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  • Jared Bielanin
    Jared Bielanin 4 hours ago

    That’s trash 0-60 and over priced af

  • Max Power
    Max Power 4 hours ago

    Hi Doug, is this DBX body based on a BMW, JAGUAR or BENZ ?

  • Ernest Sloan
    Ernest Sloan 4 hours ago

    I’ve seen better for the same amount with a bathroom

  • Nathan V
    Nathan V 4 hours ago

    BTW those aren't really fuses so much as Push-Pull circuit breakers. Very common on aircraft pretty much up until the 787 and newer Airbus A330 models that are all electronically controlled. It makes disabling a circuit when performing maintenance a breeze but damned if it isn't hard to tell what is on or off with the main power bus off lol. Great video! Thanks for the awesome rundown on such an amazing vehicle

  • Vikram Lall
    Vikram Lall 4 hours ago

    chicken leg bis

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 4 hours ago

    Lots of cumbersome tech going on in this thing.... some things like the vents just need to be mechanical. Same with the volume. Quite the turn off to be honest.

  • Bruh Tofu
    Bruh Tofu 4 hours ago

    The longest interior review so far.

  • jtman04401
    jtman04401 4 hours ago

    Pretty sure the exterior door handle is off a Subaru XT coupe around 1987 or so.. if not its almost identical

  • consciouscool
    consciouscool 4 hours ago

    I remember some story about how the cash strapped company sold one pre production unit to a star on the contingency he doesn't drive it until they get certifications and work out the bugs. What do you think dude did? Drove the shit out of it, complained when it broke down and wanted his money back. (Because the dick was embarrassed). This car is so Knight Riders you must have skinny fingers to clean that interior windshield button.

  • Graysen Wadsworth
    Graysen Wadsworth 4 hours ago

    Doug can you please put it in a lineup with a countach or diablo?

  • Surf422
    Surf422 4 hours ago

    Nothing says luxury like a plastic rectangle in front of your face that says Lamborghini

  • Chris M
    Chris M 4 hours ago

    Get facts straight; The FJ Cruiser was never meant to be a production vehicle. It was a prototype that was brought to the auto show back in 2005/6. There was so much love for the vehicle that Toyota produced it for resale. The fact that it contains no luxury amenities proves it was not a fore thought production vehicle. As of 2019 it's still in production, but only distributed in Aussie and mideast. It was not imported after 2014 to North America because of the CAFE (fuel economy) regulations. Get your facts in order before you spew nonsense fake news like CNN does.

  • StraingerThingz
    StraingerThingz 4 hours ago

    W8 a minute..

  • McRay2001
    McRay2001 4 hours ago

    Boring without seeing this car driving at least. :-(

  • Harry 7805
    Harry 7805 4 hours ago

    Can't wait to use this for my driving test. DMV, here I come!

  • Paul Yoder
    Paul Yoder 4 hours ago

    asshole voice prompt please.

  • ehlava
    ehlava 4 hours ago

    It's interesting in how many cars doug reviews that I see 'my' steering wheel and seats from from my '03 A4. Not sure about the seats in this one, though likely same guts, but definitely the same wheel family. I would guess lots off ppl notice same suppliers from their daily drivers in these exotics.

  • Steve Barnes
    Steve Barnes 4 hours ago

    What a stupid car. Here in the UK we're embarrassed this thing exists. That crease on the fenders/doors is hideous. The first ugly Aston Martin, well done dipshits.

  • Jonathan Guy
    Jonathan Guy 4 hours ago

    Its a motorcycle fuel cap...

  • YITT Mashups
    YITT Mashups 4 hours ago

    1.2L 3 cylinder? Forget my Honda Fit being a muscle car in comparison; my '89 Mitsubishi Mirage was a muscle car in comparison.

  • Crystal Mex.
    Crystal Mex. 4 hours ago

    Why does he feel the need to make fun of it for having branding tho

  • anonymous
    anonymous 4 hours ago

    Buy an early 2009 361hp PONTIAC G8 GT... 2:32 if he scrolled through the options you can change it from metric to imperial its same dash as G8 GT..

