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  • JEN W
    JEN W 8 minutes ago

    Excellent!!! Lovely, this man is talented. Reminded me of Johnny weir. He deserved 1st place

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 11 minutes ago

    How do we know she is not taking drugs like all the cheating Russian...hold on let me ask Trump

  • apotebill
    apotebill 12 minutes ago

    I agree with these reporters!

  • Michael Orlando
    Michael Orlando 16 minutes ago

    Saints baby! Who dat!

  • Lockon Stratos
    Lockon Stratos 26 minutes ago

    Mike Rogers almost messed up by going into the center of the lane before the baton pass when he should have been on the inside the whole time. USA has messed up in the past for the same reason.

  • Ken R Fox
    Ken R Fox 28 minutes ago

    Hey moron. It was outside the game and he wasn't wearing a helmet when assaulted by a deadly weapon you mind numbing idiot

  • Curtis Ray
    Curtis Ray 29 minutes ago


  • Ken R Fox
    Ken R Fox 29 minutes ago

    Big Cat... How are you this stupid

  • Hey It’s Tiff
    Hey It’s Tiff 33 minutes ago

    Love all those Winnie the Pooh’s he now has

  • wandering spirit
    wandering spirit 34 minutes ago

    Wanna buy a new Ferrari? Bet against Simms every week.

  • Johnny Guinto
    Johnny Guinto 35 minutes ago

    trent is a beastttt

  • Turbo Jones
    Turbo Jones 44 minutes ago

    You are a TOTAL IDIOT. what horrible analysis.

  • Rafał Kudera
    Rafał Kudera 46 minutes ago

    Why refree stop the fights if they fall on ice??? Sucks rules

  • Derick Lopez
    Derick Lopez 49 minutes ago


  • KkB
    KkB 50 minutes ago

    I feel for señor Bravo why him?

  • Aragorn Stellar
    Aragorn Stellar 56 minutes ago

    So that’s how superman does it.

  • Ava Drury
    Ava Drury Hour ago


  • Carla W
    Carla W Hour ago

    you can't help but cheer for this guy

  • Josh Benefield
    Josh Benefield Hour ago

    This is actually illegal in the the COP.

  • Mario Ochoa
    Mario Ochoa Hour ago

    Everybody keeps talking about Jimmy G doing it without Sanders and Kittle. I’m sorry but when you get into rhythm with your guys it’s hard to play without them. Imagine Steve Young not having Jerry Rice and Brent Jones? That’s a lot to ask of a quarterback. If week 17s game really means something best believe if Kittle and Sanders are in it will be a different outcome.

  • Antonio Caballero

    Jets have one of the top 5 easiest schedules this year

  • Agustin Munoz
    Agustin Munoz Hour ago


  • Rudy Veloz
    Rudy Veloz Hour ago

    Let’s go Ravens!!!!!

  • Tee Tahleigha
    Tee Tahleigha Hour ago

    wow she’s so gentle i love it lol ❤️

  • Dan Harris
    Dan Harris Hour ago

    The words that come to mind about Lamar is " RAZZLE DAZZLE "

  • Richard Baresi
    Richard Baresi Hour ago

    Hi there just me are you doing crack

  • drksyde72
    drksyde72 Hour ago

    31-28 Texans....

  • K1llez 4 fun
    K1llez 4 fun Hour ago

    “Not in the class of the pats or the 49ers” You’re right, they’ve had a far tougher schedule than both of them combined and have only 1 more loss than both of them. The Pats and the 49ers are below the Packers in terms of how well they’ve played this year

  • Hillbilly Hollar

    Dang that lil girl can skate

  • CP Maverick
    CP Maverick Hour ago

    Someone tell Rudolph to not attack a restrained guy after the skirmish was over.

  • Itsbutter731 Itsbutter731

    Her arms are so skinny

  • Comegetsome Eatingguts

    These ladies are incredible. I want 1

  • John Sheldon
    John Sheldon Hour ago

    Wouldn't it be great to see Rodgers vs Brady in the Bowl?

