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...Ready For It? Trailer
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#STYLEmemories One
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#STYLEmemories Two
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Surprising Gena
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#HiFromTaylor Teaser
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Some extraordinary news...
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  • lineth resurreccion
    lineth resurreccion 26 minutes ago


  • aircon not a fan
    aircon not a fan 27 minutes ago

    OH MYYYYY💖💖💖

  • umaje anjar
    umaje anjar 27 minutes ago

    I see Shawn Mendes i click

  • Brian Chen
    Brian Chen 32 minutes ago

    2019 11.19

  • Yousef Batttatt
    Yousef Batttatt 54 minutes ago


  • Yanyan UwU
    Yanyan UwU 54 minutes ago

    i don't know why but i cried UwU

  • Anthony Wang
    Anthony Wang Hour ago


  • Christian chimchim

    She is getting woman of the decade this year.proud is an understatement

  • Crazy Average Asian

    This Remix is a NO , sorry Shawn no

  • Frujkf Dfh
    Frujkf Dfh Hour ago

    I am Your six days ago LOVER

  • Selenophile alfaro
    Selenophile alfaro 2 hours ago

    So there you have it folks another "Why is this in my recommend video now" episode

  • queenie malapo
    queenie malapo 2 hours ago

    goosebumps!!! ❤

  • Mary Kwan
    Mary Kwan 2 hours ago


  • neha vyas
    neha vyas 3 hours ago

    Awesome lyrics girl

  • Brian Wong
    Brian Wong 3 hours ago

    Taylor: You should've know that word, bout what you did with her, would get back to me.. My head: Bad Blood!!!!

  • LIBRIAN Sana
    LIBRIAN Sana 3 hours ago

    This is THE LOVE STORY... this is purrfect video for LOVER.... XD

  • Alexandra Bonsall
    Alexandra Bonsall 3 hours ago

    LITERALLY EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO THIS, I can't help myself and replay Shawn singing "lover" (at least twice) 😂😂😂. It's just so cute and makes me smile 💓💓💓

  • AjhayIsBack
    AjhayIsBack 3 hours ago

    i remember my ex in this song when she dance me in prom last year 😌

  • Manuel Henriquez
    Manuel Henriquez 4 hours ago

    That is why she deserves the AMA's Decade award! She is the legend just like Elvis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Prince, and other legends from the past of Rock N' Roll to the modern time. Congrats T Swift! You are the true 2010's musician! YOU DESERVE IT!!!

  • Adil Eliyev
    Adil Eliyev 4 hours ago


  • Nur Erna Fitriany
    Nur Erna Fitriany 4 hours ago

    Lagu santai ~~~~~~~~~~

  • Bryan_ Jared
    Bryan_ Jared 4 hours ago

    And now she is Woman Of The Decade by Billboard so proud 💕 💕 💕

  • Stanko Stanev
    Stanko Stanev 4 hours ago

    That is a bad word but your my fav

  • Sya Adn
    Sya Adn 4 hours ago

    im in love with this song , i swear ❤

  • life-being
    life-being 4 hours ago

    Camilla will sound very nice singing this with shawn 💖

  • Catryn Davies
    Catryn Davies 4 hours ago


  • I Suck
    I Suck 5 hours ago

    _Is it just me or does Shawn Mendes sound a little different?_

    THE DUOLINGO OWL 5 hours ago

    Lmao why was this in my recommended??? I thought she posted this as a throwback video until I read the description

  • Cj Barrion
    Cj Barrion 5 hours ago


  • Karuna Poudel
    Karuna Poudel 6 hours ago

    Take me out❣️

  • Not You
    Not You 6 hours ago

    No offense, Shawn's lyrics a little bit cringe, the original is better imho.

  • shengjing mu
    shengjing mu 6 hours ago

    Taylor Swift,I still love you most !!!!❤️💗😘😍

  • Vallery Mariño
    Vallery Mariño 6 hours ago

    ok first, i love this even more now, i felt butterflys .... and second, am i the only one who doesnt leave the christmas light until january, but until March? ( my family is a busy family dont judge me lol )

  • maliha maisha
    maliha maisha 6 hours ago

    She has to save a seat because she knows that her lover always arrives late

  • Human Being
    Human Being 7 hours ago

    They cannot be together. Where is Camilla?

