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Who Is Jeffrey Epstein?
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  • Dreyness
    Dreyness Hour ago

    This was a ridiculously stupid video. How can you explain something like this adequately in less than 2 minutes, how about actually going in-depth? Nothing less than I would expect from a rag like The New York Times.

  • Marvin Guigar
    Marvin Guigar Hour ago

    Y'all know this is abomination against God

  • Repomeister
    Repomeister Hour ago

    Love how CNN and the socialists/democrats don't want the American Flag showing anywhere near them because they know it triggers the America-hating voters they are so thirsty to milk. The left's entire agenda is to weaken any sense of National pride within Western nations so that global socialism will be acceptable. True Americans need to stop this while we still can. A *lot* of us swore to defend the Constitution (not the government - the CONSTITUTION) from ALL enemies - foreign AND DOMESTIC. Let's not forget that oath while we still have the 2nd Amendment because if we continue allowing these socialists to infiltrate our Republic the day will come when they try to take that away from us too.

  • amanda mintz
    amanda mintz Hour ago

    It was on this day, October 20 2019, that I have decides that I am ashamed to be an American. Those are not presidential rallies. Those are Klan meetings. That is what raw, unfiltered hate looks like. I am more sad than I am angry. Genuinely sad we have gotten to this point. Please. Vote. Even if the candidate isn't who you want... if the DNC back them... vote for them. We cannot afford the same mistake we made in 2016. Please vote. Please.

  • Danny 'Dharma Zen' Tseng

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  • Peace Ajirotutu
    Peace Ajirotutu Hour ago

    Also w/ Gymnastics its a reallll unfair deal cause she doesnt have a major league like she cant just go join the olympic team? She’s basically done for and worked so hard for nothing its sad unlike football or basketball atleast they have a chance

  • Remote Zones
    Remote Zones Hour ago

    Just get away from China, make things big, hurt innocent people (probably older HK citizens) and damage properties, but don’t care who they are. The new generation that has never experienced the control under British government demanding for democracy for the first time. Chinese policemen are so restrained under political pressure, no one can stop us, just do what we want, doesn’t need to be reasonable. Real life GTA is so Exited, isn’t it? Enjoy the mess:)

  • Sandipan Chatterjee

    If i could... i would like to dislike this video for infinite no of times due to this ill mentality people of this family

  • Sandipan Chatterjee

    Are you humans or what????

  • don't care
    don't care Hour ago

    A generation of people? Every generation since then expects music for free. USclip is free music and yoy get anything you want ad free. Streaming sites have free music legitimate and non-legitimate ad free. Artist hardly complain about get fractions of a penny in streaming revenue.

  • jz btf
    jz btf Hour ago

    I am an American and on the side of the police who shot the protester. Between life and death, it were within seconds. so no time for the warning before shooting. Those protesters who used hammers and metal sticks to hurt others were criminals by default.

  • reybert quirolgico


  • reybert quirolgico


  • reybert quirolgico


  • reybert quirolgico


  • William Kimmer
    William Kimmer Hour ago

    Very interesting. 👍👍

  • petergorm
    petergorm Hour ago

    Dennis Sorensen looks like a good catch 😂🤣🇩🇰

  • Taro Samuelson
    Taro Samuelson Hour ago

    Benifits of living in a 3rd World Country: The government doesn’t have the money to install caneras or the resources to have a facial recognition system

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh Hour ago

    Where are you during pulwama attack ??

  • John Barney
    John Barney Hour ago

    As it should be ! Get in line like all other good immigrants ! No open borders !

  • N K
    N K Hour ago

    There is no Andrew Yang, because Yang is not a joke.

  • Azarelius
    Azarelius Hour ago

    Where can I find the full debate? I just seem to stumble upon mainstream media channels clips of the debate.....

  • Walter Costescu
    Walter Costescu 2 hours ago

    To me, putting the handcuffs on him was the most annoying part...