  • Joseph Swift
    Joseph Swift Hour ago

    Kaepernick needs to sit down with Candace Owens and get schooled on his misguided activism.

    • Jeremy Dunn
      Jeremy Dunn 2 minutes ago

      What's make his activism misguided? He realized that the people who look like me and him were getting slaughtered in the streets by police officers and spoke up. Stop being a Snowflake!

  • Tom Butler
    Tom Butler 2 hours ago

    Rudolf clearly started it! AND THE HELMET CLUBING NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPENED IF RUDOLF HAD NOT CHARGED GARRETT! Clearly the NFL never has cared about who starts a fight only who get caught retaliating. Rudolf clearly bated Garrett into defending himself, probably because he was afraid of having to face him again in a few weeks! We all watched the same event right?It would be better for NFL fans, especially Steelers fans, if Rudolf was suspended until the end of the season as well!

  • XXX Tae tae XXX
    XXX Tae tae XXX 2 hours ago

    Wow so talented congratulations to him👏🌹

  • s m h
    s m h 2 hours ago

    why is he so cute how is this legal

  • ThePopushi
    ThePopushi 2 hours ago

    I swear to god I just got into this rabbit hole of ice skating and next to Yuzuru SHE'S A LITTLE ICE FAIRY~ It's so pretty it legit brings me to tears ;w;

  • Michael Turtle
    Michael Turtle 2 hours ago

    I see no one in the comment section knows who Big Cat is

  • Mike P
    Mike P 2 hours ago

    Pouncy should not have been punished at all. He watched his QB receive a life threatening blow. In real life you would be considered a good samaritan for doing what he did

    SHERRI HUGHES 2 hours ago

    Lamar is the quarterback to watch.

  • MrKillian1983
    MrKillian1983 2 hours ago

    It does not matter the scenario, when you use a weapon in a deadly matter like Myles Garrett did then you should pay the severe consequences.

  • Teresa Reeves
    Teresa Reeves 2 hours ago

    Okay, so it's alright for him to try to rip Myles's head off? He also kicked Myles twice in his groin area.

    • S C
      S C 50 minutes ago

      Teresa Reeves Exactly! If this were Lamar Jackson, there would be no outrage 🙄

  • A Griffith
    A Griffith 3 hours ago

    Dude, you OWNED that ice! You are amazing!

  • Shane Christopherson

    brissett starting this week so colts gnna win

  • Fatbet89
    Fatbet89 3 hours ago

    4:25 did anyone notice Salwa Ed Nasar get dropped by the Canadian

  • Jaleel Mabin
    Jaleel Mabin 3 hours ago

    what in the heck Simms you predict this one too

  • TheFrankyFigs
    TheFrankyFigs 3 hours ago

    Working at a law firm is stressful and I wanted to punch someone in the face......what a reach!😂😂😂😂

  • oj matthews
    oj matthews 3 hours ago

    The real Jacques lives in Virginia/ Get this clown off here/

  • jorge martinez
    jorge martinez 3 hours ago

    I almost didn’t click on video. But I really wanted to hear what kind of BS he would be saying about the packers.. Go pack go!!

  • Shivam Bhalla
    Shivam Bhalla 3 hours ago

    It feels great to have this man represent the club

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore 3 hours ago

    Why must people bring up Yuri on Ice on every one of Yuzuru Hanyu's programs? Yuri’s short program Eros matches Yuzuru Hanyu's 2014 Sochi Olympic Short Program making it obvious that Yuri on Ice is inspired by Yuzuru Hanyu. So yes, Yuri resembles Yuzuru Hanyu because it's a character created with Hanyu in mind. But for legal reasons the creator of the anime may deny it but the evidence is rather apparent.

    • Nevermore
      Nevermore 3 hours ago

      Not to imply it's a bad thing. It's not. Just explaining to everyone why they're similar.

