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  • dayday0824
    dayday0824 Hour ago

    Hi Walang baking powder na ilalagay?

  • Edwin Mansalapus
    Edwin Mansalapus 2 hours ago

    How much the cost for this ?

  • jacqueline manzano
    jacqueline manzano 6 hours ago

    This is a beautiful and delicious desert, thank you fro sharing.

  • jacqueline manzano
    jacqueline manzano 6 hours ago

    Looks delicious, thanks for sharing.

  • Winnie Salburo
    Winnie Salburo 7 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing your recipe , supper soft and good. God bless always!

  • Chewwie Bomb
    Chewwie Bomb 11 hours ago

    Hello. Ask ko lang po , what's your secret in baking as the surface of the cake was evenly baked. I mean no dome formation. 😊 thanks.

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions 5 hours ago

      If you have a budget you can buy even bake strip or just cut out old towel then make it wet then wrap it around the cake tin while it is baking this will prdcebt the cake from doming

  • Chewwie Bomb
    Chewwie Bomb 12 hours ago

    Wow! I used to watch your videos sometime 2yrs ago. You sound confident napo ngayon sa voice nyo. Before you sound so shy. Hehe. Good job po at ang dami na din ng subs nyo.πŸ‘

  • Alaina Dimaampao-Patorai

    Hi Mam May i ask pwd bang gawing cakes ang cupcakes??? Wait kopo reply niyo😁

  • jhoanna abella
    jhoanna abella 18 hours ago

    how much chicken did you put?

  • Antillan Living
    Antillan Living 21 hour ago

    The best technique and presentation. thank you for sharing

  • Sherilyn Labios
    Sherilyn Labios 21 hour ago

    can o use other flour or cake flour?

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Day ago

    Hi mam. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made this so many times but I wanted to know if I double or triple the amount of ingredients, it's possible to make a 3 layers or even 4 layers cake? I'm worried if it can hold the weight and won't collapse.

  • Safia
    Safia Day ago


  • Mary Cabral
    Mary Cabral Day ago

    What kind of milk to be use? evaporated milk? Whole milk?

  • Lot ZamRa
    Lot ZamRa Day ago

    Tama po kayo when you said na it should be fun and not stressful. Watching this for my NC2 assessment, salamat po

  • Kris10 Suan
    Kris10 Suan Day ago

    I already tried your recipe and its sooooooo fudgy my family loved it. Thanks for sharing! 😘

  • iamChel FoodHaus

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I'm going to make this at home since my children love cheese a lot! 😘😘😘

  • Mae Fi
    Mae Fi 2 days ago

    Sis try to make video ulit spanish bread disturbing kasi background mas Malakas pa kaysa boses

  • V
    V 2 days ago

    Do u have to refrigerate this instead of under my cake cover on the counter because of the whipped cream or is that a dumb question? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©

  • Rungthiwa Chodchoi
    Rungthiwa Chodchoi 2 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Vina Laviste Condes

    Room temp lang po yung water or warm?

  • LiLi A.
    LiLi A. 2 days ago

    Ok lang po ba sub sa evap fresh milk?

  • Dyan Riparip
    Dyan Riparip 2 days ago

    Anong level po ung mixer pag nagmix ng eggwhite?

  • constanza leiva
    constanza leiva 2 days ago

    Rice flour ? Or normal?

  • Kezia Panesa
    Kezia Panesa 3 days ago

    Hi! Is it really necessary to add cream of tartar? Meron po bang pwede alternative for it?

  • Mary Ann Baylosis
    Mary Ann Baylosis 3 days ago

    Bakit ang sasarap ng mga recipe nyo po ma'am..? Na cha-challenge ako eh..gusto ko na tuloy gawin talaga.

  • Mary Ann Baylosis
    Mary Ann Baylosis 3 days ago


  • Jeandarwin Atupan laurito

    Hi ma’am pwidi Po mahingi fb u po godbless po

  • Jeandarwin Atupan laurito

    Maam bakit Po yung akin chocolate cake pag slice durog tapos yung felling Po niya bakit di Po cya ma style sa gilid kc di Po tumitigas Po..

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions 3 days ago

      Batter that is improperly mixed or undermixed can cause the cake to be crumbly. Careful mixing to evenly distribute the ingredients throughout the cake batter will give it a uniform consistency. ... Too much sugar can cause a cake to crumble when cut, while too little sugar can make a cake tough. For the icing you need to cook it long it enough for it ti thicken

  • CJ
    CJ 3 days ago

    Hindi po ba masyadong matamis, dahil may sugar pa na halo ang leche flan?

  • Itz Camz
    Itz Camz 3 days ago

    Pwede po ba greek yoghurt isub sa sour cream?

  • Karina Galvez
    Karina Galvez 3 days ago

    After you put the cream...can you leave them at room temperature?

