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  • Daniel
    Daniel Minute ago

    This team really only lost 9 games out of 82... dam

  • 808AllDay
    808AllDay 3 minutes ago

    1:39 JERK! Nowitzki!

  • dh3758
    dh3758 3 minutes ago

    There will never be another Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

  • Subscribe To Me If You Think Fortnite Sucks

    Almost forgot he was a beast in Minnesota..

  • Player One
    Player One 6 minutes ago

    I encourage everybody to go out and give back to someone in need stop stroking your ego trying to buy all this material stuff for yourself just to impress stranger go out and add value to the earth get off social media dont post your good deeds just do it out of love spread love my peoples

  • Vladimir Barriere
    Vladimir Barriere 7 minutes ago

    Smooth finisher

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero 10 minutes ago

    They gonna have a special year this time

  • Kelly Tan
    Kelly Tan 11 minutes ago

    KAWHI dunk on J.Allen 2 times. He was a great fun guy

  • asdf
    asdf 12 minutes ago

    I think he'll do well this time around. People don't realize just how badly his back injury hampered his game during his first stint in LA.

  • Nancy davenport and Regis duckworth

    That was so crazey

  • MrHill 1981
    MrHill 1981 26 minutes ago

    The NBA didn't want those And1/Street ball moves in their game. Look what they did to Rafer "Skip to my Lou"

  • T Will
    T Will 28 minutes ago

    I can dig it! 👌🏾 But I can’t dig why dudes wear a belt and still sag their pants 😂 lol

  • E. Renard Jackson
    E. Renard Jackson 29 minutes ago

    If you can make it in Harlem you can make it anywhere.

  • TylerShoots
    TylerShoots 33 minutes ago

    That nigga kills his gals poom poom for a living I know dat

  • Untucked Fingers
    Untucked Fingers 33 minutes ago

    First off, this is amazing, J Will is one of the GOATS but LOL @ the 50 beats!

  • John Gaming
    John Gaming 35 minutes ago

    Next in pistons is sekou doumbouya

  • Kevin Kozak
    Kevin Kozak 38 minutes ago

    Is this the Congo ?

  • SB808
    SB808 41 minute ago

    Hey Nets! Be careful. KD left OKC, ran his mouth. Left Warriors ran his mouth. 2for2. If things don’t go his way! He’ll down play you. Hands down, he’s a great player. In the end, he’s about self.

  • Nick
    Nick 42 minutes ago

    1 like will save desmonds hairline

  • MsDee J
    MsDee J 42 minutes ago


    NOLAY AUSTIN 49 minutes ago

    33-49 😂

  • Firefighterleee Leee
    Firefighterleee Leee 55 minutes ago

    the black man in the background thinks hes shit

  • Boimah Sambola
    Boimah Sambola 57 minutes ago

    I remember watching this live.. Me: "alright Dame, time is runnin out you gotta get a little bit clos-" **Dame shoots** Me: "WHOOA!! WHATCHU DOIN!? 😧" **SWISH** Me: 😲😯😮

  • Azem Bejta
    Azem Bejta Hour ago

    J.Williamson played with one of my favorite players cwebb ..but Jay was no punk ...he is so humble and smart .. he should be coaching or training ..esp since he still has health for demonstration on techniques.. he can explain and show his drills and encourage imagination from there ...I enjoyed listening to Jay real good dude .. smart NBA brain very smart

  • noHomos
    noHomos Hour ago

    I just feel bad for lavar..

  • Dope Landing
    Dope Landing Hour ago

    This man not a GOAT??

  • #1LakersFanLBJ23

    Where’s AD at pelicans fans?????? Oh that’s right he’s on my team now Aka the lakers. U guys better not boo him when he makes his return he did everything he could for u guys.

  • Brandon Weaver
    Brandon Weaver Hour ago

    I don’t usually watch basketball anymore but since I found this guy he’s something special. Genuine dude, he’s a real one. I’ll support him any day of the week

  • Phil Sinex
    Phil Sinex Hour ago

    And this is what Nick Young does in his spare time now

  • papadadio
    papadadio Hour ago

    It’s a shame, that was nice Nike sweater,

  • lock n load
    lock n load Hour ago

    And fucking Kevin Durant joined this team a year after...

  • DaProfessor
    DaProfessor Hour ago

    I’m a warriors fan...but I’m happy for Raptors...they deserved it and kawhi works so hard leading this team...again congratz toronto

  • John Havock
    John Havock Hour ago

    Jokic over Embiid is still a joke 😂 Like as a teammate and passing I get, but Embiid still is a better scorer, way better defender, and more dominant. Embiid would kill Jokic any game. I hate how any of them had Jokic in top 10

  • Micheal Lagu
    Micheal Lagu Hour ago

    I love how they did this 💯‼️


    Sucks that i will be rooting against him this year

  • Itz Dalton
    Itz Dalton Hour ago

    Crazy man. Klay tough I tore my acl and it hurts man

  • ganninia
    ganninia Hour ago

    i remember at times there were people into jenning and jonny flynn more than curry. 😂😂😂

  • frankie23x
    frankie23x Hour ago

    Schooled where smh

  • Hey Mikey
    Hey Mikey Hour ago

    I read somewhere whites weren't accepted in predominantly black schools!!! Tell that to them!!! This is what's up!!! This is black excellence and love at its finest!!! I grew up with a few white kids in my neighborhood and schools and they were always accepted and Kool!!! Some even more popular than Black's!!! #Respect/Love/Unity!!!

