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Court Show - SNL
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Dad - SNL
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  • Renaud Villacis
    Renaud Villacis Hour ago

    Who's that black chic?

  • xl
    xl Hour ago

    Actually there is a 5 second delay during the conversations....

  • googelybear
    googelybear Hour ago

    "Knowing" she got a dick actually made that kiss a lot hotter for me.

  • King Eris
    King Eris Hour ago

    F minus for looks and A+++++ for voice. I mean she does not look like Jennifer at all. But she has the voice perfectly

  • cell pat
    cell pat Hour ago

    0:56 "welcome to my halloWEEEN! special. 😆

  • Carter Morris
    Carter Morris Hour ago

    I wanted it before the gaucomole

  • Enough with the PC

    That was actually funny.

  • Terrence Harris-Hughes

    What he has a middle initial now

  • Cthulhu Christ
    Cthulhu Christ Hour ago

    Every time I see Cory Booker I look at my skin and think to myself "am I black too?"

    SPICY SHRIMP Hour ago

    "And i am a dirt man who knows only sex!" See, that's what i like. Yum! Yay! 🤤 Beautiful! 👏

  • Casey Lyons
    Casey Lyons Hour ago

    Dammit I love when SNL goes this weird with a sketch. Also I love when they rip on theatre folk.

  • Michiel Boone
    Michiel Boone Hour ago

    THAT SASHA VELOUR REFERENCE💀 everythingggggg👏🏾😂

    SPICY SHRIMP Hour ago

    Thick steak hands?! That fisting must hurt like hell then. Very kinky... 💦👊👄😏😏😏🍆🍩🍑 🎶 wattpad story 🎶

  • cell pat
    cell pat Hour ago

    Jon Hamm looks like James Mason and Barnabas Collins in one.

  • Kavisha Chandraratne

    Omg him and Stephen Colbert sound so similar and now look similar as well

  • The Indian Shopper

    I also thought her name is Sara

  • Johnny Khomlately

    How the hell did Pete Davdison get on this show? He's terrible.

  • Stephanie Pike
    Stephanie Pike Hour ago


  • foxylee
    foxylee Hour ago

    I wanna give cred to all the extras in the ilses.... I mean, who are these people, but they are doing good.

  • Josie Shearer
    Josie Shearer Hour ago

    I’d low key watch this if it were a reality show

  • Robert Krieberg-Wolin

    The background music being an edgy version of the Sesame Street theme and slowly crescendoing was pitch perfect.

  • Alexis Aguilera
    Alexis Aguilera Hour ago

    Pete Davidson is comedy gold



  • SSJP1996
    SSJP1996 Hour ago

    I love this so much.

  • Lordberbeross
    Lordberbeross Hour ago

    I want to see the screen they are looking at :D

  • Ron Koestlinger
    Ron Koestlinger Hour ago

    Daniel Craig made himself more relatable by doing this satirization of his bond character. Better than I expected.

    SPICY SHRIMP Hour ago

    Chris: "Shut the hell up." Innocent girl: "okay master. I will always wait for u, chris." I need to write a wattpad fanfic featuring these actors now LOL! Ha... 😏

  • mercedes gomez
    mercedes gomez Hour ago

    Funny how the private e-mail issue seems so irrelevant now, 😉 even for Pence

  • Fabrizio fabrixxio

    God, I'm watching this video every time I'm sad. This one , cheese burger cheese burger and the pepper boys, absolutely "FANTASTICI"

  • mvenini
    mvenini Hour ago

    He would be a great Trevor if they made a GTAV Movie.

  • Mr Pool Player
    Mr Pool Player Hour ago

    The DNC has shown America, it's DNA is contaminated with poison for America. The DNC ain't your Daddy's idea of the Democratic Party anymore. The DNC starts with the letter D, just as the Deep State starts with a D. That's your first & second Clue. Dumping on Bernie also starts with a D, another Clue. Defecating the TRUTH, also starts with a D, another Clue. The leaders in the party are all Determined to ruin America & it's chances for continued Success... there's another D in there...

  • Mason Johnson
    Mason Johnson Hour ago

    This is just dumb nice job Comedy Central

  • Matteo Tamburella

    Chad: “I peed.” Jessica: “Okay.”