  • Star Mayeee
    Star Mayeee 7 hours ago

    The most romantic song I've heard this 2019. 💕

  • Louki Watson
    Louki Watson 7 hours ago

    Wait how old is she there? 15? 😲

  • rebecca!
    rebecca! 7 hours ago

    ok but Shawn Mendes is legendary, like his amount of talent is insane. his voice is just ah *chills*

  • galih kusuma dewi
    galih kusuma dewi 8 hours ago

    The sweetest shawn and taylor 😍😍

  • helen r
    helen r 8 hours ago

    No other celebrity would do this. Let alone a A- Lister with s heart of gold and love for her fans! Xx

  • Tiger Trophy
    Tiger Trophy 8 hours ago

    Taylor, you could play the superbowl halftime show. Jennifer you were great new years eve 2018.

  • Aarya Raj
    Aarya Raj 8 hours ago

    I’m a fricking lover for this 💘

  • Lauren J
    Lauren J 8 hours ago

    I love you, Taylor!

  • Ngọ Nguyễn
    Ngọ Nguyễn 8 hours ago


  • Is4bela
    Is4bela 8 hours ago

    I like it how the title _Lover_ is now golden Like daylight

  • sis Virtryece Michel

    Why dues we still half mirofilm...

  • Tiara Kartika
    Tiara Kartika 8 hours ago

    "look in my eyes they will tell you the truth, the girl in my story has always been you" Okay. I'm dying.

  • Pandas In Peace
    Pandas In Peace 9 hours ago

    Wow that one girl, the first time I looked at the music video I knew something was wr9ng at this scene with Taylor. That was a different cheekbone and way different. I just thought she put on a lot of makeup.

  • Kaylynn Billen
    Kaylynn Billen 9 hours ago

    ....This just happened. I'm speechless

  • Maple Abdullah
    Maple Abdullah 9 hours ago

    Omg I haven’t even heard it yet and I know it’s the best thing I’ve heard

  • Violet loves roblox
    Violet loves roblox 9 hours ago

    I can’t believe this album is 5 years old. I still think it is like yesterday! I was 7 when this came out. Now I am 13

  • Aline Marques
    Aline Marques 9 hours ago

    Ficou muito bom 😍

  • quiet girl, dirty mind

    Meanwhile, Shawn Mendes is quiet amidst everything happening in Taylor's life. 🙃

  • Joyce Po
    Joyce Po 9 hours ago

    The audio is bad Blending is bad I'm just so sad that Shawn's voice is like recorded in some studio then put it in Taylor's Lover 😫

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj 9 hours ago

      Heard this on the radio today and was shook

  • wynn wynn
    wynn wynn 10 hours ago


  • Sebastian Rueda Bermúdez

    This song is making me want to leave the christmas lights up till January

  • Sebastian Rueda Bermúdez


  • Roberto2802 Lopez
    Roberto2802 Lopez 10 hours ago

    I went to see what Taylor Swift said

  • Felipe Restrepo
    Felipe Restrepo 10 hours ago

    Not to send hate but i didn't like this remix, Shawn's voice doesn't mix with the rhythm

  • Emili Dau
    Emili Dau 10 hours ago


  • Computerized Jerk
    Computerized Jerk 10 hours ago

    Just a few weeks she was singing about breaking up now this? Hmmmm yeah I sticking with rock

    • Dureza 10Mohs
      Dureza 10Mohs 8 hours ago

      She didnt sing about breakups since 2016 but okey 😂

  • Kaitie Del Rey
    Kaitie Del Rey 11 hours ago

    ..I like the original betterrrrr... but I love you tay

  • Cats Meow
    Cats Meow 11 hours ago

    "Now i wake up in the night and watch you breathe" Seems likeTaylor loves to watch people sleeping

  • Harper_7850 W
    Harper_7850 W 11 hours ago


  • Revelation Rainbow ABBA&YESHUA

    this is my wedding song.... no doubt... XXXOOO111KQ! love you kiddos....

