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MightyDuck and Channing!!!
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Spider Prank!!!!
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  • Ayyanna Latwan
    Ayyanna Latwan 28 minutes ago

    Lol I haven’t laughed like this in a minute 🤣 btw I’m a USclipr so if u guys could go to my channel and subscribe please thanks 💜

  • Brandy Strickland

    STUPI and he paused to check the spelling ? 😂

  • King Nacho Tv
    King Nacho Tv Hour ago

    Duck yall is SWEATINGGGGG Bruh. lol !! GO checkout my Stranger things 3 VLOG

  • Benjamin Wolf
    Benjamin Wolf Hour ago

    It's to funny 😂😂😂

  • Conceited Ciniya
    Conceited Ciniya 2 hours ago

    Who else eating noodles while watching this

  • Alysse Pena
    Alysse Pena 2 hours ago

    Wait what is skunky to them

  • Delia Fernandez
    Delia Fernandez 3 hours ago

    Your parents are lovely. Your mum is very funny.

  • JJ Kariuki
    JJ Kariuki 3 hours ago

    I am crying

  • Omar Sattaur
    Omar Sattaur 3 hours ago

    I would love to see that woman fake a heart attack on ya'll LOL

  • Its Alaza
    Its Alaza 3 hours ago

    motivate me to workout to thank you Jesus

  • ItsMeCrissy
    ItsMeCrissy 4 hours ago

    Like & Comment if you are watching this video in 2019!!!! I was rolling!!! LOL!!!LOL!!!

  • Adeena Mohammed
    Adeena Mohammed 5 hours ago

    Scooby doo van 😂

  • chaniecekinglife14
    chaniecekinglife14 5 hours ago

    Lol can't believe ya'll kno each other ♡♡♡ Lbar. Best prank everrrrrr,i love her mom.

    NYCVIEWS 8 hours ago

    "Never have I ever dropped one of my kids" off? 😭😭😭😩😩🤦🏽‍♀️

    NYCVIEWS 8 hours ago

    Nah when the door "unlocked" they aint no what to do. 😩 lmaooo

    NYCVIEWS 8 hours ago


  • mj phillip
    mj phillip 9 hours ago

    She got normal forehead....

  • Brittny Howell
    Brittny Howell 9 hours ago

    I’m from Toronto, Canada!

  • Jireh Itunu
    Jireh Itunu 10 hours ago

    Do a gaming video (Fortnite)

  • Jireh Itunu
    Jireh Itunu 10 hours ago

    Who sees this 💯 on mighty ducks right hand comment if u sawm

  • Jireh Itunu
    Jireh Itunu 11 hours ago

    I pick my nose but didn't eat it I licked it

  • Chris Bushman
    Chris Bushman 12 hours ago

    I'll eat that whole box if dem wings...I love chillies

  • Chris Bushman
    Chris Bushman 12 hours ago

    Kool brother..dam

  • Bannasqaudppl
    Bannasqaudppl 13 hours ago

    5:21 He is so slick swapping the drinks 😂😂

  • Romel Andes
    Romel Andes 13 hours ago

    Joshua so cute😊😍

  • Effxrt
    Effxrt 13 hours ago

    I never ate my boogers on god😂🙅🏻‍♂️!

  • Bannasqaudppl
    Bannasqaudppl 13 hours ago

    I took that exact packet of noodles and have three words that describes it PAIN PAIN PAIN

    NIDDY GLOCK 14 hours ago

    Pops do a lil dope huh

  • Candy Hinojosa
    Candy Hinojosa 15 hours ago

    This is the most funniest video ever 👌😂😂😂

  • Bass Boy
    Bass Boy 16 hours ago

    I want to know what mighty dad been smoking on 😂

  • Bass Boy
    Bass Boy 16 hours ago

    “He need some milk”

  • Ty'Eshia Brown
    Ty'Eshia Brown 16 hours ago

    So weird seeing her so much older and grown lol

  • Isaiah Acosta
    Isaiah Acosta 16 hours ago

    Lmao shes to serious

  • Daijiyana
    Daijiyana 17 hours ago

    His father day laughin and meckin me cry😂😂

  • Shawna Breedlove
    Shawna Breedlove 18 hours ago

    Bruh it’s called mom bladder damn rudeee 😂 have ur obgyn refer to uro gyno and get Botox in bladder if that don’t help. I got an interstim put in. It sucked but helped so much. I’ve had 3 kids tho. And I just had it removed 2 weeks ago so I can get a MRI and a new one soon. I miss the interstim it was a godsend. If anyone ever has the #mombladder talk to ur gyno bout ur options for real :)

  • Shawna Breedlove
    Shawna Breedlove 18 hours ago

    My first edible I slept 48 hours and I ate half and I was fukd up. It was made with dove choc it taste so bomb but was soooo bad. 😂😂😂

  • C Charles
    C Charles 18 hours ago

    Your dad gives all lifeeeee!!!

  • Slim/Thick🔥 Apostolic Chic🔥

    Y’all need to play hide and go seek with go pros! That would be fun to watch fareal!👍🏽🤣

  • Chris Bushman
    Chris Bushman 19 hours ago

    Soooo funny...lol😂🤣

  • TRichie21
    TRichie21 19 hours ago

    I was crying

  • Janette Roman
    Janette Roman 20 hours ago

    She thought it was beer 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Basaku The Saiyan Saiyan Warrior

    Ermani Got that Cake Fam Shit Wanna clap 11:02

  • Marcus Jérôme
    Marcus Jérôme 21 hour ago


  • Julianna Pitt-Thomas

    ALL STATE, are you in good hands?

  • Ryan Carpenter
    Ryan Carpenter 22 hours ago

    I was 21 mom caught me trying it for first time she walked in on me she yelled my hole name shut the door and said pass it over she told me mine now 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • va4life
    va4life 22 hours ago

    Mighty mom has the prettiest smile.

