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    NOMAN ATTARI 3 months ago

    ikram hoti sahab, kitne pese mile he imran khan k khilaf baat kerne ke, choro ka naam to bare tameez se lete ho aur jo es mulk ke lye kuch kerna chahta he, waha saari education gater me dal dete ho , shame on you ikram hoti

  • Kamran Mazhar
    Kamran Mazhar 3 months ago

    what can i do for watching this channel please give me the advise

  • Kamran Mazhar
    Kamran Mazhar 3 months ago

    why 92 channel not working now not showing live here

  • Kiran Hameeda
    Kiran Hameeda 3 months ago

    Where is 92 News Live streaming ?

  • Asm Shir
    Asm Shir 3 months ago

    Please rectify the issues whatever they are and resume the live streaming because I got no other choice other than your esteemed channel ... I am addicted :)

  • Gulfam Saif
    Gulfam Saif 3 months ago

    Why not show in live internet

  • NR Bilal
    NR Bilal 5 months ago

    92 news fuck u... imran khan ka channel hai yeh 100% sure.. jabhi hamesha nawaz shareef aur noon league ke khilaf fake ..jhut bolty rehty...fuck u 92 news imran khan qadiyani channel

  • Uswa
    Uswa 6 months ago

    Good Job

  • Fazal Azim Abbasi
    Fazal Azim Abbasi 9 months ago

    please send me 92 News's comparison between cost of orange line and Punjab governance wherein it was informed that if instead of launching Orange Line Train, how much families can be accommodated for Mehran, how much Water Filter Pants can be installed etc.

  • Aizaz khan A&Z
    Aizaz khan A&Z 9 months ago

    today is Nazia Hassan singer day

    HUZAIFA SHOAIB 9 months ago

    please i need news headlines of 11 am news of rawalpindi board paper onduction

  • Goraksh Ghodke
    Goraksh Ghodke 10 months ago

    mere pare pakistaniyo aap ko marneke liye hindustan ko kohi bhi jang ki jarurat nahi hai aap aap ni karni se aap ke kam se hi marne wale hai as like syeria sham irak hame kucha bhi karne ki jaru rat nahi hai ....by ....jeeyo shnti se ..varna marooooo

  • Goraksh Ghodke
    Goraksh Ghodke 10 months ago


  • Goraksh Ghodke
    Goraksh Ghodke 10 months ago

    i m hindustani hame hasan nisar sahab ka phona nambur hona plz send

  • Mohi Hashmi
    Mohi Hashmi 11 months ago

    The best show on 92 News is Night Edition with Shazia and Hilali Sb. Comments section must be enabled so that we can take part in discussion.

  • Junaid shah
    Junaid shah 11 months ago

    92 news live chalaen plz hum dekhte hen

  • Punjabi Channel
    Punjabi Channel Year ago


  • Punjabi Channel
    Punjabi Channel Year ago

    plz mug sa rabta kary mary pas ak newz ha go ap ko dany chaty ho

  • Laique Ahmed
    Laique Ahmed Year ago

    92 News HD Plus Special Program on Muharram Ul Haram (Dastan-e-Karbala-o-Sham)-30 Sep 17 kindly upload this program again

  • syeda zarrish Hussain

    92 news we are totally impress by your loving video of a Brilliant girl Syeda Amna Batool ,Position holder of Great Uni BZU..... You are showing the real face and talent of our Great Country......

  • hona43
    hona43 Year ago

    92news good luck keep it. never give up. and show peoples their right path, "best luck".

  • Smiling India
    Smiling India Year ago

    Pakistani media is the worst and unprofessional media in the world. They telecast news without knowing the fact and it happens most of the time.

    • Smiling India
      Smiling India Year ago

      +Danish Malik, I completely agree with you because your media has made joke of your own country in international level by telecasting the news without any base. LOL ! Whether it was a phone call new to US Prez or the news on China killed 158 indian soldiers. The whole world is laughing on such an unprofessional attitude. Forget media, even we speak something we think and check the reality to avoid any disagreement or mislead. Media plays an important role in any society... In India or anywhere in world media is very mature.

    • Danish Naeem
      Danish Naeem Year ago

      joke of the year

  • Zohaib Hassan
    Zohaib Hassan Year ago

    Why not showing live now?

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  • Mohsin Qazafi
    Mohsin Qazafi Year ago


  • Ishtiaq Ali' Kashmir


  • Nasir Chohan
    Nasir Chohan 2 years ago

    Sir Ghazi Sahab Subh e Noor ki her new episode upload kar dya karo mujhe program acha lagta hai hamarey han cable network k problems hai to internet pr b dekhne se qasir hu... Thanks your fan

  • Sana ullah Khan
    Sana ullah Khan 2 years ago

    Where is Playlist for Muqabil program ?

  • tahir ahmed Zia
    tahir ahmed Zia 2 years ago

    tum logo ko moat ku nii ajaati hraam khor .... Israeli or talibaan ky paiso py plny wala media... itna ghatya news channel is dunya me any sy pehly is dunya ko aag ku nhii lg gii.... pta nhii kid kidr sy chootye annalist utha kr 2 rupy me ly aty hy haraam khor ... lanaat lannat

    • Sahir TV
      Sahir TV Year ago

      Bagerat insan tum ko ye nahi pata k namos e Risalat ky dharny ko sirf 92 news hi cover kar raha ha 92 news is the best word media channel

    • hona43
      hona43 Year ago

      you are mother f**ker . 92news world best news channel ever.

    • Nasir Chohan
      Nasir Chohan 2 years ago

      Lakh lanat ho.... Yeh dunya taba hone se pehle hi tu Marta or jahnum wasl hota

  • tahir ahmed Zia
    tahir ahmed Zia 2 years ago

    top chootya media of world... fuck you mother fuckers ... choootyo

  • Mazhar Aftab
    Mazhar Aftab 2 years ago

    subh e noor ka full video link share karen plz.......

  • Awais Ahmad
    Awais Ahmad 2 years ago

    subh-e-noor 01-03-16 ka program upload kro