  • JustMatty80
    JustMatty80 Hour ago

    Despite the accolades and on the court flash, Jason is such a humble down to earth dude. Gotta respect that.

  • Jon Armour
    Jon Armour Hour ago

    I'm sure he is a good player, but I'm not sure these goals really represent anything other than the ability to finish when fairly wide open. His partner up top appeared to do the lion's share of work and he tidily cleaned up thereafter. I'm excited to see if he is as good as his scoring numbers seem to suggest.

  • Michael Hicks
    Michael Hicks Hour ago


  • Sedat Ciftci
    Sedat Ciftci Hour ago

    💪💪💪💪Cedi osman 💪💪💪💪💪

  • Saiamit Chaddha
    Saiamit Chaddha Hour ago

    May God Bless them all and their families and anybody that gets bullied and their families🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  • SaMko’z PaZar
    SaMko’z PaZar Hour ago

    These freaking onions!!!

  • J Stiles
    J Stiles Hour ago

    It's kinda sad that AD only had one hardware in Nola

  • Orobic o
    Orobic o Hour ago

    Magic No. 1

  • Crazy Canadian
    Crazy Canadian Hour ago

    God bless those young men this is what we need to see in the news.

    AVNGR2SUAD 2 Hour ago

    Ok mark talk shit because he can back that shit lmfao

  • Vincent Allison
    Vincent Allison Hour ago

    TTW was missing there big man D mills something fierce! getting out rebounded left and right. Mike got his game up, Kenny was clampin em up, and P was on his pg13 shit lol. But Man!!! Homie with the thick 2K goat tee was killin!!! Dude can ball.

  • Thanos Becomes Darkseid

    Now, raptors won against GSW

  • Sunny Darko'
    Sunny Darko' 2 hours ago

    Love all that

  • Neil Macaspac
    Neil Macaspac 2 hours ago

    6:08 The future Golden State connection... & the foul on Klay

  • Dee Don
    Dee Don 2 hours ago

    The second person on the thumbnail looking like lil tjay

    • adarsh
      adarsh 53 minutes ago

      SomeIslandKid Gaming Just because he doesn't know basketball that well doesn't mean he's a bandwagon... he never expressed his opinion h eprobably just likes sports and doesn't pay too much attention to every player...

    • SomeIslandKid Gaming
      SomeIslandKid Gaming Hour ago

      @Big Easy watch out we got a bandwagon over here. He's probably a warriors fan too

    • Big Easy
      Big Easy Hour ago

      You don't watch much basketball do you?

  • Aubree Moore
    Aubree Moore 2 hours ago


  • Bishop Boyd
    Bishop Boyd 2 hours ago

    RAY MATTHEWS last run of the FLASH!!! type players. now its shoot the 3. driibble in kick it out!!!!

  • Tavernum
    Tavernum 2 hours ago

    Raptors! Please, sign Melo, I'll watch even more of your game.

  • Jacob Walker
    Jacob Walker 2 hours ago

    One of the most talented, yet humble humans on Earth.

  • Real Sam
    Real Sam 2 hours ago

    Kenny how could you forget Derrick roses signature up and under. Smh still luv u tho💯

  • FoRiN ToPiXz
    FoRiN ToPiXz 2 hours ago

    That nigga ankles DECEASED 💀

  • JohnJacob JingleHeimer-Schmidt

    “It takes to much energy to be bitter.” - Jason Williams Favorite thing he said during the interview. He is absolutely right too. He dropped several pearls of wisdom in this video.

  • Tarantula Guy
    Tarantula Guy 2 hours ago

    Last time AD will be this good again, LeHelp bout to ruin his career like K Love who was putting up 20 & 20 a night in Minny

      NOLAY AUSTIN 49 minutes ago

      6 FINALS LOSSES 🖐😂☝

    • Sal M
      Sal M Hour ago

      Blank love in Minnesota made 3 ASG no playoff appearances. With LeBron 5 finals appearances a chip two ASG and he sacrificed 3 points and 3 rebounds. Absolutely ruined

    • LDG
      LDG Hour ago

      @Peter Smith It's not a matter of how AD is way better than love ever was. It's a matter of fact that the way LeBron plays stifles other players espeacially the Point Guard and the Power Forward, the only reason Kyrie was succesful is because he's more of a undersized shooting guard than a point guard same with Wade

    • Blank
      Blank Hour ago

      LDG 😂😂😂 you sound mad

    • LDG
      LDG Hour ago

      Lol facts, all this talk about AD will be the focal point of the Lakers offense is just LeBron setting up AD to take the blame in the upcoming failure this season. Also if AD leaves because he can't handle the pressure of LA, the Lakers gave away their future and draft picks for a talented loser, it's all good stuffing the stat sheet when it don't lead to wins.