  • calvincarl sotelo
    calvincarl sotelo 3 days ago

    Magandang negosyo at magaan sa bulsa Lalo n safe kainin spe. S Kid's tenk u good job

  • April Gaunia
    April Gaunia 3 days ago

    Hi mam pwd ba isubstitute un almond flour for the dough instead of cake flour? Pwd po kaya un mam?

  •  4 days ago

    Can I use this yema filling recipe for a pie? Thanks...πŸ˜„

  • Ishrat Perveen
    Ishrat Perveen 4 days ago

    Super recepie

  • Zaharah Zainuddin
    Zaharah Zainuddin 4 days ago

    It's so pretty..πŸ’–

    GEE MIN 4 days ago

    can i use blender to whip my butter?

  • The Faustino Vlog
    The Faustino Vlog 4 days ago

    Ano pong klaseng powdered milk ang ginamit? ❀

  • Cory Canoy
    Cory Canoy 4 days ago

    So good, thanks

  • Gang Wolf
    Gang Wolf 4 days ago

    why dont you used cup instead of gram the measurement?

  • Jojelyn Castil
    Jojelyn Castil 4 days ago

    Hi can I use APC?

  • geraldine siriett
    geraldine siriett 5 days ago

    Hi! I am so excited to try this recipe too. But I'm just confused you said tsp of yeast. But you wrote it as tbsp if yeast. Which one I will follow 😁thanks

  • Airen Dxb
    Airen Dxb 5 days ago

    Is it possible to fry it with less oil, in a non-stick pan? Perhaps like the normal pan cake?

  • Siardel Vloggs
    Siardel Vloggs 5 days ago

    Pede po ba gumamit ng ibang nuts?

  • Lea M.
    Lea M. 5 days ago

    I made this already and the recipe is from Maangchi

  • AcrΓ¬s A
    AcrΓ¬s A 5 days ago

    What kind of milk is the ( 1/2 cup Milk) ???

  • gracia lagaran Channel

    Itatary kopo yn someday it npinag bake Kona po kau sna ipagluto bake nio Rin po ako

  • Priscilia Ann
    Priscilia Ann 5 days ago

    Thanks for de recipe, de outcome was awesome.. 😍😍

  • Mommy Yong
    Mommy Yong 5 days ago

    Hi po, pwede po bang walnut instead of cashew? Tia

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions 5 days ago

      I only tried this recipe never experimented with other nuts sorry

  • Gracia's Baked Goodies with Love B

    Alternative for sour cream please, thanks

  • LolaA Joyce
    LolaA Joyce 5 days ago

    ang yummy po, so flaky

  • Korrz Zuproc
    Korrz Zuproc 5 days ago

    new subsrciber here.. i love ur videos so much..

  • Marilyn Gunda Corral

    hello po! pwede ba kayo gumawa ng video on how to make brazo de mercedes? salamat po

  • Genevie Moratalla
    Genevie Moratalla 6 days ago

    can I use duche alkalized cocoa powder?

  • CraftyLabTech
    CraftyLabTech 6 days ago

    These cupcakes were delicious! Thank you for the recipe! 😊😊😊

  • Sherina Bernice
    Sherina Bernice 6 days ago

    I am also from Rizal...😊 love cooking too...tnx for the recipes...

  • Wyneth Welsh
    Wyneth Welsh 6 days ago

    I bake this custard cake lots of times. My family and friends love it. Thank you for the recipe. I'm just wondering how long can we keep this cake in the fridge. My friend asked for this cake for her party but I am going away 5 days before the party days before the party. Please let me know.

  • Chef Dolly Tabalbag-Riedel

    Looks beautiful

  • Selina A_ M
    Selina A_ M 6 days ago

    new friend here watching

  • hellomounia
    hellomounia 6 days ago

    I made them and they came out absolutely delicious. Thank you for the recipe!

  • joy oronce
    joy oronce 6 days ago

    Thank you as always madam q

  • kiyoko hernandez
    kiyoko hernandez 6 days ago

    Yumm y from Japan thanks

  • J M
    J M 7 days ago

    Did you beat the sugar mixture and butter on what speed on your hand mixer?

  • Lisa Sten
    Lisa Sten 7 days ago


  • Rose Ann Catbagan
    Rose Ann Catbagan 7 days ago

    Pwede po ba itong gamitin as red velvet chiffon cake?

  • Kieru
    Kieru 7 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this tutorial! Favorite ko po ito. Will try your recipe πŸ₯°

  • April Gaunia
    April Gaunia 7 days ago

    Can i used rice flour for this?πŸ˜‚

  • Sheryl C
    Sheryl C 8 days ago

    Pwed gamitin room temp na butter instead na vegetable shortening?

  • Numa.K
    Numa.K 8 days ago

    This looks so yummy! Def. going to try this. Thank you for sharing!

  • April Gaunia
    April Gaunia 8 days ago

    Can I used honey instead of maple syrup?

  • Kristine Joy Sillorequez

    Hi! I just made this again 😊 yesterday. I don't know what happened. My chiffon cake is a bit dry compared to my previous cakes. Is it because i cooked it longer?