  • trey lorence
    trey lorence Hour ago

    This is the one that I forget about but everytime I watch it I die 😂

  • A. Cheez-it
    A. Cheez-it Hour ago

    Martin Scorsese does SNL!?

  • Pulp Ted
    Pulp Ted Hour ago

    Guess what time it is!

    SPICY SHRIMP Hour ago

    Wow. That was so... Magical! I feel inspired! 😂😇🍆

  • ThruTheLookingGlass

    Why were there only two of these. These skits are the best!

  • Marissa
    Marissa Hour ago

    If it was any other host, it wouldn’t be as great as it is.

  • Theresa Giglio
    Theresa Giglio Hour ago

    OMG more of her!

  • Christian johnson

    for j.lo I'd learn to play with puppets

  • John Mcdade
    John Mcdade Hour ago


  • Oliver Cotran
    Oliver Cotran Hour ago

    Can you imagine how much Jason is sweating in that track suit?

  • mindfield7
    mindfield7 Hour ago

    The Hermès Handbag skit with Ben Affleck is a good one too but it’s hard to find.

  • Madison Sido
    Madison Sido Hour ago

    Okay but even as a joke it is pretty irresponsible to disseminate the idea that those three STDs are no big deal cause we can treat them with antibiotics. Antibiotic resistant strains of the diseases he mentioned are becoming an increasingly urgent issue, and we aren't finding new antibiotics to use at the same rate we used to. If we are too cavalier about that we could very quickly find that STDs that were "no big deal" for a period of time have become incurable again.

  • Huda Hindawi
    Huda Hindawi Hour ago

    I don’t know why it reminds me with French class


    Finally the old SNL is back. Politics suck for SNL.

  • Metallicat 81
    Metallicat 81 Hour ago

    Wtf snl?...same exact sketch ,same dialogue as the one with Ryan gosling ...

  • Clara Morrison
    Clara Morrison Hour ago

    This never gets old.

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling Hour ago

    if impeachment is so inevitable, how come Ms. Pelosi is afraid to hold a full HOR vote to authorize the inquiry?

  • The Patriot Rocker

    Bet show sure isn't what it used to be😞

  • Boetie Oconnor
    Boetie Oconnor Hour ago

    Weird cause the black people here in Africa r the same as the white people in America cause the black people here don't cook well but the Coloured people can cook well just like African Americans but the white people in South Africa r the same as Canadians there tooo freaking nice! 😂But anyways nice sketch I love it

  • googoomu22
    googoomu22 Hour ago

    Kit was amazing in this one too, I love how stiff and physically awkward he was!

    SPICY SHRIMP Hour ago

    That music tho 😂😎😏

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling Hour ago

    Even the leaks coming out of the hearings sound like nothing more than those "tell all" books that former officials of administrations often write to show how wonderful they were and how everyone else was bad. Most of it is hearsay and speculation, and of no legal significance. Schiff is one sneaky little weasel.

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling Hour ago

    Where and when has President Trump broken the law? Be specific and accurate, if you can. Otherwise, you are wasting our time..

  • CarneVP
    CarneVP Hour ago

    Ok but Chris actually rocked those pants

  • The Texas Chainsaw

    Rock really looks like granddaddy

  • walter kersting
    walter kersting Hour ago

    Riffing on Oprah, right?

  • Aarchita Sharma
    Aarchita Sharma Hour ago


  • Carlo Gonzalez
    Carlo Gonzalez Hour ago

    Pete Davison is my favorite comedian on SNL

  • Zleah Zhenrietta

    Kate Mckinon truly hilarious!

  • Jtwood274 -
    Jtwood274 - Hour ago

    Lol people have gotten soft

  • Zleah Zhenrietta

    So..... Ryan gosling was happy being abducted by alien😂 tear in joy .lol!

  • priceless wisdom

    This was done sooo well 😂

  • Амед Сапаров

    1:35 hold up, so they can actually refund, despite denying they could? Hell I'd been mad too.