  • Bishop Boyd
    Bishop Boyd 2 hours ago

    adam furman jerry west, HOT RUNDLY,JOHN KUNDLA,RANDY MOSS,J WILL and quite a few others that i ommited ALL!!!! came from around the APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS region pretty much have the same voice tone. so does BRIAN PITTSNOGGLE!!!!!

  • Hassan Haulcy
    Hassan Haulcy 2 hours ago

    Zo, Ingram, and Zion gon be 🔥

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Hour ago

      Trent Hammer Only way is other teams injuries.

    • Trent Hammer
      Trent Hammer Hour ago

      Peter Smith if you think they “definitely” won’t go to the playoffs you’re 100 percent underrating them. But that’s okay we’ll just have to see.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Hour ago

      Trent Hammer Some are saying that they will get the 8th seed which will definitely not happen which makes them overrated

    • Trent Hammer
      Trent Hammer Hour ago

      Peter Smith okay but nobody is expecting much from them so how are they overrated? I think they can potentially be a pretty tough team next season. They’re gonna be a serious problem for teams in 2-3 yrs with all the picks.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith Hour ago

      Trent Hammer It’s proven if your team can’t shoot then you have a pretty low ceiling

  • Blake James
    Blake James 2 hours ago

    Anybody would slip on that court

  • Eddy Delgado
    Eddy Delgado 2 hours ago


  • Tyler Basketball
    Tyler Basketball 2 hours ago


  • P O
    P O 2 hours ago

    he just broke the game of basketball for me.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 hours ago

    Didn't the bigger kid say he was one of the kids laughing? Lmao wtf

  • Adidas YT
    Adidas YT 2 hours ago

    The kid does'nt have a shoes and he break the guys ankle ROFL

  • Nalu Master
    Nalu Master 2 hours ago


  • Fred Harris
    Fred Harris 2 hours ago

    Imma kms

  • najirban
    najirban 2 hours ago

    I don't much care about Melo. All he had to do is be average on defense and pass up a few shots. He can't be a bit more team ball, he can't be on the ball team

  • DeuceTx
    DeuceTx 2 hours ago

    Water on a b-ball court is never good

  • Andrew Sarkissian
    Andrew Sarkissian 2 hours ago

    And he did it with no shoes

  • GabS
    GabS 2 hours ago


  • Frances Gerard Genil

    If the kid didn’t make the shot, it doesn’t matter

  • Hilario Galan
    Hilario Galan 3 hours ago

    Sent him to the shadow realm real quick.

  • LoMasUrbano809
    LoMasUrbano809 3 hours ago

    Thats in 🇩🇴

  • francis king
    francis king 3 hours ago

    Its always fun when u see a kid beat an old guy how about upload when u see a big guy beat a kid for a change

  • Uzoma Nwogu
    Uzoma Nwogu 3 hours ago


  • JayCi
    JayCi 3 hours ago


  • newfry
    newfry 3 hours ago

    Dominicans ahahah

  • fornite sux
    fornite sux 3 hours ago

    Maaaan he ain't break his ankles the court is wet. Dislike

  • Genghiz Khan
    Genghiz Khan 3 hours ago

    Simply Amazing !

  • Mr Splashman
    Mr Splashman 3 hours ago

    Steph Curry is afraid of Kevin Durant confirmed

  • Shady Boy
    Shady Boy 3 hours ago

    MJ at 40 is still a high level player its crazy

  • Jesus Saves
    Jesus Saves 3 hours ago

    And that's how you win 73 games!

  • Junjun Tac, an
    Junjun Tac, an 3 hours ago

    Kd is king 👑 Durant

  • Gary Quintanilla
    Gary Quintanilla 3 hours ago

    Cool dudes

  • GritGunner
    GritGunner 3 hours ago

    this is so heart warming and wonderful!!!!!

  • Rng Game
    Rng Game 3 hours ago

    Seth: We all know warrior’s going down Steph: Makes literally almost all his threes Also Seth: Oh Sh*t

  • K Kent
    K Kent 3 hours ago

    Wet azz court looolz

  • Roland Duson
    Roland Duson 3 hours ago

    I watch this video every 2 weeks.

  • Michael Smiley
    Michael Smiley 3 hours ago

    " LIke I Said"

  • Edison
    Edison 3 hours ago

    They got what they deserved. These guys were on the Ellen Show. That’s a big achievement.

  • Jason Carson
    Jason Carson 3 hours ago

    Not all heros wear capes, sometimes they sag their pants

  • Terrance Trahan
    Terrance Trahan 3 hours ago

    What part of Texas y’all from

  • Disguy99 Z
    Disguy99 Z 3 hours ago


  • Gazzali Dimaporo
    Gazzali Dimaporo 3 hours ago

    I like to see luka improve and have a fair match with zion😍😍