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The Last VidCon Recap
Views 1.2M2 months ago
My Terrible Mouth Accident
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My School Dress Codes
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Backyard Stories
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Pin Theatre!
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Working Late (Scary)
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Almost Run Over By A Car
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The Girlfriend Fairy
Views 10M2 years ago
Over The Moon
Views 466K2 years ago
Flight of the Valentine
Views 810K2 years ago
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Don't Listen to the Demon
Views 4.4M3 years ago
THERE'S 20,000 OF US!
Views 67K3 years ago
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Views 10M4 years ago
Views 583K5 years ago
The Sochi Hotel Games
Views 812K5 years ago
BeeFwee! (A Pokemon Parody)
Views 2.3M5 years ago


  • Halina Wolowiec
    Halina Wolowiec 3 minutes ago

    hahaha lol

  • Leon Cisternas
    Leon Cisternas 11 minutes ago

    On the second day of vidcon she hanged out with Crazy🍊🍐🥜

  • Elizabeth Whittles
    Elizabeth Whittles 12 minutes ago

    make more storys about your life ppppppppplllllllzzzzzz there really funny and just entertaning

    AVR6 GAM1NG 14 minutes ago


  • Sushi cat_Løve Kitty
    Sushi cat_Løve Kitty 17 minutes ago

    I dont see your mouth 😐

  • Doge Mano
    Doge Mano 19 minutes ago


  • jacker ware
    jacker ware 20 minutes ago

    I noticr countryhumans inject in will have an event that crush all vidcon gayisms lul not hater. But an night mare maker

  • TillyProductions
    TillyProductions 21 minute ago

    This pattern with her actually works! I complemented her about a year ago on one of her social media’s, and then a few months ago guys, and girls, (As well as the other genders, pansexual’s do not judge) started to notice me! Thank you so much girlfriend fairy!!

  • Bjarte Maraas
    Bjarte Maraas 22 minutes ago

    The answear is dolls im svare of them lol

  • erin haynes
    erin haynes 26 minutes ago

    You should of just punch the old man I would Also I'm a kid plz add me to ur video!

  • Lenda C
    Lenda C 35 minutes ago

    Single Rebecca 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rebecca: 😪😡😡😡😡😡

    • Lenda C
      Lenda C 32 minutes ago

      Just kidding butttttttttttttt can I get a shot out 👧🏽

  • themeparkz. uk
    themeparkz. uk 41 minute ago

    7:47 lmao same

  • k m
    k m 54 minutes ago


  • Toxxic Ninja1
    Toxxic Ninja1 54 minutes ago

    Speaking of Going To Bed. When i Woke Up Today (at 10:25) I Just Felt Like i Wanted To Watch Your Video. I loved it! It was actually making me happy and boosting my energy. Keep up The Great Work! :D

  • Steve Hollahan
    Steve Hollahan Hour ago

    Lived in Venice S Monica and Riverside. Wouldn't go back.

  • Osvaldas Kupstas

    Yeah ! We got tim tom's face reveal

  • Julia Börjesson

    no nose? no mouth? how can you breathe?

  • Mike Eng
    Mike Eng Hour ago

    Ballet teacher son was in cats not sure if he still in it

    • Mike Eng
      Mike Eng Hour ago

      Oops I forgot to put my at the beginning of this sentence

  • Chilly Pencils
    Chilly Pencils Hour ago

    😂 you think your mouth was a train wreck? 😂 Apparently girls my age (12) are supposed to have all their adult teeth by now! And iiiii don’tttttt have all my teeth in! I need to get eight teeth pulled!!!! Six of them are baby teeth! Four of them are ready to come out! One of my teeth crumbled and the bottom of it is still in my gum! And three of my teeth are colliding together! And the eighth and final tooth is a permanent muller and it has to get pulled! The dentist wants to pull the rest of the crumbled tooth and get me braces so that my teeth can straighten out! Soooo yeah! There’s my train wreck of a mouth!