  • Andrew Church
    Andrew Church 4 hours ago

    @Doug DeMuro think you got the balance right. No one could argue it is not a genuine Doug Score, complete with all the DeMuro charms and annoyances. While Tesla might have been hoping for the first ever perfect Doug Scorce, they must love that you gave it a pretty hot-smoking, thumbs up review 👍 👍. Tesla cars are too expensive in Australia, so instead of buying a new car, which I do every 15 years, I bought 120 TSLA stock, stretch my car out to 20 years and by a car in 2025 with whatever the stock is worth then.

  • 7071t6
    7071t6 4 hours ago

    Those wiper washing fluid hose will come off for sure at hi speeds, unless the rings or clamps are off it ? It was my favorite car still have the original poster in my photos. :)

  • ZildjianGuy Man
    ZildjianGuy Man 4 hours ago

    For 50k, I'd expect more than a 5hp bump. I don't see why the extra 13k over a standard STI couldn't include a 25-35hp bump. And the wing doesn't work with the look of the car. I'd definitely prefer to not have it installed or delete it. I do really like the car overall though. But I am a WRX/STI fanboy.

  • Wayne Rainey
    Wayne Rainey 4 hours ago

    moron mobile! , with a jackass trying to hype it up. Only a retard would think their was anything special about that POS.

  • Canine Riot
    Canine Riot 4 hours ago

    Looks just like a Jaguar F-pace.

  • Dave L
    Dave L 4 hours ago

    Doug, I saw an earlier model Vector in the late 80s at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. The “rear-view mirror” was a closed circuit tv camera feeding to a black and white miniature tv screen in the dash. Mr Wiegert the inventor of the backup camera concept? Maybe...

  • Isaac Schlegel
    Isaac Schlegel 4 hours ago


  • Andrew Andrew
    Andrew Andrew 4 hours ago

    Holy shit this car would be an electrical nightmare, even worse then Jaguar or Range Rover :D

  • Gary Nelson
    Gary Nelson 4 hours ago

    Christ could you possibly sound anymore like Jim Parsons off The Big Bang Theory lol

  • David Gibbons
    David Gibbons 4 hours ago

    How big were those buttresses and firewall structure in the engine bay? It looks like they cast the whole front end out of solid aluminium.

  • Mr Hombre Gordo
    Mr Hombre Gordo 4 hours ago

    Hes trying to blow the rear hatch hydraulics. Thats just dumb to try and close it that way. Just grab it and pull it down then grab the door and shut it normally dude

  • Skyfall 007
    Skyfall 007 4 hours ago

    Too bad he couldn't have kicked Karl's annoying ass out of the car

  • Chibi TheEdgehog
    Chibi TheEdgehog 4 hours ago

    It looks like a Shark the horn should make the Dootdoooootdootdadoot sound

  • Ray Lovelace
    Ray Lovelace 4 hours ago

    Interesting how different this is from my 1995 M-edition.

  • Ricardo Morales
    Ricardo Morales 4 hours ago

    It looks like a BMW X5 on steroids.. just saying for now! so I'm guessing is the name your purchasing!

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 4 hours ago

    Doug the type of guy to eat cereal with a wooden spoon

  • Bebopopotamus
    Bebopopotamus 4 hours ago

    Vaporwave: The Car

  • Fid Fyodor
    Fid Fyodor 4 hours ago

    The seats are Recaro Classics. The top of the line, extremely expensive seats with tons of positioning options.

  • Ernest Sloan
    Ernest Sloan 4 hours ago

    For stoners that hidden compartment would be a nice stash location if you get pulled over by the cops

  • bad bunny
    bad bunny 4 hours ago

    So you thought we'd watch a video of a ugly ass car 40 min long..... And be ok without atleast hearing or seeing it drive....... Faaak uff maight

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray 4 hours ago

    No it does not...just cus u feel it is doesnt mean it is. Its not the best or rarest. Just cus you truly "believe"

  • B Barnett
    B Barnett 4 hours ago

    Cool car!! Thought it was a Corvette-based kit car!! Doug sounded so took almost 14 minutes in before I realized it was "Chandler" from "Friends"!! How ya gonna park that spaceship??!!

