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  • Saliha C
    Saliha C 2 minutes ago

    I literally loved the questions that he asked

  • Cristina Criss
    Cristina Criss 3 minutes ago

    I absolutely loved this interview

  • yana manuel
    yana manuel 3 minutes ago

    jhope’s english thooo

  • pkesek997
    pkesek997 3 minutes ago

    Liam really is the only person who should interview the boys. He really cares for them and has all the knowledge he needs. He also calls us ARMYS not your army fans or some other weird name. It's that twitter knowledge :)

  • Ros
    Ros 3 minutes ago

    All my cuties smiling and listening silently to RM 💜

  • Su patil
    Su patil 4 minutes ago

    Army purples you "BTS" 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Sara_ xx
    Sara_ xx 4 minutes ago

    first interview that doesn’t consist of the ‘who would you like to collab with next’ questions 😔✋🏼✋🏼

  • Angel Jonghyun
    Angel Jonghyun 7 minutes ago

    Thanks Liam, you're always the best interviewer and you treat our boys like they deserve 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Oh Sehund infires man
    Oh Sehund infires man 8 minutes ago

    *Liam needs a fanbase* Who's with me ??

  • sujin ham
    sujin ham 11 minutes ago

    카메라 앵글 참 그렇네...남준과 지민만 있나? 쫌지나니 호비 쫌 지나니 반대편까지는 나오는디 대열이 왜 저렇니? 정국이는 뒤에 가려져있네 저렇게 방송으로 나갔다면 방탄은 7명이 아니네...안그래? 꼭 저렇게 서야했니?

  • Moumita Eamani
    Moumita Eamani 13 minutes ago

    Liam Mcewan is by far the best US interviewer I have ever seen. I remember slowly seeing him interview BTS again and again over the last 2 years, and his questions just get better and more relevant. You can tell that he puts in time and actually cares about what he's asking them. They're all such nice questions that ARMYs genuinely want to know, not the same "who do you want to collab with" bs. So THANK YOUUUUU

  • Noor Sabah
    Noor Sabah 13 minutes ago


  • Afshan Iqbal
    Afshan Iqbal 14 minutes ago


  • BTS paved the way
    BTS paved the way 17 minutes ago

    Interview is not interview without jhope random thing n dance😁💜

  • springbreezzjk
    springbreezzjk 18 minutes ago

    Liam is the great interviewer ever 😍

  • Dimple
    Dimple 20 minutes ago

    Liam, the best interviewer ever. Period

  • plutokook
    plutokook 20 minutes ago

    honestly the best interviewer

  • real me
    real me 21 minute ago

    I liked the video because of hoseoks cute english.

  • 코코코팜
    코코코팜 21 minute ago


  • springbreezzjk
    springbreezzjk 22 minutes ago

    Amazing interview 😢😍

  • Cécile T.
    Cécile T. 22 minutes ago

    Liam - thank you for asking better questions than most journalists. It also showed your knowledge as you asked about the end of the LY era. Thank you!!

  • RIHANNA Justin
    RIHANNA Justin 22 minutes ago

    Love🤘🏻🥰 jins hairstyle

  • Roseypink
    Roseypink 22 minutes ago

    i like his interview, he seem genuine. and he reads and prepare for bts.

  • I got YES jams!
    I got YES jams! 23 minutes ago

    "Thank you,We are proud of you guys,You make us proud too" I dont think my heart can handle it 😭😭😅💜💜

  • Sana Usman
    Sana Usman 24 minutes ago


  • km potter
    km potter 25 minutes ago

    Liam always ask thought-provoking and answer-worthy questions and giving nice and appropriate reactions as well. Hope only great things come to his life! thanks for this ♡

  • Ness is a BTS ARMY
    Ness is a BTS ARMY 26 minutes ago

    What an amazing, meaningful and entertaining interview. 😭💜 Thank you Liam!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Charlene Malabanan
    Charlene Malabanan 26 minutes ago


  • Christina Neuvian
    Christina Neuvian 27 minutes ago


  • Amelia Strachan
    Amelia Strachan 27 minutes ago

    bruh i love them so much

  • Girl WithLuv
    Girl WithLuv 30 minutes ago

    Thank you Liam for asking great questions. Much respect.

  • Jaaz Sha
    Jaaz Sha 30 minutes ago

    I feel like jimin flirting with me ☺️🥰 is that only me or everyone 😕

  • yoongi's girl
    yoongi's girl 31 minute ago

    The best interview ever i love liam's questions

  • Nikeshi Gamage
    Nikeshi Gamage 37 minutes ago

    I love your interviews with BTS, Liam! 💜💜

  • Jazz Jams
    Jazz Jams 37 minutes ago

    He is the best interviewer. Thank you for those great questions for BTS💜

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 37 minutes ago

    After all the words Namjoon said, there's nothing could ever make me leave this family.