  • Maibelin Fernandez

    Me:*going off my phone to do homework Mom:GET OFF UR PHONE AND DO UR HOMEWORK me:WHAT THE HAIL DO U THINK IM FOING BRO

  • Eclipse The Dragon


  • Joshua Epstein
    Joshua Epstein Hour ago

    ist dolls

  • Kenneth Herrans
    Kenneth Herrans Hour ago

    0:40 It's the Matrix. *oh noes*

  • Lucca Olesen
    Lucca Olesen Hour ago


  • Sadness And pain


  • Dragon 5018
    Dragon 5018 Hour ago

    squidward is looking thicccccc

  • EF kitten The best way

    Whoever dislike this video does not have a sole

  • Marcel Idun Sherras


  • Uranium_Isotope
    Uranium_Isotope Hour ago

    0:40 *No witnesses*

  • AngryEwok Playz
    AngryEwok Playz Hour ago

    The same thing happened to me I slipped in the bath tub my teeth went through my lip but I don’t remember it luckily

  • Diesel Tanker
    Diesel Tanker Hour ago

    upload plz

  • 1234draw
    1234draw Hour ago


  • 1234draw
    1234draw Hour ago


  • MrEpicGamerMan
    MrEpicGamerMan 2 hours ago


  • MP-kitty 5481
    MP-kitty 5481 2 hours ago

    the horror monster known as Antisepticeye

  • Nikie To the Max
    Nikie To the Max 2 hours ago

    May I be your cat (Jk)

  • Ramiro Hernandez
    Ramiro Hernandez 2 hours ago

    He's letal

    Jace WHITTAKER 2 hours ago

    That painting tho.

  • Ash fire 656
    Ash fire 656 2 hours ago

    This happens to me too, but it’s probably because I’m a kid

  • John Castillo
    John Castillo 2 hours ago

    Raven clause are the best

  • Sophie vs Hannah
    Sophie vs Hannah 2 hours ago


  • Julia Börjesson
    Julia Börjesson 2 hours ago

    i have had 10 teachers and im only in 4 grade

  • Alice the Mahoney-Abyss

    Rebecca: Something about vidcon Ad: Vidcon London is back!

  • Sarah Sherriff
    Sarah Sherriff 2 hours ago

    For me drift or fears

  • Chef in training
    Chef in training 2 hours ago

    Her rhyming is like me realizing that I have a huge bleeding cut on my leg I never notice😂

  • Chef in training
    Chef in training 2 hours ago

    I looked at the thumbnail and I thought it ment that someone banned..."chest" 😂😂

  • Le_Gumba_ plays
    Le_Gumba_ plays 3 hours ago

    Your depiction of the early internet sounds like our typical internet here in Germany. Slow, unreliable and overall bad.

    Jace WHITTAKER 3 hours ago

    im 8 and only have 2 injuries about when i was 5 i hit my knee on the ground and when i was 6 i hit my other knee and also them both was very long until they healed and the first injury (the one i had when i was 5) lasted a week



  • Mishti Basu
    Mishti Basu 3 hours ago

    Are you lance ?...before the video

  • Reylli Velasquez
    Reylli Velasquez 3 hours ago

    It look like a dinosaur step on it (fart sound) *destroy a wet bar*

  • Peppa’s Pappa
    Peppa’s Pappa 3 hours ago

    Everyday is a mouth bleed day

  • Richard Gabriel Villegas

    The code is mouth

  • Mohit Chadha
    Mohit Chadha 3 hours ago

    Hey I watch some Disney characters that you watch!

  • Princess Dakota
    Princess Dakota 3 hours ago

    you to cool

  • Trinity Fuller
    Trinity Fuller 3 hours ago

    My b-day is December 4 2008

  • sanangelodj
    sanangelodj 3 hours ago

    do a collab whith katzun!!!

  • Junior ToZ
    Junior ToZ 3 hours ago

    2:45 The Meme

  • Vinat Polasam
    Vinat Polasam 3 hours ago

    Dolls is the answer

  • Just Dom
    Just Dom 3 hours ago

    "We're all just a bunch of blocks put together" *Minecraft ad comes on*

  • Spxicy Kixx
    Spxicy Kixx 3 hours ago


  • Mariana Galvão Bervian

    Dolls! It's Dolls!

  • CS/TV
    CS/TV 3 hours ago

    1:17 j... j.... Jako jako wait what

  • Claudia Murillo
    Claudia Murillo 3 hours ago


  • Ismael Sy
    Ismael Sy 3 hours ago


  • Sino The Gamer
    Sino The Gamer 4 hours ago

    You have the same birthday as me! :) (Except the year)

  • Marcus Vlad
    Marcus Vlad 4 hours ago

    is it dolls ?????????????????????????????

  • Rivka Bronner
    Rivka Bronner 4 hours ago

    Mansplaning baby!