  • Thomas Lucas
    Thomas Lucas 3 hours ago

    If you can't skate you wouldn't need to pull a costume gimmick.

  • Frosti Chops
    Frosti Chops 3 hours ago

    It wasn't bone head. It was clear they were learning the checks.

  • Dennis Petri
    Dennis Petri 3 hours ago

    Colin Kaepernick ,,,, does not deserve to play in the NFL , nothing more than a spoiled prima donna anti American

  • Jose Carranza
    Jose Carranza 3 hours ago

    What a season that was!

  • sujan karki
    sujan karki 3 hours ago

    What a great analysis. We need more episodes likes this 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Yui Tachibana
    Yui Tachibana 3 hours ago

    Absolutely spectacular. DANG!!

  • Rene Zuniga
    Rene Zuniga 3 hours ago

    Love Chris Simms ..one of the few analysts that don't hate on the 9ers ...did Fiore just guarantee a packers win vs 9ers ?

  • Thomas White
    Thomas White 3 hours ago

    Only Mason Rudolph is NOT an argument. Any person playing the QB position should receive the exact consideration of an "elite" player at QB. Mason is a rookie and will potentially develop into an elite player, also.

  • Teta Kelia
    Teta Kelia 3 hours ago

    he reminds me of yuri in yuri on ice

  • Body By PT
    Body By PT 3 hours ago

    This is due to injuries. There are a number of teams with sad QB situations and need Kap as a potential starter or as a back up and they obviously applied enough issue on the league.

  • Jack Blade
    Jack Blade 3 hours ago

    Watch the football regardless of the calls, it will guide you true...

  • Ed McGuigan
    Ed McGuigan 3 hours ago

    I wasn't watching football back then but Drogba was bloody deadly. You could do everything right as a defender and he would still score on you. He was a Mourinho signing. Makelele and Lampard were Ranieri signings.

  • Jack Blade
    Jack Blade 3 hours ago

    The Patriots and Belicheck are experts at doing this, even without people with two way radios in the stands...😂

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 4 hours ago

    Hello, Humans.

  • Victor Braz
    Victor Braz 4 hours ago

    Reading calls or not he was lucky he didn’t get picked off 2/3 times that game wouldn’t of gone to overtime

  • ashley
    ashley 4 hours ago

    Gut instinct says she is going to burn out before 2022.

  • Chidozie Osuji
    Chidozie Osuji 4 hours ago

    Trubisky V Goff part 2

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 4 hours ago


  • Steven T. Rhinehart
    Steven T. Rhinehart 4 hours ago

    When he hits that Zone... It's Extremely difficult to Beat the Ravens🔥🔥🔥

  • Brian Ford
    Brian Ford 4 hours ago

    I have lost all respect for Mike Florio.

  • Brian Harper
    Brian Harper 4 hours ago

    This is a tougher game than y'all are giving credit and we're missing some major pieces. Let's just get the run established and hold down the fort, Niners 27-20 and it will be close the whole game.

  • James Simon
    James Simon 4 hours ago

    'Making the game as safe as can be'...down 14 pts with less 30 seconds to go and the Steelers are still throwing the ball...the Steelers leave MG unblocked....if one side is playing to 00:00 on the clock expect the other side to play just as hard... Even the last play that the Steelers ran was an incomplete pass forcing the Browns to take a snap and start the clock... And since MR was able to take the Steelers last snap even after this scum he should have stepped back let the clock run out and then take a knee...then the game would be on course to becoming as safe as can be...

  • Jorge Pambo
    Jorge Pambo 4 hours ago

    Chelsea Fc 💙

  • azrael94
    azrael94 4 hours ago

    “Well Frank, thank you for your frankness”. I C U ALRO, YOU CRAFTY BUGGER, YOU.

  • Kaleo Delatori
    Kaleo Delatori 4 hours ago

    The defense adjusts, and we drop a bomb on the cardinals

  • puzer1
    puzer1 4 hours ago

    ...it's not the leagues responsibility to get Kaepernick a job...these 2 morons are acting like it's not the players job to win a roster spot...

