh It
    Sh It 18 hours ago

    What about the ones you didn't survive?

  • BlackYall
    BlackYall 18 hours ago

    So just how fucking much is the mark up on a bike for the production?

  • bacteria_ UnknowN-ConnectioN

    I'm not sure about that but your videos has the best storing teller in the MTB world, I really appreciate your videos