  • drewstae
    drewstae 12 hours ago

    shawn sweety imma get u out of there

  • Professor Penguin
    Professor Penguin 12 hours ago

    Are you in love with Shawn Mendas

  • Jennifer Dolan
    Jennifer Dolan 12 hours ago

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat it was so coooooooooooooooooool

  • Danica Nelson
    Danica Nelson 12 hours ago

    When he said he’d go down with the Titanic for her I felt that... I wish my non-existent boyfriend spoke to me like that

  • Karola
    Karola 12 hours ago

  • 皮卡皮卡啾啾
    皮卡皮卡啾啾 12 hours ago

    😆 lol you gus should use 0.5x watch Taylor mountain that part

  • Glenn Morris
    Glenn Morris 12 hours ago

    Why is CBS obsessed with swiftie ?

  • Jerwin Garritsen
    Jerwin Garritsen 12 hours ago

    This and Lauv and Lany's Mean It.

  • Nyla Bissessar
    Nyla Bissessar 12 hours ago

    Heard this on the radio today and was shook

  • swiftiemusic
    swiftiemusic 12 hours ago

    Best song/remix ever in history made obviously #Taylorthebest

  • Sydney Amber Novis
    Sydney Amber Novis 13 hours ago

    The way Shawn sings 'We could sit on the stoop, I'll sing love songs to you till we're eighty' is so beautiful ugh i love it ❤💋

  • SapamJr
    SapamJr 13 hours ago

    Fukin awsum

  • Jk Patrick
    Jk Patrick 13 hours ago

    A música ficou com um ar mais cru,principalmente na parte do shawn Mendes. Eu gostei,mais não conseguiu superar a Original !!

  • the gamer
    the gamer 13 hours ago

    Whose looking for a lover

  • Mafer Ronzón.
    Mafer Ronzón. 13 hours ago

    Si no fuera por Spotify yo ni me entero que estos dos hicieron colaboración :v

  • onelove for music
    onelove for music 13 hours ago

    I dont like shawn.

  • Hell Cruell*
    Hell Cruell* 13 hours ago

    Achei que lover não poderia ficar melhor, aí Taylor vem e faz isso 😍😍

  • Ryan Luddani
    Ryan Luddani 13 hours ago

    Never lose this on trending

  • Ryan Luddani
    Ryan Luddani 13 hours ago

    I'll sing lovesong to you when were eighty❤

  • Anna S.
    Anna S. 13 hours ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Not even Taylor: Shawn Mendes: This is great *but what if we changed the lyrics a bit*

    GRAPHIC DESIGNER 14 hours ago

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  • Mj Jay
    Mj Jay 14 hours ago

    She is soo pretty as the poet

  • Joe Tekulve
    Joe Tekulve 14 hours ago

    Gorgeous just winked at Me !!!

  • Tod Shinerod
    Tod Shinerod 14 hours ago


  • Lourdes Mikkelson
    Lourdes Mikkelson 14 hours ago

    I absolutely love this song, this really makes me think of my Lover/Husband. We will be dancing to this one at our wedding. 💜💚

  • Kathleen Abueg
    Kathleen Abueg 14 hours ago

    shawn ruined the song idc

  • Shimmering Waves
    Shimmering Waves 14 hours ago

    I love how Taylor doesn't lip sync! She sounds so beautiful 🥺💕 WE LOVE U TAYLOR 🥺🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕💕💕

  • Ady Mendes
    Ady Mendes 14 hours ago

    Estoy enamorada de esta canción y me acabo de dar cuenta que es perfecta para un vals 👌😍❤

  • Verónica Salazar
    Verónica Salazar 14 hours ago

    This is so cute

  • DANIGURL beybi
    DANIGURL beybi 15 hours ago

    I think Taytay will be better than Camilla if she's the real partner of Shawn ..they kinda make a spark😍😍

  • Blackjack Mania
    Blackjack Mania 15 hours ago

    Such a great song

  • Esperanza Rodriguez
    Esperanza Rodriguez 15 hours ago


  • Gina Ward
    Gina Ward 15 hours ago

    I love Taylor Swift favorite singer

  • S H
    S H 15 hours ago

    "And they can just sit right here and look at you..." "They're cats."

  • Esperanza Rodriguez
    Esperanza Rodriguez 15 hours ago