  • ben ban
    ben ban 4 hours ago

    Can't get tired of saying it: Real Madrid will crush Liverpool if they cross paths in UCL.

  • ryan bartlette
    ryan bartlette 4 hours ago

    Russle Wilson is a savage.. Seahawks.

  • Google User
    Google User 4 hours ago

    boycott the nfl

  • Teddygalbis
    Teddygalbis 4 hours ago

    Kap is an un-American narcissistic idiot. Also not talented enough. Too toxic. Pass. Pass. Pass.

  • Mr WalletFat
    Mr WalletFat 4 hours ago

    Why was a number 9 playing defense

  • Dino Dino
    Dino Dino 4 hours ago

    Mo Salah wants to play HIGH so Henderson covers for him so Klopp isnt appalled by his lack of workrate 😂

  • Mark Olander
    Mark Olander 4 hours ago

    I have never been in awe of any NFL player until I saw Lamar Jackson play against the whoevers last Sunday. Oh it was the Bengals. It doesn't matter who. No QB has ever done those things. I guess I'm a Ravens fan now by virtue of Lamar Jackson who I will watch whenever possible.

  • Green And Orange
    Green And Orange 4 hours ago

    Who else is watching this while gritting their teeth? 😂😂😂😂

  • Vishnu Mahesh
    Vishnu Mahesh 4 hours ago

    Lampard 💙💙

  • makingadifference
    makingadifference 4 hours ago

    Why? Their names are RGIII, and Tim Tebow. They were his closest and recent comparables and they didn't sell anyone on drafting running QBs. Cam Newton didn't do him any favors either with all his recent issues. And even Mike Vick with all of his success never won a SB so the older models in his style of play haven't "opened many doors" as the talking heads like to say.

  • Robert Marcotte
    Robert Marcotte 4 hours ago

    There are more Jr. College Coaches at this workout than NFL Coaches...

  • Robert Marcotte
    Robert Marcotte 4 hours ago

    CK's Mama named her boy after the part of the body where you know what is stored.

    PIVNS 4 hours ago

    Thumbnail looks like Tom Holland

  • inky 205
    inky 205 4 hours ago

    Yuri on ice? - anyone

  • Despiser Despised
    Despiser Despised 5 hours ago

    Had the niners caught ONE of the nine dropped passes they would have won. These guys sound like MORONS.

  • John O'Hara
    John O'Hara 5 hours ago

    Mason kicked Miles in his balls.But let's not talk about that or the fact that once Miles had his helmet and there were two offensive lineman in front of Garrett.Mason went after him.

  • yourboi44
    yourboi44 5 hours ago

    The goat everyone do a bong rip

  • Scott Hall
    Scott Hall 5 hours ago

    Rudolph needs to be suspended also he's the one that initially started it when they were on the ground that's why they took the video off of the very end

    • Vampirerockstar
      Vampirerockstar Hour ago

      @Scott Hall How dare rudolph defend himself. How would you react if a guy slammed you that hard at bar?

    • Scott Hall
      Scott Hall Hour ago

      Everybody's focused on what myles get to Rudolph but nobody is looking at what Rudolph did to myles

    • Scott Hall
      Scott Hall Hour ago

      But again Nobody seeing what Rudolph did to Myles everybody's focused on Miyles

    • Vampirerockstar
      Vampirerockstar 2 hours ago

      Are we forgetting that garrett slammed rudolph to the ground with 8 seconds left?

  • John Deegan
    John Deegan 5 hours ago

    We came so close to seeing Garret kill Rudolph on national tv. That’s a five pound weapon. He hits him right his lights go out for good. Keep it real. NFL HAS TO MAKE THE MESSAGE CLEAR!

  • Kayla Nattiel
    Kayla Nattiel 5 hours ago

    If you blink you’ll miss it