    CITRUS KNIGHT 2 hours ago


    CITRUS KNIGHT 2 hours ago


  • Tushar Roy
    Tushar Roy 2 hours ago

    I saw that every native American name has a connection with Indian meaning....

  • Get Rekt, M8
    Get Rekt, M8 2 hours ago

    Nothing beats facial recognition in China

  • Peterborough Business

    I got beef with my best buddy he owes me money, scarface can you pay up buddy old pal

  • theboss
    theboss 2 hours ago

    I'm confused - why are the media blocking out Yang? I've seen a lot of comments about him.

  • Braz Assa
    Braz Assa 2 hours ago

    Crown prince assassin

  • Andrew Raia
    Andrew Raia 2 hours ago

    Just made this and the dough did not rise at all. How does the yeast activate without sugar?

  • Alexej Reber
    Alexej Reber 2 hours ago

    Rather then going into another country and living off their taxes stand up against your corrupt gov

  • Moto Sin
    Moto Sin 2 hours ago

    el BJ!

  • Cloudy Ashy
    Cloudy Ashy 2 hours ago

    As a hongkonger who has also experienced all the protests for 4 months, please, no one has ever treated the protest as a game. That saying of GTA is apparently dark humour. Living in HK, those youngsters have never been used to facing violence like now in the protest. Every time we can see other protesters being beaten and caught in front of our eyes. It’s how we can only think to keep up our courage and fight for our human rights. Nobody can treat sth so near death as a game.

  • Tsar Nicolas II
    Tsar Nicolas II 2 hours ago

    And the Americans bombed civilians multiple times in Syria, as well as killing tens of thousands in Iraq. What is your point? Are you more innocent than the Russians? Stop playing games and be honest about your own actions not just the enemy.

  • Amanda Glidewell
    Amanda Glidewell 2 hours ago

    I think we should impose sanctions because this issue affects the entire world. We get a huge portion of our oxygen from the Amazon. Those trees sometimes take hundreds of years to grow. What is happening is irreversible. You can’t breath money.

  • N K
    N K 2 hours ago

    Andrew Yang is the one.

  • Stephen Douglas
    Stephen Douglas 2 hours ago

    "Du gotta go." Is that even English?

  • Jason Kuy
    Jason Kuy 2 hours ago

    So my boss President Trump is friends with Kim jong un

  • Anti Kremlin
    Anti Kremlin 2 hours ago

    1k bots didn't like this vid for sure lol

  • Anti Kremlin
    Anti Kremlin 2 hours ago

    Anyone that has been around youtube from the word go has seen the amount of bots actively promoting lies, rt uses them one named LVPN 1 constant anti-west hate while promoting ru military, chines are also doing the same, fake likes fake views and using multiple accounts to make a particular statement look like-mined. .

  • Stephen Douglas
    Stephen Douglas 2 hours ago

    "CNN/New York Times" debate. No conflict of interest here.

  • N K
    N K 2 hours ago

    Warren is a joke

  • N K
    N K 2 hours ago

    Warren as president? Nope

  • N K
    N K 2 hours ago

    Andrew Yang is the answer.

  • N K
    N K 2 hours ago

    It’s “Make Americans Think HARDER” HARDERRRRR

  • Greta Groce
    Greta Groce 2 hours ago

    She said President Trump wasn’t “fit to be President”. That should have been enough for her to win in 2016. But she DIDN’T. It has nothing to do with “Russia”. She wasn’t “fit to be President”. PERIOD. And the voters said so at the 2016 ballot. 🇺🇸☦️

  • humphrey peek
    humphrey peek 3 hours ago

    could be a distance marker

    • James Bliehall
      James Bliehall Hour ago

      Peek the furthest shot was 87 yards. Why would a sniper need a "distance" marker? An certainly before the assassination any sniper worth his weight would have walked the route and gained any distance/obstacle information he might have needed. He was, in his own words, making a political statement. I train LE and military snipers.

  • Whatisreal? Knowtheformula

    This distills the issue in our country: A meaningless, shouted sound-byte trumps (pun intended) discussion of real solutions. Vote for Yang, who has ideas that help real Americans.