  • asher lazaro
    asher lazaro 9 days ago

    bakit po nag flat ung ginawa ko last time? ano po kaya ang kulang? salamat po

  • Brenda
    Brenda 9 days ago

    WOW ,it looks so good! I know this is probably really good an I gona make this tonite, Thank you for sharing!

  • star_light마쑰리

    Ano pong gamit nyong powdered milk?

  • UK Life of Capanzana Family

    Thanks for sharing your recipes 😊 i also love to bake at minsan nagbebenta if may order ☺️ keep it up πŸ‘ small youtuber here 😊

  • Princess Mae Silva
    Princess Mae Silva 9 days ago

    Ano pong size nung pinaglalagyan nung pie?

  • Noveen Shahzad
    Noveen Shahzad 9 days ago

    Which cream did u use? Should we use dream whip or heavy thick cream??

  • ItsMe Omi
    ItsMe Omi 9 days ago

    Oh my! Ang sarap naman nito.

  • Lyzel Degyan
    Lyzel Degyan 9 days ago

    Nice recipe...

  • Julia Mira
    Julia Mira 10 days ago

    Ilang days po ang shelf life? If room temp or naka fridge sya? Sana po mg reply😊

  • Mrs. JJ Hunt
    Mrs. JJ Hunt 10 days ago

    Can i make this ahead and freeze before the day of the party? Hope you can reply. 😊

    • Mrs. JJ Hunt
      Mrs. JJ Hunt 10 days ago

      @My Sweet Ambitions you are so accomodating. Thank you! God bless you!

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions 10 days ago

      To be honest never tried that before . A day before yes but not more than a day then freeze.

    • Mrs. JJ Hunt
      Mrs. JJ Hunt 10 days ago

      @My Sweet Ambitions thanks for replying! I mean, make the cupcakes ahead and freeze.. Then frost night before the party? Wait for your reply.😘

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions 10 days ago

      You can but don’t freeze them , you can just leave them at room temp, in an air tight container

  • Dalagang Pinay
    Dalagang Pinay 10 days ago

    Wow My fav. Yummy naman Mang iwan ako ng bakas po kaw na bahala

  • Dee4747able
    Dee4747able 11 days ago

    How do I know when to mix the butter

    • My Sweet Ambitions
      My Sweet Ambitions 11 days ago

      its best for you to add the butter when the sugar and egg mixture has cooled down to room temp. make sure to use romm temperature butter aswell

  • Pusang InangGala
    Pusang InangGala 11 days ago

    Itong recipe n lang ang ssundan ko. Mukhang mas mganda kysa s iba

  • Mary Rose Elizabeth Cunan

    For the chocolate pudding, you put 1/2 cup of cream. What type of cream is that? Thank you β™₯️

  • amazing ella
    amazing ella 11 days ago

    I wanna try this

  • Julietarah Bautista
    Julietarah Bautista 11 days ago

    Ano po yung designated coconut

  • Sai & my kids reality vlog

    Wow thank u for these new idea!

  • Andro Maano
    Andro Maano 11 days ago

    What is lemon rim??san makakabili?

  • monaliza casas
    monaliza casas 11 days ago

    hi, can i use thick cream instead of whipping cream/heavy cream? thanks :)

  • beth beth
    beth beth 11 days ago

    hindi na ba papainitin yung tapioca flour sa kawali? yung itotoss lng ng kaunti..kasi sa ibang video parang sinasangag ng konti yung flour na ong coat sa mochi.

  • OvenlyDelights-PH
    OvenlyDelights-PH 12 days ago

    thank you for sharing let's support each other small USclipr here who's into mukbang, cooking and baking let's help each other visit my channel, watch my vid,click the lucky red button and comment down so that I can also do the same

  • Michele Thomas
    Michele Thomas 12 days ago

    Thank you. Very nice. YUM!

  • ellen arquiza
    ellen arquiza 12 days ago

    Yummy! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ and beautiful! 😍😍😍😘☺😘

  • Wap Bartolo
    Wap Bartolo 12 days ago

    Is it okay not to put sour cream?

  • Xaru Aguirre
    Xaru Aguirre 12 days ago

    Can i use strawberry jam instead of puree if ever i cant find strawberry fruit?

    • Kubwa Na Zuri
      Kubwa Na Zuri 11 days ago

      Yes you can use what ever you want you can use raspberry or black berry lemon juice doesnt matter its not a part of the baking ingredients needed just a extra for flavor you could even add mix to replace the liquid the strawberries are adding

  • Sherilyn Labios
    Sherilyn Labios 12 days ago

    anong size ng egg. thank you

  • fim ortega
    fim ortega 12 days ago

    I tried one of your recipe tutorial. Its delicious...

  • moji salahshoor
    moji salahshoor 12 days ago

    Niceeeee and sooooft , thank you for recipe❀ I have a question , How much flour do we need in grams ?