  • TheMarcaNator Jones
    TheMarcaNator Jones 22 hours ago

    This nigga got chubby

  • game _ice
    game _ice 22 hours ago

    I feel sorry for him

  • Roberto Frenel
    Roberto Frenel 22 hours ago

    right after never have i ever lied doing

  • mrsmom
    mrsmom 22 hours ago

    Sometimes people can go into anaphylactic shock. You have no clue what people can have a deadly allergic reaction to. It’s actually dangerous to do this.

  • country girl 39
    country girl 39 23 hours ago

    Awe! Ya'll made me cry😭😭 I wish I had a brother that loved me that much💕👊💜💙

  • BrandNewStudios
    BrandNewStudios 23 hours ago

    Are we gonna argue or are we gunna do the challenge 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was smoothe

  • Ryan Gemellaro
    Ryan Gemellaro 23 hours ago

    You Guys Turned Into Little Chipmunks In This F**k*n’ B**ch!!!!!!!!!!🐿🐀😁😄

  • Ryan Gemellaro

    She Said “Say “One” Mean Thing About Josh” Cuz She Can Say A Couple Of Mean Things About Him!!😂🤣😔🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Ryan Gemellaro

    Every Single Body Here?🤔🧐🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • iBoardOverYew On Ps4

    Of course I put food in my pocket. How am I supposed to carry my spaghetti

  • Anna Frajtová

    The dad!!

  • Jennifer Dainty

    Aww emmie is soooooooo precious. Absolutely love her 😎 😍

  • Whitney J
    Whitney J Day ago

    This made me happy to watch. Y’all so funny and loving!

  • osama hussien
    osama hussien Day ago


  • Anothai Thammora

    I will be laughing with his dad all day hahaha

  • Mark Savoy
    Mark Savoy Day ago

    My birthday is in a week

  • Princess& Karate kid


  • Princess& Karate kid


  • Eugene Richardson

    I am suspended right now

  • Keneshia Bigelow

    Bruhhh I love mighty mom she is hilarious 😂 🤣🤣

  • daniel lian
    daniel lian Day ago

    Josh you’re annoying as fk bro fr 😂😭 if this video was done by Mighty alone his face be full of tears 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nikki Boo
    Nikki Boo Day ago

    Your mom is so cute

  • Mary-ann Lammermoor

    That end so funny 😂😂😂🤣

  • sparkel always on your mind

    Damn duck you gotta get him back good on the next one!!!

  • Ethan Sandoval

    Lmao y’all stay capping on niecy

  • Jada Gang
    Jada Gang Day ago

    4:13 did he just say my nose cryin😂😂

  • sparkel always on your mind


  • Vee Vee
    Vee Vee Day ago

    Why I think he said “Same sex is the best sex” hahah I was like wait what !! Haha

  • Chris Bushman
    Chris Bushman Day ago

    Kool family...you guys ROCK

  • Jennifer Dainty

    OMG channing and emmie are soooooooo precious. Huge love 😍 😍

  • Jaya Pinkins
    Jaya Pinkins Day ago


  • Jaiden Dunn
    Jaiden Dunn Day ago

    3:00 that's what she said

  • Andashia Anthony

    I haven't even had this sandwich get

  • Mizz Lady Monique C

    Lol 😂 I thought 💭 they were talking about the fruit 🍎 edibles that they deliver to your house

  • CiciTV
    CiciTV Day ago

    His dad is so chill and happy

  • Lil Brat
    Lil Brat Day ago

    Funny ass video

  • millie powell
    millie powell Day ago

    She really grew up I remember that vine her phone wasn't working but she was "talking to her friends"

  • Reshma Reshma
    Reshma Reshma Day ago

    Mighty duck fuck that it should be MIGHTY FUCK!!😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Mariah Nicole
    Mariah Nicole Day ago

    Mighty duck dad look like tech n9ne

  • Xxmagic manxX 83

    How u going to tell him u like peanut butter. U dont even like peanut butter on your samach 😂💀

  • Xxmagic manxX 83

    Anyone else notice mighty ducks voice crack at 5:08 lmao 😂💀

  • Shaniah Marie
    Shaniah Marie Day ago

    “I don’t want nothing and she funna get the he’ll beat out of her “ she seriously was not fucking playing you could tell she was freaked the fuck out She usually being funny asf but she seemed concerned asf Like her blood pressure was up as fuck. Loved this

  • Shaniah Marie
    Shaniah Marie Day ago

    She said you don’t even like peanut sandwiches 😂😂 she was not playing 😂😂😂 omfg

  • Rxn Dom
    Rxn Dom Day ago

    He smacking with his mouth closed

  • Shasha Vengesayi

    Your Dad looks more like your cousin, good genes

  • Liyakha Mpofu
    Liyakha Mpofu Day ago

    Duck: got ya hahahaha Ernysia: kekekeke Me: 😂😂😂😂

  • Ros E
    Ros E Day ago

    *I laugh so hard because of boy with red t-shirts* 😅

  • Admiral Luffy
    Admiral Luffy Day ago

    She looks like michelle rodriguez

  • Rezpoh
    Rezpoh Day ago

    This man been eating good bc he got some weight on him

  • Season Crawford

    You legit have everybody in your house!!

  • itsmebiancka _

    Gemini baby😍😂

  • Fernando Nava
    Fernando Nava Day ago

    Your hurting worms

  • Yarieliz Casillas-Rodriguez

    DAD-im so high ppl watching-is he high mighty duck-yeah dads high mo-No hes not! click right here

  • Cohen Carpenter

    3:42 I shit ma pants and I JUST scrolling down the comments