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  • Mike Crown
    Mike Crown 9 seconds ago

    Saw this movie when I was 7. Yes, parents weren't bubble wrapping us in 1982. It was great. Anyway, I've loved this flick since then. Still watch it a couple times a year. Absolute classic!!!

    TOXICWOND3R 3 minutes ago

    Um excuse me the lizards name is Boga.

  • nāmorghūlilaros
    nāmorghūlilaros 4 minutes ago

    why didn't they just turn off their computers or whatever

  • Patrick Beswick
    Patrick Beswick 11 minutes ago


  • Trollface
    Trollface 13 minutes ago

    The stand alone Joker movie turned out to be...... Awesome!

  • Notrdy 4thisjelly
    Notrdy 4thisjelly 15 minutes ago

    Holy shit that last second from a Joaquin Phoenix interview. He is way too awesome.

  • MrBrukmann
    MrBrukmann 30 minutes ago

    I also blame movies on the world's problems.

  • S M
    S M 34 minutes ago

    That one moron didn't even watch the movie and you can tell lol. Did it fly that far over your head. The other guy actually paid attention or is just that much more intelligent than his partner.

  • Drummaboy D
    Drummaboy D 34 minutes ago

    E.T.was the first with extreme product placement (1982) that I remember... It's quite disgusting really lol

  • Nick
    Nick 47 minutes ago

    The Last Jedi is somewhere between the 2-4th best Star Wars movie. Fight me.

  • Space Cat!
    Space Cat! 51 minute ago

    More shots this year!

  • Paper
    Paper Hour ago

    Gotham: Become Joker

  • Sean Inglis
    Sean Inglis Hour ago

    I thought it was a masterpiece and I'm still thinking about it. Interesting how you can come to such different conclusions.

  • Rafferty1968
    Rafferty1968 Hour ago

    RIP Rip.

  • Tim Racadio
    Tim Racadio Hour ago

    I usually agree with these guy's opinion on what movies are good and bad, but I strongly disagree with this one. I loved the movie. Jay really undercut a lot of what happens in it.

  • Jan K.
    Jan K. Hour ago

    what a beautiful display of nay-sayery we may see here ;-D

  • HueyLewis
    HueyLewis Hour ago

    I agree with jay on the idea of it being "underwritten" for some stuff, which I hope they can expand in a physical release with a directors cut or something. Also, the last 5 minutes felt kind of unneeded in my opinion. I feel like it would be more impactful with less insight into the aftermath of the climax. Incredible movie, either way.

  • nikolai stavrogin

    Guy in the brown shirt is a moron, and it shows. So much things he didn’t get, but he is convinced he is the shit smh

  • Povilas Sabaliauskas

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who's lukewarm on this movie. Don't understand all that hype.

  • Wiki Stacks
    Wiki Stacks Hour ago

    When Plinkett reviewed all the dog movies at once I was rolling 😆😝

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 2 hours ago

    Laurie Holden and Melissa McBride...where else have you seen them together?

  • Andy Jackson
    Andy Jackson 2 hours ago

    More Len on Guest of the Worst please!

  • Targi Svear
    Targi Svear 2 hours ago

    Did I just watch Rich and Jack make a detailed discussion of how a fictional Franchise Wars would go? I was entertained, but I was not expecting that in this video. And that's why I subscribe this.

  • Lynn simpson
    Lynn simpson 2 hours ago


  • Paul Graham
    Paul Graham 2 hours ago

    My friend worked on the catering crew, Daniel Craig didn't like him because his tea never had enough sugar.

  • Querty Beighteen
    Querty Beighteen 2 hours ago

    Daggerfall skeleton sound @20:07!

  • Juan Ramon Garcia Zamudio

    Oh Jay you snob

  • Chaz Keracher
    Chaz Keracher 2 hours ago

    I recently watched another USclip review of Ryan's Babe and the movie is even more nonsensical than this episode makes it out to be.