  • Edmund Yu
    Edmund Yu 3 hours ago

    So many candidates attacking Elizabeth Warren, I guess they forgot about Biden

  • Hell is other people.

    Umm, one question: *What* privacy?

  • Bashara Hadid
    Bashara Hadid 3 hours ago

    Lads, the attack on Area 51 should be done like this

  • james shead
    james shead 3 hours ago

    And people cry about the us 😂

  • Al Com
    Al Com 3 hours ago

    An opinion piece in the form of a documentary, talk about "DISINFORMATION."

  • Hazzaelmer 008
    Hazzaelmer 008 3 hours ago

    2:20 that’s literally what I sound like when I’m mad

  • Morten christensen
    Morten christensen 3 hours ago

    Trump.. keep your promise on investigating Hillary.

  • Morten christensen
    Morten christensen 3 hours ago

    Lets se them deleted mail's Hillary

  • Shams
    Shams 3 hours ago

    Glorified terrorists.

  • Morten christensen
    Morten christensen 3 hours ago

    Clinton Epstein relationship

  • Morten christensen
    Morten christensen 3 hours ago

    sjw's at work against Trump

  • Renagadde IKR
    Renagadde IKR 3 hours ago

    I bet if any of them were black, Latino , or Muslim , the media would explode and would've never wanted to find out about it.

  • Doggie
    Doggie 3 hours ago

    It was done by Russia, so its okay, if US no.

  • Jeffrey Bulliner
    Jeffrey Bulliner 3 hours ago

    i noticed that while they declared how much of a threat ISIS still is, they dont talk about the fact that it was OUR government who funded them in the first place, as a way to destabilize and bring about regime change.. those groups want to take power, once we make that vacuum, they WILL step in. Gabbard is correct in the fact that a war with Iran, will NOT stay in Iran, and the fact is, Saudi Arabia IS backing the very groups that are the biggest risks to our national security. We went into this 18 years ago to topple Al Quida, we ended up making the entire thing an even more volitile powder keg. The cited "screentime" as a possible reason kids are depressed, we have been in at WAR for nearly 2 decades. We have people that were INFANTS when it started, now dying over there, its been there, on that "screentime" looming like a predator for these kids ENTIRE LIVES. The so called War On Terror, is probably the biggest reason our youths are terrified, and nobody wants to acknowledge that.

  • Avalanche
    Avalanche 3 hours ago

    I cannot describe how much I loved this movie. Thanks to the whole crew; and sad to see the PC police is trying hard to bash this extraordinary movie

  • American exceptionazism 卐

    americunt propaganda at its finest lol

  • Poem Bandit
    Poem Bandit 3 hours ago

    3:09 *_Kowalski, Analysis_*

  • keo keo
    keo keo 4 hours ago

    #YANGGANG Warren is all wrong about what's wrong in this country, and I'm sorry but I cant wait for social security or disability... I work hard, I work 2 jobs, and I still could use a little peace of mind. My data is taken at no cost, and we talk about China? We have let every type of large corporation get away with trillions

  • bourdie1979
    bourdie1979 4 hours ago

    As a Canadian, I can see what a good man Elijah was. Rest well

  • 2Aftw
    2Aftw 4 hours ago

    Nyt wants more war

  • Brian
    Brian 4 hours ago

    It's great how Trump keeps winning these debates. MAGA Trump 2020

  • Kenny Saechao
    Kenny Saechao 4 hours ago

    I literally thought "wow she looks kinda like Adele"

  • S O
    S O 4 hours ago

    They marry and then... They get divorced and get single, again lol

  • Oneself
    Oneself 4 hours ago

    Kamala is just too cringe.

  • BlackTea7
    BlackTea7 4 hours ago

    "In america people who destroy [nature reserves] are celebrated " Sorry honey doing that here will end you up in jail if not ripped apart financial or physically by the citizens and government here.

