It's Alex Clark
It's Alex Clark
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Summer Fling Screw Up
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The Saddest Boy I Met On Tour
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What To Do With Zero Dollars
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I can't do this anymore
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Dad Fights The Internet
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My Embarrassing Disney Oopsie
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Sneaking Into A Fan's House
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My Babysitter Lie ( Part 10 )
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Five Guys. One Baby.
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Into the Spider Verse Review
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How I Met My Cute Wife
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I need to say sorry
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Special Delivery
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I Coasted Through School
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Are you a LAZY mess? ME TOO
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Logan KSI fight is RIGGED
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The Car "Accident”
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Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy
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My Proudest Moment
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Did College Ruin Me?
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Thanos Making Ramen
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My Dad Hustled Me Hard
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I LOST $10,000 twice
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Crazy Car Lady Bully
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My Worst Birthdays
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My Holiday Gifts
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