  • Gomi Cake
    Gomi Cake 2 hours ago

    why does Paul Feig look like James Quall

  • Lena Aalt
    Lena Aalt 2 hours ago

    Susan really sold me on this movie, gonna check it when I have the time.

  • Shane's Book Corner
    Shane's Book Corner 2 hours ago

    Love you guys and this series but this isn’t really your best review... I definitely don’t see this as a masterpiece, but it’s certainly not bad. That being said I am of the opinion that this film doesn’t really any anything that wasn’t said in greater depth in Taxi Driver...

  • squawkdog
    squawkdog 3 hours ago


  • Alfred Soul
    Alfred Soul 3 hours ago

    Don't worry, Jay and Mike never really were in danger, when Plinkett stormed in, they were unnoticeably replaced with their stunt doubles.

  • Alfred Soul
    Alfred Soul 3 hours ago

    Don't worry, Jay and Mike never really were in danger, when Plinkett stormed in, they were unnoticeably replaced with their stunt doubles.

  • shaddapforever
    shaddapforever 3 hours ago

    I liked the first one. A good popcorn rainy day flick.

  • ptah4000
    ptah4000 3 hours ago

    You left to watch the movie with two full PBRs and came back with them unopened. You watched the movie wrong. I would've had to experiment with half a pharmacy to enjoy this movie

  • Addicted ToVeeSkin
    Addicted ToVeeSkin 3 hours ago

    so this is the famous masterpiece of rlm, the hating bunch that took disney up they ass and loved it.

  • hey
    hey 3 hours ago

    It's interesting how everyone can see the same movie and have different opinions on it, Jay said the character development was weak, but I thought it was great. Mike said it was a bit cliche', but I couldn't disagree more, and the best part about it is that we are all right in our own way, damn I love movies.

  • Colin Ernest
    Colin Ernest 3 hours ago

    I was really bored during this entire movie. I didn't really like any of the world building, the producers were like "everyone in African outfits and music with drums and trap beats."

  • astroluc1
    astroluc1 3 hours ago

    Human blood/DNA in tribbles... RLM called it years before Short Treks

  • rusamene
    rusamene 4 hours ago

    What a story Mike

  • JBHUTT09
    JBHUTT09 4 hours ago

    I saw The Village as a teen with no knowledge of directors or anything and I thought it was fun. But I can see that going into it knowing the director and knowing that there WILL be a twist could really ruin it. I honestly don't know why I went to see it. I really don't.

  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer 4 hours ago

    Somehow this use of the same actor of Rich Evans as Mr Plinkett and Daniel Plinkett was better then Jack and Jill. The entire movie

  • pokeguy742
    pokeguy742 4 hours ago

    So sad to see someone as talented as Rich Evans reduced to hanging out with Patton for an easy check. He doesn't deserve that. He was in Space Cop. He was on Ellen!

  • Mike DePasquale
    Mike DePasquale 4 hours ago

    lol The Inside is a movie from 2012! So funny!

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson 4 hours ago

    Breennnaise! the new sandwich spread from Kraft. It's just crazy how good it is!

  • AJ Bene
    AJ Bene 4 hours ago

    Honestly though is it wrong that I like the movie and disappointed that dark fate isn’t picking this up?

  • Rafferty1968
    Rafferty1968 4 hours ago

    Played at 0.5 speed for that drunken style.

  • Jim Humphries
    Jim Humphries 5 hours ago

    'Fantastic movie, a true classic, one of the few things I wish they had done was give Billy's one on one fight just one more thing, maybe have shown that he actually did slow the Predator down for much longer than the audience would have thought. Maybe even have put a good wound on him, and have Arnold comment on it.