  • eb110americana
    eb110americana 4 hours ago

    The reason it has a 3-speed in it, is 650 lb.ft of torque. Even the powerful European exotics of the era were not making those kind of torque numbers. This was likely from the late '60s and '70s era big block V8 engines, and were the only transmissions capable of putting the power to the ground without grenading themselves in the process. Keep in mind, 4 forward gears was about as fancy as automatics got at that time, so this wasn't as prehistoric as it sounds to us now.

  • Kevin Obrien
    Kevin Obrien 4 hours ago

    Nice car thank you for showing us. You always do a great job

  • Zheronic Gaming
    Zheronic Gaming 4 hours ago

    Bro this guy has a great sense of humor 😂😂😂

  • Arturo Ochoa
    Arturo Ochoa 4 hours ago

    I wanna buy one of these one day in a manual transmission

  • Andrew Schwab
    Andrew Schwab 4 hours ago

    This car was in a movie in the 90's. Saw the movie a long time ago just don't remember the name. Anyone remember the name of that movie?👀

  • Will Mcdade
    Will Mcdade 4 hours ago

    yooo 😲 where can I buy one which one is better

  • Ning Zhang
    Ning Zhang 4 hours ago

    It does look outdated. Definitely won't buy new at that price. -- from a 2016 Audi TT owner.~~

  • Bryan Charles
    Bryan Charles 4 hours ago

    @26:47 @27:16

  • Ray Lovelace
    Ray Lovelace 4 hours ago

    2100 pounds is NOT light. In fact, it's kinda pudgy. I had a 1200pound Sprite, and a Saab 96, and a couple of VW's, a Datsun 510, and Fiat 600 and 128, all of which were at least 400 pounds lighter. And all handled better, if perhaps not with that balance that came with design, yes, but also weight.

  • TruBluLew
    TruBluLew 4 hours ago

    I'm a year late but these are the best type of videos. Not the ones where someone just buys a car cuz of it's "wow" factor. But because it was your dream car. Really hope you enjoy it :)

  • Joshua Corbin
    Joshua Corbin 5 hours ago


  • Cole Oshtamebaghe
    Cole Oshtamebaghe 5 hours ago

    My Toyota Rav4 is about the same size, costs one sixth as much, and will probably outlast this car by a factor of 10.

  • Aaron Carmody
    Aaron Carmody 5 hours ago

    Please stop with the outstretched hands

  • Jeremy Trent
    Jeremy Trent 5 hours ago

    Those "classic" badges for the seat adjustment might be "Caprice Classic". Just a guess ; /

  • ZGryphon
    ZGryphon 5 hours ago

    I think I'm going to have to give the "craziest styling ever" award to the TVR Sagaris, which Jeremy Clarkson once said looked like it had been styled by an axe murderer, but the W8 is up there.

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen 5 hours ago

    Lexus Is going to build a yacht. You should review it when it starts production.

  • Kinematics
    Kinematics 5 hours ago

    Looks very long from the profile but from any other angle it’s looks very short.

  • jrony jrony
    jrony jrony 5 hours ago

    Doug "you can pretty much open and close this door over and over again, and it works!" DeMuro

  • Andrés Álvarez
    Andrés Álvarez 5 hours ago

    The price of the options is just stupid, I wonder if rich people that buys this car doesn't feel stupid paying 4k for a S logo in the seats or 2k for a carbon fiber key.

  • defalt
    defalt 5 hours ago

    Aston Martins love to fall about since they’re handmade

  • Andre Patacchini
    Andre Patacchini 5 hours ago

    Now tesla truck design doesn't sound so strange.

  • Andre Patacchini
    Andre Patacchini 5 hours ago

    Now tesla truck design doesn't sound so strange.

  • TheBlubberWhale
    TheBlubberWhale 5 hours ago

    I'm taking the Urus over this

  • TheGomezIndustries
    TheGomezIndustries 5 hours ago

    Hey Doug, how about they put a Fiat engine in a Porsche, or a Dodge engine in a Ferrari, will you be fine with it? It’s about IDENTITY in case you didn’t know and that’s the issue with the new Supra.

  • c allen
    c allen 5 hours ago

    Back of the tail light looks like the "F" logo that Lexus is using. Pretty sure that is intentional.

    DVRK RITUAL 5 hours ago

    That's weird, you put what's basically a race engine in a car and it requires abnormal maintenance/repairs. It's a legend, no matter how much people cry about it.