  • Hanate
    Hanate 38 minutes ago

    ok BUT PLS LIAM IS SUCH A GEM his questions are always so thoughtful, u can see RM enjoys answering them too and he addresses all the members while asking questions,,,,, it’s all so wholesome I can’t 😭😭

  • bangtans baby
    bangtans baby 38 minutes ago

    When he said "you make us proud too" my heart 🥺🥺💓💓

  • Ashlinn
    Ashlinn 40 minutes ago

    LIAM DOES THE BEST ENGLISH INTERVIEW IN AMERICA. PERIOD!!!! Thank you for continuing to ask relevant and well researched questions!!! I appreciate it so much and clearly so do BTS!!!!

  • 남준이랑
    남준이랑 40 minutes ago

    남준이 인터뷰 너무 멋있다 호비 지민이 진짜 귀여워ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Chiranjiv Mandilwar
    Chiranjiv Mandilwar 41 minute ago

    OK but why is jimin taller than jungkook in this video?

  • aslam khan aslam
    aslam khan aslam 42 minutes ago

    Love you

  • Rafia Easha
    Rafia Easha 42 minutes ago

    Wow this was a better interview than any other bts had. Liam is an amazing interviewer. And guys hoseok's english has improved a lot💜

  • Hidden Army
    Hidden Army 43 minutes ago

    That's why we love Liam, he's a real Army so he knows what he have to ask and say to the boys 🥺

    NOOR AL_HUDA 44 minutes ago


  • Izzy Namjin
    Izzy Namjin 44 minutes ago

    they did NOT know how many people go to SK because of them??? lol Great interview as always Liam!!!!!

  • Afni Nur kholifah
    Afni Nur kholifah 44 minutes ago

    thank you Mr Jojo, you have interviewed them and made them comfortable

  • Tavisha
    Tavisha 45 minutes ago

    MR. PARK JIMIN stop flirting! I am trying to concentrate. Not that I am complaining tho😏

  • layinul harir
    layinul harir 47 minutes ago

    I really like the interviewer....keep it up!

  • viAnnE iSh BoReD
    viAnnE iSh BoReD 49 minutes ago


  • Katie Watkins
    Katie Watkins 51 minute ago


  • Mochii nim
    Mochii nim 52 minutes ago

    No one the eng sub Boy withlam Ndbsbbfnsm

  • LennieLosino
    LennieLosino 53 minutes ago

    3:43 I think that every army has had an heart attack when bts turned around to the camera

  • Deverly Velasquez
    Deverly Velasquez 56 minutes ago

    Other 6 members: what the heck are they talking and saying about??!! Hahahaha

  • LennieLosino
    LennieLosino 56 minutes ago

    Bts: I am proud of you Me: No! I am proud of you Bts: I am proud of you more Me: No! I am proud of you more

  • arinah ari
    arinah ari 58 minutes ago

    This is why liam is the best. He always did his research and know them well. Super proud of you Liam. Thank you for amazing interview. Always always look forward for your iv with them.

  • Lina
    Lina Hour ago

    You always ask BTS interesting questions. Thank you!

  • Nat Nat
    Nat Nat Hour ago

    The way I love you Liam!!!!! Thanks you for this interview . You're the best

  • Grammy winners BTS

    Liam is honestly the best interviewer along with zach. Everyone can see how much they especially joon enjoys the interview 👍

  • yoonseokwrld
    yoonseokwrld Hour ago

    The upbeat video outro music is a weird mood contrast to my sobbing 😂😭😭 I love these boys so much. INCLUDING YOU LIAM!! 💜 it's such a treasure in today's kpop-focused media cesspool to see a TRUE ARMY interviewing our treasures with meaningful and intelligent questions.

  • Uzma Hussain
    Uzma Hussain Hour ago

    i love jimin so much ❤❤❤

  • lexis
    lexis Hour ago

    liam is the best interviewer he is really genuine and asks questions that are actually interesting i really wish others learn from how respectful he is

  • Haya Khan
    Haya Khan Hour ago

    This is the interview i always wait for! They actually take the effort to go dig into bts and their history and asks the questions related to them and not just america and how they like it! YOU GO LIAM!!

  • Aiman Zubair
    Aiman Zubair Hour ago

    btw the questions were really amazing and well thought..thanks liam once again u never disappoint !!!

  • Vanessa C
    Vanessa C Hour ago

    Sprite to jhope : welcome home cheater.

