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Noisy neighbors
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Fast food playgrounds
Views 1.7M2 months ago
How I got my trash cat Luigi
Views 1.9M3 months ago
I went undercover at Vidcon
Views 477K4 months ago
Public school food
Views 4.6M5 months ago
Middle school "fashion"
Views 3.8M7 months ago
Moving On
Views 508K8 months ago
My First Trip to Japan
Views 1.9M9 months ago
My Video Game Boyfriend
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  • shealtielconcept
    shealtielconcept 2 hours ago

    and this is why luigi will be always be *number two* .

  • Duck
    Duck 3 hours ago

    Send them a gift wrapped fancy, inside they will have a very fiery and loud surprise!

  • hey at least I tried


  • lavi
    lavi 3 hours ago

    I’m here just because of the intro😂😂

  • Grellow :P
    Grellow :P 3 hours ago

    She sounds like she crying, I cri too then

  • Megan Snow
    Megan Snow 6 hours ago

    Me and my brother found a dead rat in the playground at Burger King.......

  • Omar Mendoza
    Omar Mendoza 6 hours ago

    --oh thanks for having me illy, i appreciate it --i appreciate you --oh god- --OOh --OOH --OOOOOH

  • Rack Master
    Rack Master 7 hours ago

    I came here for shits and giggles because of Sr. Pelo brought me here, but damn. I hope Haris gets the punishment he deserves. But if he ever rears his ugly head, I would suggest taking Muay Thai and Powerlifting just get an edge on that vermin

  • Slma Laamari
    Slma Laamari 7 hours ago

    OMG! he looks exactly like my cat and he's talkative like him but mine has a deep and pitched voice😢

  • Catalina GUTIERREZ
    Catalina GUTIERREZ 7 hours ago

    🐸☕ sry lol but i love u and videos

  • Aiden Rivera
    Aiden Rivera 7 hours ago


  • Aiden Rivera
    Aiden Rivera 7 hours ago


  • Aiden Rivera
    Aiden Rivera 7 hours ago

    I promise I am not eveil oreo me:days whwres the cream her:hehehehehhe me:where's is it her:I LIFKED IT

  • Anthony Ta
    Anthony Ta 8 hours ago

    Can i have it

  • kristal gorgeos gaming kitty plays

    Im SUPER curvy for a 9 year old

  • kristal gorgeos gaming kitty plays

    I have glasses :3

  • Lauren Schlepp
    Lauren Schlepp 8 hours ago

    When I lived on my own, someone decided that 6 in the morning the weekend after Thanksgiving (when everybody is off work and enjoying a quiet vacation) was a good time to hammer and install their new TV on their bedroom wall which happened to be directly on the other side of my bedroom where my head was while I sleep. They then proceeded to test through all of the settings on all the volumes for the next 20 minutes or so. First time I ever had to bang on a wall to get someone to shut up. Don't wake me up and F with my sleep or I WILL kill you.

  • Virakyuth Uzumaki
    Virakyuth Uzumaki 9 hours ago

    Is it weird that I kinda like cuss words? That's why I loved watching Markipkier 😂

  • LeftyLily21
    LeftyLily21 9 hours ago

    Why do you share an apartment with James Charles?

  • Mister MasterTY
    Mister MasterTY 9 hours ago

    OwO. U told the strangers uR. NaME Oh. mY GuD

  • Adam Reilly
    Adam Reilly 10 hours ago

    Would it be wrong to not tell the person till they got back from their trip. I mean if I was in this situation and their is nothing I could have done I probably would have preferred to know when I arrived home. What does everyone else think is it wrong to wait and tell someone the bad news? I would be very conflicted as to what to do in that situation.

  • Sliver Bright light Star

    Is that ginger pale on sandbox 1:25

  • nonya business
    nonya business 11 hours ago

    The only good food in my school were the chips this one substitute handed out if the students had good behavior in 4th grade

  • Alex toyworld
    Alex toyworld 12 hours ago

    00:11 *sees image* WhErE iS jAiDeNs AnImAtIon???

  • Rack Master
    Rack Master 13 hours ago

    Can we get a picture of harris? So I can beat the hell out of him?!

  • Stephen Koss
    Stephen Koss 13 hours ago

    The reason why American Airlines cancels flights so often and is super late all the time is because unlike other companies like southwest, the pilots don't get bonuses for arriving or leaving early for their destinations. Instead, they get paid hourly so they're not afraid to take their sweet time getting the plane ready and waiting for other planes to go first, delaying the plane further even with bad weather.

  • Kasey Butcher
    Kasey Butcher 14 hours ago

    People like Harris deserve to rot slowly in a prison. Alone. With no contact with anyone.

  • Kasey Butcher
    Kasey Butcher 14 hours ago

    People like Harris die in prison. And justly so.