  • Matewoosh
    Matewoosh 5 hours ago

    Wait, 2021? 2020 didn't even start yet!

  • Crafty Gamer123
    Crafty Gamer123 5 hours ago


  • AB N
    AB N 5 hours ago

    And this is where it’s being sold

  • Mark Tchadej
    Mark Tchadej 5 hours ago

    I think you'll find vector is still around. I see their cereal in the grocery store all the time.

  • William Qi
    William Qi 5 hours ago

    oil leaks

  • Dbf Crell
    Dbf Crell 5 hours ago

    I have a friend who is a pilot. Back in the 80's, he customized his Mustang to have most of the same thing from a real in-dash compass to engine hours. He had 5 early LEDs mounted on the dash over the cluster that each blinked as each plug fired, so he could see a mis-fire if there was one. He had an early computer and full cockpit instrumentation all angled towards the driver and all perfectly done. An amazing car.

  • VASP Sie
    VASP Sie 5 hours ago

    Same design as Mazda

  • blacktoothgrin
    blacktoothgrin 5 hours ago

    This car is on steroids

  • Bradshaw Mountain Man

    The seats are Recaro seats, and those are the Classic series of their seats.

  • Menstrel
    Menstrel 5 hours ago

    I have a middle finger gesture to show what I think about overcomplicated gesture control. It is not impressive technology, it is depressive.

  • ajaunie silpot
    ajaunie silpot 5 hours ago

    How many times can one person say luxury in one video. I didn't find out I had to stop watching it to stop listening to him say luxury in every sentence

  • A.J. Green
    A.J. Green 5 hours ago

    Wonder if Dave Kindig gets a royalty for the door handles?

  • Ukrainianification
    Ukrainianification 5 hours ago

    Hard pass

  • wojomojo
    wojomojo 5 hours ago

    speech impediment?

  • Mil Espi
    Mil Espi 5 hours ago

    I can picture him saying: come here Pablo, clean my mess or I'm calling ICE. The end was dumb....actually the video, the channel sucks. I watched one video and was curious to see how this mess started... here I am.

    • Marc W.
      Marc W. 4 hours ago

      Are you on drugs? Lowlife.

  • Millionaire Mind Set

    Man this dressed up Ford is nice.

  • Balls Deep
    Balls Deep 5 hours ago

    Tarted up F pace Jaguar

  • supercharged coyote
    supercharged coyote 5 hours ago

    “It is the ultimate performance pickup truck of all time” *Ford SVT Lighting has entered the chat*

  • Mr Von
    Mr Von 5 hours ago

    the key looks so cheap and speaking about gear shift buttons why they didn't put them behind rear seats or inside of the glove box

  • Syed Ghazi
    Syed Ghazi 5 hours ago

    76 thousand dollars I rather have a Toyota 4Runner

  • watergod 83
    watergod 83 5 hours ago

    Ah yes. The staple of every Asian American household

  • Suvra Bhattacharjee
    Suvra Bhattacharjee 5 hours ago

    James bond now gonna drive with his family on a mission ... 😁😏

  • EJ XOF66
    EJ XOF66 5 hours ago

    1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special: $35,350 20x more comfortable, 1000x more reliable

  • Omega Alpha
    Omega Alpha 5 hours ago

    I thought Aston Martin vehicle can never be uncool, until this one shows up.

  • JIn Kangsta
    JIn Kangsta 5 hours ago

    Brexit!!! woo hoo Johnson my man

  • KiwiPokerPlayer
    KiwiPokerPlayer 5 hours ago

    I wonder if the production model will come with a fluid leak like this one does at 27:04.

  • N F95
    N F95 5 hours ago

    Put the exhaust sound on more Doug Demuro!

  • Hunter MacDonald
    Hunter MacDonald 5 hours ago

    But no drive?😣

  • Mark King
    Mark King 5 hours ago

    Ended up at Jerry Weigarts Beverly hills home for a party. He let me park my Pantera next to his Vector. His roommate pulled in a Ferrari 360 Modena, parked behind my Detomaso Pantera. He looked back towards the Ferrari, and yelled "get that Fiat out of here". LOL. Oct. 2002

  • armando serna
    armando serna 5 hours ago

    I'm just here to see the Doug type of guy jokes lmaoo