  • Robert Karnick
    Robert Karnick 5 hours ago

    I just realized that we derive joy from Wheel of the Worst by feeding off the misery that the RLM guys feel, kinda like how Eloise Cole feeds on grief

  • Lucius Martius
    Lucius Martius 5 hours ago

    JJ might be an okay-ish director, but not for SciFi (or space in general) movies because he does not understand anything about science fiction and space. Because how it looks is integral to if it's believable. Sure, he made that blunder where you can see Vulcan from this other planet in Star Trek (2009), but then he didn't learn from all the criticism and did the same shit again, where you can see (all!) the republic planets getting destroyed from the rebel-holdout planet. By a shot that is seemingly fired from the death-star planet that is orbiting a different star. I just can't believe that nobody told him "JJ, look, space is huge, why not... you know... at least stay somewhat believable?". They told him and he didn't care, because he wanted it to look that way. JJ abrams may be ok as someone who takes care that actors say their lines properly, but for everything, no anything artistic, he's just utter shit.

  • LaserAirsoftWeapons
    LaserAirsoftWeapons 5 hours ago

    Discovery Season 3 writer watches re:View!

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson 6 hours ago

    One of my favourite horror movies!

  • HeyitsTom
    HeyitsTom 6 hours ago

    Johnny Depp's portrayal of Ed Wood weirdly reminds me of Flik, the lead character from the Pixar film A Bug's Life. The almost endlessly optimistic creator who leads a bunch of misfits into making something weirdly great.

  • British Nerd
    British Nerd 6 hours ago

    Wait, robot lady? I thought Data was the first android in Starfleet? Also I swear they said fighters were basically useless because of the advanced targeting computers, and that Starfleet only used them against the Dominion out of desperation?

  • Harrinsain!!
    Harrinsain!! 6 hours ago

    Episode I was so underwhelming that I was actively rewriting it in my head while I was watching it

  • Jude likett
    Jude likett 6 hours ago

    Yeah mr plinketts shit.

  • michael reis
    michael reis 6 hours ago

    That pratfall still does the trick, even after 15 years or whatever.

  • ToVoodoo
    ToVoodoo 7 hours ago

    well but it makes it look like the number one political interest of all those protesters was just killing rich people and now that joker is there he's somehow their leader because he killed that talkshow host who had nothing to do with their situations. killing thomas wayne would've made more sense in that regard but really, the guy can't 'not be political' and spark political unrest at the same time

  • Castella.of.1hp
    Castella.of.1hp 7 hours ago

    I can see people in like 10 years bitchin about the kidnapping parts forcing this video to be taken down. Better download this *now* for memories. 😔

  • Chris Savage
    Chris Savage 7 hours ago

    And because it's a time travel film, the ending is going to reveal who impregnated Shmi Skywalker. Hence the Rise of Skywalker. And it's going to be Palpatine. Oh my gaaahhhhddddddd.

  • chille 3000
    chille 3000 7 hours ago

    I am with Jay on this one. The movie is an average flick overhyped to the moon. Great acting but the plot is just shallow and predictable

  • Willy Beamish
    Willy Beamish 7 hours ago

    Chopping Mall is better than *both* versions of Dawn of the Dead.

  • hapteron
    hapteron 7 hours ago

    We need an update on this after the new movie

  • uhuhuh1966
    uhuhuh1966 8 hours ago

    Really Jay? You haven’t seen Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List? I know you guys aren’t Harry Potter people, but no Schindler means hang up your reviewing hat!

  • outlines
    outlines 8 hours ago

    Go in peace. May the Schwartz be with you.

  • Demonic Akumi
    Demonic Akumi 8 hours ago

    Could've told me this was an amateur USclip video, and I would've believed you.

  • MrEnergee1987
    MrEnergee1987 8 hours ago

    Good review for this cult classic. Other cult classics like ‘three o’clock high’, ‘sleepaway camp’ should be reviewed

  • JBHUTT09
    JBHUTT09 8 hours ago

    I suppose Stark didn't call another suit because that would confirm to the world that he was still alive. It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I remember the element of surprise being somewhat important. The world thinking he was dead was to his benefit and summoning a suit from the wreckage of his house would have cost him that advantage.