  • Melon Slice
    Melon Slice 14 hours ago

    Did I see you in Tunisia at a restaurant?

  • Alina Lytvynchuk
    Alina Lytvynchuk 14 hours ago

    U are my little Cinnamon rollllllllllll be careful holy potato!

  • This Filth
    This Filth 14 hours ago

    Yo, peep my, "For Illymation" video.

  • Alina Lytvynchuk
    Alina Lytvynchuk 15 hours ago

    I don't like that section of the mall me: crap

  • annie x
    annie x 15 hours ago

    "they make a another slightly smaller *idiot* " -the best line ever

  • Aveture
    Aveture 15 hours ago

    In high school, we had the three lunch lines too. The sides were mostly the same, fries and a vegetable, but the main food was cheeseburgers, pizza, and I don't remember the third one much. It was tacos or something for the first three years but they changed it when I was a senior. I used to change it up between them, but I remember junior year was almost all pizza for me, because I found a tooth in one of the cheeseburgers. It was mediocre pizza, non-melty cheese and the pepperoni was like plastic but it was still a better choice than the other two that year.

  • phantommangagirl
    phantommangagirl 15 hours ago

    I just noticed that you used the clipboard to cover Rebecca’s mouth 😂😂😂

  • Wraynn
    Wraynn 16 hours ago

    Her: " Your mother should be ashamed " Me: I'm ashamed that you mother didn't teach you manners OR how to turn a blinker on

  • Jennifer Bennett
    Jennifer Bennett 16 hours ago

    Elementary school was awesome. I remember pizza pockets, chicken sticks, and the best broccoli and cheese on the planet. Highschool was different. I refused to eat at lunch do to crippling social anxiety and also being poor. So I hung out in the library. Then sophomore year I got on medication and food assistance. The thought of the nachos makes my stomach hurt to this day. But spaghetti with cheese sauce was the best.

  • °•Honey•°
    °•Honey•° 17 hours ago

    I got genuinely anxious while watching this because of her getting caught lmao

  • Rick Gutierrez
    Rick Gutierrez 17 hours ago

    In high school, the only thing i enjoyed were potato wedges with ketchup mixed with ranch for dipping.

  • demogorgon queen
    demogorgon queen 17 hours ago

    *_what if we kissed at chuck e cheese 😳_*

  • Connie The Weirdo
    Connie The Weirdo 17 hours ago

    Poor child’s ears-

  • Jennifer Perez
    Jennifer Perez 17 hours ago

    Max sticks are pizza dippers. 😭

  • Crimson Venom
    Crimson Venom 18 hours ago

    Can we delete the no no square meme

  • TheJoker2607
    TheJoker2607 18 hours ago

    1:04 it sounded like two people were doing it if you now what I mean 😏

  • Else EJW
    Else EJW 18 hours ago

    Mine is a cheeseburger

  • Rigo Gamer FX
    Rigo Gamer FX 18 hours ago

    One punch

  • Amy Burton
    Amy Burton 19 hours ago

    Finally someone gives credit to Burger King to being the king of not only burgers (and chicken nuggets) but the amazing playgrounds

  • GalaxyDestroyer321
    GalaxyDestroyer321 19 hours ago

    Really REALLY hate the fact that this guy isn't in jail

  • David Cruz
    David Cruz 19 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • GalaxyDestroyer321
    GalaxyDestroyer321 19 hours ago

    This kind of shit is why i trust no one

  • Jesse McClary
    Jesse McClary 19 hours ago

    Rebecca parram and Cypher den!

  • Adah Christian
    Adah Christian 19 hours ago

    This has happened to my best friend. My best friend met this girl in school and this girl is just like Harris (besides the photo part)!! My best friend doesn’t see it but I see it and other people see it too! He won’t listen to me, his friends, and even his own parents no matter what we do or say. Sadly, I stopped helping him and when the day comes where she does hurt him, I sadly won’t be there for him. He does everything to the girl and not to his two best friends. I’m tired of this topic! It’s disgusting and rude!! People reading this, know the warning signs and don’t end up with the wrong people.

  • Studios Random
    Studios Random 19 hours ago

    illymation: “we’re in a HOLY place!” Me: “..... But I’m lesbian...”

  • Minerva Salazar
    Minerva Salazar 20 hours ago

    JImMy *Don't you fucking dare touch me ever again*

  • Stars
    Stars 20 hours ago

    “Age is just a number” So is 911

  • Redd Vellvet
    Redd Vellvet 20 hours ago

    Everything Wrong: She in AN ALLEY!!! She has a depressing video...😢😢😢

  • Little Bean Animates
    Little Bean Animates 20 hours ago

    Aw Cheeto is so fat I miss her 😭

  • Its Bloom Jessie
    Its Bloom Jessie 20 hours ago

    I kicked a boy in the nuts cause his legs were on my chair

  • Minerva Salazar
    Minerva Salazar 20 hours ago

    I would go to the police. I would be scared out of my mind, but I would do it. He's a terrible kisser. And thats the tea sis! Me: wow so optimistic for something so traumatizing.