  • JML0VE
    JML0VE Hour ago

    외국리포터와 스토리라인을 논할날이올줄이야 ㅎㅎ 💜

  • Aiman Zubair
    Aiman Zubair Hour ago


  • v s
    v s Hour ago

    hobi: *worth way* interviewer: *worth way!?* hobi: *embarrassed*

  • O_O Q-Q
    O_O Q-Q Hour ago

    The amount of times rm said actually. 👏🏻

  • Jemima
    Jemima Hour ago

    You're the best Liam!

  • তাহিয়া found serendipity

    @ 1:05 jimin imitating Joon 😂😂😂

  • Bruh, u crazy?
    Bruh, u crazy? Hour ago

    Vote for seoul music awards for BTS!!! BTS is in the second place!! Hurry and vote!

  • Bruh, u crazy?
    Bruh, u crazy? Hour ago

    Vote for seoul music awards for BTS!!! BTS is in the second place!! Hurry and vote!

  • Bruh, u crazy?
    Bruh, u crazy? Hour ago

    Vote for seoul music awards for BTS!!! BTS is in the second place!! Hurry and vote!

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia Hour ago

    why didn't he say SO THE GRAMMYS

  • Bruh, u crazy?
    Bruh, u crazy? Hour ago

    Vote for seoul music awards for BTS!!! BTS is in the second place!! Hurry and vote!

  • C A R L E S 1 8 2

    istg jimin stop staring at me, i want to listen to namjoon

  • claire_ PH
    claire_ PH Hour ago

    liam u did it again!! u are always the best interviewer and a true army too !! always asking the best questions! not about who they want to collaborate with, what amazing food they are mssing ahaha u are always prepared ! congrats liam

  • Lejla Jusić
    Lejla Jusić Hour ago

    Best interview ever. THANK YOU 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Rita-Cascia Marley

    Amazing interview. No awkward moments, no fake laughs, just genuine answers and clear headed questions. Bust interviewer so far.

  • Franchesca Alyanna

    My favee interviewerrrrr liaaammmmm💖💖💖

  • Just Hope
    Just Hope Hour ago

    Hobie and his beautiful English 💀 I died

  • samar jd
    samar jd Hour ago

    he does the best interviews ever with BTS . a true army

  • Feigi Friedman
    Feigi Friedman Hour ago

    Thanks for this interview, BTS are the best!!💜💜💜

  • latybu V.
    latybu V. Hour ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this🙏 I love my boys can wait for their comeback😀💜

  • Kajsa Sloth
    Kajsa Sloth Hour ago

    I love every single interview Liam McEwan does with BTS: he does his research, his is really down to earth, asks relevant questions and BTS seem genuinely comfortable around him - PLEASE MORE INTERVIEWS BY HIM !!

  • Shahnaz Begum
    Shahnaz Begum Hour ago

    You know he is best interviewer. His question are so relevant unlike others 🤷

  • Aisha Malik
    Aisha Malik Hour ago

    Namjoon if he says “you made all of this possible” one more time i -😭😭😭

  • 임헤라ELLISA
    임헤라ELLISA Hour ago

    No one: Not even me: Seokjin: forehead exposed Me: fangirls the roof out Thanks me later 😆

  • Nay134340
    Nay134340 Hour ago

    LOVE seeing Namjoonie comfortable like this! Wish all interview were followed this lead

  • Radd Gal
    Radd Gal Hour ago

    Jimin seducing the camera for 4 minutes and 26 seconds

  • asmita das
    asmita das Hour ago

    I love your interviews with BTS..... Thank you...... always looking forward.....

  • Cristina López
    Cristina López Hour ago

    I loved this interview!! The questions were REALLY interesting and really well-thought; completely different from the typical questions the boys are always asked. Congratulations to the interviewer for a really great job, and congrats to Bangtan for everything they have achieved. ARMYs 💜 You

  • German ARMY
    German ARMY Hour ago

    2:25 "You won every daesang you could've possible won" Haha, Liam's pronounciation of daesang is adorable 😂💜

  • Shubhi Makholia
    Shubhi Makholia Hour ago

    Liam, you come up with the best questions and we all can see how BTS feels relaxed with you. Thank you for interviewing them. In you we trust. 💜

  • Ai DOM
    Ai DOM Hour ago

    I actually loved this interview thank you 💞 Also hobi's English 🥺🥺💞💞💞

  • German ARMY
    German ARMY Hour ago

    4:00 one of the staffs gave Hobi a thumbs up for his ment. Cute 😊I love supporting people 💜His pronounciation is getting so much better. Proud of him 💜

  • Alma Ben tov
    Alma Ben tov Hour ago

    Me waving back at my phone screen....

  • Shelby Schaffer
    Shelby Schaffer Hour ago

    Out of all the interviews yours are always my favourite 💕

  • Rosa Pink
    Rosa Pink Hour ago

    1:05 me pretending to understand my teachers explanation to the question