  • Alan Humphrey
    Alan Humphrey 8 hours ago

    These comic book movies suck.

  • Monkey Robots Inc.
    Monkey Robots Inc. 8 hours ago

    What's with all the basement shit and murder talk? God damn you're dumb.

  • NecumNaTo
    NecumNaTo 9 hours ago

    I agree with Jay. I had exactly the same problems with the film before watching this review.

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist 9 hours ago

    7:20 Sex pest.

  • Joe Barr
    Joe Barr 9 hours ago

    I saw this in theaters when it was new. Thats also the last time I saw it. I remember rolling my eyes at the its real thing. Personally when it was over...I was like thats it? However, it did mess with one of my other friends and I pulled the standing in the corner prank to fuck with him. He is gullible tho. I also once put the Ring video on loop while he was sleeping and remember him screaming when he woke up at some point.

  • Jeff Olsen
    Jeff Olsen 10 hours ago

    That cricket works for Collider. But even he left them

  • A. Nixon
    A. Nixon 10 hours ago

    Lol Ironically all the China jokes land so much better in 2019

  • Rashad Almomani
    Rashad Almomani 10 hours ago

    How did Jay go from looking like a greasy bum to having a perfectly quaft head of hair and a clean shaven face all the time.

  • Ian Cowan
    Ian Cowan 10 hours ago

    Disney has ruined Star Wars.

  • Freddy Hidding
    Freddy Hidding 10 hours ago

    Seems like Jay didn't see or understand the cleverness he accuses the movie of not having.

  • Der Fette
    Der Fette 10 hours ago

    To paint you a real picture of my European Kino experience. I, as a German, was watching it on Netflix with my sister drinking a beer in the living room. We really liked it. When it ended, I didn't say "I think it's a reflection on..." drinking Brandy, I was taking a sip of beer and said "okay, that movie was about cancer" and she was like "yeeeaaah it was" and then we discussed all the metaphors we noticed for 20 minutes lmao

  • citizentuck
    citizentuck 10 hours ago

    please do a half in the bag of "blankman"

  • jordov
    jordov 10 hours ago

    never thought I'd catch a Danny Phantom reference on Half in the Bag

  • Naji Simmons
    Naji Simmons 10 hours ago

    That moment when Mike gets choked up over the Kessel Run always makes me laugh. "What has this trailer done to you?"

  • Wilburgur
    Wilburgur 10 hours ago

    I'm 100% positive Dune will be amazing but I'm terrified it's gonna flop. Despite Villeneuve consistently making masterpieces no one seems to care :(

  • Games'n' Guitar
    Games'n' Guitar 11 hours ago

    Been following you guys on Grindr since before you started this channel ❤️

  • Jay Morgan
    Jay Morgan 12 hours ago

    George will never get them all!!!

  • Bachagaloop Jones
    Bachagaloop Jones 12 hours ago

    Excellent movie

  • Skywalker Sounds
    Skywalker Sounds 12 hours ago

    My Borg cube is bigger than your Borg cube...because Alex Kurtzman has a big c**k-Mike hates it My dinosaur is bigger than your dinosaur...because Colin Trevorrow has a big c**k-Mike loves it

  • Adrián Romero
    Adrián Romero 12 hours ago


  • LyaJen
    LyaJen 12 hours ago

    aw shit i didnt know you guys were from milwaukee, sick

  • Adam Sundquist
    Adam Sundquist 12 hours ago

    You guys really need to do "Bumblebee". You've said you hate all the Transformer films so why not give the good one a watch/review?