  • BlueBerryFairy1
    BlueBerryFairy1 4 hours ago

    It always feels kind of weird to hear "drama classes" and an entire department behind it as... actual school subjects ... from a west europe perspective (at least Germany, but I feel like it's not that different for the others ...). Like, everything that isn't immediatly necessairy for an average job doesn't make it into the scedule ... this also includes things like speech or choir as a choice, or getting awards ... what we have is "arts" and "music", and sometimes not even in the same half year ... everything else, like theatre, actually learning instruments, speech, debate, and all the sub-subjects, are usually after-school things and completely optional ... even IT classes can be optional, which makes me even more frustrated ... I actually don't really know how to feel about this difference, because usually our school days are max. 8 hours and only 4 subjects a day, differing each day, and we can't choose so many ... but most of our scedule doesn't give people an option to find a talent in the arts ... in our version of high school, it's even more git good at recording information, and if you aren't, screw you ... our school system is pretty outdated in many ways. I wish there was more respect for arts and talent outside offices.

  • Braedon Hobson
    Braedon Hobson 4 hours ago

    I was riding my bike the other day and the front wheel came Off and now my face hurts

  • Alysha Darden
    Alysha Darden 4 hours ago

    Please do more of these because it boosted my day a whole lot because of your inspiring words

  • stranger things
    stranger things 4 hours ago

    DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Also 9999 anyone

  • maksymilian 210
    maksymilian 210 4 hours ago

    Gross bleeding teeth

  • Eleri Vlogs
    Eleri Vlogs 4 hours ago

    What if the pool the demon has already taken over?

  • andro .__.
    andro .__. 4 hours ago

    lol i talk it ti a lot of girls but non of the i was intested in so we are the same lol bruh :)

  • FitDripgaming05568 Brown

    That a long question😶

  • x Tpower
    x Tpower 5 hours ago

    5:50 I had the sane thing

  • K J
    K J 5 hours ago

    I love you

  • vlog ketrin
    vlog ketrin 5 hours ago


  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam Gallagher 5 hours ago

    Your magic works I got a girl friend

  • Trust Key
    Trust Key 5 hours ago

    Omg Rebecca starts to rhyme at 2:25

  • K J
    K J 5 hours ago

    I love you shows

  • Xx9hostSlayer
    Xx9hostSlayer 5 hours ago


  • CGYxx
    CGYxx 5 hours ago

    I’ve always been one to imagine things, So when I tell my parents how I saw tall black figures in the hall they forget about it and see it as imaginary. Now, I’ve never been able to prove these but when my older brother came to my house and told us a story. I was getting suspicious. I have 5 siblings, only 4 were born at this time. Nicole, Jack, Mollie, Me and Georgia (Alfie being born 6 years later) Nicole and Mollie shared a bunk bed, Me and Jack had separate beds. (In Jack’s perspective) Me and Nicole were watching ghost stories which included a woman running down to her hall at night, screaming and her husband coming down to check and getting stabbed. We were going to bed Nicole and Mollie asleep and me drifting off. I looked at the bottom of the bed and saw Charlotte (me ;-;) staring at me, she crawled on my bed and didn’t break eye contact. Suddenly she ran of to the kitchen and screamed. I didn’t move of course, I was scared enough for her crawling on my bed. If she was in trouble she can solve it then and then. That’s what happened I’m my early childhood years at the age of 3 ;-;

  • Jahjah Marie Oplado
    Jahjah Marie Oplado 5 hours ago

    Have you have a boyfriend

  • Chad Chevy and ford man Czeck

    It's dolls

  • Erin Pearson
    Erin Pearson 5 hours ago

    It's dolls

  • neighborhood of memes

    The answer is dolls

  • Quinn Archibald
    Quinn Archibald 5 hours ago

    Why does your hair look red in some videos, and brown in others? Also I love you. You're awesome!

  • xg nice
    xg nice 5 hours ago


  • Desirée is me
    Desirée is me 5 hours ago


  • Limo van Kasteren
    Limo van Kasteren 6 hours ago

    Love star wars

  • Sunil mumdianudad
    Sunil mumdianudad 6 hours ago

    He didn't see you because the windows was black

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez 6 hours ago

    Dolls Edit it took me a year XD

  • Brianna Myers
    Brianna Myers 6 hours ago

    I won't be able to sleep tonight.......

  • BENNADTTA cosentino
    BENNADTTA cosentino 6 hours ago

    I am a big very big fan

  • Juanis Almaraz
    Juanis Almaraz 6 hours ago

    Guess what my teacher mrs Vasquez was captain America

  • Pollyanna Lore
    Pollyanna Lore 6 hours ago

    I would spend time outside if it wasn't FREEZING

  • Janmil's Life
    Janmil's Life 6 hours ago

    LIke you vdeos Rebbeca