  • Ms. Potato
    Ms. Potato 20 hours ago


  • Julian Gaming
    Julian Gaming 20 hours ago

    My cats voice sounds like that too

  • Ivan R_Plays928
    Ivan R_Plays928 20 hours ago

    My uncle did stuff like that, but in person

  • Julian Gaming
    Julian Gaming 20 hours ago

    I prefer both pets

  • Maui May
    Maui May 20 hours ago

    Better than 50 shades of gray.

  • John Parla
    John Parla 20 hours ago

    Spirits of chrimass past present fucher😁

  • Minerva Salazar
    Minerva Salazar 20 hours ago

    Awww I feel so bad for you :c No one should ever do this. This would probably happen to me :/ I'm very vulnerable

  • Micah Harris
    Micah Harris 21 hour ago

    I’m not Harris I’m a girl Harris is my last name!!!

  • Alajah Jones
    Alajah Jones 21 hour ago


  • Minecraft Player
    Minecraft Player 21 hour ago


  • Element Shawn
    Element Shawn 21 hour ago

    May cheeto rest in peace she will be in our hearts

  • Legendarypringle
    Legendarypringle 21 hour ago

    I don't personally like Mac skicks

  • Bag_of_Shit
    Bag_of_Shit 21 hour ago

    Lily : my dad said no Me : HA GET REKT BOI Lily : *insert meme here*

  • Polar Pop
    Polar Pop 21 hour ago

    My cat is an outside cat and I love her. She’s old so she doesn’t do much but she’s calm and I love that she’ll sleep at my FEET

  • natalie sweet
    natalie sweet 22 hours ago

    The phone number at 0:44 is a actual number and has an access code??????????

  • BooGamerr
    BooGamerr 22 hours ago


  • BooGamerr
    BooGamerr 22 hours ago

    dont touch me in my fuck fuck square

  • OwO Chan Art
    OwO Chan Art 22 hours ago

    You put rebecca as the voice of the adoption person. My cat pukes to, but only food, not trash.

  • Camila Leiva
    Camila Leiva 22 hours ago

    My lunch: 1:05-1:35 Kindergarten lunch: 11:00-11:30

  • Sue Animates
    Sue Animates 22 hours ago

    You should get him a piano! *THROWN TO THE FACE THAT IS*

  • Sue Animates
    Sue Animates 22 hours ago

    We have corn dog nuggets At our school but we Call them Corn Puppies ,Get it?

  • Teagan Sewepagaham
    Teagan Sewepagaham 22 hours ago

    never mind now i know

  • Teagan Sewepagaham
    Teagan Sewepagaham 23 hours ago

    Is it the one that you tolled us about and he non stop texing you

  • Itz Tjplays05
    Itz Tjplays05 23 hours ago

    My high school has 2 lunches

  • Cracker Scenes
    Cracker Scenes 23 hours ago


  • Senji Ken Kryomasa
    Senji Ken Kryomasa 23 hours ago

    School lunches gross lol why homies link and did sneaky delivery’s.

  • Xotikflame No
    Xotikflame No 23 hours ago

    I love green beans

  • Sunflower Girl
    Sunflower Girl 23 hours ago

    Girl, I love you I am buying all the merch

  • Shiro Blueberry

    Omg, that was just a lot

  • Samuel Adeleye


  • Alice Sandizell


  • Never Uploads
    Never Uploads Day ago


  • Rachel Reeves
    Rachel Reeves Day ago


  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown Day ago

    Don’t Touch My No No Square

  • Pepsi PandaX
    Pepsi PandaX Day ago

    1:02 Just a replay for THOSE People :)

  • Burnt_t04sty
    Burnt_t04sty Day ago

    2:21 hiding your a furry ILLYMATION IS A FURRY

  • Rachel Reeves
    Rachel Reeves Day ago

    L is for I love your vid it hit me deep

  • Naomi Nieves
    Naomi Nieves Day ago

    It’s no longer no means no it’s yes means yes because if a girl says idk or maybe or NOO then it doesn’t mean yes

  • K Mac
    K Mac Day ago

    where my aquarians at

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White Day ago

    I just burst into tears. I am so sorry this happened to you. From one sexual survivor to another. I cant describe in words how brave you are. Im still learning to survive but your learning to live. I really admire you.

  • Pumpkin Pimp
    Pumpkin Pimp Day ago

    I'm here for the non clickbaity content.