  • Jerry Campbell
    Jerry Campbell 12 hours ago

    8:57 Colin is completely wrong about the music. John Carpenter did want to do the music himself, but Universal wouldn't allow it (they felt that Carpenter already had enough on his plate as director). Carpenter was a big fan of Ennio Morricone, so Morricone was asked to do the music. Unfortunately, Carpenter and Morricone didn't end up having a great working relationship. There was something of a language barrier between the two, which probably didn't help. But, more importantly, Carpenter wasn't happy when he heard the music that Morricone had been composing. It was an elaborate orchestral score, and Carpenter prefers the music in his films to have a minimalistic style. Carpenter started instructing Morricone to be more minimalistic. "Less notes, less notes," is something that Carpenter would repeat to Morricone. Almost like Carpenter was trying to get Morricone to compose a John Carpenter score. And I don't know if Morricone appreciated it. As a result, a lot of Morricone's music wasn't used in the film; only the bits that Carpenter liked. And, don't quote me on this, but I think that Carpenter ended up recording some of his own music and sneaked it into the film.

  • jimshaly1
    jimshaly1 12 hours ago

    I don't really think either of them really watched everything close enough, especially Jay. So here's my biggest takeaway from seeing it just this morning. SPOILERS!!!! The political revolt in the movie is there not to show that Arthur had political motive, but to show that he doesn't. He tells Murray Franklin that his clown get up is not for the protests and is not political. The protests happening around the rich and powerful happens without his initial knowledge or involvement. No matter what other people think or believe about the initial killings and Thomas Wayne's comments around it, Arthur's motivation doesn't change. It's not political, it's about me. Everyone who has wronged me will "get what they fucking deserve." The young men on the tram. His mother. Murray Franklin. His co-worker/friend. Even the young woman he was simply fantasizing about. They didn't die because of political or classist motivation. They died because they had "wronged" him. And that leads to Joker having the only thing he ever wanted when he finds himself in front of the riot crowd after being freed from the cruiser. Validation and recognition. It wouldn't matter if the protests were about killing the rich or the fact that tomatoes cost too much. He achieved the validation on recognition he craved throughout the entire movie. Even when he attempted to confront Wayne, he didn't want anything other than to be validated and recognized as who he thought he was. And it was when he found out that he isn't anybody it all shattered. He wasn't Thomas Wayne's son. He wasn't even his mother's son. He no longer had a real identity. Not until he decided he was Joker. That's all I've got to say right now. I don't have a big final point about how I viewed the film. But those were my big takeaways, which Mike mostly got. Although, I do disagree about the "obvious things" he didn't like in the beginning half of the film. I think it was important to know that he isn't just starting his descent into madness from when we start watching. He's not all fine (or even mostly fine) at the start of the picture, then he just has a really bad week that wrecks it all. This has been happening his whole life. We just happened to pop in when he finally loses it and accepts chaos. PS - I know I mentioned it above, but I'm not 100% sure he actually killed the young woman (Sophie was her name? I think?) in her apartment. The movie doesn't show, of course. After realizing it was all in his head, he leaves the apartment in a huff and then just has a further mental breakdown in his underwear for a couple days until he's invited to Murray Franklin. I'm just not sure he did.

  • Saloz94
    Saloz94 13 hours ago

    just saw this movie and loved it. Brad dourif steals the movie.

  • eet
    eet 13 hours ago

    Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA): uncontrollable inappropriate laughing or crying, can be caused by severe head trauma.

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 13 hours ago

    I just realized that those aren't actual scenes in this movie and that's a true testament to the quality of this review

  • Apostoles Theodosopoulos

    I cannot understand why I like these guys, but I just do.

  • scrummy bingus
    scrummy bingus 14 hours ago

    Having less detail and structure in undoubtedly more realistic and scary. The real disappearance of the two Dutch girls in the Panamanian jungle is frightening because of the weird, disjointed "clues" left behind (weird recovered phone pictures taken in the dark, items of clothing), which is all we're left to dissect as onlookers/people not involved with the situation. I feel like Blair Witch offers that same feeling, just with the cover of being a movie.

  • Autistic Screeching
    Autistic Screeching 14 hours ago

    Biggest actor come back since Kevin spacy on that boys back

  • Jay Morgan
    Jay Morgan 14 hours ago

    Never seen it, but I feel the iron man movies took inspiration.