  • ahsan ali
    ahsan ali 4 hours ago

    Why is he called “Gunman” why not terrorist? Because he is not a Muslim he will not be called terrorist, he is a terrorist

  • swansea007791
    swansea007791 4 hours ago

    How many underground/cave hospitals are in *YOUR* home town ? They were run by jihadists for jihadists.

  • Ajay Rewa
    Ajay Rewa 4 hours ago

    Sab marey jai geey yee zheehadi log 72 hrey k pas janey ka injzam ho gaya hai

  • NickotBG
    NickotBG 4 hours ago

    Thank you NY times. This topic is so important, it is a threat to our democracy. The world needs to wake up to this danger!

  • Iroquois Pliskin
    Iroquois Pliskin 4 hours ago

    The media is clearly scared of Yang

  • swansea007791
    swansea007791 4 hours ago

    Do a similar investigation of what the US did in Raqqa

  • Finlay Anness
    Finlay Anness 4 hours ago

    I love how Ed still plays Lego

  • Morbiddragon29
    Morbiddragon29 4 hours ago

    Are using the words “saving” and “Luxury” really relevant? Virgil Abloh’s Off White is not a challenger in the Luxury industry.

  • Joel Medina
    Joel Medina 5 hours ago

    Oh the Media won’t even recognize the other candidates besides the big 3. Smh

  • Alpha 119
    Alpha 119 5 hours ago

    How will ISIS come to America? By crossing the border...

  • Ge Fernandes
    Ge Fernandes 5 hours ago

    Y'all should get over yang ... He ain't gonna be the prez !

  • ted fischer
    ted fischer 5 hours ago


  • Thepchai Poo
    Thepchai Poo 5 hours ago

    They are using the "Hit and Run" tactics of the guerrilla warfare. 他們正在使用游擊戰的“快打繫快逃亡”戰術。

    RICH SOUL 5 hours ago

    That store owner need to be sued and shut down

  • Max Ciccone
    Max Ciccone 5 hours ago

    Interesting video, interesting diagnosis of a problem in our society and interesting solution being offered up. I agree with the fact that we need to come up with something that dissuades internet content/advertising producers of having a “commercial incentive” that pushes them to churn out addictive material/consiparacy theories/material that plays on our negative and more reactive emotions, etc. My only concern is that you sort of sped over the “paying for services that are currently free” part. You give the example of tv (which used to be free) and which we now pay for in many different ways (streaming services). Granted. However how will this translate to the larger scale, since as you’ve said “data is everywhere”. Will I pay every time I search for something on google? Will websites such as USclip/fb/insta cost me? Will there be an additional tax on everything I buy online? I hope that “data bill” I’ll be getting paid will be as hefty as you promise otherwise I just don’t see how any of this would be plausible (or financially desirable). Good luck getting through the tech lobby too! Let’s hope my skepticism can be proved wrong.

  • Cali fornia
    Cali fornia 5 hours ago

    No one is paying to watch females play sports... sorry

  • lex eley
    lex eley 5 hours ago

    bull .

  • Kennedy Kenny
    Kennedy Kenny 5 hours ago

    Tbh...I just can't see any one of these candidates becoming a great president. I just can't!! They are too busy antagonising former presidents that they forget that the main reason they have the debate is to see how their plans would help better America and it's people. It seems to me now that anybody can become president! This country is falling!!!

  • CMD 2.2.6.
    CMD 2.2.6. 6 hours ago

    I still think my kazoo sounds better

  • Last Name First
    Last Name First 6 hours ago

    Wait were these debates held in Westworld or Westerville?

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 6 hours ago

    two weeks in jail?? good lord

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 6 hours ago

    Russian Roulette is fun, too.

  • Kristina McLaughlin
    Kristina McLaughlin 6 hours ago

    The word is called "It". And Lizzo has "It" in spades.

  • Sara Patel
    Sara Patel 6 hours ago

    I’m crying

  • Jason Raymundo
    Jason Raymundo 6 hours ago

    Her face is so shiny

  • Captain Yoso
    Captain Yoso 6 hours ago

    I hope this kid would be a good dictator