  • The New Nerds On The Vlog

    Kate McKinnon as Lisa Kudrow OMG!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teresa Sá Machado

    Some of y’all are not Billy Porter and that’s not okay, change it

  • Hazel Havoc Wreaker

    I’m no clown fucker but the fact that she’s had crushes on thanos, and pikachu and not one on pennywise is honestly surprising but I guess she’s just not into a “clown daddy” that is actually an inter dimensional space alien. 🤷‍♀️

  • Yoga Bird
    Yoga Bird Hour ago

    This song makes me want to cry because it is very nostalgic.

  • Cinders
    Cinders Hour ago

    She wasn't even allowed to say a word Yep that's the 90s alright

  • Michi
    Michi Hour ago

    Cheryl Bryant is Sue's sister. They both can't resist surprises

  • takkycat
    takkycat Hour ago

    All I can think about Trevor is how life is going drop kick him in the head after high school...

  • Beastogamingofficial

    Goddam I just love snl

  • Jonah Falcon
    Jonah Falcon Hour ago


  • G Sterling
    G Sterling Hour ago

    Nancy Pelosi (along with MSM allies) have essentially invalidated the constitutional responsibilities of 435 elected members of congress. She is not “the House.” The House is not impeaching or inquiring anything. Just a few months back, the House voted overwhelmingly against what Pelosi now claims that she’s doing. This is simply a partisan abuse of power, a political campaign to drive a President’s poll numbers so low that he would be forced by his own party to resign. There will NEVER be a house vote to impeach

  • Soo Good
    Soo Good Hour ago

    3:48 Kristen, i love you 💖💖💖

  • Eric Lozano
    Eric Lozano Hour ago

    Who are the hooker and pimp in sesame street?

  • Zz Grl
    Zz Grl Hour ago


  • jokeonyou89
    jokeonyou89 Hour ago

    I wish Gosling was here 😂

  • Zz Grl
    Zz Grl Hour ago


  • Minha abdul muhsin

    And here i am thinking why is a grown ass man wearing a hijab?? That’s a woman’s garment😂😂😂

  • SamWes Puckett
    SamWes Puckett Hour ago

    “brought to you by, the letter R”

  • E C
    E C Hour ago

    Alec should say ”Believe me” and ”tremendous” much more. Kate is killing it though. 🔥🤣

  • Tugg Speedman
    Tugg Speedman Hour ago

    Well, at least we’re not just known for Benny Hill anymore... I’m not sure which is worse though.

  • Oliver Cotran
    Oliver Cotran Hour ago

    Why is no one talking about Jason's burning dance moves? He even slows down perfectly wth the music at 5:58

  • Crash//Burn Crash//Burn

    Pete looks like he caught them all. Dude is sickly.

  • Randy Henderson
    Randy Henderson Hour ago


  • Dennis Rojas
    Dennis Rojas Hour ago

    This sketch, the performances, the timing, the cast, the writing....just absolutely BRILLIANT!

  • gcldenlion
    gcldenlion Hour ago


  • David S
    David S 2 hours ago

    “Ma haasbund brought back a demonn with hem from that coma” 😂 😂 😂

  • Kallie Johnston
    Kallie Johnston 2 hours ago

    "Haha, taint"

  • dea putri
    dea putri 2 hours ago

    Kristen got me at “Four sisters !” 🤣🤣🤣

  • xl
    xl 2 hours ago

    Is Robbie famous or ? something

  • Zleah Zhenrietta
    Zleah Zhenrietta 2 hours ago

    We got two Jimmy fallon! Yay!! 😂😂

  • Kat A
    Kat A 2 hours ago

    I’m dying 😂 Recently my husband got upset with me because I put a package of maxi pads in one of the bathroom cupboards where he could see them. He probably would have preferred a basket of dead mice. If you’re wondering I used to keep everything in an upstairs bathroom but I was having some medical issues that made going up the stairs difficult.

  • Mara Tsl
    Mara Tsl 2 hours ago

    Anyone else on an Adam marathon? ❤️❤️❤️

  • SnakeTheSaintKC
    SnakeTheSaintKC 2 hours ago

    Love her!!! AND she's from KC!!!!!

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 2 hours ago

    Damn too bad. I was hoping for fletcher to come in at some point. Liar liar one of his greatest ones as well. Even throw in some number 23 or Truman show in there. Still great though

  • KingCookie 30733
    KingCookie 30733 2 hours ago

    Did they tell Bill it would be Fred playing The Queen?